Doing the best I can…

I do not understand why but I go to a lot of other people’s blogs but I certainly do not see the same thing happening to them!…..No doubt it is encouraging to have some very nice people dropping by to say that they like what they see in my blog but on the other hand, there are others who will criticise virtually everything – left, right and centre. Your photos are too small, they are too blur, why don’t you buy a new camera, why do you post on food all the time…and then when I do not post on food, the comments dwindle to a mere handful, your post is too long – too lazy to read, why don’t you keep to under 50 words per post…bla…bla…bla…! Frankly, I do not give a damn! I do not need to explain to anybody but I must admit that I have had a lot of food posts lately and it is because I have been travelling a lot – and eating a lot along the way…and then there were weddings, birthdays, visitors in town and so on and so forth, so it certainly seems that all I have been doing is eat…eat…eat…! I still have some photos of what Stella did in Kuching (Eat!!!) but I wasn’t there, so those can wait awhile.

Meanwhile, sometime back, I received a number of photos from my radio friend, Martin Edwards from the UK, so I have decided to post these today. It seems that the pinch that we are feeling in the economy is a worldwide phenomenon…and the closing down of that US bank certainly does not help one bit. Well, the way things are going, very soon, this may be the new Apple I-phone…..

New Apple I-phone

…and for Windows 2010, you can expect this…

Windows 2010

…and the 8.15 a.m. Woking to London service will be something like this…

8.15 a.m. Woking to London service

…and probably this is what the 2012 London Olympics will be like…

2012 London Olympics

…but if it is any consolation, at the fast food joint, you can expect nothing less than Royal service…

Royal service

ROTFLMAO!!! Anyway, to get back to what I was rambling about at the beginning of this post, I would like to end with the chorus from Rick Nelson’s Garden Party that goes like this:

But it’s all right now, I’ve learned my lesson well.
You see, you can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself…

(Sources of images unknown)

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Doing the best I can…”

  1. “Frankly, I do not give a damn! I do not need to explain to anybody but I must admit that I have had a lot of food posts lately…” if there’s ever an oxymoron within the same sentence, this is it… right, teacher? you’ve got your groove, whoever don’t follow, who gives a hoot?

    In a way, it is…except that I was in essence making a statement on the situation/the way it is. Thanks for ur support.

  2. I guess it’s true…male menopause exist! LOL!

    Or pms! You can hop over to Calvin’s blog and see what he has to say about that…

  3. it’s true, we just can’t please everyone.
    what we can do is,
    be ourself and heck care what others think 😀

    Ya, if they have a problem, it is their problem, not mine!

  4. There are always people out there who think that they know everything and would like others to dance to their tunes as well. THey just don’t know how to appreciate the beauty of things. So they can just “BEAT IT”…..
    Keep up the jolly good work. Love every single post….

    Thank you! Thank you! You are very kind! We should get together and go mam-mam sometime!

  5. Ha Ha, nice pictures. The train in London one is good. LOL

    I was hesitating when I wanted to post that one. Some ultra-sensitive narrow-minded people may think it is racially-prejudiced.

  6. …aiya normal ba…If student does well,,parents claim to have brilliant child..and blamed the teacher if child’s an idoit..same same here la and don’t let these tresspassers affect Queen is still so gracious……Carlos Santana says,,…well just forget about it…

    Well, at least, kpenyu so kind, so generous, so constructive…offering to buy me a good digital camera for my birthday! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!…..Now, now…what did Santana say? “You got to change your underwear…baby…”??

  7. some people are just jealous that you have a good blog and that you have followers. i am only concerned tha they contribute wasteful traffic with a lot of nonsense. just dont give a damn care of what they’re saying. for me, your blog rocks……simple and nice…cheers and god bless

    Exactly what I was thinking. Why else would they bother to come back again and again? If I find a blog not to my liking, I wouldn’t waste my time dropping by again. In fact, even on my first visit, I would not even bother to post a comment (much less go and criticise what I see…Thay can do what they want!). Thanks for the compliments.

  8. I enjoy your posts dude! Give me wordy posts any time, nobody can write a hoot anymore these days! So even if it’s about food, it’s still all good! LOL!

