People collect all kinds of things as a hobby – stamps, first day covers, coins or if they’re rich, they can afford to collect more expensive stuff. Sophia’s hubby, I know, collects antiques. No, no! She’s most certainly not part of his collection! ROTFLMAO!!! In one of my previous posts, I touched on my daughter’s candle collection and somebody in his/her comments asked what I collect. Well, I am not a serious collector but I do have some things that I keep for the sake of keeping them…

I have, for instance, my collection of drink/cocktail stirrers from hotel lounges and pubs…

STP's hotel stirrers collection

These go back a long way to the time when I was in Singapore in the early 70s. I won’t be surprised that some of the hotels and pubs have closed down or changed names. Other than these, I also have some pencils from the hotels that I’ve been to…

STP's hotel pencil collection

I used to travel a lot in line of duty. Other than teaching in school, I also had to attend meetings, seminars and conferences and other than that, time and time again, I had to go round conducting courses for English language teachers or work on projects for the ministry or department. Then there may be some from hotels where I stayed when on holiday with my family. Of course, some give ball-point pens in which case, there will not be any pencils to help myself to.

Other than that, some hotels used the conventional metal keys but many are now using key cards. Some will not allow you to keep them as souvenirs but others are not that bothered whether you return the cards to them or not. So I have a collection of key cards from hotels in Kuching…

STP's hotel key cards 1

STP's hotel key cards 2

STP's hotel key cards 3

…those in Miri and Bintulu…

STP's hotel key cards 4

…Kota Kinabalu, Malacca…

STP's hotel key cards 5

…Kuala Lumpur and Penang…

STP's hotel key cards 6

STP's hotel key cards 7

I may have missed out a couple but these are more or less, what I have in my collection. I bought a name card holder to keep all of them and I do have a lot of extras from the same hotel. So if you have any and would like to swop, I’d be happy to do so with you.

There you have it – the things that I collect, and I do not even need to spend a dime on them. After all, as they say, the best things in life are free…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Things…”

  1. Better collect antiques as there’s resale value. Don’t think anyone want to purchase your hotel key cards. Not sure why you want to keep them.

    Just for the fun of it. If investment is your priority, definitely antiques are better. But you need the capital, then you need nice display cabinets…and spotlights for highlighting and so on. Will stick out like a sore thumb in my dilapidated house…and anyway, I don’t have the money. And the regular dusting and cleaning. Eyew…..! Don’t have a maid either. LOL!!!

  2. I used to collect coins, currency notes and telephone cards. But then that was before I enter uni. Now no time to collect them.

    Nowadays it seems like telephone cards are becoming obsolete cos everyone (almost everyone) has a mobile phone.

    It’s best when they become obsolete as they will become rare and more valuable…like those ang pow packets from banks that have since become non-existent (after the mergers).

  3. I used to collect a lot of rubbish also. LOL! Until I start my nomadic life 5 years ago – I move every year on average, so I left all my collections at home now with my parents. I collect some very old coins (I have the 1/2 cent from my grandma) and stamps. Oh, I still collect name tags – conferences, camps, courses, etc.

    Gosh! U’re an ardent collector, I see. I’m not so much into serious collecting, just that I happen to have some of these things. My missus has a stack of Japanese banana money that she got from her father. Why do you move so often? Thought u’re still studying?

  4. Lee Marvin in “Wanderin Star” sang…”The best things in life are dirty…”
    But just to stir some dirt in your water and a bit of skepticism: free things are not good. Good things are not free – referring to free gifts:) 🙂 Of course that is only one side of the coin.

    Nice to read about all these collections.

    I never complain…so if you have any free things, send them my way! LOL!!!

  5. Will look through the cards and pass you the spares when we meet.

    And when will that be? Not at another funeral, I hope! Touch wood!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  6. Used to collect CDs, no more!

    Me too but getting too expensive. Switched to the “cetak rompak” ones, but even those – seldom listen these days. Just keep the radio on to hear whatever comes on air.

  7. wow, u really need to travel a lot to collect all those hotel pencils and card keys and stuffs.. i wish i get a chance to travel as much as u do!

    Well, you’ll never know. I was working for around 10 years before opportunities started presenting themselves, so much so that I got quite tired of it all.

  8. Wow, that is a lot of collections of stuff lorr! I have lots of pencils from hotels but my kids used some of it already, so I gave up. LOL

    Ya, a couple of the pencils in my collection have been used…by the old missus, I think. They’re shorter as they have been sharpened. *&%$#@!!! LOL!!! School people – teachers and students – only use 2B pencils and those are not 2B ones.

  9. I think the only thing i’m collecting is dust….LOL.

    And cobwebs!…Very soon, they can sell you off as an antique already. Should be worth a lot then! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. I collect Shell Ferrari models, Leaderclass Transformers toys, used to love collecting chocolate wrappers, but now I think I collect cholesterol nia. 😀 Hahahaha! My cousin collects ang pow, she got 3 files full of empty ang pow envelopes. Very unique but I find them tim teh (eyesore) so I gave all to her.

    It seems a lot of people collect ang pows now, so unless you have very rare ones, it isn’t anything special anymore. Everybody else has it.

  11. ohh nice collection…as for me, i collect warts, frm every part of the body..hahahah!! just Kiddin’ (-ewww!!) anyways, are you sure when you say “in line of duty” and not for some raunchy activity in hotel rooms ???? HAHAH!! =.=’ happy thanksgiving!

    Ooo…I’m such a nice and decent guy! Happy Thanksgiving to you too. When is that? We do not celebrate it here. Having turkey over there?

  12. Nice collection you got there…As for me, I’m into collecting Spawn action figures recently!

    Dunno what that is. I’m so out of touch. Some movie character thingy like Transformers, I guess?

  13. It’s interesting to see you collect key cards and pencils from the various hotels that you stayed in. I collect the shampoo, conditioner, shower cap and soap each time I stay in hotels but you know what, I have friends who would come over to my house, see my collection and next thing I know, they’re all gone! Don’t have any in my collection now.

    I used to collect those too, but not anymore. For one thing, they’re bulky…and not as convenient to keep compared to key cards, pencils and stirrers.

  14. Wakak.. now i know what to get for you for your birthday.. haha

    Hotel cards? Where on earth are you going to get those? You have “stolen” a lot too! Now where did you learn that from? Hahahahahaha!!

  15. use to collect the international calling cards – have 2 albums from there! looking back, its a lot of money! lol… btw im impressed u still keeping yr collectibles 🙂

    You did not use those cards first?….My collectibles are ok…as they don’t take up much space and do not require any extra special care.

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