East west…

Not too long ago, I went east to Sandakan/KK…and then I headed west to Kuching/Lundu. A few weeks ago, I flew west again to Penang/Sungai Petani…and today I am going east to KK. I will be giving a talk to students the whole day Saturday and in the evening, I will be attending Kpenyu’s grand birthday bash! Drool!!! While I am there, I do hope to get the opportunity to meet some of the bloggers there – Melbie, Man-D and Archie (who, for some reason, seems to be avoiding me! Don’t worry! I’m a gentle giant! LOL!!), for instance.

Sabah! The sun and the clear blue sea! Perhaps some of you are already imagining me walking on the beach (at Kuala Penyu?) with just a towel wrapped around me going for a swim…

Old man at the beach 1




and getting excited, full of suspense and great expectations…

Old man at the beach 2




Don’t worry…just be patient! All will be revealed soon enough!…

Old man at the beach 3




Old man at the beach 4

…There! Do you think that rubber duckie float will be able to keep me from drowning?…Huh? What did you all expect that was? What were you thinking? ROTFLMAO!!!!

Well, jokes aside…there will not be any post for the next few days until I come back on Sunday and hopefully, I will not be too tired to update you all on the highlights of the trip. But before I leave, this is in response to auntielucia‘s question as to what kampua is…

I went to this Mei Le coffee shop (at the Delta Commercial Centre near my house) that I have featured before, for the kampua which Andrew said I should try…and Clare said that they use fried garlic oil or something. This is the stall…

Mei Le kampua stall

…and do you notice how clean the place is? I am very proud to say that most of the coffee shops in Sibu are very clean, unlike those in some of the towns that I have visited recently. Well, kampua is just a kind of local-made noodles tossed in oil (that they used to fry the onions, and at some places, they use lard) light soy sauce and msg, garnished with the fried onions (and in this shop, garlic) and chopped spring onions…and this is what the kampua (with pian sip aka kiaw or wantan) in this particular outlet looks like…

Mei Le kampua

What did I think of it?…I didn’t think it was that great compared to a few other places but it should be fine if you’re too lazy to hunt around for alternatives. Well, Mak Cik, that is kampua…and in fact, I’ve posted photographs of the noodles at various places in the town (maybe with slight variations here and there) in my previous posts. You can browse through them in my archives over the next few days while I am away! LOL!!!

Wish me bon voyage and a supertanker fabulous time in KK, everybody! Take care!

Cartoon images received via email.
Source unknown

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “East west…”

  1. Notti notti!!!
    You’ve been traveling quite a lot lately. When are you flying down south???

    2010…when my daughter will be there! LOL!!!

  2. What?? commom..Sabahan bloggers..you haven’t met STP.???make up for your losses now..he is just like his blog ba..lots of lol..hahaha..and he only visit once or twice a year..HA HA HA…

    Wah!…What’s this? Jual murah kah? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. Have a safe journey to KK and enjoy the clear blue sea. Huahuahua, will u be exactly like the cartoon images? I will be missing your humorous blog for days lol.

    Thanks, anita. Will be back day after tomorrow. Not going to be a long trip.

  4. No the man doesn’t use fried garlic oil, he puts a little bit of raw garlic into the kampua. It is ok if you are lazy to drive far. Eh, how about the coffee shop behind Sibu Kidney Foundation there? Close down boi?

    Didn’t see any raw garlic. The kidney one is still going strong and still very nice!!! I still go quite regularly!

  5. kk? again? going to gimmie a call o not?

    U stay in uni never come out one…but anyway my programme is quite tight. Not really a pleasure trip…WORK!!!

  6. Have a good trip stp! KNB also had kampua for brunch today. Will put up an image of that in my blog.

    Thanks. I’m home. Will hop over later to have a look…

  7. Have a good trip in KK okie.. Hahahah! the carton just like u STP lol

    Thanks, it was a good one. Hah! Now that you’ve seen the real person…even more convinced I’m like the old man in the cartoon? LOL!!

