My friend, Jimmy, from Bintulu is in town and owing to his tight schedule, we could only manage to get together for breakfast this morning. He consented to my suggestion of having some dim sum, so there we were at the Mitsu Tea House again. I opted to sit downstairs instead of the air-conditioned 1st floor section so that I could take better photographs in the natural light and they would not be affected by the yellow lights inside. It was quite cool actually, after the whole day of rain yesterday.

We had the usual dim sum favourites including siew mai

Sibu's Mitsu siew mai

and har kau

Sibu's Mitsu har kau

and char siew pau

Sibu's Mitsu char siew pau

…and I also ordered these crabstick rolls wrapped in seaweed. I had some the last time I was here and I felt it was nicer than both the siew mai and har kau…and Jimmy agreed. He was impressed that he could feel the texture of the meat inside unlike other places where the filling is all so finely-minced  that you really do not know what is inside.

Sibu's Mitsu crabstick seaweed roll

We also had these pork ribs with black beans…

Sibu's Mitsu pork ribs with black beans

It was nice but I would not think that it was anything to rave about. I also ordered this for Jimmy as he loves it…but on my part, I would never touch the stuff!!!

Sibu's Mitsu chicken claws

Chicken claws! Eyew!!!…Thanks, but no, thanks! LOL!!! I also had these custard tarts before…and I ordered them again as I liked their puff pastry. You can taste/feel the crispy layers and this special characteristic makes it better than any puff pastry that I had had elsewhere…

Sibu's Mitsu custard tarts

Hey! Wait a minute! What are these? Either they are new, or I did not notice them before in the menu. Durian pastry!!!

Sibu's Mitsu durian pastry

Suddenly, the puff pastry of the custard tarts is redelegated to second place! This one is so very fine, so brittle…that it melts in your mouth and yet, it does not crumble in your hand! I do not know if the ones in Kuching have the same kind of filling…but what was inside looked and felt like kaya but tasted somewhat like durian dodol, except that it was not rubbery or chewy like those things you get from Tan Kim Hock (which I do not quite fancy!!!) nor was it too sweet…

Sibu's Mitsu durian pastry - inside

The verdict! Well, should I be going there again, this is one thing that I definitely must have! Between the two of us, we managed 6 laus (storeys) and 2 plates of pastries…

Sibu's Mitsu multi-storey

…and we got another 2 storeys of char siew pau for my mum. All that for around RM40, inclusive of drinks. I would think that’s pretty reasonable for a special dim sum restaurant; at best, it would only be a bit cheaper if you eat at the coffee shops and there is/are none/no nice ones in Sibu, anyway!

So what do you think, Cooking4stp? Dim sum breakfast on the 18th morning??? I wouldn’t mind going there….AGAIN! LOL!!!