It’s not over…

Now, if you think that all the food in my previous post was it, think again. It definitely was not over yet, and that very night, they all went to The Heritage, a recently-opened restaurant in Kuching for dinner.

From what I gather, the place was originally the very popular Tsui Hua Lau or something…but a change in management brought it down and the chefs left, the food was not good, the service was poor and  it eventually closed. Now the former chefs or something got together to open this new one, so one would expect the food to be as good as before!

So, what did they have that night? I guess it started with this…

Dinner @ Heritage, Kuching 1

…followed by this soup, and before some individuals start protesting, my guess is it was probably fish lips which are very popular in Kuching (and getting expensive too!)…

Dinner @ Heritage, Kuching 2

…after which, they had fish…

Dinner @ Heritage, Kuching 3

…as well as duck…

Dinner @ Heritage, Kuching 4

…and whatever this is…

Dinner @ Heritage, Kuching 5

Ooo…my daughter loves these! She calls them “money bags” (and please, she was not talking about me! LOL!!!)…

Dinner @ Heritage, Kuching 6

…which was followed by this dessert dish which, if I’m not mistaken, is made from egg white and deep-fried…

Dinner @ Heritage, Kuching 7

…plus a plate of fruits. I’m sure everyone has seen fruits before, so I will not post a photo of that. All that came up to only RM360.00, believe it or not! Real cheap, I should say…and my only complaint is the excessive use of those wafer flowers (usually used by amateur cake makers who do not have the skill to pump nice floral icing) for decoration. LOL!!! 

Now! Now! Look at what they had been doing…

Dinner @ Heritage Kuching 8

Ah well, it is claimed that red wine is good for health, for the heart in particular…so I guess they may be excused and if you are wondering who all those people were, that could eat so much in one day, here they are…the partners in crime! ROTFLMAO!!!

Dinner @ Heritage, Kuching

They include my uncle and aunties…and my cousins, plus a nephew. There is Stella – all the way from Melbourne and her sis from Brisbane, Pollie from Bintulu…and there’s Gerrie and Gundot and Cooking4stp and Sophia and Lindy and of course, the very eligible KNB (No! Not the one that looks like Raja Petra!!! LOL!!!!). See if you can guess who’s who in the photo!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “It’s not over…”

  1. Eer.. it’s not over.. it means more food to serve? Way to go, all “partners in the sin of gluttony”!

    I’ve replied…via hphone!…But nope, that was it! The cousins from Down Under left the very next day!

  2. No lah, Yan. Relatives from far away, home once in a number of years so that called for a celebration. After that, it would be back to normal – everybody living their own lives, eating simple day-to-day food…and l’m sure some headed straight for the gym the next day…and I’m sure you’d do the same for your next of kin coming home from abroad!

  3. Sure.. there is reason to celebrate. No offence meant, whether this comment or the earlier one 🙂

    OK…just to clear the air, in case of misunderstanding.

  4. Hahaha…. u r right. Raja Petra indeed, never realised that. wah… u actually put up the group photo. I can imagine everyone cringing on how err “well fed” they look…haha.

    Where got lah? Only a few! The rest look perfectly ok! Want everybody to look like Ethiopian refugees kah? Like clothes hanger!!! LOL!!!

  5. Honestly, I don’t know who’s who in the photo but I know I liked the duck dish. LOL

    Only a few guys, so if u eliminate the young nephew and the more senior uncle, minus the Raja Petra lookalike, u’ll have KNB left. There! Handsome or not? Wink! Wink! ROTFLMAO!!!…I love roast duck too!!!

  6. I can only recognize Sophia. Hehehe! Looking good like usual.

    The man sitting 2nd from left looks a bit like u ler…
    Where is this Heritage?

    U’ve met Sophia b4! That’s my uncle – my mother’s youngest brother. I look like him meh? Heritage is somewhere behind the shops (where Kiew Brothers aka ‘woe lai yeh bak kua’ is) opposite Grand Con Hotel.

