Blue moon…

Gee! How time flies! The Mooncake Festival has come and gone for a week already…and I have yet to put up this post. Well, there were no blue ones, just purple and green ones…

Mooncakes 1

These were on the table at the wedding reception I attended that night but I did not have any. I do not like this type with that kind of skin…nor do I fancy the ones they have these days using agar-agar (jelly). I would only go for the conventional baked mooncakes but I did say that I would not be buying any this year as they were extremely expensive. 

Now as Forrest Gump would say, “Life is a box of chocolates; you’ll never know what you’ll get!” And that day itself, when I entered my tuition class, I saw this on my table…

Mooncake 2

One of the students had bought me a tin of assorted flavours…but I insisted that he took it back, considering that it was so expensive. However, he refused…so what I did was I cut the mooncakes into slices and everyone in the class could have one as a gesture of celebration to observe the annual traditional festival.

Mooncake 3

…So I did keep my word after all! I did not buy any of those expensive mooncakes this year! Here! Have a slice…..

Mooncake 4

After all, the best things in life are free! LOL!!!

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21 thoughts on “Blue moon…”

  1. Distribute the mooncakes but do keep the paperbag and the beautiful tin container.
    At least u get the expensive ones instead of the jelly or agar-agar ones. The student must have read yr blog. That’s why u were given the mooncakes.

    Yes, I took the bag and the tin!!! Hahahahaha!!!! In that case, have to post on things that I want at least one month before my birthday…and get all the students to drop by and read! LOL!!!

  2. Moon cake festival was so quiet that I forgot to go to the Carpenter Street Fest. Normally you see a lot of hooha in the newspapers. Aiyo, let’s see what Stella gets to eat today. Noon at Sophia’s mum and dinner at Heritage!

    With the economic slowdown, not surprised. But I saw in kongkay’s blog, they had breakdancing at Carpenter Street. Where got cultural or traditional like that? LOL!!!…Too bad I can’t get away to join u all in Kuching!!!

  3. Wow..great student so Cultured. Surprised that he was amale though.Its the little things and gesture in Life that really matters ya…and make the differences.

    My boy students all very nice also…like housefly! Never forgets my birthday on Dec 2nd! Hint! Hint! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. i just finished de last piece of expensive mooncake, spicy shrimp mooncake.. quite nice..till next year!:D

    I still have two more! Somebody gave to my mother outlaw in-law and she could not finish, so she gave them to me yesterday! Didn’t bother to see what flavour! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  5. Mooncake…I also don’t like the type in the first pic one. My first jelly mooncake was given by some boy in Form Four when I was in Form Six in SHS. Ah…that’s another story for another day. Heheheheh!

    Ya, in that school, some clubs will organise sales of mooncakes…and some of the boys will buy for the girls…Eeeee!!!! Some teachers will get some from the students too though.

  6. hi i like the mooncake, but don’t know the name, and they have different taste, each of them , nowadays. I think i ate the one like in your entry..Lucky you got that for free..sometimes..that one part of the good thing to be a teacher..just kidding.

    That’s the pandan flavour, I think. Ya, gestures like that make a teacher’s life much more bearable!!! LOL!!!

  7. just read your reply on my previous comment. Nope, I attending a one year course at IPIP, Ipoh.Thanks for including me on your blogroll!

    Welcome. My daughter’s in IPSAH. Know anybody there?

  8. Sniff… me here, no money, no mooncake, so no celebrate. Sniff… Wai seh… ur students so loyal to you hor…

    Humph! U expect me to believe that?…Hey! Come to think of it, I get more from students from THAT other school, boys! Unlike THIS school…they only remember you when they want you to do something for them – like ur friend who has moved to Kuching! You can tell him I said that!!!

  9. Eh, u also celebrate birthday in December? So do I..hehehe
    On my last trip to KL, I ‘so very tak malu’ requested (specifically) to one of my ol’ buddy from Uni to get me mooncakes…hahaha.
    Next time I’ll bring ‘tuak’ for him though..haha

    I do that with my friends all the time…giving and taking!!! I guess that is what friendship is all about – no need to be so calculative.

  10. Let me update you on the food we had at lunch. Gerrie – serimuka, pineapple tarts and laksa, gundot – umai and dabei, tina- rojak, gerrie’s mum – sotong kangkong, myself- variety of nyonya kuihs. Youngest uncle – bak kueh. Did I miss anything out?

    Ooo…only when somebody comes to town, the JFVillagers will get together! City people lack the cordial relationships of those in the kampung…like what we had in the old days with the regular “linut” sessions, sitting on the floor?

  11. Yes Sophia… Lindy 1 – kuih lenggang, gerrie – durian puff, Say chek – angmo lu lian, Your mum’ jambu and eventually her 4 bananas!!! There was also keropok and the bitter keropok. I forgot to take pictures of the jam tarts and laksa.

    What are durian puffs?…Anything like Secret Recipe’s durian cake?

  12. Guess what? We wanted to take pic of the people after the feast but forgot!!!!!

    You can take it tonight…but watch out for Stella! If she does not look nice in it, she will insist there is something wrong with the pic and want to have another one taken! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  13. I bought a box when I came back the other day .. not as colorful as urs but it was very nice

    Wah! OKB!!! (Orang kaya baru) Can afford to buy one whole box and enjoy all by himself! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. my friend bought some and we had a taste.

    these PUNY mooncakes sold at the bakery here on mooncake festival, i think your fist = 3 mooncakes at least, with lotus (egg yolk in the middle) or pandan flavor (with egg yolk too) are soo expensive.

    1 packet contains 2 of those PUNY mooncakes, and it costs AU$4. Not really nice. yuks yuks

    2 for AUS$4. Cheap leh! Here the normal-sized ones more than RM10 EACH!!! I tin of 4 is RM48-50!!! Like eating gold! LOL!!!

  15. The purple mooncake I really like … hehehhe … that’s yam! 🙂 As I’ve said before, I don’t like the baked ones hehe but this year I got a box of 4’s Keong sang’s 2 eggs lotus paste mooncake for free from my ex boss … for letting him use my name as a staff to renew the company’s bumiputera status .. my name was in the EPF list of last month’s salary month anyway hehehe ..

    Wah! RM50 just to use your name! Anybody wants to use stp’s? Hahahahaha!!!!

  16. Durian puffs….very yummy! Got if from Causeway Bay (not HK!), the dim sum outlet in Crown Square. Will post soon…!

    Puffs…I usually prefer curry – beef, not potatoes or veg! Oooo!!! Miss the Kai Joo Lane ones so much!!!…..As good as the durian cake from Secret Recipe? I heard you had that already too?

  17. We bought both snowskin and conventional mooncakes this year. Still haven’t finished them. Have been enjoying them over a cup of chinese tea in the evening. Heavenly! 😀

    Don’t really think of them as being something irresistable. And since they’ve become so expensive, I think it would be a better idea to use that money to eat something else that’s nicer and more substantial.

  18. I don’t really like mooncakes.. too sweet for my liking. Never go gaga over mooncakes haha! Expensive also nowadays, cheits!!

    My exact sentiments! Just eat to uphold the tradition…so I bought the local ones – RM7.50 for 4!

  19. Now I only go for homemade moon cake. That’s the best! Considering that those sold in the supermarkets is just too expensive.

    The best things in life are free but there’s no free lunch too! Hehe.

    You come to Sibu lah! Lodging, meals…all free!!! Coming home Raya? Hopping over to Sibu?

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