I had been wanting to go to this coffee shop here in Sibu for the shrimp piansip (wanton/dumplings) ever since I saw kongkay’s post on it a couple of months back. Lady’s Cafe is the name and it’s along Lanang Road, after the lane to SRB Sacred Heart (Chinese), on the left if you are going from the town.

Lady Cafe, Sibu

Pollie may be interested to know that the guy in the red t-shirt on the left (sitting down) is her ex-colleague, Mike. I did not really know what to order but I did see on the sign that “piansip udang” (shrimp/prawn wanton/dumplings) were available at 60 sen each. Then I saw something somebody else was having, so I just said I wanted the same. In the end, I got the dumplings (RM3.00)…

Shrimp piansip

…but there were no whole shrimps nor prawns inside. I was expecting something like har kau but I guess it was just minced meat with shrimps added, the way we prepare the filling for sio bee/siew mai or ngor hiang. Then for RM3.50, I also got this yong tofu kind of soup; they call it sup campur (mixed soup)…

Sup campur/Mixed soup

On the whole, it was pretty nice…but not to the extent that I would go through all the trouble to go there to eat it. I may just go again should I happen to be in the neighbourhood, that’s it. Incidentally, while I was there, I happened to see this coffee shop round the corner…

Sibu coffee shop sign

What hall? A coffee shop’s a coffee shop! A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!…And cripes! Talk about blowing your own horn…! Nice food indeed! LOL!!!

Anyway, across the road from Lady Cafe, at the traffic lights, they had pretty nice beef noodles (but nowhere near those in KK) at that corner coffee shop at the junction…
Sibu Kingwood junction

…but I have not gone there for quite sometime so I would not know whether it is still good or not. Or you can head to the shops near the Sibu Bus Terminal, and right opposite the pathetic-looking market (which has hardly any business)…

Sibu bus terminal market

…is this restaurant, Yi Shiang. I’ve gone there quite a number of times, even for dinner. The food is nice and the prices are reasonable, somewhere along the same line as places such as Ruby, Nice House, Mum’s or Y2K.

Sibu Yi Shiang restaurant

In the morning, they serve a few selected items for breakfast/brunch including beef noodles…

Sibu Yi Shiang beef noodles

…but the other day, I had this bowl of bak kut teh noodles…

Sibu Yi Shiang bak kut teh noodles

It used to be nicer, more fragrant…and with bak kut teh, I would prefer those packet egg noodles instead of the bigger freshly-made ones. Besides, for RM6.50, I felt it was a bit too expensive and given the choice, I would sooner go for something else elsewhere…

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27 thoughts on “Lady…”

  1. The Yong Tau Foo looks pretty fresh. Yeah, the BKT noodle price is on the high side.

    Yes. The ngui chap in KK only RM7 but you get so much meat and stuff!!! I think it was around RM5 at another place in town…but they may have increased the price too. I won’t know cos I have not been there lately.

  2. Yi Shiang is a restaurant? From the photo it looks more like a massage centre to me. heheh. But i guess not much difference also lar, they both serve chinese cuisine.

    The “health centre” is upstairs. Lots in Sibu…with lots of China dolls!! I had expected kpenyu to notice that but he’s somewhat late! Looks like you’re just as bad…birds (Oops!!!) of the same feather! LOL!!!

  3. you should go out more often and give us a tour of the eateries in town, with streets included…

    I try…and I would give the prices as well, so people will have a fair idea as to whether it’s worth going or not.

  4. The four chinese character literal translation is ” WASH FEET CENTER”…you ha simply take take photo only this post gonna be lots of fun….You did’t see the woman meh…ha ha ha ha …KNB is a wild boar la..
    There was this kopitiam in LINTAS here called Kedai Kopi FULL HOUSE a while back….and closed in less than three months..

    Since when you know Chinese?…Lots of such centres in Sibu lah! People here all have very clean feet then! Hahahahahaha!!!!…That KNB is becoming exactly like u – sama2 wild boar liao! LOL!!!

  5. Since I really enjoy you posts and guaranteed reply… I am giving you RM1(one) per day starting now till your birthday as birthday present towards contributions to your new camera.. am sending you postal order soon ok..if some of your readers follow suit..your photo posts will be brillant after you turn what..60 i Dec 2???..full name and IC to me vide sms please..cheers

    Ooi! What 60?…Sweet 16 lah! LOL!!! RM1 a day…by then, around RM60-70 only, what camera u want to buy? The toy one…u click and can see pictures of naked women inside??? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. looking at the food pix make my mouth watery, and it’s not lunch time yet. :p

    Keep on drooling!…U not Muslim! Consider urself lucky then! Otherwise you’ll have to wait till sundown!!!

  7. Yi Shiang. HHmm? Massage first or eat first? Decisions. Decisions.

    Poster boy?…Shaven or unshaven??? Hahahahahahaha!!!! Chesh! That kpenyu is such a bad influence!!!…Thanks for dropping a comment and do come often, ya! (To my blog, I mean! LOL!!!) Give me a tinkle if you’re in town and we can go jalan2 cari makan!!! I don’t drink anymore though…so you can have all the booze!

