It wasn’t me…

What do you do if you are making a one-night stop at a place and there are so many people to see and say hello to and so many things to eat? Well, for one thing, you can do what Stella did – just let them know when you’re coming and hope that they will arrange something like this.

Everybody gathered at one place and each of them brought something along (not available or not easily available Down Under). Gundot brought some dabai (You can see the photo in this earlier post!) and umai, a Melanau dish of raw fish with lots of onions and chillies, marinated with lime/kalamansi juice…

Gundot's umai

Do I see asam paya in it as well, Gundot? (Those brownish pieces?) And I know who brought this – steamed pork cake…with lots of fried onions…

Steamed pork cake

Ooo…nice plate! Got class!!! Anyway, there were also those nyonya delicacies like nyonya bak chang (with minced meat and the fragrance of ketumbar – different from the Chinese meat dumplings)…

Nyonya bak chang

Ummm…if I go, don’t bother to cut it! I’m not so say-jee (shy), so eyew siew (delicate) and I would take it whole…but you can provide a knife for those who nibble like mice. They can cut it themselves! LOL!!! But you can cut the serimuka

Nyonya serimuka

…even though I can finish the whole piece but I’m sure the others would like to have some of it too! Me so considerate lah! LOL!!! Actually I find that Kuching has the best nyonya kuihs; Malacca and Penang come nowhere near! Very rich, very lemak (generous with the santan or coconut milk), very very nice! I think this one’s homemade, specially ordered and I bet it’s even nicer that those available at the stalls e.g. along Green Road. By the way, Puan Sri, nice table cloth! I love the English roses! LOL!!!

Then there were the kuih cangkih (something like the green part of serimuka, moulded in little tea cups)…

Nyonya kuih cangkih

Can’t make out what those white balls are! The kuih melaka or what you call them, those round kuihs with gula melaka inside and when you bite into one, watch out for the brown sugar that squirts out! They certainly do not look like the very nice homemade tapioca kuih coated with grated coconut that Sophia bought for me once together with the kuih bingka bandung (tapioca)…

Bingka and ang koo

…and I’m sure everyone’s familiar with the ang koo (red turtle) kuih. The best in Kuching would be from this place along some backstreet in Padungan. Dunno if it’s still there. Now, these kuih lenggang certainly do not look like they were commercially produced…

Kuih lenggang

The lighter green colour of the pancake-like skin shows that it contained more santan and would therefore, be more lemak…and the size would be an indication of the generous helpings of grated coconut wrapped inside. Did Jovita make those? She used to make very nice ones!…Now, let’s see what else they had…

Sotong kangkong

Ah! Jiew hu eng chai or sotong kangkong, that is cuttlefish with veg. Are these from Open Air Market? Love the plates too! I can see they’re not the NCAA (no class at all) melamine stuff. Hey! They put that in the milk in China and all the kids are falling sick. Are you sure it is all right to use those melamine plates? Oops! Sorry, I digressed!!!…And are these ham chim beng (local cinnamon rolls)…or are they Gerrie’s cinnamon rolls that were once the talk of the town? LOL!!!

Ham chim beng

These look like homemade char siew rolls…

Char siew rolls

…and these must be the homemade durian puffs that Gerrie brought. She seemed so proud of them, so they must be very nice!!!

Durian puffs

And believe you me, those were NOT all! There were some more…but what I have posted would be more than enough to make everyone shake their heads in amazement…or perhaps, in shock at the gross indulgence! (Note the hint of envy!) No…no…no!!! I was not part of it! I swear!!!! LOL!!!…It was Stella and the rest of the clan. If you thought you saw someone like me, it must be KNB or his surrogate twin! It looked like me…it ate like me…but it wasn’t me! ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “It wasn’t me…”

  1. And they did all these during puasa month..can imagime their Hari Raya

    And their X’mas, and their New Year, and their Chinese New Year and all the Chinese festivals, and their Gawai….Is it any wonder we’re all this shape and size? LOL!!!!

  2. Kong-kay..that’s not from his camera la…Santa is fake and Bday is real..that’s why I tabung rm75 for a Bday present..If we readera just a wee bit generous we will all have excellent pixs on stp blog after 2 Dec..hahah ayou stakeholder la ..I’m too far hahahah STP..don’t scold ha..not complaining

    Santa is NOT fake! He has a darker complexion now, has a black moustache instead of a white beard, same body shape still…and lives in KK and sometimes in Kuala Penyu. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Complain as much as you want as long as you’re getting me a camera! LOL!!!!

