Candle in the wind…

Just take a look at this!

Candle - apple

Nope! That’s not an apple…or at least, not a real one. It’s a wax apple or in other words, a candle and it’s part of my daughter’s collection. She collects candles, not me. I collect hotel key cards, among other things! LOL!!! No wise cracks from you, Kpenyu!!!. Maybe I’ll post on that one of these days…but in the meantime, back to my girl’s collection, she also has this mother ladybird and her babies as well…

Candles - ladybirds

…and she got this lovely pair of ducks from Gundot who incidentally, has a much more impressive collection of candles…

Candles - ducks

…and these are Easter eggs…

Candles - Easter eggs

…and I got these flowers from a Malay friend when I went for her wedding reception and they too have been added to her collection…

Candles - flowers

Well, those are some of the nice candles that she has. Anyone of you collects candles too ?  Personally, the mere mention of candles instantly brings to mind Elton John’s Candle in the Wind. Well, what do they remind you of? …Or what other stuff do you collect? Care to share?

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28 thoughts on “Candle in the wind…”

  1. Used to have lots cos frequent power have gen set haahahahah.p/s my friends are here for a always free for ..5 hours???????. use heli also not enough time

    Ok! Ok! Next time I go long, long time! At least a week!

  2. Yeah, I just cant resist buying all those candles.I like the one you have from Spore-the dancer one. Used to collect mini picture frames but gave up when all those from China came in- too many to collect.

    I hate cleaning away the dust…and I’m allergic, so I’ll be sneezing a lot!!!

  3. when i was young, i collect stickers.. then i collect shoes, now i just collect money..wuwahahhahaa..
    how old is ur daughter? de candles are lovely, i particularly like de cute ducks.. and ladybirds.. i like them all 😀

    Just 19!…She used to collect stickers…Barbie dolls (So expensive!!!)…all the Disney movies collectibles (Also expensive!!!)…;now she’s more into books!!!! So the candles remain on display…and the poor father will have to dust them regularly!!! Sob!!!

  4. not lo…
    i wash my laundry with my hands 😦
    maybe i likey 50cent? 😛

    how come my avatar change already one???

    No leh? Still the same…ur photo – the one from which I could not figure out boy or girl! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. those ducks will be headless if u lit fire on their head XD

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! You are sadistic!!! They’re collectibles for display lah! Nobody’s going to light them!!! LOL!!!

  6. Nice collection. next time try featuring the entire collection! So when you have blackouts in your house, you need not worry about not having candles! I collect liquor. Haha….

    I don’t light those lah! But we have the fragrant ones – those can be used in case of black outs!…..I have quite a bit of liquor too…if the old lady hasn’t drunk them yet!!! Like my bottles of coffee liquer and Irish liquer! All gone! And somehow I only have half a bottle of vodka and half a bottle of gin left also! And some bottles of brandy – XO no less…vanished into thin air! Don’t tell me they all evaporated!…I call them my liquid assets!! LOL!!!

  7. Hmm… I used to go crazy on Pokemon figurines and the Trading Cards while i was in my primary school years, haha, 235 figurines and 625 cards… hmm.. right now, nothing to collect ler, unless u are counting books collection

    I guess that counts as well. My daughter’s into that now…and her books are overflowing from the shelves!!! Ummm…at ur age, how about collecting girlfriends? Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  8. I collect cat memorabilias – figurines, keychains, etc… hehe

    Once I was collecting pigs…but not anymore. I also have a collection of drink stirrers from hotel lounges and pubs!

  9. wow..the apple looks very real!

    i collect miniatures…hehehe…
    going to post one of my collection very soon…heh heh heh…

    It does!…Ya, I saw a post of yours recently on some minatures that you bought!

  10. your daughter is like my mum…hahaha. she collets candles too, but only its made in a shape of a piggy, because she was born is the year of the pig…..not only candles, anything unusual and cute and bears the resemblance of a pig…lol. im not into collecting stuff, but i guess my body only collects fats and dusts…hehehehe

    I collected pigs once – porcelain, glass, clay whatever…when I was in KL in the 80s. My friends said my room not halal! LOL!!! Maybe your mum looked at her collection too much when she was expecting you! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! No offence, eh? I’m also fat…or to be exact, a lot fatter than you!!!

  11. Another thing I collect..wooden pencils with the names of hotels or institutes on it. These are very rare nowadays. Its cheaper to make pens or just supply ordinary pencils. Used to collect school badges during my school days. Still have them.

