Sometime ago, I was tagged by cc of and my apologies to her for having taken my sweet time to get down to it. Well, as they say, better late than never! LOL!! This particular tag is about books and reading. It is a bit long, so I have left out a few of the questions. These are the ones that I have chosen to respond to…

Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?
When I was young, I loved reading comics – Superman, Batman, Flash, The Phantom, The Green Lantern, Aquaman…you name it, I had read it! I also had an auntie who would buy books for me for Christmas, birthdays, doing well in examinations, so I guess that also contributed to the inculcation of the reading habit in me since young.

Children's book

What are some books you read as a child?
I do not think there were any Ladybird or Bookworm books at the time. I remember I had some fairy tale books with big letters and lots of colourful pictures. I had “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” and “Bluebeard” among others and I read Enid Blyton too…and later I progressed to The Secret Seven, The Famous Five and so on.

What is your favourite genre?
Fiction, of course…and I like to read the works of local/Asian writers with the more familiar setting and culture.

Do you have a favourite novel?
I loved “Goodbye, Mr Chips” by James Hilton and my all-time favourite has got to be “Twilight of the Nyonyas” by Chin Kee Onn…

Twilight of the Nyonyas

…until I read Mitch Albom’s “Tuesdays with Morrie”.

Do you read nonfiction in a different way or place than you read fiction?
I do not usually read non-fiction books unless I need some information, so it is definitely different. In fact, I have not bought many – just this collector’s item…


and some books on science or nature…but I do keep abreast with such factual stuff in the magazines that I subscribe to. My missus buys a lot of recipe books though (…but hardly ever cooks! Can just drool over the pictures! Sob! Sob!).

Do you buy most of the books you read or borrow them or check them out of the library?
I normally buy my own. I love the smell of new books…like the smell of new currency notes and I cannot stand old books that have turned yellow and have a horrible stench. I may borrow from friends and family sometimes but not from any library.

Do you keep most of the books you buy? If not, what do you do with them?
I normally do…but sometimes people borrow and never return. Darn!!!

What books would you like to reread?
My daughter does that but I usually don’t except for some humorous light reading books like these perhaps…


Who are your favourite authors?
None in particular, but I used to like the short stories written by Catherine Lim, especially her “Little Ironies – Stories of Singapore”…

Books by Catherine Lim

So there you have it, cc! I’ve done it…but I’m not going to tag anybody though. Wouldn’t wanna spoil their weekend. We’re having an extended one here because of National Day. Do have a bash this weekend, everybody!

P.S.: Oops! Looks like cc tagged jeremychee and I was tagged by him. Haiz! Old man lah! Memory not so good anymore (but can remember sweet young chick better! Hahahahaha!!!!). Coincidentally, we have the same title for our posts. I know “Stories” by Taiwan singer, Ch’yi (Best known for her theme song from the Chinese movie, “Your smiling face” or her cover of Mac Davis’ “Whoever finds this, I love you”).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Stories…”

  1. I think it was Jeremy who tagged you, not me! Wasn’t me who spoil your weekend! LOL

    OK…will check out his blog and link to that post then! Never mind…got nothing to post today, anyway! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Being able to read,personally I think is the best God-given gift! Those who do not enjoy reading I felt are missing out on a lot of knowledge. My favourite bookshop in Msia n Spore is MPH b’cos this is where I can find all the local authors I can’t get here. Thks for putting up the local books u have read STP! Have noted it down n hopefully will still be able to find those books. Yes! I love the smell of new books too n everytime I bought a new book I just can’t wait till bedtime, when all chores are done, put hubby n kids to bed,LOL! snuggled up in bed with milo or horlicks and read n read to my heart’s content!Can take me to Paris/New York, ancient times in msia n spore,nyonyas & babas era, where people just dressed up to the nines!Bliss!!!

    There are a number of such books of local interest…but internationally, there are some good ones too like Amy Tan, Adeline Yen Mah etc…

  3. I love reading romance, horror, fiction and for lite reading material Archie comics. Don’t fancy too much of those batman and superman stuff. Ya and also Dandy & Beano and Dennis & Gnasher comics. Love new books too but nowadays books are very costly so sometimes I just reread those that I already have or borrow from friends. The problem with me is that I cannot put the book down after I start reading. Once I finished a novel within half a day! After that I kept seeing stars. LOL!

    I didn’t like those Beano and Gnasher comics. Didn;t like the pictures. Sibu also another problem – hard to find good books to buy! Very limited selections….You too? So young? My eyes take them to refocus if I have been marking essays for a long time!

  4. haih, it was me who tagged u lar…keep thinking of cc pulak… LOL

    anyway, you’ve still got the long weekend so worry not abt doing the meme for one morning only πŸ˜›

    Hehehehehehe!!!! Well, done oredi!