  3. Well, we did invite STP and Kpenyu to join the feast… but u all tarik harga bah. heheh

    I had to work lah!!! That kpenyu I dunno! Just kiamsiap, I guess!!! One camera for X’mas present oso have to ask so many people to share and buy!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  4. So much food! Can feed the army lah wei! On second thought, if Stp was there, I don’t think those are enough lor…*cabut*

    Hmmm…now where’s my pen? There…!!! I’ve struck off ur name from my list of who-to-ask-to-my-mam2-sessions!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. Thanks again for reminding me of all the lovely food I ate at Puan Sri’s place,STP!
    I was at the same table with KNB n his twin but to my surprise they ate like a cat!I think I ate more than them! Speaking of Jovita, she must be born in the Year of the Cat for she is just ageless n still so shapey!!To be fair i think all the JFV seniors n juniors are still looking pretty good! Maybe all those pumbas,linut,tempuyak etc, must have some kind of ageless collagen in them!LOL!Mrs. P.B’s face looks shiny n fair, I asked her what is her secret,expecting some branded skincare, she says Hazeline Snow! So there u go!LOL!

    Incredible!!! Maybe the two saving for the better food to come in the evening…or they were stunned to see you eating like nobody’s business! Hahahahahahaha!!!! There! She did not need any Fijian products!!! Later become so dark like them! LOL!!!

  6. I am so hungry after teaching for 4 periods straight. Now, reading your post making me hungrier.

    Life can be so cruel sometimes hor…!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Alamak… so hungry with those photo… but the photo looks good quality LoL

    Good! You’re NOT getting any of that!!!…Ya, enjoy it while it lasts!!! Come to think of it – I think urs not much better than my own photos taken with my lousy hp camera (eg the kampung house in an earlier post, just to name one!) leh? Ur own, I mean, not those you curi from elsewhere!!! For example the one you took at Damai in your latest post! And so many posts, no photos. If got, also curi one! Like that, want to comment on others! Chesh!!! Ewek! Ewek!

  8. The serimuka was homemade, the durian puffs, I bought from a dim sum place called ‘Causeway Bay’.
    Have not made cinnamon rolls for a loongg time!

    If you’re keen on the serimuka, you have to let me know way in advance. I had to literally beg my friend to make last week.

    I’d pass! Not good to take all the way back as they’re very lemak…so not firm and when I reach home, they’re either out of shape or all over the place liao!!! And not so nice after reheating (but anytime better than what we get in Sibu!) oso! Must eat in Kuching baru best!

  9. Kuih lenggang, made on the spot. This lady actually selling AMC pots and she made all her kueh on the spot with AMC pots. She has apam, sweet potato pancakes and tau hu hua.All very nice. LOcation: near Choice Daily

    I’m not so much into kuih lenggang…but if I have to eat, I prefer those with gula melaka – brown grated coconut inside.

  10. the white balls are called ondeh-ondeh?

    I think so. Normally green in colour but these coated with so much grated coconut, can’t see the colour liao!

  11. I did not missed a single dish–have tasted
    everything-it was so confusing to see so many dishes-dont know which to start first.Stella was busy eating and talking at the same time.told her to tone down nanti choke on the food.hahaha…the seri muka was heavenly-its still warm n very lemak..the durian puff–OMG I grab is eveything..even got the steam pork cake recipe from Mrs PB..

    That Stella obviously good at multi-tasking – eat and talk at the same time!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    P.S.: Why in Sibu she seemed a bit quiet and toned-down leh? Pretend only kah? Or she got overexcited when she saw so much food??? ROTFLMAO!!!!

  12. LOL! Now I get it! U r right STP, no wonder I felt like I am the only one eating all the time on that table! Look who is talking, about eating n talking, if u go facebook, u see photos, u see Dimong 12 having holding chopsticks with food ready to go into their mouths, while Dimong 3 is just socialising n catching up with the dimong clan!LOL! BTW,y no one even suggested we ‘tapau’the food to eat on transit in KL airport? See so kesian have to end up eating chicken herbal soup. n now taxi fare to KLIA from LCCT cost a fortune, rm45 just for that!

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Eat! Got things to eat, must eat! Will bring good fortune. Hah! RM45…and from LCCT runway, can see KLIA! So near!!!….Now you know why I had all the not-so-complimentary posts about LCCT! Daylight robbery!

  13. So many things to makan. Must be very satiated on that day huh! =)

    You’ve spoken too soon!!! Look out for tomorrow’s post! Believe it or not, there’s MORE to come! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Btw, welcome…and make sure u come again, ok!!! Will link u in my blogroll.

