A different corner (1)…

Whenever I went to the area behind the Rejang Medical Centre here in Sibu, I would usually go to Mitsu Tea House for the dim sum or the coffee shop across the road for the beef noodles or the char kway teow or even Sushi Tie for Japanese food whenever my daughter was back in town. But there is another coffee shop, the Sing Long Cafe, at a different corner in one of the blocks of shophouses in the area. I had gone there once before a long time ago when I heard from people that they had very nice homemade fish balls (mackerel/ikan tenggiri) and I remember having had some nice char siew noodles there…but I have not been there since. For one thing, it is usually very crowded and I do not fancy having to wait for a long time.

However, I saw Huai Bin’s recent post on it, and today being a Sunday, I decided to drop by the shop again to check it out. So there we were, my missus and I, after the church service this morning and we had this bowl of yong tofu for RM6.00…

Sing Long Cafe's yong tofu, Sibu

It was very nice and I particularly loved the fish balls but I wished they had not put the seaweed in the soup as I did not really fancy the taste despite the fact that people say it is good for health. My missus had this plate of char siew noodles…

Sing Long Cafe's char siew noodles, Sibu

…while I had roast duck noodles, at RM4.00 per plate…

Sing Long Cafe's roast duck noodles, Sibu

(Nice plates! Unfortunately, they’re melamine!) The noodles were nice…but I do not recall them using those huge Hokkien-mee noodles in the past. I think I would prefer the smaller wanton-mee or kampua/kolo mee variety. For one thing, despite the crowd, our orders came in a jiffy…so that was not a problem at all.

On the home front, not much has been going on. My missus cooked a huge bowl of steamed minced pork custard with soy sauce, so we had to have that for 3 to 4 days. I keep reminding her that there are only two of us in the house but she has fixed recipes and does not know how to adjust according to the number of people eating. But on no-meat Friday last week, I cooked this dish of steamed fish in Foochow ang chiew (red wine)…

STP's steamed fish in Foochow red wine

…and prepared this ladies’ fingers’ ulam belacan

STP's ladies' fingers ulam belacan

I know! I know! The two dishes were not quite compatible…but I was too lazy to fry the veg…and I love blanched ladies’ fingers eaten with sambal belacan (prawn paste dip) and we finished all of that! I guess you can just call it the blending of the cultures.

Well, I bet those of you who have not taken the whole week off and are still going back to work tomorrow, would be quite happy that it’s not going to be a long, dreary one as you will be getting a few days off for Hari Raya!!! Whatever it is, do have a nice week, everybody! 

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28 thoughts on “A different corner (1)…”

  1. Hey ! Not fair, i was there too, and after church too ! Haha… sigh.. i hate the dim sum at mitsu tea house. Freaking expensive and altogether not filling. And the fried noodles are so oily… *shudders at the thought*

    I like the dim sum! Not expensive leh! (Unless you compare to the yucky ones in the coffee shops!) I guess it doesn’t measure up to the Sibu standard of “filling”…so that’s why I thought it wouldn’t last…but it has!…I’ve never tried the noodles though! Why go to a dim sum place for noodles? Tsk! Tsk!!!

  2. Ooh I have not heard this song for the longest time! Flatmate and I used to go crazy about this song, back in our uni days….eeeek 2 decades ago! She cringed really badly when I reminded her recently…hee hee.
    No comments about the food… hee hee

    This is my favourite song by Georgie boy!…So much nicer than the ewek…ewek…”Careless Whisper” (Reminds me of sanitary pad not used properly!!! LOL!!!)…

  3. ladies fingers.. or what we call here “tanduk kambing” in the bahasa pasar LOL.. i love that! But give me a good sambal belacan, and I can have anything with that to go with my second helping of rice.. hehehhe

    Yes, I think I prefer to eat them that way too…

  4. The char siew and the duck noodles looked like a very small portion. Are you sure it’s enough for you? By the way, did you lick the melamine plates? Lol

    There was quite a lot. I think it looked little due to the structure of the plates – with a hollow middle…and anyway, there was also the yong tofu which had glass noodles (tung hoon) in it. Really filling…

  5. i like yong tofu but prefer the one you eat with sort of kuah rojak (i guess they use kuah rojak but have no idea what else they mixed with it).
    yes it’d be better if you fry the ladies finger and eat with that steamed fish…ah! watching soccer now and i try not to think about monday blues tomorrow.

