I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

Actually I was having second thoughts about putting this up as the award-winning professional photographer cum blogger rubberseeds has had a post on it already (after spending 3 HOURS there!)…and my dismal snapshots would more than pale in comparison but what the heck! After all, mine is not a photo blog and we do not focus on the same things. All of you can click the link to have a look at his and you will see what I mean. LOL!!!

Well, I had been telling everybody that I would go and then write a post on it, so on Friday last week, I did just that. I think you all know already by now that I usually abstain from meat (…or at least, I try!) on Fridays, so I went hunting for fish at the Ramadhan Bazaar in Sibu…

Sibu Ramadhan Bazaar

It is located across the road from the Central Town Square…and you can see the towering Wisma Sanyan in the background. I went looking for some ikan bakar (grilled fish) and spotted these…

Sibu Ramadhan stall - pais and others

I bought the pais udang but it was a disappointment as they used sea shrimps/prawns. I was expecting luit – those shrimps that we used to catch in the streams when we were kids or at least the pinky finger-sized freshwater prawns (udang galah). Tastewise, it was ok…which was more than what I could say about the otak-otak ikan (left) and the botok ikan tenggiri (mackerel)…

Sibu Ramadhan stall - otak2 and others

The otak-otak did not taste like what I knew otak-otak to be…and the other one with the mackerel had too much daun serai (lemon grass leaves) so I did not quite enjoy it. There was this stall selling satay and stuff…

Sibu Ramadhan stall - satay and stuff

…but I did not get anything from there. Neither did I buy the roti jala at this stall…

Sibu Ramadhan stall - roti jala

It seemed that instead of giving you the curry gravy for you to dip the roti jala, they used it to wrap the filling (like popiah) which did not look very alluring – mostly potatoes, peas and carrots! And then I spotted this ikan bakar (grilled fish) stall…

Sibu Ramadhan stall - ikan bakar 1

Unfortunately there wasn’t any choice – just stingray (ikan parek) so I asked for one that cost RM10 which was much bigger than the one I had in Penang for RM12. But what I did not like was they buried the fish in sambal while grilling…

Sibu Ramadhan stall - ikan bakar 2

…so the flavour of the fish was virtually drowned by the strong taste of the spices and stuff…

Sibu Ramadhan stall - ikan bakar 3

…probably to disguise the fact that the fish was not that fresh, especially when compared with the one I had in Penang. So, it appears like I will have to go again one of these days considering that I was not at all satisfied, and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…”

  1. i miss Malaysian food…*sobs sobs*

    Is this Zouk from Vancouver? Now you can understand why after 3 months in the UK, on the MAS flight back, we were fighting tooth and claw for the nasi lemak in the plane…and yunno how “good” the nasi lemak was!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Luckily you did not buy the roti jala. Bought it the other day as it was something different. Needless to say, thumbs down. The potatoes, carrots and peas filling was terrible. They cover the roti jala with mayo and a gravy which totally murdered the taste of roti jala.

    Perhaps we can just buy the roti jala kosong…and eat with our own curry! Btw, Ayam’s curry tuna is nice…

  3. seems like commerce is order of the day, not taste… haven’t gone to one of those yet this year.

    I guess like coffee shops and other food outlets, it’s a matter of knowing which one to go to.

  4. my aunty bought some umai from the bazaar ramadan in sibu. Needless to say it was umai bawang (cause of the amount of bawang that we’d get) and the taste, even the ones my uncle made is so much better. it was so bad, even the umai from here (Bintangor) tasted better..hehehe
    We never bother to buy the otak2… sure x nice.

    My missus bought the sambal sotong bakar which was quite nice. I think I’ll go for the ayam pansuh next time. Can’t go wrong with that, I’m sure!

  5. sometimes people sell the food for the sake of earning the money in which they do not care about the taste and the quality of the food.

    I guess every Tom, Dick or Harry will cash in on the opportunity even though they aren’t really that great at cooking! The trouble is there are so many stalls so one will not not which ones are good…as they only appear once a year!

  6. Hey.. you not bad in photo taking bah. Glad that you have your pic enlarged.

    I had to discard some not so sharp pics…which wouldn’t look that bad, if small! And I don’t like the text in one column like that. I think it spreads out if viewed on a laptop (like what I saw in my daughter’s). The “justify” mode is still not functioning…so the text still goes zig-zag! Haiz!!!

