Have you ever (2)…

Have you ever eaten these before ?

Buah pangai

These are called buah pangai in Melanau and if I’m not mistaken, the local Malay name for it is buah bawang (which sounds like onions) and the Foochows call it mawang…which sounds like the name of a local YB’s name mispronounced. LOL!!!

I usually eat it when it is ripe. Inside, it is orange in colour and it is sliced like mango and eaten ulam-style with sambal belacan. As for the taste, it is sort of sourish sweet and something like quinie (the local mango) or buah emplam. Other than that, you may eat it when it is not ripe yet by removing the skin the way Tom (Gundot’s hubby) did it, like this…

Buah pangai peeled

I am positive that’s Tom (not his real name) as I cannot imagine Gundot’s arms being so hairy! ROTFLMAO!!! Then it is chopped into thin strips or pieces like this…

Buah pangai chopped

After than, you pound it with belacan (dried prawn paste), chillies, udang kering (dried prawns) to make the sambal…and serve it with rice. I seem to have lost the remaining two photos that Gundot emailed to me, so I’m afraid there is no pictorial support available. What you’ll get in the end is something sour, hot from the chillies and fragrant from the other ingredients. I guess you can add a bit of sugar if you want, so it will not be too sour to your liking. Anybody would like to share anything of interest on the fruit?

Incidentally, Gundot, I did not lose the other photos that you sent. Perhaps I forgot to click “SAVE” after uploading them onto flickr. I still have this one, for instance… 

Monkeys in the tree

Hey! Just look at those two monkeys in the tree! Hahahahaha!!!

Gosh! It’s mid-week already! How time flies…and in just two days, the weekend will be here again! Well, Clare sent me an MMS early this morning to show off the Wednesday popiah at Handsome Court in Nanas Road (Kuching)…and as it was raining here, I did not go out for breakfast. Instead, I just cooked myself some instant noodles – curry flavour and I threw in a couple of udang galah (freshwater prawns) and an egg…

STP's instant noodles

I sent this via MMS back to Clare and I guess that was enough as a counter-response to what I got from her. She never replied after that! ROTFLMAO!!! So what have the rest of you been eating?…..

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Have you ever (2)…”

  1. here, in Sabah, the buah pengai is called bambangan in Kadazan. we prefer to preserve it,slice its ripen flesh, grate the seed & add some salt.After a week or two, voila! it become our famous delicacy. it can tahan for 1-2 yrs…

    You eat the seed too? First time I hear that!!! Can grate kah? So hard! Would love to try!

  2. I also called ‘mawang’ foochow style! I like it ripe as well n also the belachan style. But I still prefer the ‘quinee’ is that how u spelt it? The fruit that u need to hide under the rice to ripen them. Interesting ‘monkeys’ on the fruit tree! Are u sure they are not ‘extinct’ species? I have never seen one like them in the m’sia zoo before! Cute though!LOL!

    I know know if there’s any right spelling for guinee…and that’s not the fruit that you hide in rice lah! That’s buah chiku!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! I guess they spell it ciku now! You’ve been Down Under too long, lah!!! The monkeys? Extinct? The species of the female one will be…if she does not settle down and get married soon!!! But I think it’s coming soon. Saw some interesting things in her Facebook! Hahahahahahaha!!!! (Kaypo! Snooping around!) The male one still has a long way to go, only in Form 3!!!

  3. oohh…. Tarzan & Jane? Or is it Cheeta? Now can someone explain why a chimpanzee is named Cheeta?

    Maybe Tarzan in love with the monkey and did not know the right word – Cinta! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Had char siew rice from this very famous stall at Bornion, for lunch. Got there at 11.30 am, and already there was a queue. Apparently this guy (originally from KL or some other West Malaysian state) gets to the shop between 11 and 11.30 am, and by 1.30 he packs up for the day. Very very good business. You must include this in your ‘must-eat” list too.

    We’ve got two places here like that too…but I don’t like the plain rice. Prefer chicken rice at other places even though the BBQ stuff not as nice.

  5. Ooo…I like buah pangei. But only the ripe ones, mixed into sambal. Yum! Now I’m salivating.

    Drool! Drool! Ask Gundot to give u some! LOL!!!

  6. wow…so delicious..u know what…i just back home from work..and so hungry as no proper lunch today..while waiting my rice to be cooked..i log in here.and to yr website and it so happen that yr topic is FOOD..and made me more hungry but anywhere..thanks a lot..as at least it can fill up my stomach first by looking and immaging the food that u shown through photo…especially the mee with prawns..thanks ya..

    Hey! That’s new! Usually the readers would scold me when they’re hungry…for making them drool! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. wow!..that instant noodle with udang galah sure looks uber delicious!makes me crave for maggi mee!

    i only had time to gulp down my hot soya milk before my meeting this morning 😦

    Eee…I always have regular meals no matter how busy I may be! Young people today…poor time management? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. no idea what kinda fruit is that…if its edible then count me in. my stomach is like a tong sampah….everything goes in, and hardly anything goes out…hehehe. that explains why im fat…..anyways, ive awarded your blog with the “butterfly award-coolest blog” posted on the 7th. drop by my blog to view the award….cheers

    U’re exactly like me then!…And I’m a lot fatter than u! Hahahahahaha!!! Another award? Gee! Thanks! Have had a couple…but dunno how to put on my blog! Old man mah! So stupid one! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. hmm…today? spaghetti& pepperoni pizza for breakfast, sushi for lunch and rice with beef/broccoli/black pepper gravy for dinner and then subway sandwich for supper..not much of a day. im going to this malaysian restaurant on campus tmrow..woohooo!! 😀

    Good grief! All that and u say not much of a day! People here pay an arm or a leg to eat those things! M’sian food still the best? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  10. Hi the embawang look a little dried up. If you ever come to Miri during the right season I can show you a tree that has 500 of these gems growing in it.
    Do you know how to get the fruits down?
    We foochows love it as a condiment to be eaten alongside salt fish and lime sauce and good hot white rice. Salted Dabai goes well with it too.
    The Bruneians are paying 10 ringgit for one!!
    Who says money does not grow on trees?

