I’d rather…

Monday morning, after a night of feasting and boozing (Not me though! The rest of them! As a matter of fact, they were already drinking during dinner. I, on the other hand, was SO good and did not touch a drop!), Bongkersz and I went for breakfast.

I don’t think many of you would remember the Rasa Sayang kampua (noodles) that was so good that I would go two or three times a week for the same thing. It was not exactly like kampua, more a cross between that and Kuching kolo mee. Unfortunately, they closed down the place (Dunno if it’s true but I heard the owner got into some trouble legally for beating up the Indon maid!). However, somebody told me that the business was still running, so we decided to check it out. Sad to say, what I heard was just a rumour. Somebody else had taken over the place and this was the kampua that we had that morning…  

It certainly failed miserably as an imitation of the original Rasa Sayang kampua as it came nowhere near it…but to be fair, it was fairly nice. There are a lot of other places in the town where the kampua is quite bad but then, there are others that have much nicer ones that I’d rather have. Rest assured that you won’t see me back there again!

But frankly speaking, I’d rather have a not-so-nice plate of kampua than this…..

Little Italy 1

Eyew! It certainly looks like black worms and the mere sight of it will absolutely ruin my appetite, that’s for sure! However, Gerrie of drivenbymood.wordpress.com had that plate of squid ink pasta at Little Italy in KK and she said it was nice. No, thank you! LOL!!! I wouldn’t mind this though, also from the same place… 

Little Italy 2

…but given the choice, I’d rather go for this…

gerrie's A1 curry chicken

This was Gerrie’s chicken curry that she cooked using the A1 instant curry mix for meat that I was telling everybody a few posts back. Well, she was in total agreement with me that it was very nice and a welcome relief – as you do not have to go through the trouble of preparing all the ingredients for cooking curry. Bongkersz has given it a try and given it the thumbs up…and he’s going to try the rendang mix next. Even all the way Down Under, people like Stella and jeremychee use it too! You can click the link to see jeremy’s post about it. It seems that it is available there too! 

I have tried the A1 instant curry mix for fish too, adding pineapples, ladies’ fingers, brinjal, tomatoes, bean curd sticks, fried bean curd…to the fish/fish head and it was absolutely fabulous too! Can give Sheraton’s fish head curry a run for their money anytime! Should I be cooking that anytime soon, I’ll post on it so everybody can have a look…or perhaps, you would like to take the chance and give it a try yourself first?

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32 thoughts on “I’d rather…”

  1. you’re late today… kampua deprivation? where’s this rasa sayang place? have you tried the laksa mee or whatever at the mas corner? more like a belacan kampua.

    I think I posted at 7.06, was that late?…Took a while to put in all the links and trackbacks. I have not been to mas corner for a long time as I don’t like that rude and grumpy man. His laksa used to run out by 10 but lately I heard it’s still available around lunchtime…and a friend had stomachache from eating there!…I prefer Thomson Corner’s laksa.

  2. The squid ink pasta doesn’t look appealing. But I’d like to try it 😉

    Eh, Shandy also got a little bit of alcohol lar. What did not touch a bit. LOL!

    Gee! Good thing I didn’t get drunk! Wouldn’t know what you people will do to me…Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  3. When I was in KK, I wanted to go to Little Italy but I heard that the service was slow and bad. They serve the mains before the appetisers! The squid ink pasta in the pic certainly doesn’t look that appetising. I can recommend Il Divo in Sri Hartamas KL where the squid ink Risotto was great! But have to eat it while it’s still warm and don’t smile after eating it!

    Wouldn’t make a difference to me! My teeth all black already from al the smoking! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Gerrie got A+ for the A1 curry! As for the squid ink pasta, no thanks!Heard squid ink is very well used in cooking now,a delicacy n known in japanese cooking. Kampua!Kampua!Here i come!Yipeee!!! STP, why not eat the squid ink pasta, take photo with a big smile,post in yr facebook profile n see what reaction u get!LOL!!!

    Bad enough that they call me commentwhore…Don’t wanna be a camwhore summore!!!

  5. squid ink pasta? ha ha, i haven’t been to kk for so long.. too busy.. ha ha, but i love wine!

    Aren’t u in KK? Don’t tell me u’re cooped up in ur uni?…Must be so kiam siap lah! Dun wanna go out cos dun wanna spend any money!!! LOL!!!

  6. hmm rasa sayang kampua .. i ate it once be4.. haha .. i miss kampua~!! hmph >,<

    No more! This one not nice!!!…U coming home for Raya hols?

  7. keep me update on the rendang mix. TQ

    He’s gone off sumwhere into the jungle for some project so I don’t think he’ll be cooking anything so soon. U tried the fish?

  8. The quid ink pasta is really unappetizing. I certainly won’t want to put that in my mouth!! LOL
    I’m going to try the ready-to-mix curry too.

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Another convert! They really have to pay me for boosting their sales!

  9. Sigh! Maybe the squid ink pasta is an acquired taste. I absolutely loved it…maybe it could have been better presented, but it will still be black…it IS squid ink after all!

    When we buy squid, we would wash away ALL the ink…and even remove the thin layer of skin so we will have really white squid for cooking! I think I’d just pass on the ink! Would probably look like I’ve been drinking blue lotion! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. Btw, the curry was beef, not chicken. I did try the using chicken last saturday, and my mum and c4stp came over for dinner. Mum said it’s not bad (just a tad sweet), and c4stp also said it was good despite it being a packaged “rempah”.

