Left outside alone…

I was left out of it all as I was tied up with the seminar the whole day last Saturday and I did not want to join them on Sunday in case I missed the flight. So, because I was not there, I do not really know where exactly Kpenyu, Gundot and the rest went to and in what choronological order.

But I was pretty sure that after they arrived around midnight on Friday, the first thing in the morning the very next day, they went to this place in Menggatal…

KK Menggatal ngau chap

…where they had this ngau chap (beef) special…

KK Menggatal ngau chap special

…and this beef kway teow…

KK Menggatal beef kway teow

It did not look like they had lunch that day. Probably everyone was saving tummy space for the Supertanker birthday dinner. The next morning, again I do not know where they went but it certainly does not look very inviting…

KK cooking something special

…even though it certainly is very popular…

KK dunno where

…so perhaps this…

KK special pork soup noodles

…or this…

KK special pig's innards soup

…must be very delicious, considering that so many people are willing to endure the not very comfortable nor conducive dining environment to eat there. If I’m not mistaken, it is not very near either. Perhaps it was there that they got to see these scenic bird’s eye views of Kota Kinabalu city…

KK hillview

KK seaview

…or maybe it was where they had lunch on Sunday, with fish noodles…

KK fish noodles

I had that in Sandakan where the noodles were actually made of fish so it tasted like fish cakes that had been cut into thin strips. They also had fish curry…

KK fish curry

…and steamed fish…KK steamed fish

Gee! You can actually see the freshness of the fish! Well, it appears like we do not do much else other than eat…eat…and eat, doesn’t it? For one thing, it certainly explains our shape and size… ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Left outside alone…”

  1. Waa.. Finally you put up larger picture lar.. LOL…
    Hey the food looks so yummy especially the Beef KT.. XD~~~~~~~~

    But the text is still in one column, not stretched out the same width as the photos. Maybe I must write less…so it won’t look so obvious.

  2. Sorry.. I mean the ngau chap (beef) special

    I love beef noodles…but no good ones in Sibu now. All very diluted…but then they’re half the price here!

  3. That was fish tom yam. I love KK tom yam even if KK people say ‘not very nice’ stall, it still beats all here.. You are right we did not have lunch. Only JV and the kids had Burger King.
    Now they like your photos…get Cannon IXUS. 1k can get you a good one.Small enough to slip into the pocket. High time lah.
    Hmmm re previous comment, I’m not into the blogging fever but I enjoyed the camera. See whatthefiq.blogspot.com

    Dropped by the blog on hp…looks interesting! Will go again…but not updated regularly, right? Camera?…Then have to learn to upload photos from camera to computer! Old man…head spinning! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. I dont normally go for soupy stuff but that ngau chap seriously looks good. Must try that when i go KK. Hint* Hint* (I hope it’s obvious this time). hahahah.

    Poor KNB! Seems somebody’s oblivious to all the hints!!! LOL!!!

  5. Does the Burger King in KK have Double Turkey Bacon Beef Burger? Yummies… pork bacon would be better but i know that one definitely wont have lar, even Singapore doesn’t have it nowadays.

    The last time I had…the mushroom swiss cheese was nice but I’m not into those stuff!!! Would rather have our own Asian delights anytime!

  6. Now why did I send those ngau chap mee photos to you??? I’m drooling over it now.
    kpenyu, Sam said ngau chap mee and river mee – best in the world!

    Poor dian-me-ngu…now downgraded to number 3? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Why is place called Menggatal? Only gatal people visit the place or the place will make someone gatal? I wonder…

    Dunno. Maybe it means something in their ethnic dialects? In Sarawak, we also have places with “strange” names…and there’s Lanchow in China too!

  8. That ngau chap special must be very good.How much does it cost? Is that brown thing “Ngu Bien”?

    RM7!!!…But I hear the ones I had at Hilltop near the Foo Phing Dimsum are nicer – that one can smell from the car park!!! Drool!!!…I dunno what that is but I think I used to have it at that beef noodles place at Kiaw Siong, now next to the Sibu fire station before. I like!

