Say it right…

Some teachers, in their anxiety and eagerness to ensure that the students catch everything they say, will speak slowly and articulate each and every syllable in a word slowly and clearly…


This teacher is probably saying, ‘This…is…a…boy,’ and getting the students to repeat in chorus after her. But in real life, people do not normally talk like that and hence, many students, once they step out of the school, will find it very difficult to understand what people say. Native speakers, for instance, will join all the words together, especially when one word ends with a consonant and the next word starts with a vowel. So, ‘This is a  boy’ will end up sounding as if it is one word, like this: ‘Thisisaboy’.

I have often wondered why teachers love to drill their students to chant sentences in that unnatural sing-song manner considering that in real-life, people do not speak like that nor do they speak in complete sentences all the time. The teacher will sing, ‘Where are you going?’ and the students will emulate her style of speaking and reply, ‘I am going to the market.’ Normally, we will just respond briefly, ