Too much, too little, too late…

I don’t know what you call these… Razor clams? Lala?

Clam curry - main ingredient

Well, my wife bought 1 kg and it looked like there was too much…and when she had removed the shells and cleaned away all the sand, it looked like there was too little to cook anything out of it but it was too late to do anything about it…so she just stuffed it in the freezer. Of course, being the  innovative person that I am, I decided to create my own clam curry.

I got the ingredients ready: one Bombay onion – peeled and sliced, chillies – seeds removed and cut into thin slices, a few stalks of lemon grass (serai),  some curry leaves, a tablespoon of curry powder plus a bit of coconut milk (santan).  

Clam curry - other ingredients

I fried all the ingredients in a bit of oil (except the curry powder and santan) until fragrant and then I added the clams plus the curry powder and stirred it well. After that, I poured in some water, stirred again and let it simmer for a while. Then, I added my usual one teaspoon of ikan bilis (anchovies) stock and finally, in went the santan and when the gravy had thickened a bit, it was ready to be served…

Clam curry

Of course, there was hardly anything to eat. I could hardly feel the clams and most of the bulk was made up of the onion and chillies…but the gravy was very deliciously “sweet” and went absolutely well with rice. I had TWO plates that day… LOL!!!

And since we’re on the subject of seafood, Stella is in town, all the way from the land Down Under, and lunchtime yesterday, we went to Min Kong for the notoriously expensive Prawn Noodles…

Min Kong Prawn Noodles - soup

That’s RM20 a bowl and it comes with a few giant udang galah (freshwater prawns). This is the soup version; the last time I went there with Sophia, we had it fried, Foochow style. And talking about Foochow style, her sister had this plate of Foochow fried noodles that came with equally rich and delicious gravy…

Min Kong Foochow fried noodles

…while I had this plate of char kway teow

Min Kong char kway teow

Now that Stella’s back in town (to eat with a vengeance), you can expect more food posts coming up. As I’ve said before, it runs in the family! ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Too much, too little, too late…”

  1. I sooooo wanna try the Lala. Soooo tempting!!!

    $20 a bowl?! In Malaysia?! I remembered how shock my family and I got when we paid for the prawn mee we had in Singapore 10 years ago. SG$15/small bowl. *faint*

    Thank you very much for the birthday wish!! That’s very sweet. Err.. that’s not my kid. He’s my friend’s son. I’m still single, but not available. Haha!

    Welcome! Ummm…ok, jc! Now u can strike her name off ur list! How many left? Hahahahaha!!!!…S$15!!! That’s over RM30! Good grief! And I thought RM20 was bad!!!…The curry WAS nice. Gave some to a friend (the one who gave me the wild boar meat) and the wife smsed. She was furious cos the hubby had two plates of rice that day…and refused to touch what she had cooked for the day! ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. Bwahahahahaha! Just had breakfast when I read this, so not that hungry. LOL!

    Drooled a bit, got lah! Hey! I had butter scotch prawn balls at Ruby last night! No shell! Slurpzzz!!!! But they deepfried the prawns first so not like Sarawak Club’s…but nice, very nice!

  3. next time i must find a guy who cooks well 😀
    yum yum *lick screen* 😯

    Ummm….jc, you can cook, right? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. looks great 🙂

    very good cook you are, STP.

    remember your promise, hey 🙂

    Of course! Of course! Just tell me when you’ll be in Sibu…or maybe I might just hop over to see you? Use cheap airline! Hahahahaha!!!!

  5. Hi Pacik: 1) Is lala bamboo clam? I had always thought lala to be the very small brownish white shell clams.2) U cld have “bulked” up yr curry with mushrooms eg oyster mushroom, enoki or shimeji. They wld have also increased the liquid content and the sweetness and 3) why are your pix now double-column size compared to yr single column text? Or is that so only on my comp?
    Have a hearty eating weekend!

    Dunno…but this one looked like the razor clams available in cans. As for the mushrooms, I’m like a scavenger! I just use what I can find in the fridge. My wife will buy…and never cook! (The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!)…So you are using a desktop PC like me…the text is one column, unlike on widescreen laptops! I found that the comments stretch out…so a lot of space for bigger pics, but the text remains the same narrow 1-column width. I think I’ll go back to the smaller pics…cos the bigger ones will require extra 2-3 steps, and the pics not so sharp when enlarged!