    Oh! So the correct name for the fruit is embawang eh?…I’ve never eaten it that way…and I don’t like salted dabai! My father does…but it must be made from very good dabai, rich and creamy (lemak) ones. I suppose you’re the owner of that fruitful tree? Wow! You’ve got a gold mine there!…Sell to the Bruneians…and you can get RM5,000 every season! LOL!!!

  11. Not plain rice, flavoured with garlic, and I think some lard or chicken stock…even saw pandan leaf inside the humongous rice cooker.

    Here, it’s plain rice…and it’s not even fragrant or Bario rice. So usually I will just tapao the meat home and eat with my own rice.

  12. Never seen this fruit before but it looks good to eat. Wah, instant noodle ‘kar liew’, add udang galah somemore. Yum Yum

    LOL!!! Come to Sibu lah! The fruit season is just starting…and I can cook up all kinds of variations to the common instant noodles!!!

  13. A kampung fellow gave me two of this fruits when I served at the rural school. I can’t remember the taste of the fruit. I think I didn’t cook it like what Tom did. I just peel of the skin and eat it. hihihi…

    That’s one of the perks when you teach in a rural or suburban school. Don’t expect much from city parents though there may be a sprinkling of grateful ones!!! The rest only know how to complain and criticise!…I guess the fruits must be ripe so you could just eat it like that!

  14. haven’t heard of it before- buah pangai/bawang.. 🙂

    Looks like it’s a fruit peculiar only to this part of Malaysia…like dabai or terbulus…or even the jungle fern, midin and cangkuk manis, the vegetable!!!

  15. A– no unfortunately the tree or rather trees belong to a friend of mine. I only get a few free ones during the season. He gives them away free to many and sells some to Bruneians..problem is he is not a full time farmer or hawker.

    The world is better if we have good people around.

    So the “good” x$) (this means not money eyed) in me will bring you to see the trees and get some free ones.

    Hahahahaha!!!! Most kind of you!!! Good things must be shared, right? LOL!!!

  16. The buah Pangai sure looks like a potato to me. I haven’t heard of it all these years! OMG where have I been living?!! Your instant noodle sure looked good with those gigantic prawns. I just had chocolate frappe, chocolate cake and chocolate fondue for lunch. Haha…

    Hahahahaha!!!! It’s bigger than a potato lah! But smaller than a football. Maybe the size of a baby’s head!….Gosh! So much chocolate! I would think that since you work with chocolate 365-7-24, you would not want to touch the stuff anymore?

  17. Cilaka! LOL 😀 But those prawns are really…wow!

    Can get in Kuching, no problem! Only more expensive! My missus bought RM20 a kg…that size!

  18. Stp, lately yr picture turns bigger and clearer. Taken using new camera ah? The buah mawang my dad got use it to cook with fish.. but i dun like =.=

    That’s another way of eating it that I’ve never heard of before! No, same old camera…but the mawang pics emailed to me, not my own. Only the prawn noodles…but not so clear as raining here and light not good. Better pics of my own in my next post!

  19. Dont stand under the tree. The ripe fruit may drop and it has been known to kill. Worse than durian. Some call it ‘buah cheng chi'(bullets) I love the ripe ones as well. So far I think not ripen yet.

    Maybe they thought not thorny, so not dangerous to stand under the tree! LOL!!!

  20. Hmm..re gundot’s comment. a sign of ‘no standing anytime’ shld be put under such lethal trees isn’t it!

    Later people misunderstand…so they do not under-stand!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  21. LOLZ, if i were you, i would just use the soup base and the noodles. That’s all. I never add in any additional stuff. Scared that the taste will change into some weird weird stuff

    Not very adventurous, are you? LOL!!! It’s nice, you take my word for it!!!

  22. did you know that once upon a time the Chinese here used the giant tree trunk to make the dug out coffin?

    Yakah?….The same one that you were rowing around in when a kid? Hahahahaha!!!!!

  23. pay an arm an leg ?? lol..apparently, those are all inexpensive – inferior goods…quantity demanded is less when income increases…where got like you teacher eat all the good food back in sibu enjoying life..so jeles

    Not always mah! Sometimes only. Most of the time also eat simple meals only. Hehehehehehehehe!!!!

  24. Eh…. that one is belian. Nice row boat but heavy so it sank most of the time

    Especially when passenger so fat! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  25. heyyyyy… apasal got my picture pulak. i demand royalty! can bring forward to CNY, but with substantial interest. WOOT!!

    Wah! Pandai2 want to ask for duit… Quick2 kahwin and I give you big2 ang pow lor! LOL!!!

  26. Dinner last night was …..maggie curry letup!!!

    Don’t like Maggi noodles. Did you add anything extra? Tiru macam saya! LOL!

  27. Eh… I think Tom is scared to do anything in front of the camera because he always end up on the INTERNET!!! LOL…

    Hahahahahaha!!! This time only his hands mah!… Never mind! People will think it’s Tom Selleck! LOL!!!

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