  14. oooohh-eeeemmm-geeeee! umai and bak chang!!!! *drools*

    Hahahahahaha!!!! So kesian u in Canada…and u keep coming back to this torture chamber! Come again tomorrow! There’s more! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. da white ball thingy are called oneh-oneh…one of my favourite kuih 🙂
    yum yum…

    Ondeh-ondeh! I only like them if they squirt!!!! Lots of gula melaka!

  16. i love onde-onde also. but the other kueh looks tempting & yummilicious as well!

    Yes, I love nyonya kuihs…the more lemak, the better!!! Droooolll!!! LOL!!!

  17. i want kuih lenggang!! and serimuka.. i thought it’s called salak or something like that? hehe, i remember i used to eat the green part first and then save the pulut for last. keke.. *droool*
    i’m going to get some kuih raya from the ramadan bazaar now. this is ALL your fault.

    We call it “tinggi salad” here…dunno how the name came about! Hahahahahaha!!!! Come tomorrow and see my post! Bet u’ll be taking the next flight home!!! LOL!!!!

  18. I like it when they squirt too!!! The ondeh-ondeh, I mean, what the hell you were thinking? Hahahahahaha!!!

    So, they are all available in Kuching? Great! Kuching, here I come!!!!

    Yunno me lah! I only think about food! Now what on earth were you thinking? ROTFLMAO!!!…..Too bad! U have to be a member of the Gluttons’ Club to know where to get what! U may end up getting those not much better than Sibu ones!!!Bwakakakakakakaka!!!!!

  19. You worse than Lauyer..trying to shift the onus to me..hello hello…unless you organise a party in the Lonely House at Christmas…all Kiamsiap people cannot come……aiya not a good idea cos ended up with you & me only..hahahahah

    Hehehehehe!!!!…Yalor! I had a dinner at a local hotel for my Big 5-0…and nobody came! So kesian!!! Luckily I had some friends around plus the immediate family and my outlaws in-laws…😦

  20. I told stella no need to take the cab.. just pull her luggage n cut across the runway to KLIA..haha.. OMG RM45 thats daylight robbery.

    Never mind! She’s very rich…Just AUS$15 only! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  21. Adui… buka puasa keh semua orang ni… tut..tut… and they say the economy is facing a downturn. hrumph !

    For Stella, I guess it was! Been puasaing all these years Down Under! Where got all this nice food there!!! East, west…home is best!!! LOL!!!

  22. Wow, all that food looks AMAZING! I’ve never had any of that, but it looks incredible!

    I reckon you are not from this part of the world.You’ll have to come to Malaysia…Kuching, Sarawak to be specific to get to eat all that delicious food. Btw, welcome…and do come often! Thanks for dropping by.

  23. Hi uncle!!!
    Haha looking at that bak chang no one manged to eat since i was the only eating most of the time. By the i’m poisonliz’s son or pople like to address me as her brother.

    No one eating? Oooo…what a waste of all that good food! Welcome! I could guess that poisonliz is ur mum/sister, those few times when she posted comments before.

  24. The seri muka looks yummy as nowadays it’s hard to get the one like your pic. They are using lots of color instead of pandan.

    Sotong kangkong is my favorite! 🙂

    Ya, it’s nice. I guess green is ok as pandan is easily available for flavour and colouring…but some kuihs and cakes have such horrendous colours! I wouldn’t want to touch them!…U can eat anything u want! So skinny! No problem at all! LOL!!!

  25. Wah! I really miss the kuih-muih!!

    They may have these at some Malaysian restaurant in Auckland…probably not as nice and VERY expensive, but beggars can’t be choosers! Everytime my brother comes home…he’ll eat like he has never eaten before!!! Everything! And even the not-so-nice stuff, he’ll say it’s good! So pathetic hor? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  26. foood!! fooood!!! i need these now. it’s like 8.40am here.

    so ur probably still snorin away? hahaha

    I was awake lah!!! I’m not so lazy!…When I posted this morning’s post, ur comment hasn’t appeared yet!!!

  27. Damn, those kuih muihs sure look tempting!! Love most of it, the seri muka, char siew rolls, ham chim peng (my favourite!!!!!) and ang koo kueh.

    U in Kuching…can easily go and buy mah!!! Bring some when u come to Sibu! Buah tangan! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  28. your dishes make us lau-lour home brand is the best.

    Hehehehehe!!!! East west, home is best!!! Just curious…but are you the Sibu migrant in Oz?

  29. PS STP, Give you a clue MILO!Hahahaha!! Welcome to STP’s, sai!LOL!

    Yes, the surname in the email address gave me a clue.

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