Nothing compares 2 u…

Well, as I have mentioned two posts ago, Stella is in town from the land Down Under…and after reading all my posts about the Ruby Restaurant here in Sibu, she could not wait to go and try the dishes that I have featured in a few of my earlier posts like this one, for instance…or this one or even this one. So there we were last Friday night with Stella’s sister from Brisbane, Pollie and her hubby and her eldest daughter and my missus – 7 of us altogether.

We had the unrivalled fried mee sua (Foochow string noodles)…

Ruby's fried mee sua

and the incomparable butter scotch prawns…

Ruby's butter scotch prawn balls

I was too lazy to bother about the shell (and it can get quite messy), so I ordered prawn balls for a change (with shell removed). I think it would be better if they did not deep fry the prawns first, but still it was very nice and everyone was singing its praises and trying to figure out what the secret recipe was. Then we also had this Teochew-style steamed tapah (freshwater fish) which I took an instant liking to…

Ruby's Teochew-style steamed fish

…and we also had nice and tender venison fried with ginger…

Ruby's venison fried with ginger

…and midin (jungle fern) fried with belacan (prawn paste)…

Ruby's midin fried with belacan

…as well as cangkuk manis with eggs (but I did not take the photo as I had posted that before…and it’s in many other people’s blogs)…and tofu soup – Foochow style (I didn’t take the photo of this either as it was served in individual bowls). I must say that the soup was not how it should be; it was more like the usual sea cucumber soup which is something like sharks’ fins soup minus the fins and replaced with sea cucumber instead…and this time it was minus the sea cucumber and they put in tofu instead. But anyhow, it was nice; no regrets ordering it at all.

The bill for all that came up to RM129.70 (7 dishes for 7 people plus 4 bowls of rice AND drinks)…and I told the boss that I should charge him for the promotion I have done in my blog (and my friends in theirs) and I have had people calling me asking me for the restaurant’s location and telephone number and what not…and in the end, he collected RM120.00 only!

I happened to stumble upon some not very good reviews posted by another blogger but so far, all my blogger-friends and others that have gone there with me have no complaints and many have gone back there on their own (e.g. Clare, who went there the following night. You can click this link to go and see the superlicious photos in her post!). Ah well! I guess this is a case of “to each his own” and whatever it is, from my personal point of view, nothing compares to Ruby – still the nicest and the cheapest place in town to go to, that’s for sure!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Nothing compares 2 u…”

  1. next time i go Sibu must try this Ruby out 😀

    You can email me…and maybe we can meet up and I can take u there, and get some of the other Sibu bloggers to join us too!

  2. where’s this place? after i saw the one with bonkersz, i wanted to try out the place, but my friend mentioned about the original owner, who worked in HK, sold off this place but came back again to open Dynasty. So we ended up there. i have yet to post that one… soon after i’m thu with jakarta.

    Tunku Osman, the block to the left of AmBank – in between Ivan gen-x shop and Homecooked. I think Si Khiong (selling Mercedez), 1st shop on the left of that block.

    I went to Ruby during the time of the previous owner. Nice, famous for the pandan chicken…and then they left. Later they came back and opened Dynasty. Went a couple of times but not so nice (Maybe they left the chef at Ruby?)…didn’t like the place and the workers could only speak Mandarin and Foochow. I’m hopeless at both, ordered beef and dunno what meat came out! Haven’t gone for a few years now. The present Ruby owners can speak Hokkien and English!

  3. I want that steamed tapah!! I like steamed fish …

    Come to Sibu, girl! I promise to take you to eat all the fish u want! Tapah! Terubok panggang! Umai!……

  4. I already posted mine as well! 😀

    I’ve edited my post. Got link to yours now…and I’ve commented liao!!! Hehehehehehe!!!! No special discount! U tell towkay to google – Ruby Restaurant Sibu…all the Kampua Talk comes out, that’s ur blog!!! Dunno why all of mine get sidelined to Pg 2 or 3 by google!!! Cilaka!!! LOL!!!!

  5. I just tried Googling. For some reasons my passive food blog – The Glutton Queen came up first in the search followed by Kampua Talk. My Longkang, Rubber Seeds, Sixthseal, Cibolution, 2 Suituapui and Bongkersz (in that order) all on first page.