  5. i have to agree with Stella that reading is the best God-given gift!! i started reading at the age of 3, i remember we had the series of Ladybird’s Peter and Jane during that time.. and we had to finish the whole series before we graduate from kindergarten..

    i enjoyed fiction and self motivationing books.. roald dahl is a good writer who brings fulfills a child’s wildest imagination….

    i loved Mitch Albom’s books, marion keyes, Dan Brown and Sophie Kinselle πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately, many Malaysian students these days do not have the reading culture. They only read their school textbooks…..

  6. hehe.. u read enid blyton eh, btw who in your ‘ancient’ era doesn’t??? LOL!! j/k

    but yea i read EB books a lot last time.. then it was harry potter… until one fine day my dad threw all of my HP collections……. since then i stop reading.

    Until now still find it hard to pick the reading habit up again.

    now am reading this book called ‘lovely bones’… quite nice

    I did not read any Harry Potter book. My daughter did…until she grew out of it. Not so interested anymore.

  7. wow…hebat betul..and admire your another sweet young thing involve ha ha ha ha..I don’t believe you have nothing to post.

    don’t know Taiwan singer Ch’yi..but familiar with Taiwan Tsu kii only..ha ha ha ha

    Wah! U think I’m so hamsap meh? Nice, decent, fatherly figure…every young girl’s uncle! Ummm…boys too! LOL!!

  8. If u have boys who can’t hold a book for long, here r some good boys’ story- books which maybe of interest for bloggers who have boys age 10-12yrs old. The rage at the moment is Five ancestors series by Jeff Cooke begin with Tiger,Snake,etc…,(abt Kungfu)n latest coming in Sept. Specky Mcgee by Gary Lyons n partner,series of 6bks great too, n also Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis n Lemony Snicketts series of unfortunate events. I will search hi n lo for latest books for my son ,don’t get me started on pokemon or transformers…etc. I am so so glad he is over that phase now, my house used to be strewn with all those figurines, not to mention star wars, n Darth Vader!!R u reading any interesting book at the moment STP! Don’t tell me if it is the triple XXX one!LOL!

    Not the boys here…exam-oriented! Or most of them at least! Only a few will read. As for me…same as pollie! Don’t read so much anymore. Prefer short stories…no need to spend a long time. Eyesight still ok though, no need to wear glasses. Aiyor…where got people read XXX books anymore? Internet got a lot – audio and visual some more! LOL!!!

  9. I used to read books by John Grisham, danielle Steel,Jeffrey Acher, Patricia cornwell, Amy Tan and Jackie gathering dust on my bookshelf…books so expensive now..poor eyesight n poor concentration .am reading recipe books now hihi.

    And cooking as well?…Hah! Yet you blame me cos you’re putting on weight!!! Humph! Just looking for a scapegoat!

  10. Shalom Book Store sells 2nd hand imported books for RM7.90. Some are very new.

    My daughter would love that! 1 wk in SP, went to mph twice and popular once…and spent over two hundred on books!!! Ok lah! At least she doesn’t spend on all those useless stuff like some young girls e.g. spend over RM50 just to get their fingernails done!

  11. Oh yeah.. i started with the Ladybird Peter and Jane. Hahaha. Then, like u, i proceeded to Enid Blyton, the ones with lots of short stories and then followed by Secret Seven then Famous Five. I find comfort in reading when i am feeling down. Then in form 4, i outgrew stories and i resort to self improvement books. Some of them are really good, especially the ones written by Dale Carnegie. Right now, after the 8th of May fiasco, i kinda took interest in political books about Malaysia. These books really let you have a deeper insights of the current situation of Malaysia, not all those bits and pieces falsehood of history textbooks and newspapers. So there ! A complete list of my reading history. Haha.

    Oh no! U becoming a politikus too?…Self-improvement books will only tell you things you already know. I prefer stories…meaningful, thought-provoking ones…of literary value!

  12. Oh and um, Stella, u should ask these kind of boys to read Dan Brown’s work. Absolutely thrilling, simply irresistible. You’ll keep on reading, period !

    To drumsticks, oi oi ! Don’t insult our ‘ancestor’generation lar. Haha ( even though i know they are very outdated *oops !* ) Haha. I think good books are meant for every generation.

    Dan Brown?…Not for me! Enid Blyton was very popular then. I don’t think there’s a children’s book writer today that can measure up to her. Come to think of you, who’s popular for children’s books these days?…None, I think? There are many books for children but no one writer stands out above the rest!

  13. O.. Sir, isn’t Adeline Yen Mah the one who wrote Chinese Cinderella ? Don’t really like it, i find some parts very long winded and a bit exaggerated.

    Yup! You’re not into those human drama books… Everyone I know loves it!!! (Mostly ladies and literary people though!)

  14. Ai yo! Housefly! If those boys 10-12y.o.(12-13 maybe) can read & understand Dan Brown now, they sure can get PHD already, m not meaning the permanent head damage ones neither the pretty huge D*** ones either!LOL!STP, you got your PHD yet,the proper one I mean!LOL!No hanky-panky monkey answers!

    If they read anything at all, can be thankful liao!!! PhD??? Blur! Blur!