    Thanks. I love writing. Glad to know there are people who would want to read. Will go back to some wordy posts one of these days. With all the photos, a post looks like a comic strip…and comic = funny = a joke!

  9. Not all that easy to please yourself only. Cakap senang only.

    Within reason. Even when I was in school, I thought I was doing well especially for a non-grad teacher but there were criticisms from all quarters but say what they wanted, I just did what I wanted to do! I guess being old (and big) had its advantage! Epiphany was when I got a standing ovation from my boys on Speech Day (That was the moment in my life that I would cherish!)…while there were some who were booed when they went on stage!

  10. Remember Vice President Al Gore?? ..he critised Malaysia in KL when he was a Guest of the Govt… I think he ran and never came back…hahahaha. You like Thai food????

    He went on to make a movie and won an Oscar! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Should have done that earlier instead of going round expressing his two cents’ worth that nobody appreciates!!! Hint! Hint!…Why do you ask? Wanna bring me to eat Thai food next trip to KK?

  11. Jealous of your popularity??..I don’t think so ..only KAY PO..but somehow got it wrong in the presentation..I am 100 percent sure I am right..cos just like me..enjoyed the blog so much and in their ways trying to help to make blog even better and meant no offence…all will be back KIAM SIAP..100 percent sure also..

    Yalor…so what brand the camera you’re getting for me? Fully-auto ok! This old man can’t manage the complicated ones! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. You cant please everyone thats true…. but why should u in the first place rite? Its not like u invited them over and made them pay to read ur blog.

    Yalor…as long as I’m happy doing what I like (…and that narrows it down to just one thing – EAT! Bwahuhuhuhuhu!! LOL!!!).

  13. Hey… your blog has a PR3. You gain it just in less than a year time. No wonder ppl are jealous la. Hahaha… I think I comment about the small pics but luckily it is at the improvement side. I am sure you dun mind.
    You have a very good blog. Far far far far… better compare to mine. With the beautiful English command you have and hopefully I will improve my English for being a good reader of your blog.

    The PR3 thingy, somebody told me there are certain conditions…even a lousy blog, rare updates, little or no traffic…if they fulfil the conditions, can get 4 liao! Dunno true or not…I just post the way I want, don’t care about all that!! Thanks for the compliment! So read!!!! Don’t just look at the pics! LOL!!!

  14. Who dare to criticize Suituapui? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Why? Otherwise, I’ll send Botak Bong go and beat them up? Or…if they come to Sibu, I will not bring them jalan2 cari makan? Hint! Hint! LOL!!!!

  15. Maybe this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt is most appropriate – ‘You’ll be damned if you do and you’ll be damned if you don’t’. I have this quote on my wall in the office which means to say I will do what I feel is the right thing to do. Can’t be bothered about what others say.

    Ya, we have enough troubles and worries of our own to waste time on these people!

  16. Before u start a blog, people from left right and center kept bugging you to create a blog. Then some people did it for you and you started blogging, the same people from left right and center complained about your picture size and quality? Geez!

    I don’t really mind, because the pictures are there for illustration purposes only, it’s the way you describe it made the pictures really nice and enticing! Only people with no imagination and creativity that criticized you because they cannot see the connection. Bwahahahahaha!!!

    Ooo…so sweet of you, Clare! One of these days, we go makan again hor! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!…Well, after all, I always tell them to click the link and go to ur blog to see if they want nice photos!!! Never said mine are any good…but come to think of it, the more recent ones aren’t that bad – now that I’ve learnt to work within the limitations of the hp camera! Cukup makan lah!!!…Better than in some other blogs! ROTFLMAO!!!

  17. I think we just ignore those comments which are only fit for the rubbish bin.For constructive comments or event criticisms, we should be glad to accept them.Haha,I think we are all mature and smart enough to differentiate the good and the bad.

    Yalor! Philip never said anything about my pics, so who are all those people want to say anything? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  18. Whats PR3?

