If I had a hammer…

If I had a hammer, I would be able to eat crabs! That is exactly what they will give you if you have their signature dish for dinner at Hai Bing Restaurant along Jalan Maju (facing The Esplanade) so that you can crack the hard shell of the claws…

Crabs @ Hai Bing

I remember that I brought jeremychee there with Kpg Nangka Boy and the others when they came to Sibu a number of years ago. Jeremy’s was one of the earliest blogs I was reading way back then (when I didn’t have one myself) and posting comments in. But on Sunday night, I was there with a totally different group of people. In my previous post, I mentioned that Bongkersz had taken the opportunity during the long weekend to come all the way to Sibu again to visit me (Wink! Wink! LOL!!!). He was here in early July, I think and now, he’s back again…..

Bongkersz @ Hai Bing

Hang Yuh was there too; he’s an ex-student of mine who is now working in Shell (Miri) and spending most of his time jetsetting all over the globe to places like Amsterdam, France, Switzerland and so on…and putting the English he had learnt from me to good use! LOL!!!

Hang Yuh @ Hai Bing

He had contacted me a few days earlier to tell me that he would be home in Sibu for the weekend, so I asked him to join us that night. Obviously he had never been in the company of bloggers and was quite tickled by the fact that we had to say grace for every dish and no one would be allowed to touch the food until everybody had had the chance to take satisfactory post-worthy shots! ROTFLMAO!!!

Other than the crabs, I ordered a few typical Foochow specialties such as the ang chao pork leg (I must say that my wife can cook it a lot nicer!)…

Ang chow pork leg @ Hai Bing

and the tofu soup, Foochow style.

Tofu soup Foochow style @ Hai Bing

In my opinion, among all the restuarants in Sibu, Huai Bin Hai Bing does it best. Then of course, we must have the Foochow fried noodles (with gravy)…

Foochow fried noodles @ Hai Bing

…and for the vegetable dishes, we had asparagus…

Asparagus @ Hai Bing

…and midin (jungle fern) with belacan (prawn paste).

Midin with belacan @ Hai Bing

Don’t worry! It wasn’t an all-stag party as we had our sweet young thing, Clare, with us. You can click this link to her blog to see her post on the dinner.

Clare @ Hai Bing

Yes! Yes! Her photos are bigger, clearer, nicer etc…etc…etc!!! Humph! Perhaps I should stop asking her out to dinner so that she would not be posting snapshots that would put mine to shame! Sob! Sob! LOL!!! I invited Huai Bin (Don’t let that cute, lovable, innocent look fool you! Hahahahaha!!!)…

Huai Bin @ Hai Bing

…and Bengbeng to join us too but the latter had to leave earlier to attend another function.

Well, I hope everybody enjoyed the dinner and the company…and the hammering too! I most certainly did…..

P.S.: Incidentally, this is my 200th post and the last time I checked, I had 52,653 views and 4,096 comments. Keep them coming! I only have a PR3 on google page ranking while my website according to www.websiteoutlook.com is worth US$3,679.20 (It used to be US$299.50 not too long ago) with an average 1,101 daily page views. Thanks to one and all for your unfailing support!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “If I had a hammer…”

  1. Wow! Your website ‘naik harga’ now kah! U owe me one too cos i commented at least 0.08% on your blog.Btw that Hang Yuh could be related to my ‘milo’ friend. Is he Hokkien. Can u also pass a msg for me to your relative Kylie Kwong that m still waiting for her sms reply. Thks. Have a good day,it is raining over here and the weather is dark n gloomy so I am out of here for the whole day for coffee! Hope u make it to 5,000 today, STP!

    Thank you! Thank you! How come you did not post 4 comments??? Mathematical error lah! That would only come to 4,100. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!…Have conveyed ur msg to Kylie. If I’m not mistaken, Hang Yuh is Ah Sai’s nephew – that guy who migrated to Australia and was teaching somewhere in the Bush or something (if my info is correct)? Wah…lady of leisure! So nice!

  2. this calls for a celebration on you the next time i’m in town… pls. don’t sms me when i’ve hit the sack or 4 a.m. btw. bonkersz, we’re still waiting for your treat.

    No problem at all! Just give me a tinkle!….You’ve got any cure for elderly people with insomnia? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. You’re welcome so just make sure when I’m in Sibu next time, you’ll take me on a makan trip!

    Of course! Gee! I’ll be the envy of every guy in town, going out with such a GORGEOUS lady!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  4. Wah! Since when did you take that candid shot of me? Luckily I wasn’t putting on weird expressions. LOL! Anyway, thanks for the dinner, but like you said it was nice but not that great.

    I didn’t do the hammering. Hahaha! I used my teeth. Grrr!!!