  7. Gee..thanks for the photo..made my day stp and it’s all happening..Because of You. If Not For You..can only guess how Theresa looks like. p/s thought my Hero in Kuching pula.p/p/s..pray for all of them

    Ya, u’ve been away so long u don’t even know what ur blood relatives look like anymore. I guess everyone looks the same (but may vary in dimensions)…and u may not know the younger lot eg the nephew in the photo.

  8. Haha.. Kpenyu, RP was sent for rehabilitation with our family. We’re supposed to feed him till he gets so fat that he cant type on a computer no more.

    I’m so fat…but that doesn’t stop me leh?

  9. STP…. stop pimping me lar.

    Haiyor! If I were not old enough to be her father, not so fat and not married…where got I give you chance one? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!…I’m sure I’m not the only one getting impatient liao! Pressure! Pressure! LOL!!!

  10. matching making in STP blog? on diet today.see yr blog today am going berserk.
    U C stella in her TSEN label dress..all new belt handbag n shoes from nephew ABSOLUTELY dress gallery. situated around TRAVILLION doing promotion now hahhaa..aunty stella bought a lot.she even do catwalk.hihi. btw we asked nephew to cater for bigger size too..see all the food loving aunties hv to go for XXL. Evergreen Puan Sri would prefered a more sophisticatedlook.

    Oh I see! That’s a nice look black dress – got class!…So everybody in Kuching can make there way there to have a look at what’s available! Hari Raya coming, go visiting must dress up nice2 sikit!!!…No t-shirt and jeans! No manners like that!!! LOL!!!

  11. Looks like a eight course dinner. Price is reasonable. The money bags looks very cute. One big happy family, real fun eating together.

    Yes, I always believe that a family that eats together, stays together. These days, everyone’s so busy with their own things, eating irregularly and at irregular hours…no wonder the family unit is cracking up, members not so close anymore.

  12. That dessert looks very interesting! Never seen that before. Nope the kuih-muih found in local malaysian restaurant are not nice at all, so i normally don’t bother. Though there’s very nice Malaysian food around town, and no my standard has not sunk. LOL

    I ate at one…the owners from Melaka, quite nice, but needless to say, very expensive!

  13. seriously donno who’s who lo =.=
    da foods look yummy minus da century eggs 😀

    Got century eggs? Where? Where? My, you’re so observant! I love century eggs…and salted eggs…and all eggs!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Hey! Who gives u permission to put up photo?We all in identity crisis u know. Bet Uncle PB will be very happy to know that someone commented u look like him!LOL! Since Pollie advertised the dress I got from Daniel’s place, thot i do so too lah!Anyone of u bloggers going to Kuching, drop by Daniel’s shop, it is called Absolutely Dress Galler,DUBS Commercial Centre,Lot 376,Section 54,L2-01,Jalan Petanak,93675 Kuching Sarawak. The boutique catered very trendy fashion line,I also bought a dress for my daughter n she likes it a lot. However the sizes are all not very large ones at present n Daniel is looking at catering for other ages as well. At the moment he is sort of having the concept of something like “forever 21″but we said he shld get in mixed ranges. His shoes n bags,belts,jewelleries r all very lovely too so go be a sticky beak when u r around that part of Kuching town. His assistant n GF also very helpful n trendy themselves.n if u say u saw this advert in STP’s blog he may even give u some special discount. N STP thks for the free advertisement, get your commission from Daniel ok!LOL!!!PS his website is sure STP won’t mind this long comment since he claimed Daniel is his prodigy!LOL!

    U sure he’ll be happy! Hope he doesn’t consider it an insult! Hahahahaha!!!! Yes! Yes! Advertise for him…and mention stp, his uncle in Sibu…and ask for special discount!!!

  15. I see it now….!

    Gee! This is like chipsmore!…Now you see it, now you don’t! Btw, how come the MAXIS executive not in the pic? Hope she wasn’t the one taking the photo…as I would put the blame on some restaurant waitress who wasn’t adept at it. The photo quality not so good…compared to the rest!