  8. waahh, i also wanna fly here fly there ler.. hehe. ;p have a fantastic trip! mountain and sea and seafood!! 😀

    Well, two out of three ain’t bad! I had lots and lots of food! Watch out for the coming posts!!!

  9. Ah so! Kampau looks very simple and untasty but guess the trick depends on who makes it and what’s used to toss the noodle with.. mayb could try chopped chilli, raw garlic and olive and use the oil from canned anchovy?
    Meanwhile, have a good trip. I’m sure u r a good orator or else u won’t have so many assignments!!

    It is simple…and has its unique taste. It’s nice…but I prefer Kuching kolo mee…and I’d rather have it than those wanton mee with the black sauce. Only like the char siew and the wanton! Thanks…will post on the seminar one of these days!

  10. hiya stp. 1st time here. got it fm pete’s. the cartoon is hilarious. the food looks delish, and im drooling over some photos. damn! now where’s my kleenex…hahaha. cheers..

    Welcome! Welcome! Will add you to my blogroll and drop by ur blog soonest! Just got back to KK…so have to settle the loose ends first. Do come again!

  11. kampua is nice, but kolo mee is still my fav.

    what to do, i’m from kuching, not sibu 😛

    I’m from Sibu, not Kuching…but I prefer kolo mee! Guess I’m the odd one out over here! LOL!!

  12. honestly, i was really thinking of something else except the duckie float! Gosh, i need to cleanse my mind. Anyways, wishing a safe journey and have fun!

    Hahahahaha!!! Great minds think alike!…Thanks! Yes, I’m home safely and I did have a good time. Watch out for the posts coming up…soon!

  13. I already met STP last evening! 😀 😀 and kpenyu2000 too… oh oh taking this opportunity to wish kpenyu a very happy birthday!!! STP, pinjam your blog ah… this guy don’t have a blog on his own? Yet I hope LOL and thanks for the treat kpenyu! I’ll leave the details to STP to post 😉

    p.s: I don’t see any spam comments from kpenyu? LOL

    Glad to have made the acquaintance, u and Man-D. Watch out for the post…coming soon!…Dinner was just great, and the company too! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  14. lol mei le kampua very nice… use to eat there last time … should try their chicken rice also ..

    I didn’t think it was really great! The char siew/roast chicken/duck/pork etc….is the same as the one opposite Public Bank in the town. They say this one is the brother. Nice!!! Very nice!

  15. Happy birthday to the law-eya. Ai yo you.. good at twisting implications made from pictures.Naughty…

    I’m sure he had a happy one…people from so far came to celebrate with him! LOL!!!

  16. kpenyu, hope you had a great burfdae!!

    p/s: when is STP coming back?

    I’m back. After three failed attempts to land in Miri, stormy weather – the plane proceeded to Bintulu and then to Sibu. Landed 45 minutes later than scheduled! So scary!!!! LOL!!!

  17. great to meet the nice folks with stp in kk.. thanks for the birthday wishes.. Who taught him??? ha ha ha ha

    Taught me what?…Blogging? Learn lor! Trial and error!!! That’s why in the first month only two posts – two weeks one! LOL!!!

  18. Had a great weekend myself…actually this is my original name but too many Hong Kong folks invited me to Chat Room then..cant speak cantonese so..change lo..they thought penyuu=friend ho ho ho ho..still freindly though. All gone home..aiya. Mr lonely again now lol

    Yakah?…Lonely again? So kesian! Never mind! Ask KK schools to invite me, then I’ll go over again! This time, MUST go karaoke…Didn’t go, that’s why hilang suara! Poonek! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  19. STP punik karaoke so aeroplane don’t want to land. The pilot wants you to go back check on STP Western food also. We saw it as well.

    Dunno what I poonek! Squashed my thumb on the door summore that morning before leaving for KK!…Thought all the hungry ghosts already gone home? LOL!!!

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