    You do?…I have lots. At seminars in hotels, they would provide paper and pencil, so I would go to the room earlier and collect all of them! ROTFLMAO!!! They’re somewhere in the house, I guess…so I’ll look for them and pass to u sometime!!! No more badges these days…all those sew-on labels!!!

  12. for a moment there, i thought you were gonna post a video of yourself doing elton…heheh

    Dressed as Queen Victoria??? Hahahahahaha!!!! That would be hilarious!

  13. I used to collect candles as well.. But when I moved house, those candles are gone T__T Not collecting anymore

    I know a lot of people collect ang-pow packets these days…

    P.S. I still can’t access your blog…and now I can’t access sixthseal too. But I can comment in his via handphone, not in urs. Hope u don’t think that I’m boycotting ur blog or sumthing, ya?

  14. Me, I collect shoes, bags, scarfs, fashion outfits n also I enoy having different watches for various occassions n also costume jewelleries. N also fridge stickers from various places that I have visited. My hubby used to collect hotel matches but now no smoking in hotels, none provided. My oldest one like me collected fashion, 2nd one collected small bottles of perfumes n 3rd one collected figurines n now hubby collecting wine. What about yourself,STP?

    Hotel matches grow moldy;threw away mine liao! Fridge magnets, we’ve got lots! Personally, as I’ve said, I collect hotel key cards…and nice crockery, but I also have my drink stirrers from hotels lounges and pubs.

  15. I collect angpow packets!

    Ya…as I told ahlost, many people do that these days! Btw…dunno what happened but ur comment ended up in spam, so I had to go and salvage! LOL!!! Hope it doesn’t happen again!

  16. I collect aircraft life jackets from under the seats…hahahahahahah..getting closer..drink stirrers..matches.. quite warm now…hahahaha

    …So those are the ones u let ur guests at Kuala Penyu use? LOL!!!!

  17. HAHAHAHAHA,,just saw your comment in Clare’s gambling dos and don’ts..hahahaha….if no underwear sighted.. ok kah??? hahahah

    Wah!!! Snooping around young girls’ blogs eh? Wink! Wink!…That one, no need toi gamble for life liao! Memang sial!

  18. Shoes these days are not meant to last. It gets spoilt if you dont wear them. Men’s are no better. Tom bought Camel a while ago. First time he wore last week the whole sole came off. The leather upper ok.

    According to the guy selling shoes, brother of the one selling suitcases, shoes today have a fixed shelf life… If already there for a few years and you go and buy, it may turn “crocodile” once you take home. That’s why, better don’t buy cheap sale…buy the new arrivals. Same lah…when you buy car, the things start to spoil, once the warranty period is over!!!

    P.S.: Next time, wanna buy shoes…let me know! I will bring and you can buy at unbelievable prices…just like the luggage!!!!

  19. You’ve got to get quite hardy shoes like Clarks. You can get them in KL. Rather pricey but worth it. I bought 3 pairs of court shoes from UK about 5 years ago. Am still wearing them. Of course I’ve changed the soles but still in good quality.

    I only buy Bata…the PVC ones. Can’t wear leather, so painful! Will spoil in a few months…but never mind, can buy new ones! Cheap! When I was young, I used Bata also…but those days I wore for years and years and they would not spoil! So sick of the shoes, still not spoilt yet! LOL!!!

  20. long time din drop by d..
    wahhhh…u collect candles,..? nice shape ..even ducks also ada..hehe

    Not me, my daughter!…Yes, it has been a long time, and Gary too. Hope you did well in ur exams…and don’t miss your darling too much, ya! LOL!!!

  21. used to have a collection of shoes kept in their original boxes put in the store room-huby cleared the storeroom and started to give lecture-called me Mrs Marcos..tone down after that…two years ago my house was broken in – all the branded ones were stolen..still wondering why they took my used shoes

    U should see my old lady’s. Also keep in boxes…like Twin Towers. One night, I had a shock when 2-3 a.m. I heard a loud crash…came down, switched on all the lights, walked all around the house but saw nothing. Was about to go back upstairs when I saw the Twin Towers collapse liao…all the boxes and shoes on the floor!!!! Never keep and arrange nice-nice!!

  22. lifejackets from the aircraft-Kpenyu DONT ever do that again.

    You believe him kah? Sure get arrested one!…Have read in newspapers before! (Or maybe it was him, I wouldn’t know! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!)

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