Love is blue…

When I was younger, I used to entertain a lot. I loved having friends over to the house as I loved having company coming over and besides, it would be an opportunity to show off my culinary skills. Thus, I had a few sets of crockery that I would use on such occasions but by far, my favourite is my blue and white collection.

I did not buy all the items in a set; I actually collected them one by one, so it is in fact a collection in the true sense of the word. I got this soup tureen as a wedding present from the Willie family in Kota Kinabalu…

Blue & white collection 1

…and I have a pair of this. They were the free gifts for two consecutive years with the bottles of brandy that Gerrie’s late father would give me every Chinese New Year way back then…

Blue & white collection 2

I have six pieces of these that came free with Jacob’s biscuits…

Blue & white collection 3

…but only one of this…

Blue & white collection 4

My wife got it free with Indomie…but by the time I found out about it and rushed to the shop, it was already out of stock. This one came with one of those Made-in-China chicken essence…

Blue & white collection 5

I think I bought it for somebody in maternity confinement…and I kept the gift! LOL!!! It is kind of different from the rest as it has that Chinese antique kind of look. I also have a few of these Chinese-looking bowls that came free with something but I cannot recall exactly what, probably toothpaste…

Blue & white collection 6

…but this one is obviously not Chinese. I got it from my late aunt who used to stay in that kampung house that I had featured in an earlier post. I cannot put my finger on the exact occasion…but my guess is it was for my 50th birthday…

Blue & white collection 7

…or was it from her foster daughter? I can’t remember exactly now. Well, I do not use them at all these days as it would be less of a hassle to entertain guests in restaurants…and on festivals like Chinese New Year, I would just pack my bags and go with my family to some place and relax in a comfortable hotel, coming home only when the festivities are over.

I suppose I can just keep them, especially those that were given to me by ones so dear…to cherish the fond memories of them and ever hold them close to my heart.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Love is blue…”

  1. Thanks for showing off all those beautiful crockeries STP. Brings back a lot of happy memories when we used to go kampung house, n Aunt L. have a wide range displayed in her big cupboard in the kitchen,i remember esp her blue willow ones n also the Dumex. I remembered asking her what will she do with all these things when she is gone, she says her wish is the house is to be made a heritage, like some kind of JFV museum where all the nephews n nieces can go visit n recalled all the happy times we had there, but the last time I saw her was before she had the stroke, when she is still very fit, so maybe she may have changed her mind. I don’t know. Anyway,i do enjoyed browsing infront of the cupboard, looking at the bowls etc, n she had a story for each bowl there,very interesting! She is so proud of them n as u know she is very classy n always used them on special occassion. I also remembered the stainless cooking pots n i recalled there is a story behind it too, confirm this,i maybe wrong, the pots as i was told is a gift to our nenek dimong from your dad during his courtship with your mum. How sweet!!! Nowadays where got this custom, i will be delirious if my daughter’s BF gave me some royal doultons as a gift!LOL!! I also not using fancy wares but tupperwares n tofu containers from asian groceries, can just chuck away,so senang!LOL!

    Runs in the family, I guess. All the sisters were proud of their collections. When I was young, I think the trend was towards English porcelian ware…and everybody would order a set. Mine is quite dismal in comparison actually. That’s the problem – people today use melamineware, plastic, styrofoam…no class at all lah! At least use pyrex or corningware…..LOL!!!

  2. i used to drink soup from these bluish bowl when i was staying with my popo…
    now, mami prefer colourful designed dish

    I think I’ve simple tastes…so the gaudy colours make my head spin! LOL!!!

  3. Just keep them. They’ll make a beautiful collection. I love the blue and white china. At my home, I’m still using the olden days replica porcelain bowls like the white and blue ones and those with a cock.

    A what?…Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Sorry, just teasing you there! Ya, I’ll keep them, that’s for sure.

  4. Remember my dad’s blue and white chinese set. I have that and I do use it.

    Yes, that’s a really nice set! We used those for the New Year’s Eve steamboat dinners at the kampung house in its original location. You all either too small or not born yet! When steamboat was in a brass-looking metal pot with hot charcoal underneath and down the chimney-like middle! Tasted so nice then…especially with abalone!!! Oooo….I would hang around whoever was slicing hoping for a slice! Hahahahahaha!!!! Nowadays, abalone expensive…and not nice anymore!

    P.S. Heard Lindy didn’t want the set as the hubby didn’t like the dragons…Sigh! Too bad ur hubby didn’t mind…or it could have gone to me! LOL!!!!