  9. wow, your ngau chap special and beef kway teow make me drool le.. yalo, why is it called Menggatal ha? Any special meaning hiding behind? Need to ask those Sabahans lo… May be there is a legend behind. Come on STP, go go go, I am anxious about the name ‘Menggatal’ de! hahahaaa!

    Dunno…maybe the KK bloggers can help explain? Another place is called Puntatan or Putatan…and I thought that sounds suggestive too!

  10. Stp.. you would have really liked the Clear soup ..this was in KG. INNOBONG..need to be there to appreciate…the Menggatal shop is one of the pioneers for unHEALTHY lifestyle ..so famous until even doctors in IJM knows him..ha ha ha ha ‘
    WHY MENGGATAL???…..same question folks are asking about NONOK..near Kch. TAMPARULI I know… before there was a bridge there ahkong & ahma years ago all means of transport was across the shallow river..and all the trucks from east and west coast gather there for washing and night stops..hence TAMPAT LORI..
    New Zealand’s streets name even better.. lots of PUKI this and puki that and tis and that puki..he he he

    No more Nonok in Sarawak lah! Got Lajau and Similanjau…! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. Philip..RM7.00 exclusive medical bills thereafter… always remember STP’s comment.. EAT first and PAY later. oh yes .the view..from my house..I mean NEAR my house..Actually…the hill next to the Bukit Padand

    Can’t be much worse than kampua…with all the lard…or kueh chap with the high-cholesterol innards! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Fish noodle from Wan Wan…The trick here is go with locals..otherwise towkay slice your wallet..even if towkay come to say hello..best to ask him to go away..cos we believe he charges Appearance fees like Tiger Wood..and yet anly sell Tiger Prawns…ha ha ha ha..the other secret…be nice to him and Tapau Soup only..and make Graet Steamboat at home with Giant prawns..

    Wah! These KK people like Penang Nasi Kandar mamaks lah! BM sounds different, habis kena slaughter already!!! Hahahahaha!!!!…Giant prawns not good for steamboat! The soup too rich like drinking prawn stock…not nice soup! Have to dilute!…Hey! Nobody has spotted kpenyu in the pics yet to claim the giant prawns prize? LOL!!!

  13. Your post makes me hungry for beef noodles! Now I know why you’re in this size. LOL

    And I’m not the only one!!!…and as they say, there’s safety in numbers!!! Runs in the family…or most of us, at least! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. I think the ngau chap would have been the best. The pork thingy at the shed/hut stall doesn’t entice me much at all, especially the one with the innards, that’s ick-y to me.

    I love the pig’s innards…but have to stay away from those! High cholesterol!

  15. Kpenyu, you a bit ketinggalan zaman lah….”Nonok” no longer the name, it was renamed (for obvious reasons) “Asajaya”, many many years ago.
    When I first heard of “Menggatal”, it was part of a sentence that went something like “….he’s from Menggatal bah….”, and I was thinking “oh really now?!?”.

    He over 30 years not in Sarawak liao!…Already become orang KK bah!!!

  16. hi. d ‘not so inviting yet popular’ mee soup
    stall has been in biz for > 20yrs. d soup is delicious, even some Datuk/Tan Sri come to eat also. don’t play-play oh… πŸ™‚

    Yes, there are more photos showing the whole stretch…so packed with people, but I did not post…otherwise, page loading may become slow. I reckon u’re from KK too? Haiz! Missed the chance to meet…but anyway, welcome, welcome…and do come again! Will link you in my blogroll!

  17. ..OK OK..next time I scold KUCHING folks ASAJAYA.. Gerrie..Asajaya You ha ha ha ha . ..now you know why the Swak tourism Board cancelled The Kuching – Bau – Nonok Sector too liaw.. ha ha ha .. Bau also named changed …??
    See what mamamia said…earlier alresdy booked you leh cos VIP.

    I had a good breakfast too but NOT lunch! @#$%&*!!!! See tomorrow’s post! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! This is beginning to be like one of those never-ending soap series!