    I think that’s the special sambal/chilli sauce. They provided some with that bowl of yong tofu we had…but usually, it things taste nice, I’d like to eat them like that and savour the flavour. As for the ladies fingers, if I do not have them like that, I would fry with sambal udang kering…or masak lemak/curry. Don’t like the somewhat plain Chinese way of cooking those…

  6. you ate the ladies fingers raw?

    Not raw. I boiled water…and dump the veg inside and turn off the heat. After a few minutes, when the veg has turned a nice shade of green, I took them out. My missus would steam them…but they become limp and the colour turns a sickly green. Not appealling!!!

  7. those hokkien noodle are extra large… look like udon. need to try those on the next trip.

    They are! According to Huai Bin, the guy’s from Penang and he made the noodles himself. Worth giving it a try!

  8. Okra taste nice with sambal belachan. Have a nice holiday. Cheers!

    That’s the way I like it!…Happy holidays to you too! Going anywhere? Heard the cheap airline fares quite expensive over the festive season.

  9. melamine in plates are ok mah.. only not in food..
    and u bet i am happy to work 3 days a week! 1 day work from home lagi 😀

    Gee! Better than me! I work four days a week…but two hours each time!

  10. Been making sambal “buah pangai” (buah bawang) for past two weekend.Tom would bring two pangai back…ok ok the real fruit. Hiok gave another lot of emplam and Fiq loves it too

    Take photos and email to me! Hahahahahaha!!!! BBQ photos in next post! LOL!!!

  11. “I wished they had not put the seaweed in the soup as I did not really fancy the taste..”

    I hate to have seaweed in my food/soup too 😛 I don’t like the smell hehe! Blanched ladies fingers with belacan is the best!! Slurrp~! Eh, good trick, putting it in hot water and off the heat, to preserve the colour. HAHA!

    Good grief! We’re so much alike!!!…Hey! When will you be here this week? Now let’s see where we can go to eat this time…!!! Drool! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. I am having family visiting from overseas at the moment n this weekend is having a get together at my place. M thinking of using yr wee’s satay sauce, m cooking the chicken masak merah, so if i use your sauce can i cook with beef or pork? Pls advise STP,thks!

    I’ve cooked withchicken, beef and even pork…but I think it’s best with beef

  13. Pacik, u are really really prolific! How do u manage to write, cook, eat and teach all at the same time… Like late President Johnson, i can only do one thing at a time!
    I’m a great fan of blanched lady fingers (or Ah Poh’s fingers as we sometimes call them in Singapore), cos I hate cutting them and getting the gluey stuff all over my hands.
    Btw, what is ROTFLMAO which u use so often? Tried googling for it but got nowhere…have a great week ahead..

    Hahahahahaha!!!! I had to ask one of those young fellas too. It means, “Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!”…Yes, ladies fingers not nice when all gooey!!!

  14. The duck mee looks very thick. Ha =) The ladies finger and sambal belacan is really tempting. And plus sambal belacan!!! help me ;P

    Shouldn’t be a problem getting them anywhere in Malaysia… Coming to Sibu anytime soon?

  15. I love ladies’ finger since a little boy.Last time we just steamed them on top of the rice…and ate with soya sauce with onion.

    Eyew…I would rather just eat it like that than with soy sauce. Guess I’m more into kampung cuisine.

  16. ..he he he…I thought LOL meant Lots Of Love…and corrected by my son…

    They’ve all kinds of abbreviations…sometimes can’t make head or tail out of them!

  17. ooo.. i didn’t know one can prepare lady fingers like that…. boiling… will try that next time ^^ but sometimes, when lady fingers are overcooked, it gets all slimy and sticky…

    If you cut into slices and fry, chances are it will be slimey and gooey. They said just heat up the veg in a frying pan first before cutting and frying, but didn’t seem to help. I blanch like this…none of the slime at all!!!

  18. Big fat noodles… looks more like udon. but it does look nice.
    Am currently in a very dead office where around 70% are on leave. Lets hope they are all busy cooking and making kuih for me to eat when i visit them on wed/thurs…haha.

    Take lots of photos and email to me so I can post! I don’t think I’m going anywhere. Going to the Astana…or Matang?

  19. We never go Astana. Too many people. Mesti ada protocol too I guess. Matang better….KNB, Sophia, Gerrie are we giong Matang?

    Take photo and email to me, ya! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

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