Sorry seems to be the hardest word…

Hari Raya greeting
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No man is an island
Everyone is everyone’s neighbour
A slip of the tongue is all it takes
To get someone into a lot of trouble
We must be sensitive
To the feelings of others
We must not use harsh words
Or make brash remarks
For what has come out of one’s mouth
Can never ever be retracted
So we must look before we leap
And think before we speak
But we are all humans
We all make mistakes
So in a moment of insensitivity
If I have said anything
That may have hurt your feelings
I plead for your forgiveness
For we are all brothers and sisters
And what better time than this
To say that I am truly sorry.


Malaysians in harmony
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Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Sorry seems to be the hardest word…”

  1. hopeless romantic… you mustn’t forget Erich Segal’s famous tag… love, bro.

    Love means never having to say you’re sorry? Try that in any relationship and see how long it will last… A man who admits his mistake and apologise is a REAL MAN! Nothing macho in trying to “save face” and refusing to say sorry!

  2. You are forgiven… hehe.

    Sounds like a seminary potential! Oops…wrong guy! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

    PS Did u click the link on the greeting? Too bad the end was cut abruptly in that youtube video!

  3. You are a true Malaysian and a true son of God.The world will be a better place to live if we all can forgive and forget. Happy Raya holidays.

    I couldn’t agree more. Happy holidays to you. Going to visit ur Malay friends? Lots of food posts coming up? LOL!!!

  4. I cant view Youtube… kena restricted by office server. hahaha. Luckily they didnt ban this blog.

    Mine is clean mah!!! Nothing sensitive…or at least, I do it VERY subtly! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Anyway, I’ve already edited the link – from the video to my long-ago post of the story entitled “Aidilfitri”.

  5. Like one say must forgive n forget. if u can forgive then can’t forget then also no use. We only have 1 shot at life on this earth, so just relax,don’t worry,be happy n always see the glass half full instead of half empty, n let us smoke dunhill, drink kopi-kau like STP!LOL!!!

    Yes…no point holding grudges in ur hearts. The feeling of hatred and anger will eat into ur heart and soul and destroy not just u but all around and ur relationships with them… Just live life to the fullest and be happy!

  6. forgiving is a learning process. you can forgive but can you forget. this is the problem. we must oso trife to learn to forget. it is very hard…even for me. to forgive is a mere utter of words…you’re forgiven. but when you forget, then that is true forgiveness. just to share some words from the good book :-

    Mark 11:25
    And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. (NIV)

    cheers and s’lamat hari raya. god bless.

    Yes, everyone should prescribe to that…and though the soul is willing but the flesh is weak, one should go on trying and never give up. Happy holidays to you…

  7. Selamat Hari Raya STP and his loyal readers!

    Don’t eat too much!!! You don’t want ur saham to turun, I’m sure! LOL!!!

  8. speak only what is necessary n u will avoid the unnecessary….Too many words can burn the woods…In a quarrel both sides lose.

    True! I read somewhere that God gave us one mouth but two ears, so we should listen twice as much as we speak!

  9. ‘speak only what is necessary n u will avoid the unnecessary….Too many words can burn the woods…In a quarrel both sides lose.’ Pollie, you remind me a friend of mine who asked his opponents to ‘sit down and keep quiet’ during a competition. Haha

    Wasn’t that you? Awwww……….!!!!!

  10. eh teacher, here also got raya u knoe. The consulate general of malaysia invited all msian students for the raya open house.. this means m’sian food!!! hahahahaha!!!

    That’s usually the case overseas. Enjoy the satay and ketupat, the lemang and the rendang, the curry……! You’re not getting anymore (free) till next year! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

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