On my own…

I arrived in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on Friday and the next morning, prior to the seminar I was expected to conduct starting at 8.30, I decided to go for breakfast on my own. I went to this shop – I think Fook Heng’s the name…

KK Fook Heng coffee shop

I had eaten there a couple of times before and I liked the roast duck noodles very much. This was the stall that seemed to enjoy brisk business all these years…

KK roast duck noodles stall

The coffee shop next door looked newer and cleaner and had a similar stall but there were very few customers unlike this one which was very crowded…even at 7 in the morning. I was served what I ordered in a jiffy…

KK roast duck noodles

For RM7, I got a plate of roast duck, drumstick no less…and a plate of konlou noodles. Well, konlou mee is definitely not like Sibu kampua mee or Kuching kolo mee. It is more like the wanton mee (which I do not really like except for the slices of char siew that come with it) in West Malaysia except that it is more substantial and it is not swimming in some black sauce.

Then, on Sunday morning, I decided to look for something different for a change so I had a walk around the vicinity of Asia City where the hotel where I was staying was located and I chanced upon this coffee shop…

KK 88 Food Centre

There were quite a number of customers and of course, I used that as the yardstick that the food should be pretty good. There was a Penang char kway teow stall, another one selling ngui chap (beef noodles) and one selling lor mee, fish porridge and so on. But one particular stall appeared to be the most popular and it was selling Sarawak laksa, Kuching kolo mee…and I opted for the seafood kolo mee for RM5…

KK seafood kolo mee

The noodles were not like kolo mee…but pretty close to what Sibu kampua mee would taste like except that the texture of the noodles was somewhat different, but it was nice enough. The soup was fantastic though! It was so very sweet from the seafood ingredients, not msg, and I finished it to the very last drop!

I checked out of the hotel before noon and left for the brand new Kota Kinabalu International Airport…

Kota Kinabalu International Airport

As I approached the airport, the first sight of it took my breath away! It was really impressive with its space-age architecture and it was really very massive. I was too lazy to walk out into the hot sun to take photographs so I just snapped the banner to give everybody an idea what it looked like. Inside, however, it was a different story altogether…

KK International Airport check-in

The check-in area was quite deserted…and the departure lounge inside wasn’t any better…

KK International Airport departure

And if you are going anywhere via the new airport, do eat first! I did not have my lunch as I thought I could have a bite at one of the food outlets there…but there were just McDonald’s on one end and the not very delightful Asian Delights on the other. I had this plate of chicken curry rice…

KK International Airport chicken curry rice

That cost RM12.90+ and they took SO long to come out with the dish that I was wondering if they had to run after the chicken to slaughter it and pluck the feathers first! Grrrrr…!!! Obviously they had not heard of A1 instant curry mix…and it was not even half as nice! There were a few people who came but took to their heels once they saw the prices!

Well, this is my last post on my trip to Kota Kinabalu…so after this, it will be back to my regular day-to-day posts! You’ll stick around, won’t you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “On my own…”

  1. You went early for breakfast? “Pick you at 7”. Like I said 9am still no movement in the house!

    That’s why I said I didn’t want. Nanti miss my flight!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. I swallowed my saliva many times just by browsing thru those pics!!!!!!!!! Man ur having the time of ur life there sir…eat travel n sleep!!!! :p

    You must be suffering from withdrawal symptoms! Hahahahaha!!!Ya! I think I deserve it…after working so hard for the last 30 years. However, can’t do as much as I would like to because of family commitments.

  3. That is the duck stall you told me about before? Looks tasty!

    I’ve yet to go to the new KKIA, doesn’t even know it’s almost complete… not my route everyday heheheh

    Yes, it’s nice!…I realised it was big (and empty) when I arrived on Friday but I did not see the building until the day of my departure. It’s really impressive…and not a mini-KLIA like the one in Kuching.

  4. nice duck… all i could find the last time there was bak kut teh and bak kut teh near the Hyatt water front… didn’t venture further towards the market.

    These shops around Centrepoint area – the duck’s place in the same block as the cockroach infested R*by Hotel (the last time I stayed there) and the other one in Asia City, across the road from Centrepoint.

  5. Wow for RM7, the duck noodle is cheap. Oh at the KKIA, did you manage to browse through the shop especially the one with chocolates and perfumes? Did you spot Fidani there?!!

    There’s one nice place in Sibu for duck noodles too and it should be much cheaper…but I haven’t gone for a long time as it is always very crowded. Famous for its yong tofu too, but dunno still got or not. Will go one of these days and post on it. Nope…I did not go to those shops except the duty-free liquor and cigarette one but they refused to sell!!! @#$%&*+?@!!! LOL!!!

  6. Actually kk.s food are all very nice. remembered had the noodles broken in pcs, forgot what it is called, also got in spore parkway parade but not nice, in kk they cooked in soup with ikan bilis n cangkuk manis.Food there r very different from sibu esp. but very nice i must say!

    Pan mee! Got also in Sibu! People said very nice but I didn’t really like! Thought the ikan bilis and noodles not very compatible!

  7. stella, what time you fly in from sibu? dinner is at night so what is your programme for the day? lindy 1 wants to know

    She said arrive around noon. Using the 11 something MAS flight maybe? Or the cheap airline?…I guess she’ll wanna go for laksa, kolo mee, Peterson’s hay pia, kueh chap etc etc etc etc etc!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. The roast duck looks yummy. And RM7!! That’s cheap! It would probably be double that price or more in Singapore.

    Everything’s expensive in Singapore…even without conversion! I’m not sure how much it will cost here – with one whole drumstick but I guess it can’t be much cheaper.

    P.S.: Long time no see!!! Do drop by often, ya? LOL!!!

  9. Ya hor the duty free shops very strict nowadays…..asajaya la..Can’t get up that morning cos didn’t sleep well as the guests were vibrating the walls in surround system style due to the snoring ha ha ha ha I think half of KK folks ordered the ducks here during feastive seasons.. She used to be very proud of her sales by displaying the head of every duck sold till some chicken rice fellow got a knock-out punch from Income Tax….true story.fyi..air asia will be shifted to the new terminal too. the existing one to be converted to cargo terminal only

    Asajaya indeed!…Ooi, Gundot! Now he’s blaming u all for his not being able to get up in the morning! Lucky I wasn’t staying there…or it would be like sleeping at an airport runway or on a railway track! LOL!!!…Ya, they should bring in the cheap airline. After all, how many airlines fly to KK? Such a waste of such a nice and huge airport!!!

  10. STP, I think there are 2 korean airlines flying twice a week to KK. I heard there’s more koreans than indians in KK now.

    Gundot, how come Lindy 1 always ask you post her queries? She shy to post kah? Aiyo!

    Asajaya lah! LOL! (Kpenyu…still doesn’t have that same ring to it eh?!?)

    Cathay Pacific?…Or does that airline still exist? They don’t have daily flights, I’m sure…and even MAS these days, so the rest of the time, the airport will be like a mortuary!…Oops! Touch wood!

  11. Ya Gundot, Operator STP is right, nicer title than messenger boy!LOL! M there around late noon i think. M sure the other lindy got lindy 1 no. so will sms u guys when we r in Sibu. I think Sal-li’s mom n also me may want to go buy some laksa from some shop. So will update u all again. Thks!

    I have everybody’s number…so you can just get them from me! Gawd! Now I’m a telephone directory too! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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