    Gosh! What strong and sharp chompers you have!!! Eeee…what else can you bite? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!….Wah! Stole my lau-eya photo to post in ur blog! My pics not so bad lah hor…!!!??? LOL!!!

  5. Thanks for the treat STP, I feel embarrassed it’s always you treating when I am in Sibu, people may think I only go there for the free food… all the time. Hence the ‘well fed look’ eh? LOL! Yes KongKay, let’s arrange some meet ups, it’ll be on me 🙂

    You’re most welcome. Don’t worry…anybody comes to town and contacts me, sure I’ll take out to do what I do best…MAKAN! LOL! Want to stay at my house also can…just no 5-star facilities! 2-star maybe got lah…with complimentary Cititel bath towel, Dormani bath gel, Sutera Harbour toothbrush, Holiday Inn shaver etc etc etc! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  6. Sorry stp and all the other guys that I
    couldn’t make it that night. Need sometime to
    recover and be active again.Your blog is
    certainly getting more popular by the day.

    Ya, too bad couldn’t get to meet u in person…yet! Hope to do that someday. Take care and get well soon!

  7. Aiyo–u got handsome guests.. still available or not.. can put in application in for s-i-l….lol…hahaha

    The SHELL guy is VERY eligible. Want or not?…How many too kha (pork leg) will I get? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. Nice to have a gathering of bloggers. Is this the same dinner Bengbeng blogged about recently?

    Yes, very nice. U come, I can hold one for you too. Yup, he and Clare posted on the dinner yesterday. I’ve provided the links to their posts. Mine’s a day late cos I had something else to post earlier.

  9. Gerrie, it is already Sept. Stella will be in town soon./ Hey, we are all counting on you to plan something ok. Whatever it is….

    Nobody’s coming to Sibu…???

  10. Gundot, aiyooo…..actually this was mentioned yesterday. Please come up with suggestions…I think we book a private room in one of the restaurants for dinner on 21st.

    Stella, how many of you coming out to Kuching? Also, can you please please help me buy a 500 gm pack of “COMVITA Lemon and Honey Lozenges”? I hear it’s cheaper in the asian stores, but you don’t have to go to all that trouble…just buy when you see them. Thanks a bunch!!!! We can’t get them here.

    Nobody’s coming to Sibu???…..Private room? Hope no blackout again like the last time? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. Myself stella and Sal-li mum will be flying to Kuching..anybody want belachan..sms me.

    Nobody’s coming to Sibu…??? I want! I want! Belacan!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  12. Wow.. You’ve 1101 daily views??? Should get dot com and put Nuffnang / Advertlets in your blog to earn extra pocket money 😀

    No need lah!…I had somebody asking me to write paid posts but I did not bother to get back to him. Too much money also headache! Just be happy with what I’ve got!

  13. haha, can’t believe you still remember!

    yeah, that brief trip to sibu was a memorable one – never had so much food in a space of 3 days!

    would love to visit again 🙂

    Of course I remember! I’ve the size like an elephant and a memory like one too! An elephant never forgets! LOL!!! Welcome…! Make sure u make a trip here, even for a couple of days anytime you’re heading back to Kuching. Book early on that cheap airline…

  14. What about the shanghai restaurant at Lok Thian? They have a big round table for 20 people! Need to book though as there’s only 1 big table. Hopefully no more black out.

    Thought Lok Thian was into Thai food once? Shanghai now? There’s a Shanghai restuarant here…but the food isn’t that nice and more expensive – compared to Ruby. Better and less expensive than Swansea though – the one we went to!

  15. Thks,Kylie sms already! So I am right, the handsome guy is hokkien,not bad STP, if matchmake successful, Pollie can give u really big big ‘tuka’ one LOL! Gerrie will try to find yr Comvita, have heard of Propolis, do u want that if no comvita?
    Ah Sai now Man of Leisure lah! No more bush, now upgraded himself to 5 star no more swearing but full of London talk!LOL! Am going to email him now to tell him yr site n asked him to see his ‘chinlang’maybe he may comment n Pollie can try the matchmake thru him too, if nephew anything like Ah Sai, Boleh Tahan also!LOL!! Thks a bunch guy for trying to organise a gathering for us all, looking forward to see u all, gerrie,gundot,sophia etc, and of course STP!! Pollie, some belachan for me too.!Thks!

    What for u want the belacan? U’ll never get past Oz customs! They’re very strict with food, I hear…like NZ too! So which date are you all reserving for me to treat you all to dinner? Gee! Such a tight programme – so much to eat, so little time!