  18. I saw me…I saw me..I saw me…ha ha ha..good man

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Where? Where?…That one! No lah! That one’s one of Abu Sayap’s people!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  19. You can pay up the giant prawn kah? Not picture of it only ok.

    Oops! Forgot to specify clearly – “giant prawns courtesy of the very handsome, the very young, the very friendly, the very generous…kpenyu”! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  20. omg..i think i forgot 2 tell u i changed my number a few months ago..hahaha

    Chesh! What about Alex? Still the same number?…Now I can delete both of urs!

  21. The photo of the beef kway teow is my favourite. Do they still have something similiar in the ‘angkow’ coffeeshop,STP?Near the fire brigade?

    Dream on! Not even close!…And not in Kuching either! We had something not too bad at “Ah Hock Kia” but after the last time I went, I never went again. Diluted, not wangi…beef only and so little but still same price!

  22. As I’m a very “fishy” person, I love the pix of those fish dishes.. I remember reading somewhere abt noodles made from fish, and wonder if anyone of you well travelled foodies (esp Pacik STP) over in Sibu can tell me where to find it in S’pore… ? I know I’ll be able to get it in yr neck of the wood, but err.. wld prefer something more easily accessible? πŸ˜‰

    Can’t even get that in Sarawak, have to go to Sabah…but it was just ok! Not something that I would give an arm or a leg to have again… Like I said, it’s like fish cakes but they cut into thin long slices.

  23. Gundot, do you know if that shop in Chong Ling, Jalan Mendu is still opened for business? Lam’s Beef Noodles or something?

    Stella, what time are you getting into Kuching?

    Gee! Think I should start charging for messages via my blog! Hahahahahahaha!!!! I quite like the beef noodles near Harbour View or the stall next to the hay pia at Peterson’s….but definitely not Open Air Ah Mui!

  24. walaoeh stp, u went there didnt bring me de? Photo number 6 and 7 from top is my favourite… yummie2

    Read lah!!! I was left out of all that!!!…U make friends with kpenyu lah!!! Didn’t want to join us for dinner that night, tarek harga!

  25. gerrie yes Lam’s still open but i prefer to go Mdm Tang now

    Ah yes! I think I took you to Ah Hock Kia once. Wasn’t too bad then…but the last time I went, I thought it wasn’t worth going anymore!

  26. Ngau chap special..a bowl like this need to go for detox for a week…eat first n worry later eh… I spot the lawyer..haha i guess he go n get the special chilli sauce to go with the dish.

    You should try the chilli sauce at the other ngau chap place!!! Absolutely fiery hot and wonderful! I bought one bottle home…must serve to Stella when she’s here!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  27. STP, where got so many giant prawns….that is why he quickly see himself. Cannot find prawns anymore.

    A signed I.O.U. until available is accepted! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  28. i didn’t know there’s such thing as fish noodles… should try them some time πŸ™‚

    I’m not really crazy over those… Not bad, but not something to die for!

  29. wan wan is another good and very crowded place to eat!! LOL

    and who is the little girl with kpenyu?? LOL I spotted kpenyu! What’s the price? LOL geez, I didn’t even know there’s a famous run-down stall in kg.inobong that’s so famous! Boleh tahanlah this kpenyu…

    No lah! That was some neglected child of some parent who was too busy eating!!! If she were his, we would have to report him for child abuse! The anak so skinny and he so fat! Hahahahahaha!!!…And people treat me like a food directory! Now we have one in KK!!! LOL!!!

  30. Operator STP,LOL! tell Gerrie will be in kch around noon i hope,if no delay. will get her mobile from u n sms her when in sibu.

    OK. Will bill you when you’re here…for services rendered. LOL!!!

  31. ya ya … we now have one in KK… he really have to start a directory! LOL! or maybe how about you take photos of the good places to eat and post it on SabahanCuisine, kpenyu? LOL then my blog can be a food directory, via you! LOL

    Hahahahaha!!! Or he can become a flogger (food blogger) and start his own food blog? LOL!!!

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