  5. Wow, very nice collection you have there. All well taken care of. Just like brand new antiques.

    Ya…they’re about all that I have, so have to take good care of them!!! Sob! Sob! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. your culinary skills ? Haha.. wow.. the art of cooking is a rare skill among the male species. Haha

    Says who? Most of the world’s best known chefs are men!!! Watch Asian Food Channel!!!…Only useless spoilt-rotten sons can’t cook! Ouch! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. they are so beautiful indeed. i love blue and the combination of blue and white is the best!

    the most important thing is the food inside haha!

    Like attractive presentation, nice crockery will make the food look more appealling…and more classy lah!

  8. Nice collection you have and very well kept. You would probably like chopsticks too. Here are some of my collections.

    Sorry, doing some “hard selling” here in your blog! But, just can’t resist after seeing your collections 🙂

    Nope…I don’t collect chopsticks. Most of the time, I had buffets so I used forks and spoons mostly and even for sit-down dinners, seldom had dishes that would require the use of chopsticks.

  9. I agree with you on your reply to housefly’s comment. World top chefs are all male! And I prefer my dad’s cooking too! I prefer guys’ cooking because they are more creative and dare to try macam-macam.

    I don’t think anyone in the family collect these but I know a good friend’s mom collect Tupperware (or some other ware but not Corningware la) but never use them, and then house broken into and lost almost all of them. Poor thing!

    What? They steal Tupperware? I’ve got lots in the house – birthday presents, retirement presents, lucky draw prizes from staff dinners etc etc etc…still in the original hamper packaging. Maybe I can take photos and post on those next! Sell online! LOL!!!

  10. don’t have any of those things since I shifted house.And too many folks buy and keep them and only serve their guest on these PRECIOUS collection…and they resorted to using the plastic stuff and Lauya ones themselves..I even have my water on the crystal glasses now..neighbours have more than me but still in boxes or on display shelves..what for eh..I suppose everyone think differently eh,,really like clares comment..serve them right..thieves have more fun

    Special sets…I keep. Normally I use glass or porcelain, a lot free gifts but odd pieces and not so nice ones. I don’t use plastic or malamine. Drinks…I use mugs, mostly free ones too when you buy Nescafe, MILO, toothpaste etc… Now why would they want to steal Tupperware? That valuable kah? Better move all of mine into storeroom and lock! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. ..and I know of people who displayed their silver or stainless steel fork and spoons once or twice a year and they use real cheapo stuff the rest of the year even use chopstick which are burnt and shorten..

    You seem to know some peculiar characters!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Not me! You can see the things I used in photos of things that I cooked myself…..

  12. I bought 1 Giacomo(not melamine) set and have been using it daily for the past 12 years! Buy too much no place to keep. JV has a lot so can take from there. Lindy offering them to me. She rather I take and never return them. My AMC pots also for daily use. No matter how expensive I am not slave to them.Sophia can tell you about her mum’s Renaware bought in Sabah way back them still in the original box. Probably never seen the stove before!!!!!

    Giacoma has come nice things, very tempting…but so far I have only bought some bed linen and the 10-ringgit claypot! As you can see, mine usually free gifts, you buy this – you get this free! The not so nice ones, use every day…the nice ones, keep for special occasion. Or I got them as presents from people! LOL!!!

  13. my mum have not one but 3 cupboards/cabinets full of those crockeries…it’s always a nightmare when we have to move houses back during those days.

    Not half as bad as the routine wiping off the dust…when not in use for a long time!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Argh!!!
    Which reminds me, soon it’s gonna be spring cleaning for the crockeries..
    argh!!! *runs away*

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!…I’ll be unemployed for the next 3 months, no income! You need some daily-paid help? LOL!!!

  15. i wonder hoy much they’re worth if you sold them?

    just kidding – things as priceless as those should be cherished…

    Maybe later on when my daughter passes them to her children’s children…they’re be worth their weight in gold! LOL!!!

  16. ive met some who like these blues as well. it can be nice, though im not a collector of this. but fr u, i guess there’s more meaning to it, apart from its aesthetics 🙂

    You’re right there! Sometimes we keep things of sentimental value…even though they may not seem much to others.

  17. Those are exquisite! I have a collection of them, some from my late grandma and some from my MIL. I treasure them dearly and only used them during festive seasons.

    Hah! Looks like I’m not the only one! My mum and her sisters are/were avid collectors. What I have is nothing in comparison.

  18. Pretty! Good for collection, I went to some houses where they display it on the cabinet.. so nice!

    Yeah, only spoilt rotten sons can’t cook. HAHA!

    …and daughters too these days!!! Doting mothers will do everything for them!

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