  16. Yalor, that cute, innocent, lovable look has been a stumbling block to many an innocent girl already. 😉

    Alas! The poor victims! They fail to see the wolf in sheep’s clothing! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. Pacik: I love crabs and claws in particular but forego eating the stuff mostly because I hate having to de-shell and get my fingers smelling of crab. So, I eat only when crab is served without the shell!
    Btw, I’m most impressed by how you manage to build up yr traffic. Teach, lah, to an eager student.
    As for yr pix, they look great on my comp whereas mine looks bad and worse when considering that you say my mobile cam is of a newer model than yrs.
    How do you do it!!

    Hey! What happened? You were awaiting moderation! Using another computer?…My pics are ok on PCs (small if using laptops) as long as I keep them in the present size, using the 3-column theme…but any bigger, they would become blur owing to their lower resolution (not-so-good hp camera). For good photos, you’ll need good light, steady hands…and switch to night mode if the lighting is insufficient (but I think 6500 has a flash). My hp camera is not good for closeups, I dunno about urs…and do try different angles. As for the traffic, I don’t do anything; they come from here, there and everywhere. But I do return every visitor’s comments and go to theirs to comment as well.

  18. reading the wrong post at the wrong time…..againnnnn.lolz

    Hahahahahaha!!!! See! Didn’t get in touch with me when you came home! You missed all that!!!….I bet Alex is longing to come home now? LOL!!!

  19. Great name for a new foochow song man..”Nobody’s coming to Sibu”…and compliment your friend’s” May..ley..siak ” pronounciation..saw that somewhere.

    So Kesia but now that you save lots of money..promise to help you spend in KK.

    Afternoon tea in Kolombong Friday…the Bak Pau ok there..Dinner at SuperTanker Sat evening,,..in between stuffings your fancy.

    ..at the rate your site is growing…soon can conduct forun lo..can see the trend already he he..correction.. is two cititel towelS…

    What do you mean “spend in KK”? I go all the way to help u celebrate your birthday…so everything’s on you!!!…And I usually don’t eat meat on Fridays…..and as for the TWO towels, Bongkersz was here for 1 nite only, so used 1 only lor! No need to provide fresh towel the following day! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  20. him ar?hmm…not really eh?you should ask him..then he will tell you..hahah

    He…hardly ever comments in my blog, so I won’t know!

  21. Pollie, some belacan for me please!

    Sophia, I think that’s a good idea. I’ve not been here, but heard it’s nice. Any other ideas? Can you call confirm numbers from each family? Then it becomes easier.

    STP, please join us!

    No, thanks! Been jetsetting too much liao! Hope I will not need to do anymore for the rest of the year.

  22. Alternatively, there’s always Heritage. Apparently you’ll have to know what to order at the shanghainese, unless someone is familiar with the dishes.

    Maybe you can check kongkay1.blogspot.com? He seems to have been everywhere so you may find a post on it?

  23. ha ha ……. nice title 😀

    when I eat crab with rice, I first finish all the crab, ( need both hands ) and then have rice or whatever 😉

    Hello, Dinu. Welcome…from all the way in Kerala and do come again often, ya? All my post titles are titles of songs that I know…but it gets pretty hard when I have to link to an old post. We use our hands to eat crabs too…but that night, we had noodles. I did order a bowl of rice and had a bit as according to the Melanau (and other ethnic races here) superstition, we need to do that or at least touch it, otherwise, some accident or bad thing may happen….

  24. I had a very nice crab meal at Restaurant Fatty Crab in KL as well when I was there in July! How was yours?

    The crabs were nice…but small. Normally, the crabs there would be 2-3 times the size of what we had. They only had one way of cooking; I would prefer chilli crabs. They have places here where they sell cheap crabs (reared ones) but these are even smaller and the texture of the meat is softer and they do not taste as good. Crabs must be expensive in KL?…..Crab meals good for gatherings as it will take a long time so everyone can chit-chat while trying to get to the crab meat.

  25. Had lots of crabs over the weekend, first in Geylang and then in KL. They have bigger crabs there compared to Sarawak. But alot more expensive of course. Then again i wasn’t doing the paying so hantam only lar. Ooh… ang chow pork. yums. Frying rice in the unwashed wok after cooking ang chow is superb! Red fried rice..hehe.

    That would be just like eating rice, add the ang chow gravy. I’m not crazy about it…and my daughter does not like it even though my missus cooks it quite often (Very limited easy-to-cook recipes, I guess!)… 😀

  26. ha ha i’m bad at hammering the crab!
    i tried before…

    eh i see beers on table.. i thought you don’t drink anymore? 😛

    U crush the whole claw, I guess? Hahahahahaha!!!!…All the others drank, not me. Just had iced water!!! Don’t wanna suffer…

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