    P.S. Massage first! How to massage on a full stomach? LOL!!!

  8. i lurve yong tao fu and bak kut teh 😀

    I think there’s another yong tofu place near Mitsu Tea House area that was very popular. Will check it out…and post one of these days!

  9. Ooh, would really love to try the Bak Kut Teh noodles. Maybe I can make one myself using the premix BKT packets from A1.LOL

    I’ve done that…a long time ago! They’re ok!

  10. No food post for the past 2 posts cannot tahan liao ar??? LOL!

    This one’s post-dated post lah!…These few days, got so many things to post so had to wait! LOL!!!

  11. Almost every block of shophouses in Sibu has at least one coffee shop which houses several food stalls. Why not document all of them and sell to the authority (may be Ministry of Tourism or the Sarawak Tourism Board). Next year is Visit Sibu Year and a food guide book like that will be very useful.

    You can work on that…and I can be your English editor! LOL!!!

  12. RM60x25(ie average daily visitors)=RM1500. ….not enough meh.. I am the leader la…

    So much money kah?…You leader?…Umm…I think we need a volunteer auditor to ensure there is no misappropriation of stp’s camera fund! KNB available or not?…..Hey! Wait a minute! On second thoughts, I think we need a neutral party!…..Zewt? Jienster? Mar? Any other accountant out there? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  13. I am not neutral mer? Hahah….u scared me n STP go makan makan in RUby with the money is it? then we will buy RM300 camera. Can even give you RM1500 receipt for evidence. So auditor also verify the fund is not misappropriated. kekhekhe

    LOL!!! I know the tricks in your book!!! Easy to get receipt!! Oops!!!

  14. Yes I remember Mike. the food all very nice will go over 2morrow. FYI. Dimong 1 and 3 are now in Sibu..they hv been eating non-stop since they arrive here. Tin-tin mum asked what is their programme in Kuching.. what else– EAT lol.

    They are in Sibu. They haven’t called me leh? Maybe I’ll call the hotel later…go eat kampua early tomorrow morning! LOL!!!

  15. i’m going to sibu, dammit.

    really, really miss the food, dammit.


    Hahahahahaha!!!! I’m so very mean hor! Don’t forget to drop by and see tomorrow’s post, ya? LOL!!!

  16. aiyo…why most blogs today about food ar? feeling kinda hungry already. ive never been to kk….planning to go there next year, kuching as well. you’ve got to post more restaurants so that i can choose…hehehe.

    You must go KK…and Sandakan…and Kuching…and Sibu…and Miri…All the places here with all the good food…but some may be more expensive than others!!!

  17. As far as I am concern.. your birthday present is RM75 from me being RM1 per day from today until 2nd Dec 75 day exactly as promised …but must buy handphone with good camera as camera only no good cos I suspect you blur blur on how to transfer pixs leh. SO WHO IS THE STAKEHOLDER OUT THERE..I SEND POSTAL $$$$$ NOW.

    Hehehehehehe!!!!…At least better than somebody leh? Nasib know how to post comments in blogs now! ROTFLMAO!!!…My daughter’s coming back and she’ll pass me her digital camera and then I can use liao!!! Hopefully she has cleared all her pics in the memory!!! She malas bring camera one…so the mum bought her new hp with good camera. Young people these days! So hor mia!!!

  18. what is so interesting about wash feet? any cuci plug centre there? I wanna go Hahahahaha!!!

    Ada! Banyak bengkel kereta di sini!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. Mine has 2 camera handphone and a digital camera. ALL Necessities in life!!!! Wonder how many pairs of eyes and ears they have! Sigh!!!

    Gosh!!! Thank goodness my anak not like that!!! Even handphone, didn’t want canggih one, just wanted with camera…but the mum bought good one for her! Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  20. STP, you are getting your girl’s camera….does that mean no more Camera Trust Fund?

    No response from readers leh? Hahahahahaha!!!! Kpenyu says everyone so kiamsiap!!!

  21. The dumplings look nice. So, you went there to check out China dolls and play dumplings as well? HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

    Cilaka! U pervert!!! Me very decent old man lah!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  22. Hey,love your blog..btw, if ur looking for something new..i suggest
    you go to the new cafe near shop lots..I think the name is something like 3 16 or smth..below the Life Tuition Centre..The kompia there tastes really nice…the meat is different. Same goes to the beef noodles..sweet. Hope to see your reviews on the food soon 😀

    Thanks for your compliment and welcome! Do come again… Life? Maybe the same owner as Manna and Ark… Well, hope to drop by sometime.

  23. Archie, cuci plug? GETEnya…there is another meaning for that STP…lol! aiyaaa…lady reminds me of Kenny Rogers song…hukhukhuk!

    That’s one of my karaoke favourites. Hahahahaha!!! Archie, no reply!

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