The girl is mine…

Never one for such formalities and pageantry, I hardly ever watched the live telecast of the National Day parade but this year is an exception because my daughter is taking part…

Hari Kebangsaan 51 Pic 1

She is somewhere there among the 2000 teacher trainees from various institutes in the country and 100 from Institut Perguruan Sultan Abdul Halim (IPSAH) in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

They have been brought all the way to participate in this year’s parade. Things were not all that encouraging right from the start since they arrived some 9 days ago. They were dumped in some apartment in Putrajaya, given nothing but ONE mattress each and they had to practise morning, afternoon and night – rain or shine! All I could say to her was that she should take it as a learning experience and such adversities would only serve to make an individual stronger and able to face the challenges ahead in one’s life…and more appreciative of whatever little blessings that we might have in our midst but had failed to realise it and appreciate them.

Hari Kebangsaan 51 Pic 2

As the days passed, she began to get used to it all and was getting excited about the big day and being a part of it all.

Hari Kebangsaan 51 Pic 3

Say what you want about me being biased and what not, but I think they put up a good show…and what is most important is that my girl is part of it all.

However, now that I am posting something about the event, there is something that I would like to bring up. My wife and I went to Seoul, South Korea in the 80s. I do not know if it is still like this today but at the time, much of the things were underground – the shops, the people moving around. They said it was because they feared an attack by North Korea. So, at ground level, it seemed like a pretty quiet city but once you stepped underground, it was bustling with life with crowds of people going here and there. At a certain time of the day, suddenly everybody stopped and stood to attention. My wife and I were still walking, oblivious to what was going on. Then I realised that the national anthem was being played over the public address system, so we quickly joined them and stood to attention as well.

This is a photo of the crowd at Dataran Merdeka as the national anthem was being played…

Hari Kebangsaan 51 Pic 4

Unlike the South Koreans, it is a real shame that nobody stood to attention to show their respect and sense of patriotism. Some even stood with their arms folded. Little things mean a lot and it is through the little things along the way that we can learn to love our country. Don’t bother talking about anything else if we can’t even do this little bit…

And to get back to the post proper, thumbs up, girl! Way to go! Daddy’s very proud of you and for your contribution to this great day!

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18 thoughts on “The girl is mine…”

  1. You must be very proud of your daughter. Such a patriotic father and daughter. Yes, it’s a shame that nowadays, Malaysians don’t respect the national anthem as much as we used to last time.

    No lah! Even last time, when they used to play the anthem in cinemas before the movie started, nobody stood up. I only stood up once because the Sacred Heart Catholic brothers (Mat Sallehs, all of them) were sitting behind me and they were standing…and I would not want to face the music Monday at school! LOL!!

  2. well then its up to us ppl to make a change… and be proud of our beloved Malaysia!!!

    Malaysian food rocks!!!

    Yes…otherwise, we can wait till eternity and nothing has changed!

  3. …eiling: What?? How you got your comments through..mine delete delete liau.ha ha ha. I am celebrating the Holiday
    STP..good for her..she will never forget that.Last time we were paid 10sen to attend funeral on school behalf but we did’t mind cos the holiday was nore important.. ha ha ha

    Look again! Snip! Snip! Snip! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Sorry, eiling! If kpenyu didn’t rub it in, I probably would have ignored it. LOL!!…I had to line the streets in the hot sun to wave the flag and welcome Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, all the primary school kids!!! And he just drove past at full speed in his limo!!! Chesh!!

  4. Hmm…. National Day today kah???? Just kidding lah. My school kids have to go for parade at Padang Merdeka today as early as 5.45am!! They get RM5 each.

    Wah! RM5 now kah? So lucky, kids today!!!

  5. Why no one want this poor lalat to any of those mentioned parades ? I’m quite a nice disease vector lar. Sob sob…

    So pathetic hor! Left out of everything! Never mind! You’re going to National Service!!! Something’s better than nothing! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. My son had to wake up BEFORE the crack of dawn at 4 am, be at school by 4.30 am, so they can make their way to Waterfront (in front of Promenade Hotel)to march with his school band for the merdeka parade. He is a rather good trombonist!

    Ooo…he’s good at blowing??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. …ha ha ha I realised you Mr Ka Tor now…. You were in Sacred Heart???
    wah gundot..that’s 5000% inflation hor..and gov’t rate…better than 1.2m% in Zimbabwie i guess.
    stp was thinking of you over Gu Bak Mee near Foo Pin this morning..

    Like Edward Scissorhands! LOL!!!…Hey! What you doing thinking of me??? Chesh!!!

  8. Watched the parade on TV once and all I saw was the ministers’ stupid face (and some of them need to look at the lyrics when singing Negaraku wan), so boring, so never bothered to watch again. Heheheh!

    They all looked unhappy!…Still like that this year! Like no semangat!

  9. This is what parenting is all about isn’t it STP. No matter how big or small, significant or insignificant it is, we as parents will always be proud of their achievements. I can pictured u bringing out the strongest binoculars that u got or even the magnifying lens and trying to spot your gal in the crowd! Hope u managed to at least get a glimpse of her!So do u also stand up straight infront of the TV today n sing the national anthem as loud as you can together with the crowds in the televised event? N if u do, good on u, very patriotic indeed!!LOL!

    No lah! Just knowing she was somewhere there, very proud already!!! Aren’t all parents the same?

  10. I even see my students in school not standing up properly while singing the national anthem. Some of them even make funny voices while singing. Very sad to look at them. Yesterday in school, we even saw a student waving the national flag upside down. Luckily, they are not actually my students, if not they will sure get a long lecture from me.

    My students not like that! Not in my presence, at least!…They’ll always toe the line! Size does matter! LOL!!!

  11. choonie… I like your students… very street wise and conscious…ha ha ha ha

    Just like you lah hor? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. … oh I mean the other teacher’s student..he he he

    Same same…or maybe you were worse? A thorn in the principal’s flesh? LOL!!!

  13. I missed the parade on tv.. and the one here in KK… but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of being a Malaysian! 🙂

    Don’t worry! I never bothered either before…but that doesn’t mean I’m not patriotic!

  14. Nope..He has already entered uni..UPNM.. this is a military uni.. He takes engineering there…

    Good for him. Tell him I say hi and wish him all the best!!!

  15. yay! Son’s school band won first place in their category yesterday!

    Ooo…congrats! Now you can post on that! Such proud parents we are, aren’t we? LOL!!!

  16. good on ya girl!

    make daddy proud 😛

    I’m such a doting parent, don’t u think? Hiaz! Only child mah!!! Hey! U’re an only child too, right? And someday she’ll fly off and leave the roost…like you! Sob! Sob! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. Hahah.. yeah, she’ll migrate to Aussie land and leave u behind.
    Was in Melaka during the National Day… they had a parade at the Jonker walk, wss viewing it from my hotel room. My friend had his wedding on the same day in the St Francis chapel at noon.

    No problem!!! I’m fine with anything!…Ur friend kahwin? When ur turn leh? Already no much hair left…..LOL!!!

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