Used to be…

It used to be at the original SRC (Sibu Recreation Club) premises next to King George VI Memorial Ground (Gosh! What was it renamed after that? I can’t seem to put my finger on it now!) where the Wisma Sanyan stands today. Then it moved somewhere…and I remember that once, it used to be in the block of shophouses behind AmBank, Tunku Osman branch…and now it is in Kampung Datu. I am talking about the A-Plus Restaurant here in Sibu. 

It used to be very nice and I would frequent it quite regularly. The only thing to bear in mind was to avoid the fish and the prawns as they could be somewhat expensive. I have not been there for a long time though, for one reason or other, one being the fact that it is not air-conditioned. If I’m not mistaken, the last time was with Gundot when her hubby first moved to Sibu and that was quite a few years ago. I’ve always loved their clear soup…

Sibu's A-Plus clear soup

…which seems quite plain – just some Chinese cabbage with a bit of sweet corn, some pieces of bean curd sticks, a few pieces of fish maw and meat and a couple of shrimps granished with fried onions and daun ketumbar/sup (Chinese celery), yet it tastes very nice!

So when my friend, Paolo, came over from Kuching, we went there for dinner and of course, I had to order the soup. We also had some braised pork leg…

Sibu's A-Plus braised pork leg

…with ONE lor nui (braised hard-boiled egg). I wished they had given us one each, and talking about limited servings, I also ordered an assorted dish of prawn fritters, mini ngor-hiang (meat roll – one of their specialties) and fried homemade tofu and this was what we got…

Sibu's A-Plus assortments

Good grief! We were given ONE each! Other than that, there was also the ladies’ fingers fried in sambal hay-bee (dried prawn sambal) which some claim, is the best in town…

Sibu's A-Plus ladies' fingers with dried prawns

…but they were very generous with the bitter gourd fried with salted eggs, it seemed. We got a mountain of that…

Sibu's A-Plus bitter gourd with salted eggs

…but unfortunately, it came nowhere near, compared to the same dish at Ruby. In fact, I did not think it was nice. It was pretty cheap, around RM25.00 for all that, but on the whole, I must say it was quite a disappointment. Somehow, the dishes were not piping hot; as a matter of fact, they were quite cold. Nope!!! I did not take a long time taking the photographs. Perhaps we talked a lot, catching up with all that had been going on in our lives…but still, it should at least be a bit warm. After all, the place is not air-conditioned.

Well, if your instincts tell you that I will not be going there again for a long, long time, I must say they are absolutely right. I think I’ll just stick to Ruby from now on!

Thank you for loving me…

I have received a couple of awards before, one from elegant coral and the other from buwau98. They include this one…

Brilliant Award

…and also this one…

Kreativ blogger award

The most recent award I have received is this one…


Butterfly Award

Thank you so much, Calvin, for giving me this award. Sorry, I can’t seem to find my acceptance speech…so I will just take this opportunity to pass it on to 10 other “lucky” bloggers. Now, who should I include in the list?
Ummm….the award goes to:
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