For mama…

Most people would remember September 11 as the day when that horrendous event took place and shook the whole world, but actually, my mother’s birthday falls on that date too. She had suffered from some medical ailments and was in and out of the medical centre a couple of times. Thankfully, she is now physically healthy except that having been confined to the bed for so long, she is now unable to walk.

Thus, there would not be any point buying her clothes, jewellery or even giving her an ang pao…so in the end, I decided to get her this fruit basket…

Birthday fruit basket

I cooked chicken soup in the morning so that we could have mee sua (Foochow longevity noodles) and for dinner, we ordered a few dishes from the restaurant in order that we could have a special dinner together with her at home, such as this dish of stewed pork…

Ruby's stewed pork

…that was supposed to go with these man tao (steamed buns)…

Man tao (steamed buns)

…and fried snowfish…

Fried snowfish

…plus two other vegetable dishes. I also decided to fry some mihun with corned beef, so I got the ingredients ready…

Fried corned beef mihun ingredients

– chopped garlic, sliced Bombay onions, cabbage cut into thin strips, corned beef and mihun – soaked in hot water to soften. I fried the onions in a bit of oil and put in the corned beef and after a while, I removed that from the wok. Then I fried the garlic in some oil till it turned golden brown before I put in the mihun and stirred the garlic and oil into it. After doing that, I put in the pre-fried corned beef and onions and added chicken stock granules (instead of salt and msg)…and mixed thoroughly. When the mihun was just about ready, I put in the cabbage and mixed it well with the mihun. Then, I sprinkled chopped spring onions over it and it was ready…

Fried corned beef mihun

I would have added some eggs but my mother seems to have developed an allergy to them, causing her to itch and I did not add chillies as well as the rest of the family would not be thus inclined.

But I would think that for someone my mother’s age – after having devoted her entire life to her family – it was not what expensive presents we would give her or what delicious food we had for dinner that would matter most to her, but to have everybody by her side on her very auspicious day. We love you, mummy…and I hope you had had a Happy Birthday. May God shower His Blessings upon you throughout the coming year!

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18 thoughts on “For mama…”

  1. your mum not living with you? anyways, its good to know that you still love your mum and not taking her for granted. children nowadays are not as loyal as the generations before. nice local dishes as well. wish my other half could cook half as good as you, i would be very satisfied.

    Nope, I’ve a house of my own and my parents stay with my sister…but I go over everyday to be around with my mum. Sibu’s very small and every place is near. Easy to cook lah! I’m not bothered with those complicated recipes…too lazy! LOL!!

  2. U r a very filial son,STP! Next time shld send my son to u n stay for few mths so u can give him some crash course on how to be one too. I am sure your mum have a very Happy n Blessed birthday! The beehoon is JFV receipe isn’t it? I aslo enjoy it cooked that way n also with the canned baby clams but can’t find those ones here.

    Amoy brand! Still the best…even though the clams are as small as those things in my nose! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Those canned stewed pork slices nice too!!! But my mum can’t take those clams…and the pork’s very fat plus…not halal!

  3. happy belated birthday stp’s mama!! may you be well and happy…

    the snowfish, isn’t that cod fish?

    They call it snowfish…and we do have codfish here too, but I never know the difference. Thanks for the greetings! Haven’t seen you around for a long long time!!! Don’t “buang batu”, ya!

  4. This is such a good post. I agree with you pal, the best thing for her is everybody get together and be around her. Presents are bonus 🙂

    I like the fruit basket especially the grapes!

    Actually I ordered a basket of flowers with a few fruits as a base but the florist got it all wrong! Good also lah! You can’t eat flowers! LOL!!!

  5. eh, your mum shares the same birthdate with my mum =)

    Wishing her a happy and blessed birthday!

    And the same to your mum too! What a coincidence!

  6. may be you should take her out for travelling more often. Older people need lot of fresh air..

    She can’t walk…and sometime back, she had a bad fall so she doesn’t seem keen on getting into her wheelchair. Phobia perhaps! But at least she’s healthy and has a good appetite!

  7. Like the others, I wld like to send belated gd wishes to your mom. May she have many more good years ahead.
    I’m also concerned to read that she can’t walk any more after a long illness. Unless it’s a spinal cord injury, there is every chance of her walking again. Just make sure she is massaged daily and also takes small steps several times everyday to rebuild her muscles.. the family wld need patience but it’s worth it…let me have yr eml via my website’s eml contac? I cld go into greater detail.
    Have a good Sunday!

    Thanks for your concern. It all started with a spinal problem. She undergoes daily acupuncture and massage. Showing improvement. Hopefully she’ll be able to walk again…but most importantly, she’s healthy and eating well…and happy.

  8. Didn’t know your mum shares the same birthday day as Mr K. Happy belated Birthday to her! 😀

    Thanks. Ooo…ur better half? What a coincidence!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom!

    What a good son you are. I only hope my son will one day be half like you. Hrumph! Difficult to know with kids nowadays! Your mom still stay with your sis B at Lucky? My regards to B, have not seen her for quite sometime.

    Gosh! They’ve moved from Lucky loooooong ago!!! Just do our responsibility as good parents, leave the rest to God! We’ll never know…..

  10. Oops… look like i am way oudated on ur post. A bit busy lately. Happy Birthday to mama, i am sure she is happy to have a filial son like you, not that celaka Si Tenggang

    Tnx. Hope you’ll be a good and filial son too…

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