  16. PS again!Sorry n excuse lah STP! The Tsen line that Daniel carries in his boutique is more like his signature line or u can say the more upmarket ones, it is a local designer’s range n the pcs are all quite selective so u won’t see too many pcs in one dress so no chances of bumping into someone wearing the same pc quite slim! For a designer’s range, the price is quite reasonable for the cutting is very good n the material have quality n when u put on the dress it has a nice flow to it! So check it out!Bring Mrs STP there,STP!

    Sure I’ll go if in Kuching, take photos and post!!! Gundot…u go and take gambar and email to me? Ummm….u no need to model, ask ur daughter, ok! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. Hey,all the food look so tempting. That uncle really looks like you.Haha, you all can drink wine and tea together ar?

    I dunno…I thought I look more like my father’s side of the family. I guess some did not have wine…or maybe they had tea before the food was served. I don’t take wine myself, no alcoholic drinks, no liquor!

  18. STP,that is why must go Daniel’s Boutique,people no class, go buy n wear his clothes also got class automatic!LOL! With raya coming, n baju kurongs coming out, better go buy high heels in Daniel’s boutique, he got very nice ones. I also bought one pair. Baju kurong must wear with heels then look very sophisticated n also show off the baju kurong, so Anissa bring all your ‘potatoe chin’ there lah! raya is coming.LOL! PS STP,don’t swear at me now ok, i know this is my third comment, that is it for the day!LOL!

    OK! After this, normal advertising rates apply! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  19. Hey, by the way, the clothes at the boutique are nice! I’ve browsed through the website to have a look. I like what I see. I’m definitely going there when I’m in Kuching soon! 😀 So, mention I’m STP’s [insert appropriate word, nothing scandalous pls.LOL!] in Sibu can get discount hor? *wink wink*

    Just don’t let Alvin hear it! He may just believe you! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  20. U got good taste Clare! Just mention his Uncle STP he sure will know already!Judging from the photos STP put up of u, you r the perfect size for his clothes. There is still lots more which i really like but unfortunately all your size ones n i can hardly fit into them. 20yrs ago maybe lah but back then where got so nice clothes. Ok!Ok! STP,I am leaving the scene now!No more bugging in!

    You said that was it…and here you are back again! Moral: When a woman says it’s the last, it will be one of the many lasts!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  21. heyyyy how come my mom’s sitting with the poh pohs. upgrade already kah? muahahahaha! lindy LOL~!!

    She’s getting impatient…Wants to be upgraded!…You and Tintin better hurry, so pretty soon she can be promoted to “Ah Ma” and Poh2 status…and ur dad will be a datuk!!! LOL!!!!

  22. I recall going to Absolutely with my daughter. The sizes are way too small for us more endowed ladies. I went around Chinese New Year and there were not many dresses there – must have been sold off. May make another trip there now that my daughter is back for the raya. Your daughter back, stp?

    Sob! Sob! She’s not coming back…and I can’t be going over all the time. Too much of a hassle to come from there, leaving the institute in the morning and reaching home almost midnight and she gets car/air sick. Will be home by mid-November. Lucky u! Ur girl comes home all the time…but then it is just ONE flight and she’s home.

  23. Missing in pic – Senaong. Guess again who took the pic. D’d gf was there taking the pic as well.

    Young people! When I was in charge of the school magazine, I used to tell the students off! “You’re using a fully-automatic camera, how on earth could u get such lousy pics?”…..Trouble is they do not even care! Different lah…the attitude!

  24. That’s 3 generations there but when we get together there is no generation gap at all.

    But the 2nd generation will drown out the other two!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Especially the 3rd! They’re generally less boisterous! LOL!!!

  25. Who cares about who is who? I only drool at the food! (just joking) : )

    Come lah! Come to Sibu and I’ll buy you dinner…better and nicer than that!!! 90 sen flight cheap airline!

  26. Ooi, Senaong the photographer lah

    Not as nice as the pics u took urself…or even Fiq, or maybe the camera is better for close-ups…or not bright enough…or flash not strong enough…

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