  7. i think your snapshots are great – nothing dismal about them at all 🙂

    looking at the pics remind me of my trip to sibu a while back…

    Thank you, thank you…you are very kind! Muuuaaaackkssss!!!! ROTFLMAO!

  8. The roti jala Auntie G used to make had curry puff inti and for the younger kids who do not like cili she had the corned beef inti.
    I have not been to Satok Ramadan market yet and very unlikely to go. Malas! Hot and crowded.

    Her inti got beef!!! So nice! I’ve eaten some with curry veg (mostly chopped long beans), oso quite nice…but this one, the inti did not look very appetising!

  9. looking for ayam percik ar?…

    The ayam percik at that satay stall in the pic did not look very nice, not like the one my friend Hiromi’s wife cooked when we were in the UK! Slurpzzz!!!!…Btw, welcome! What took you so long? Saw u in most other people’s blogs! Do come again. Would have linked u but u did not provide ur url!

  10. Do you know there is a ikan panggan stall at
    Ramin Way which was operated by a Mukah guy
    recently? The fish is fresh from Mukah.
    You can give the sambal kwey teow a try too.

    My daughter likes the sambal kway teow at the coffee shop opposite the dimsum place – Mitsu. Mukah guy? Then the fish must be extra fresh! Will go and check it out one of these days. Thanks for the info!

  11. I still haven’t gone. Oh wait, wait till next week. Tuesday probably got kaki to go. It looks great from your photos. 🙂

    Sorry, would love to go with you (At least I would not be the only one…appearing like crazy fella taking photos of eveything! Hahahahaha!!!!)…but I would prfer going before 4, to avoid the after-office hours crowd! I hate crowds…and heat…and noise! Old man like that lah! LOL!!

  12. Ah ikan bakar. One of my favourite delicacy. You do not want to know how much I pay for that in the Malaysian restaurant here. LOL

    Ooo…so nice! Drool!!! Love the one I had in Penang more! This one, I can do without!

  13. OMG! When I look at the stingray it looks so tempting! I’d buy it if I was you! Lol.

    I love ikan bakar and daddy always buy for our break fasting dinner!

    I bought but I did not like it so much! Miss the one in Penang!!! That was good…and even better with ikan bawal hitam!!! Slurpzzzz!!!!!

  14. I haven’t been to any bazaar yet. Miss that place. Last time I used to get umai from these stalls.

    Raw stuff…better avoid at such places! They have nice umai at 3Q Takeaway (sometimes) or at some Malay stalls at some of the coffee shops…or at that circular building near Sarawak House!

  15. I see you’ve gone as you said you would. I’ve not been in there although I’ve gone pass there nearly everyday on my way to pick up kids. Lots of traffic and some double triple parkers! Hope you’re not one of them. LOL!

    Nope! I thought of taking pics of those cars and post…but changed my mind! But I went before 4, so not so bad…and I went into the rough and tumble parking area!!! So kwai!!!

  16. I am so embarrassed.It can cause disharmony among the blogosphere. ISA can be used!

    What? What?…No lah! I’m not serious! Actually, not so much into photography…but the readers complained no photographs, then they complained too small, so blur etc etc etc…. Never mind, say what they want! I think they’re good enough. Don’t think I wanna spend money to get a good camera or a new handphone with a better camera. What they see is what they get! Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!

  17. Eh, I want to go to the bazaar! SMS me when you wanna go! I can go before 4! I free mar. I also don’t like the after office hours crowd.

    Definitely not today! Gotta work! Will let u know if going!

  18. Haha…just a joke…But seriously I think you should get a better camera.

    Ummm…u got old, not so good camera, u not using one, give to me can? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. you are better than me, i seldom take photo at places like that hahaha! shy 😛

    Yes, I know…you’re a bit shy, not shameless like me! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  20. stp, ppl want to belanja, but u said “Why, already kaya?” Hahahaha!!!

    Nak belanja, jemput lah…pergi restaurant 5-star! Like Man-D and Melbie! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  21. Oh.. food good… but too bad i can’t go as the mock exam looms near… Haiz… if someone has heard of the word ‘da bao’.. Hint hint ! Haha

    Hint! Hint! What? Hahahahahahaha….. Good luck in ur exams!

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