Shall we dance…

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From Melbie’s blog and it seems that she got it from Noktah Hitam



We are like partners in the ronggeng,
Approaching nearer, nearer, nearer;
But just when one would think we’d meet at last,
We turn away, reverse our steps, withdraw.

And like the ronggeng too, my life seems now,
With steps mechanical, repeated, meaningless;
Arms swinging back and forth, expressing nothing,
Feet pacing up and down the floor, going nowhere.

I am tired of going through these ronggeng motions,
Long to break this impasse of reserve;
If only at one point our hands would clasp,
What rich variety of movement and gesture could be ours.

Malay traditional dance
The Anak Dalam Gading Dancers from SMK Lundu. Photo from Fred’s

So, reach out and touch somebody’s hand and make our country a better place, if we can. It’s up to us, you and me! A Happy National Day to one and all…

P.S.: This is about the way things are and how we may make it better. PERIOD. Please do have the decency not to spam my comment box. All comments deemed unsuitable for general attention WILL be deleted. Kindly take note, thank you!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Shall we dance…”

  1. I only knew one dance when I was young, the christmas polka, taught by my aunty. I only danced with families. As my horizon widens, I got to learn different moves n dance with more dancers. Life gets more interesting because u realised there is more than one dance n everyone dances differently. U got to dance with someone to know how they dance.As for STP,he can do bamboo to pole dancing but bet he can’t do the Limbo!! LOL!!

    Defintely not in my present shape and size! The tummy will hit the pole! Hahahahahahahah!!!!…Ooo…I loved dancing! How I enjoyed it when I danced in my younger days…

  2. Hey, can you Limbo rock? How low can you bend backward? I mean, last time la.

    Suddenly feel like want to do the Chubby Checker *search for Let’s Twist Again song from my music collection*

    Hmm…last time in primary school got lah, represent school to this and that opening ceremony doing Korean dance with paper fan. Ugh! The make up was so ugly! Yuck!

    The Limbo didn’t catch on here…but for the twist, we would bend backwards as low as we could…and sometimes, some people might end up on their backs! Not me! Of course, we had the A go-go, the cha cha, the samba etc…and the “ballroom” dances. Those were the days! LOL!!!

  3. First it was YMCA..then Why MCMC… ok la today I do Breakdance..just lie on my back and ask someone to turn me round & round

    You think they will be able to move you…??? LOL!!!

  4. I like the movie ‘Shall we Dance’ and i like tango and waltz. Very romantic

    U can dance? I thought you can only fly??? Hahahahahahahaha!!!

  5. am learning pocho-pocho. 4steps moving yr feet pacing up and down turn..arms swinging-just follow the leader-its great for exercise n u dance to the music..just dont over-do at my legs were dead tired the 1st time I learn….STP U can go for it. am sure there are classes for this in Sibu.

    They have been doing this in school e.g. on Teachers’ Day…something like line dancing. Aiyor! Like that also tired meh? Old liao lor! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. Pollie, I have seen them do this, and thought it’s quite fun and enjoyable. I think Sab does it quite well as well. I just don’t think I’m up to it though. I have this thing about expressing myself physically in public, that’s why I never ever do aerobics! I tried again recently, gamely joining “Core Iron”, a group fitness program, and the second I caught myself in the mirror, it was curtains for me. Needless to say, that was my first and last class.

    You can buy the line dancing vcd and do it at home…but then it’s more fun with a lot of people!!!

  7. we all should be like STP enjoy life to the fullest. Gerrie its fun with lots of people.
    i always like to be in the front row..n am asked to move – they said this big tree is blocking the view… who cares..last time I would be so self-conscious maybe will not turn up for class again…no need to be pai-seh. older n wiser n dont give a damn.haha.

    Yalor…so old already, anything goes! No shy2 one!…Just have fun while you still can!!!

  8. Yep, got the logo from NoktahHitam 🙂

    Ronggeng? No idea.. hihihihi

    Look for the subtle meaning in the poem, the underlying message regarding “relationships”!

  9. errr, mine ain’t a spam, right?

    been a while since i witnessed ronggeng… LOL

    Hahahahahaha!!! U scared I’d go snip…snip??? Hah! Wait till you see me doing the ronggeng! ROTFLMAO!

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