    Wah! Next time need to ask the taukeh to Google liao and ask him give a lot of discount liao. Free publicity summore ler!

    I think it was because I just mentioned “Ruby” in the past…but I’ve edited the old posts and in this one, I’ve used the full name…so I’ve managed to creep into Page 1.

  6. O.o. Isn’t poaching deer illegal nowadays ? tut..tut… like i care..haha

    They do rear deer these days…so you’ll never know whether what you eat is the wild stuff or the domesticated ones.

  7. Oh, I thought it was yesterday night from Clare’s post and I didn’t get an invite. Sulks.

    Oh, I owe you dinner! Let’s go before Clare goes back.

    What do you mean before she goes back? She IS back! You mean before she goes away again?…Well, both our dinners were family affairs, otherwise, I for one would have asked you to join…as always. And you were so “hurt” (again) that you went and drank urself silly!!! Tsk! Tsk! 🙂

  8. Hmmm.. just came back from dinner. Already e-mail you the pic. Gerrie did not say grace cos she sat with the ‘golden citizens’.
    I think you name it..Stella ate it this trip. Only Kassim. He is on paternity leave. Tomorow is kolo mee I think

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Gerrie must have had a roaring good time!!!…Still many things to eat here but her visit was like what our old Auntie would say, “Like a bird! Blink your eyes and it has flown away already!” Will post the photos sometime…

  9. wow at RM120 for such good food, it’s a steal! Do we get discount if we mention your name? LOL

    It is cheap! The freshwater fish is very expensive and I was given a huge slab! At least RM50 that dish! Oh…you just go with me and you’ll get the meal absolutely free! Wink! Wink! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Seeing is believing…sorry to side track but must ahare this.. Got an email a while ago re reckless lorry drivers who don’t secure the container to the trailer and causing death and injuries to others. I saw one such accident this morning.. I pray there no one crushed under was’t clipped/locked to the trailer… HATI HATI when you see these on the road

    Good grief! First, this blog was a food directory, then a chat room and then a short-messaging service centre…and now a public announcement service centre! Multi-purpose blog! LOL!!!…Watch out for those MPVs also…they think they’re so big they own the road!

  11. ask the boss to give u ‘membership’ card to get 10% discount for every visit 😉

    Hmmm….must ask Huai Bin to get me some of those blogger cards like his! LOL!!!

  12. Nice! I think I’ll like the prawns and the steamed fish. RM120 only a very good deal!

    It is! The freshwater fish is expensive and the prawns too…but the freshwater prawns are even more costly! If we do not eat these, the meals there can be very cheap!

  13. Stp…Gerrie???? Stella lah… We six were at the coffee shop for gerrie’s kolo mee this morning. Real nice. Must go again.

    Gerrie lah! I was being sarcastic! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Hmmm….must use my frequent flyer points to redeem a ticket to Kuching one of these days! I wanna eat all that too! LOL!!!

  14. should’ve known u long ago. i visited Sibu end of last year. 🙂 loved the kampua, kong pia and mee suah!

    Welcome to my blog! U can always come again…use the cheap airline. Offer now 90 sen KL to Sibu…can drop by one weekend. Do come again; will link u in my blogroll!

    PS: Oops! Just hopped over to ur blog and found out that you’re from Adelaide. The cheap airline does not fly there – just Gold Coast…and soon, Perth and Melbourne.

  15. haha…can. When i fly to Sibu, I’ll stalk you!

    The pleasure will be mine!…I’ll be the envy of all the guys in town! Eat your hearts out, everybody! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  16. Just heard from some friends that CCK’s tiger prawn is now very cheap (or cheaper)because they are not exporting overseas for the time being.

    Is that so? Better buy a lot, put in tupperware and fill it with filtered water (no chlorine) and freeze! The prawns frozen in the big block of ice can last a long time…till Chinese New Year!!

  17. I only mentioned Ruby once 😛 That’s why haha! I love Ruby really, I find the food tasty and quite cheap. Perhaps the boss gives special price when you are around? 😛 Really, the butter scotch prawn is so fine!

