Friday on my mind…

It was Friday yesterday, so I decided to go to Yong Siong Cafe that Kongkay posted about recently. It is located along Lanang Road, the shophouses to the left after the first roundabout if you are going from town. According to him, the cook was originally from Min Kong but probably he was still sleeping when I went. A woman was doing the cooking, but I still went ahead and ordered a plate of Foochow fried noodles with fish…

Sibu's Yong Siong's Foochow fried noodles with fish

It was okay, perhaps a bit too much msg to my liking…and I think I prefer the noodles at Min Kong, even without the prawns. However, I noticed that they used pretty good fresh fish unlike many places where they would just give you those slices of frozen fish fillet.

Then, around noon, I had to send my friend, Jimmy, to the airport for his flight back to Bintulu right after his meeting here. Well, we did have time for a quick lunch on the way and I reckoned the quickest would be at this barbecued and roast meat place at Mei Le Cafe at the Delta Commercial Centre near my house.

BBQ meats @ Mei Le Cafe Sibu

I requested for an assortment of barbecued pork ribs, some char siew and the sausage thingy. At least, I had the decency to skip the sar-chan sio bak, the roasted three-layer pork belly. LOL!!! Other than that, we also had some roast chicken and roast duck…

Roast meats @ Mei Le Cafe, Sibu

I’m not too sure but I think the dishes of meat cost around RM10-12 and the rice was RM2; it is now a ringgit a plate, no longer the old price of 50 sen each. Inclusive of drinks, it was less than RM20.00 for 2 persons. The brother operates the stall at the coffee shop opposite Public Bank in the town and both stalls are very popular. This one opens earlier in the morning selling roast duck and chicken only. The barbecued stuff will be available only around 11.30 a.m. onwards and will usually be sold out over lunchtime.

I know! I know! I don’t usually take meat on Fridays as far as possible, so to make up for the indulgence during lunch, I just opened a can of sardines for dinner to eat with rice and dabai and terbulus. LOL!!!