  15. i love finance and self help book. i like fiction or fantasy too… hehe. i think i am addicted to the smell of books. doesn’t matter if it is the old book…

    that day i took mom and sister to Borders… as usual mom hurriedly got her cooking book and my sister with her photo editing book… there was starbucks in Borders. mom and i kept arguing whether the good smell came from the coffee or books. i stick with books… haha!

    Borders ok…but I prefer mph. Popular caters more to the Chinese reading public. Setapak coffee…expensive lah! Hahahahaha!!!

  16. Let’s see…before the advent of blogs, I would probably read on average one book per week. I too, grew up with Enid Blyton, and then it was Mills & Boons (are these even around now?), and then I went to more contemporary authors. I don’t have any particular favourite authors, but will never be able to forgo Jeffery Archer, Patricia Cornwall, Joanna Trollope, Maeve Binchy, Rohinton Mistry…oh dear, it seems I do have many favorite authors.
    I just finished this wonderful book called “Lottery” by Patricia Wood, which has been shortlisted for the 2008 Orange Broadband Book Prize ( It reminds me of Forrest Gump, somewhat.
    Fortunately for me, my son reads rather voraciously, and Christopher Paolini is his current favourite author. He also reads books by Eoin Colfer, DJ MacHale, and a couple other authors in the same genre.

    I think that’s about all that I spend on my daughter – books! The best part is she will reread the books that she likes…and the not so best part is she does not put them back nicely the way I’ve arranged them! LOL!!!

  17. Forgot to mention my son read Enid Blyton as well, including the complete Malory Towers, St Claires’ series. He enjoyed it so much that he wanted to go to boarding school, and requested for cucumber sandwiches!!

    Cucumber sandwiches?…Reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest! LOL!!!

  18. Gerrie7, you sure are fortunate. O.o. Christopher Paolini is a very good author. Love his books, eragon and eldest though a bit long winded. still waiting for brisingr which seems to be taken a lifetime for him to publish it. Get move on, chris !

    Eragon? Eyew…..and all those books of that genre! Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter! I prefer thought-provoking books that make you think about life, its meaning…especially if they are tear jerkers!!! Sob! Sob!

  19. Faisal, o.o !! Finance books, future billionaire in the making i see. Donald Trump and Azizi Ali are the best in the field. Hehe.

    Wah! Suddenly the lalat so busy buzzing around! LOL!!!…You hoping to be a billionaire too? Don’t forget this old, poor miserable pensioner…..Hahahahahaha!!!

  20. I hate school textbooks. Those were my bedtime books/books I read when I had insomnia. πŸ˜€ Give me any books besides school textbook anytime. Reader’s Digest is still one of my favourite. Lately I’ve been reading John Grisham’s. I love reading! But for some reasons, my brother doesn’t. Hmm…

    I subscribe to Reader’s Digest…even though it is getting thinner, full of adverts and very expensive!!! Haiz!!!

  21. Not sure if Mills n Boons still available. Relaced by Mira, Harlequin. M&B style but unfortunately very graphic sex descriptions. Recommended for teens, Jacqueline Wilson, Jean Ure. I read a lot of teen novels now….ha ha have to screen for sch library.

    So lucky! Like my friend here! Buys all the books she wants to read, after reading, put in school library!!! Hahahahahaha!!! My daughter has a few Jac Wilson and Jean Ure’s books.

  22. Ai ya..lalat smells the aroma of books. So get very excited lor.. zoom here zoom there… *watch out for that fly swatter!*

    Swat!!!….Habis! Squashed flat! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  23. I’ve been eyeing that book by Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie.. have yet to get it though.. hehe.. I like Mitch Albom’s stories… I first read “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” and love the movie too…

    I think Tuesdays is the best…or perhaps, it’s because I’m an old man like Morrie.

  24. “Twilight of the Nyonyas” is my one of THE best Malaysian books I have ever read. How can you even compare it with “Tuesdays with Morrie”? Not for me anyway.

    I stumbled upon it at my grandmother’s house when I was 14 years old and was mesmerized by the novel. Sad I can’t find it in her house anymore – hope to get it at MPH or elsewhere.

    Nice to see many Malaysian readers here. I had quite a tough time tagging my Mummy network because everyone was busy with babes and tots πŸ™‚

    Wanna read my answers? It’s here!

    I guess “Tuesdays with Morrie” is closer to my heart as it is about an old man…who was a teacher – like me! But I still love “Twilight of the Nyonyas”. Everybody wants to get a copy now…but I guess it must be out of print already. Another good one – a trilogy, actually – is Tan Kok Seng’s “Son of Singapore”, “Man in Malaysia” and “Eye on the world”…but I do not have copies of them. I remember I enjoyed his accounts of the days way back then, the family and so on…

    P.S. I bought “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” for my daughter too (Saw it getting special mention in ur blog!) when she was small. Got it all the way from the UK!!! I guess it’s still around…somewhere in the house.

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