Burning love…

I love barbecues…or to be more specific, I love the food. The last one I went to was way back in April. However, I must say that I cannot stand the heat so I would prefer it if there is somebody around to do the barbecuing instead of me…

Barbecue 1

It is much nicer overseas in the temperate region as it is cooler…and in places like New Zealand, you get to enjoy the thick, juicy steaks of beef or lamb. Here, all we have are imported frozen lamb and beef and even though we may be able to get hold of some fresh supply of the latter, usually we will not have the luxury of such generous cuts of the meat. Well, never mind for at least, we can have all the chicken we want. The least we can expect to find at barbecues here are frozen sausages and chicken wings as well…

Barbecue 2

…or some pork belly or spare ribs even. When nicely grilled till they turn a nice golden colour, they can be absolutely delicious…

Barbecue 3

But with all the meat, it would be advisable to prepare some coleslaw to go with it…

Barbecue 4

…or some potato salad and rojak timun (cucumber)…

Barbecue 5

My apologies to all those who do not consume pork because of religion or for whatever reason, but for the rest of you who are not quite convinced that barbecues are your kind of thing, perhaps the photo below of the huge slab of pork belly will convert you…

Barbecue 6

Can you honestly tell me that you are not drooling? ROTFLMAO!!!

P.S. Try that with sambal belacan (prawn paste). Ooooo…I assure you it is absolutely divine!!! Slurpsszzzz!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Burning love…”

  1. Damn that last pic is making me soooo hungry. Lucky going to El Cerdo after this so can have all the porky I want. We’re gonna have their delectable roasted suckling piglet. ;P

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Enjoy yourself!!!

  2. Ngaiti… the last pic makes my cholesterol level shoots up! But nevertheless… I still want to eat it. hahaha

    That’s why I saved the best for last!!! That pic really…!!!! LOL!!!

  3. Seriously, i can tell u i am not drooling. The pork belly look um… porky ? i am sure there are lotsa carbs. One plate of this i need to workout for 5 days. haha

    U mean calories? I thought carbs=carbohydrates…and I’m sure pork won’t have much of that! U work out? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. I did not have the heart to send the pic….oh well you insisted. Actually that is 2 BBQ session. The close ups were the recent one. I had to take it out from the fridge to photograph after your request! Come Kch we BBQ!

    Haiz!!! Not so easy to get away lah!!!

  5. Hey, fren, barbeque food not so good for health. Don’t eat often.

    True! True! They say one bbq chicken wing = 8 sticks of cigarettes!!! Everything in moderation, shouldn’t be too bad lah!

  6. Prawns (shrimp) tastes really good on a BBQ as well. It’s part of the Aussie barbie culture. I’ve been to a couple, beer and shrimp. Mmm…recipe for diarrhea. 😉

    Yes, freshwater prawns and crabs…and sweet corn and sweet potatoes, all nice for BBQ!!! Ur system must be pretty weak… LOL!!!

  7. Would be nice to be able to do a BBQ during the day huh? BBQ = meat, which I love, but I try to eat very little at night, especially meat which will take hours to digest! I don’t fancy the thought of my digestive system working like crazy when it’s supposed to be resting, and recharging.

    See if we do a barbi say mid morning, then we can have it for leisurely all day long, well, finishing well before 4 pm preferably! Ooh memories of King’s Park, Perth!

    Ya…overseas you can do it anytime of day in bright sunshine, in ur own garden or in the park! But one thing I noticed when cooking there (even ordinary cooking), I did not feel the heat (no sweating at all)…but I ended up with sore throat later! Maybe it wasn’t so hot so I would not be drinking lots of water…like here!

  8. Wah! The BBQ Pork looks really sinful! LOL
    Yummy food always look sinful one 😦
    why why why? LOL

    It certainly is…!!! But they say it’s a sin to waste but it’s a waste not to sin… Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Not very relevant! Never mind!

  9. hahahhaa… like Daniel, I’m more drawn to that potato salad instead 😉 And yes, I can honestly tell you that I am not drooling over the pork 😛

    I know…you can’t eat pork!!!

  10. Yes, I can tell you honestly that I am not drooling lor. I’m too full, hahaha! I love BBQ but can’t stand the heat as well. Heheh!

    Now, now…what have you been gorging yourself with?…You so slim, oso scared of the heat? In my case, I will be dripping in sweat, that’s why!

  11. walao! i love bbq too. i could see my favorite potato salad! have you ever tried potato with butter and mayonnaise and wrapped with aluminum foil? try it!

    Try peanut butter with mayo/salad cream! Nice!…But usually I use ground peanuts…or just crush those sweet Chinese peanut cakes.

  12. wah like siu yoke. Next time you can try to make banana chocolate by wrapping a banana in the foil and put a few cubes of chocolate in it. yummy.

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Willy Wonka speaks. Ya, can have baked bananas too…but never heard of doing it with choc!

  13. BBQ, nice and delicious. I am going to dig out my bbq gears this weekend! The bbq pork belly makes me drools…..

    Have a nice time!…Don’t forget to take the pics and post in ur blog…

  14. Yummy! Your barbeque chicken reminds me of Ayam percik which is being sold all over the place this ramadan month. But I still prefer the ayam percik from Kelantan – absolutely the best!

    I’ve only eaten ayam percik once. My friend’s wife cooked it when we were in the UK. Nice!!! But looked like quite a lot of work… Malay cooking’s usually like that.

  15. Gerrie, went to this place in Bau recently with sch kids. The kids were playing rakit in the river n some did the bbq…Nice place.

    Ooo…haven’t been to Bau for ages! Bypassed it that day on the way to Lundu!!!

  16. Gundot, I think it’ll still be too hot for me. School kids have different heat tolerance levels. Actually, have not had BBQ for a long time…and I think I’ve retired my BBQ set…have not seen it for a while.

    Mine’s rusting away at the back of the house… LOL!!!

  17. I enjoyed going to bbq parties but not holding one myself! Too much cleaning after the eating! So this is Gundot’s bbq, yummy!Ps I find that if u go Miri, the beef there very nice n not that expensive almost comparable to the price here. So go take a bus to Miri n stock up on your beef at the supermrket there. Very nice!

    Comparable to price there may be expensive by our standard! Fresh beef is RM25 a kilo. Is that expensive or cheap, without conversion?

  18. when am invited for BBQ I always inform my host I will be late..45mins..by that time everything is cooked..am just in time to enjoy .haha.

    Gosh!!! That’s Malaysian standard time, I guess!!!

  19. I supposed if u take everything into consideration like the average income earnings here n there also dollar to dollar, it is considered almost like a luxury indulgence to buy beef in msia. otherwise if u convert to the dollar here it is actually cheaper in msia. Oh well! I suppose u win some u lose some! Like seafood is more expensive here as well! But I think Sibu is still the cheapest amongst town like miri n kuching. So STP, no wonder u can afford to eat out all the time.LOL!

  20. some people drool too over food that they can’t eat anyway … hehehe … so that’s not my case.. I guess I’m turning into a vegetarian… oh wait! I love seafood especially giant prawns! 😀 *hint hint*

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Kpenyu has gone to his beach resort at kpenyu for the holidays…so he would not get ur hint! LOL!!!

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