  6. Hehe I think you need a good camera since your blog is involve a lot with pictures. Mouth watering curry! 🙂

    Never mind! What you see is what you get! It’s just that I’ve been eating a lot lately (God forgive me!!! LOL!!!). When the binge season passes and I will be posting more non-food posts, I will not be having so many photos. Anyway, I’ll be going back to my small pics soon. Like it or not, take it or leave it!!!!

  7. The prawn noodles are really very nice but too expensive. Heard there’s another stall- cheaper and also quite nice. Heard this from a Sibu resident. Thought she said the shop was near Premiere Hotel.

    Prawn noodles are available all over Sibu. I think RM8 is the standard price…but you’d probably get two prawns cut into halves and they’re not as big, plus the taste is not so nice. Somehow, as they say, they just can’t beat the master at his game…!

  8. I cant find the lala… STP, next time buy 3kg.. Or like those in KL, they cook without removing the shell, so it looks more tempting…

    Ya, usually they cook it with the shell. Lots of sand inside if don’t know how to wash clean! 3 kg? You help remove the shell? Very hard work! LOL!!!

    P.S.: Welcome back to Sibu! We’ll get together sometime?

  9. Baytahan liau…. i tabung rm75 for bday camara and all no hew….complain complain pictures only.. if i were you…just described the food without pixs…and see the response…and i think 99 percent say byebye….baytahan…heh…first time I hear Single but Not Available……this one priest or nun O.. My group all educated one..MBA leh..married but available..ha ha ha

    What’s new? Typically Asian/Malaysian. You should see how the teachers/lecturers insist on presentation. When I did my TESL in KL, I spent a fortune on all the stuff for binding and making every assignment look like some document to be submitted to the King! I would think the quality of the content is ALL that matters!!!….Ooi!!! It means got boyfriend/steady already lah!!! Apa lu ini!!! MBA? Ya…me also!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Damn! I’m going to Ruby’s tonight! Already made the booking. Hmm…now I’m considering calling them to change the butter scotch prawn order to the prawn balls wan. Hahahah!

    I will post on the dinner I had there with Stella on Monday. Photos not nice cos the place dim…so I will post them in the usual small size.

  11. i do not remember the name but i ate that thing at medan ikan bakar melaka, its really nice..!

    Yes. Most seafood is so nice…but I may end up with gout so I have to be careful when eating. Btw, u’re doing an in-service course in Ipoh right now. In UPSI, are you?

    P.S. I’ve linked you in my blogroll.

  12. Great looking dishes. I am so hungry now

    Can try cooking it urself. Easy, hassle-free… Btw, welcome…and do come often!!! 🙂

  13. i wanna try it… hmmm.. ups i’m sorry it’s a fasting month hehehe

    You can try cooking it for buka puasa. So easy and simple. Can replace the clams with prawns or fish… Should be nice too! Oh ya! Welcome to my blog and do come by often! Gee! I’m getting lots of new readers! Nice!!!!

  14. all the way from the land Down Under ? What’s that suppose to mean.. hehe.. i know lar, just joking. i love razor clams ! They are pretty nice. Should my parents order it, i will take it regardless of my allergy, then i will have to pay the consequences. Gee.. talk about no pain no gain

    Eat now, pay later!!!…And don’t try to be naughty now!!! U’re underaged!! Gee! Who taught you to be like that, I wonder? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  15. is the grumpy man still workin at min kong?

    Ooi!!!! U may be talking about that originally-from-Sibu Foochow Melbourne blogger’s father!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! U mean the one taking orders? Seems pretty nice leh? Maybe he likes my face!! LOL!!!

  16. I miss that Foochow style fried mee. Very noice!!!

    Oi.. too many food posts, bit sien liao. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Me also…but what to do? Have been eating…eating…eating nonstop!!! Hope to slow down a bit soon and then I’ll post on other things!…Wait a minute! Raya coming soon!!! Groan….!!! You’re coming, right? And guess what we’ll be doing! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  17. Seeing that char kueh tiaw just reminds of the nice Penang style we used to eat all the time here .. why oh why that aunties changed to selling pork soup now … hehehhee

    Only looks the same, tastes ok only…and the texture of the kway teow here kasar sikit, not as nice as in West – very fine and translucent!

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