    Couldn’t see the meat…so I thought it was chicken though I remember you said beef and it was tough. It’s more like the nyonya curry. Did you use santan or evaporated milk? Maybe santan’s sweeter…It is nice and so thankful we don’t have to go thru the chore of preparing the ingredients!

  11. Beef or chicken? Tea or coffee?.. Ha ha ha ha..so rojakky cannot tell the difference.. Was that the tough cookie??
    Stp it’s confirm then..Kampua all the way during your stay here…some with soya bean sauce so so black till look like squid ink..gerrie..now I know lo..you eat the black black thingy from the sotong too and already acguired the taste HA HA HA..and absolutely love it again..HA HA HA

    I refrain from making any comment…and I’m sure gerrie also malas nak layan! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Never mind! I’ve got sweet young girls to take care of me….sure they will not make me eat kampua the whole time I’ll be in KK! LOL!!!

  12. let’s bring them all to Kuala Penyu..LOL.Ruby again??? Where

    No thanks…dun wanna be a penyu!!!…No news so far! Haven’t checked email yet! Server problem today!

  13. I used santan, for both the beef and chicken, as I like the way it thickens the gravy. Yes no hassle curry, and tastes really good…with rice or bread!
    stp, we have to excuse kpenyu…he’s being NCAA-ish!
    I did read however that a certain leader of a certain opposition party is ALLEGEDLY partial to that particular “black black thingy from the sotong” that kpenyu was referring to.
    (*scratches head* I could’ve sworn I wrote something about someone liking that particular type of squid that only kpenyu is familiar with)
    Ah well! LOL!

    I’ve tried to spam him…but somehow I have not been successful! Too slimey, I guess! Must consult my blogger friends as to how to go about it! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. What is kampua? I know Kuching kolo mee which was all the rage in S’pore some time ago and still has one stall (perhaps more elsewhere) in Chinatown. But having had the stuff a couple of times, I’m afraid I don’t know what the fuss is abt. Btw, pacik, my post on the conservation house is finally complete.. u may want to see the remainder of the menu..

    Well, it’s what you see in the photo…and those in my earlier posts. I prefer Kuching kolo mee…but then like kampua, there are good ones and not so good ones. You need to know where to go. Come to Sibu lah! You can try for yourself… Everything’s dirt cheap here, especially for Singaporeans!

  15. yeah, A1 rawks.

    thumbs up from me as well 😉

    and that plate of black stuff – what’s it called? looks like something that Ju-On eats…

    Who’s Ju-On? One of those Korean actors?

  16. auntielucia, a friend from singapore had the kuching kolo mee, and then went all excited that a stall was opening in singapore. She went, tried, and said it was just plain lousy, very un-kuching kolo mee. Like stp said previously, you can only eat good kolo mee in kuching.

    As for kampua, I leave that to stp to further elaborate.

    Yeah…like the kampua in Auckland. The only plus point is that they use char siew for the meat whereas here, they just use the thin slices of boiled pork. The mee, however, is far from what kampua tastes like! I make better ones at home – I think I had a post on that.

  17. Don’t be like that ba..people so loyal..nothing better to do and search your name on the net..wah.. hebat stp..and can never imagine you use exercise books as darts too… enjoyed that..people like you makes the difference..

    Your comment has been edited to protect the innocent…and don’t lie! You went thru’ SYT’s archives to drool over all her sexy photos!!!! So gatal…what u mean “nothing to do”???

  18. wahhh.. squid ink pasta? nice name for a pasta.. and … er.. kinda… unique too… havent seen it b4…

    Sounds like some kind of tattoo, if u ask me! LOL!!!

  19. Squid ink is edible? Kewl… so do u end up with black teeth after eating that? Looks like some Alien food.
    Rasa Sayang Kampua eh? in kuching, Rasa Sayang serves filipino cuisine. hahah.

    I guess Asians will eat anything. Lucky thing not red or will look like vampire! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  20. Gee….I guess squid ink pasta is a rarity still.

    Further reading:




    Guess it’s better than drinking snake’s blood! I love pig’s blood thoug! Haven’t had that for a long time. At least, it’s not eaten in liquid form! LOL!!!

  21. Where are the sexy stuffs..tell me please.

    In your head….in your head….(zombie! zombie!…) Hahahahahaha!!!!

  22. yaya im going back this raya hols .. it is my term break also .. haha i think i going to eat kampua for the whole week when back in sibu ..

    Hahahahaha!!!! I’d better ask my daughter if she wants to come back. At least she has some travelling company. U’re using the cheap airline?

  23. the curry looks good. not heard of kampua haha. but will go try when i head up north next time 🙂

    on the black noodles, on first sight, ya, it do look funny huh. but really, its quite nice i think. i guess it will be better looking if the noodles are shorter?

    East, you mean?…Sibu is in East Malaysia, the central region. Lots of noice food here and very cheap! You should come by sometime! One (long) weekend would be nice!

  24. Squid Ink Pasta!! That’s very Spanish.

    Squid ink is considered a delicacy in the Mediterranean countries. Haven’t had it for sometime.

    thanks for the picture.

    Eyew…wouldn’t want to try it even! LOL!!! Guess I’m not that adventurous!

  25. errr i havent book my ticket yet.. will book this coming monday .. going back on 26th evening ..

    My daughter’s not coming back! Sticking to her decision! 😦

  26. why gerrie’s chicken curry so thick eh? 😛 the squid pasta? ugh.. 😛 😛

    Did not add so much water, more santan…Nice, thick gravy like that! Some Malay friends feel their curry is not like that though…but I prefer it that way!

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