    Drool…!!! Must bring u there again when you come over!!! Raya hols???

  18. STP, LOL!.It wasn’t too bad really, as I sat in between sophia and pollie, and they’re not exactly “golden” yet.

    Already lah, those two, u’re on the way! Hahahahahaha!!!!! I think gundot’s next in line…!!!

  19. STP…u should have used your frequent flyer points to come Kuching yesterday. Really makan gossip makan gossip. haha.

    Where did Dimong123 have kolo mee this morning?

    Gotta work weekends lah!!! Poor me, have to make ends meet!!!….I have the pics. Got the group photo, will post that so every single girl can see the very eligible KNB!!! OK…I’m open to bribes!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! And what gossip u people spreading about me hah??? I kept biting my lips last nite…. LOL!!!

    I think they had it at gerrie’s place or something? Green Road one lah, like that!

  20. Gee, I now have a “place”! KNB, we ate at Kim Joo, posted already.

    Haven’t eaten there for years and years and years…..

  21. Have read your comments all over the blogging world 🙂 Have meant to drop by earlier, somehow did not make it earlier 🙂
    Yes, nothing compares to your blog! Just made a link to my blog!

    Thanks…Eyew! Shy lah, you say like that! Blush! Blush! LOL!!! Warm welcome! Have seen ur comments in some people’s blogs. I guess u’re Mr. TH’s missus or am I jumping into conclusion? Will link u too…and do come again!!!

  22. What do u mean by bribes? Am I supposed to bribe u not to put up the photos or are the girls supposed to bribe u to give them my photos? Hahahahaha

    Perasan! They’ll bribe me NOT to put ur pic…to spare them the torture! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  23. Public announcment service centre????..warned you I side track ma…humbly thought it was immportant enough to share..that’s all. will restrict to I am drooling..etc etc then.Talking about public announcement..your readers in KK must have seen the bill board in Damai junction where this guy paid RM2200.00 for his marriage proposal to his girlfriend from Sarawak…don’t know how much she paid for the I DO reply.

    Who’s so desperate? Maybe KNB will have to resort to something like that too! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  24. Its still cheaper than proposing with a diamond ring. hehhe

    I knew it! Cheapskate! So kiam siap, just use the ring from the drink can lah! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  25. that photo…really makes me miss midin…with belachan!!

    U coming home for Christmas? Cheap airline from Gold Coast only around $100, or is it ringgit?…And you can try and get the 90 sen flight from Kuching to Sibu! I’ll make sure you’ll have a feast here!!!

  26. Thanks again STP for the wonderful treat u n Mrs. STP gave us to that beautiful n delicious dinner in Ruby! The butter-scotch prawns is as good as u say it is!We all have a really good time n thks for posting the photos of the food up too so next time when i want to see what we ate in Ruby with STP, all i can do is click in your blog!Cheers again!

    Welcome!!! I love it when there are visitors. Good excuse to go out and eat…and then I have more things to post!!! LOL!!

  27. BTW I remembered seeing u preparing ‘pumba’ in your previous post when i was in Miri, but how come I never get to meet ‘pumba’? See! that is the only one i don’t get!LOL! Dakek! Next time u post ‘pumba’ must deliver too ok!LOL!

    That was when you were there in Miri! The next day, already became by-product liao!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Well, one good reason for you to come back again! If I get hold of any, I’ll deep freeze till you come…..

  28. Err… who is TH?

    Tha manager of a hotel here who has his own blog. I think he has made references to you before. Or maybe he’s just a fellow-church member? Just guessing!

  29. Tony is a business friend. Co-incidentally, his wife is also called “Yan” (spelt as Yien, if my memory serves me right)

    No wonder! I must have been confused then, sorry!

  30. You are my daughter’s English teacher lah!

    Omigawd!!! Nowhere to run now!!!! Where to hide??? So big oso cannot hide! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  31. Deep freezing a very good idea STP! That is what Gundot did with the ‘dabai’ so we all have the chance to taste the delicious dabai even tho deepfreeze still very fresh. not to mention the ‘umai’…..yum…..!!!there is nothing that i have tasted this trip which is not yumm!

    Now that the cheap airline is flying come November to Melbourne, you can come back more often!!!

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