    Page Ranking!!!…So far, the highest is 4/10. Haven’t seen any blog with a higher ranking. Many 0!!!! Bwakakakakakakakaka!!!!! I just cincai2 post…oso can get 3 liao!!!

  19. Nasib Baik!We have STP’s blog or else I will not have the opportunity to eat all the things that I want in Kuching n Sibu. M back in Melb this morning still jetlagged,with kolomee in tummy too!LOL! Thank u all so much for the very warm welcome that Dimong 123 got! So so good to catch up with u all esp STP & family n mind u he can parked very well too always infront of restaurant! In Kch catch up with all the JFV seniors, n of course Gerrie,Gundot,Lindy,Sophia N sis, KNB n PJB,also C4stp,now i know why that name! never thot KNB so shy in reality while in blog so chatty! Also got a tele-call from K.Penyu n I m sure he did say hello n goodbye but maybe in kadazan for i only understand the middle part of his conversation which is english!LOL! So STP, thanks a lot for allowing all my hinting of what to eat to be put in your comment box, it really paid off! So thanks again to all the JFV’s, hope we will catch up again soon!Oh! N if u want to know where to go for very excellent manicure n pedicure ask STP!LOL!! Thks again,Dimong 123.

    OK…acknowledgement messages, charges by per square millimetre…on MY PC monitor (not handphone!!)!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Phew! Good thing you spelt “parked” correctly!!!! Can’t imagine the commotion, had it been otherwise! LOL!!!

  20. Aiyo, Stella got back and immediately must visit STP

    I wonder if she has had nightmares about posting comments in my blog too! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  21. I like the royal service! Or rather please myself with a royal service one day. Possible?

    I don’t think she can do anything…after all the years of being served like a queen! Wait a minute! She is the Queen-queen! Not the Elton John queen! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  22. Your picture taking skill have improved since you started blogging lor even though with only ‘photo-taking device’ on your handphone but who cares? Some people ar, use so good of a digicam, pictures still came out horrible, can you imagine?

    See my most recent comment in reponse to urs in Alvin’s blog! Hahahahahaha!!!! Hope he’s not mad! Tell him I’m only joking! Stp owes talk cock nonsense one! LOL!!!

  23. Hehehe… you can please some people all of the time, and you can please all people some of the time, but you cannot please all people all of the time. Hehehe. Oh by the way, relating to this topic, i sent an e mail to your inbox on the economy ‘defecation’. Haha.

    To Calvin, ya hor, we should start the occult of the Suituapui. Haha

    Hey!!! U stole that from me, just changed the word “fool” to “please”!!! And shouldn’t you be studying….???!!!! Shoo! Shoo! This fly! Get offline now! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  24. Oh ya, one topic of conversation at the “golden table” was Chris punya roots!

    So did you all manage to trace it all the way?

  25. those ppl wanna complain mah let them complain lor.. u can write watever u want coz its ur blog mah..
    and boy, u sure can ramble, eh (not a complain arr) 😀

    Let’s put that down as a sign of old age! Good excuse! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  26. right on, bro.

    it’s your blog so you blog what you feel like blogging about.

    and don’t give a @#$% about the detractors 😉

    You for one, should know. I remember how u closed down your blog in vexation and frustration… I wasn’t one of those responsible, was I? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  27. What?????..Angry posts ..and still so many comments……..I covered the Queen’s body and gosh..she looks more gracious…hahaha. TQTQTQ..yes am very kind,generous and constructive…only one problem…always make an offer I cannot remember…hahahaha

    Don’t make excuses now! I went all the way to KK to celebrate ur birthday…so when it’s my birthday, you HAVE to come to Sibu…but if you cannot come, send present by poslaju…and you’ll be forgiven! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  28. Nobody talks about God as those who insist that there is no God.HeywoodBroun

    FOOTNOTE: This looks like spam and this is probably the 3rd or 4th Akismet has caught, but I’ve despammed it as the link will bring you to a site with VERY nice photos and the recipes seem pretty interesting.

  29. Some people just love to hate. Pay no attention to those. Concentrate on those who love you! (US!)

    Thanks, cc! Sure I will….. Takes more than that to get rid of me! LOL!!!

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