I should be so lucky…

I featured a coffee shop with a not-so-ordinary name in a recent post and in this one, I have a couple more. Firstly, there is this one…

Sibu shop signs - all luck

I went there once in January with Alex (jeinster.com) to meet a few other bloggers including Clare. You can read about that in her post about it. Unfortunately, it did nothing to change my luck…and I am still waiting for the day when I will strike it rich at TOTO or one of the rest. Maybe I should go there more regularly…

Then, there is a new coffee shop right next to it and boy, what a name!…

Sibu's shop signs - Coffee Castle

It certainly seemed to be enjoying pretty good business though, but I went there on a Sunday morning when coffee shops will usually be bustling with activity…

Sibu's Coffee Castle - crowded

There is the mandatory kampua stall in front which also sells Sarawak laksa and there is a stall at the back that serves Western cuisine like pancake or French toast with eggs, pasta and so on as well as local fare such as char kway teow…which was what I had that day…

Coffee Castle's char kway teow

Here’s a close-up view at what was under the egg…

Coffee Castle's char kway teow 2

It was ok but nothing sensational. That cost RM3.50…and for 50 sen more, I would rather head to Happy Hours Cafe, which I have mentioned in a post sometime ago for this bowl of clear fish soup mihun

Happy Hours' clear fish soup mihun

Daryl has posted on something that is, in my opinion, somewhat similar, so if you are interested, you can click on this link to go and have a look. What I had that day was very nice, with the fragrance of ginger and Foochow ang-chiew (red wine). This is also available in tom yam soup at the same price, or you may want to have either one of the two versions with freshwater prawns (udang galah) instead of fish at double the price – RM8.00. This particular stall is doing very well and that, I guess, speaks volumes about the taste of what they have to offer. I think I will be going there again one of these days to try the other options. Do stick around…!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “I should be so lucky…”

  1. The kueh tiaw reminds me of Ah Tor’s char koay teow. is it the same?

    It’s along the same line…but I never really liked kway teow like dat, Ah Tor’s or whoever’s.

  2. why always post yummy food one? I haven’t seen kueu tiaw covered with egg before!

    Somebody in Sibu named Ah Tor started it and it had caught on, so there are a few stalls selling kway teow done that way here. Where got? Last post no food leh? Hehehehehehehehe!!!!

  3. Block off one of these dates – between Oct 10 – Oct 15, coz that’s when I’ll be back in Sibu and I am insisting that you bring me to all these nice makan places!

    Sure! Give me a tinkle! You have my contact now, rite?

  4. Isn’t this Kueh Teow similar to the one’s at Aloha Corner ? It looks the same.

    Don’t they all look the same? They have something like this at Sg Merah, at the coffee shop behind Kidney Foundation etc etc etc…..but the taste may vary.

  5. Is Happy Hours open at night? I think it’s better to go for more soupy stuff instead of the fast food i usually take when no one is cooking.

    It is open at night but I do not know if this stall is open or not. The restaurant at the back only operates at night, it seems.

  6. da kueh tiaw is like nasi pattaya style, minus da nasi 🙂

    Looks a bit like that, but nasi pattaya is rice wrapped with omelette whereas this one the kway teow is stuck to the egg.

  7. Wah, all luck cafe, grab all the luck that pass by lorrr. Sure good business! Ha ha.

    It certainly seems that way. It has been open for a long time now, over 10 years, I’m sure, and only at night. Business seems to be quite good.

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    Thanks for the offer. Will KIV ur offer…

  9. Mmmm….the kuey tiaw looks yummy!

    I’m not really into it…but some people like it very much, like KNB and his surrogate twin! LOL!!!

  10. eh?first time i see char kueh tiaw wrapped with egg like that

    Guess that’s one thing that hasn’t spread to Kuching yet! Quite a few places selling that in Sibu;used to be one only!

  11. I ate the original Ah Tor wan when I was 11, opposite padang sukan where now wisma sanyan is standing. A few years later, the son took over and now the son and daughter-in-law are operating a stall each in different location frying this type of kueh tiaw.

    I liked it when I first tried it but now I don’t like it anymore, the taste changed.

    I can’t really remember but if I’m not mistaken, there was some sibling rivalry…and that led to new stalls in Apollo and Sg Merah. I don’t know if the original one is back in business (former Kok Cheng) but there’s one also at Happy Hours, another behind Kidney Foundation and this one at Coffee Castle. You can go and try and then post on which one you think is today the best!

  12. The All-Luck Seafood Cafe is meant to be lucky for the owner, not you the customer! Haha!
    Btw, do drop by my blog today. Your name is mentioned in my post : )

    Yes, I’ve seen it! Good post, very interesting. Everyone should go and have a look! LOL!!!

  13. Make me salivate, hehe..looks delicious. I like all foods in this entry, and i really like chinese cooks. I remember when I work at Sabah,we have one favorite chinese restaurant, ahh..i miss the dimsum there.

    But I love Malay food…except that it can be quite a fuss to prepare all the ingredients. Chinese cooking is simpler. Yes, I do love dimsums too…but some may have too much msg!

  14. None can beat AhTor’s kueh tiaw. They can never make it here. You ask for with egg, they will fry an egg and put on top. Maybe should bring the photo and tell them I want like that.

    ROTFLMAO!!!…You probably will have to do that!!!

  15. yeah, all luck alright…lucky you… 😛

    Where got lucky?…Give a number! Hopefully I can strike it rich and end my life of poverty! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  16. Who is Ah Tor?

    The original creator of fried kway teow done in that manner. Used to have a stall at the original Kok Cheng coffee shop (where originally, Kassim Rojak was)…and your dad or even KNB or any member of the other family coming to Sibu would make it a point to go there to eat it. I wonder if they had that the time when KNB came with jeremy???

  17. Now I recalled this is the coffee shop that my bro brought us to for brekkie on sunday morning the day we left for kch. I was recommended the foochow redwine ‘hu-ngang’yummy too.I think Pollie had the kuih teow but she did not mention it being AhTor’s or it is a famous kuih teow so i did not try. So maybe pollie can cfrm if it is AhTor. Speaking of Pollie, no sound from her yet, maybe catching up on her beauty sleep after yakking into the twilight,eating n running around the last few days!LOL!!!Speaking of twilight, no cannot find STP’s twilight in the book shop but found Lim Goh Tong auto-bio instead n a book called The Thorn of Lion City by Lucy Lum. For dinner at the airport I had the chicken herbal soup cost me rm$21++ n wanted the fresh coconut juice, was told it costs rm19++,almost pengsan!

    Was the coffee shop opposite Star Cineplex, formerly Cathay Cinema? It was called “Kok Cheng” long ago. Cannot find lah! Such an old book! Maybe should just photostat!…Everything’s expensive at airports!!! Next time when travelling…always tapao nice nice food and eat in the departure lounge, and make everyone drool!!! LOL!!!

  18. like yr post title… btw a sidetrack, lots of chinese name their dogs lucky too! 🙂

    That’s an old Kylie Minogue song (when she was a teeny-booper). Britney has a song entitled “Lucky”!!! Yucks!!! LOL!!!

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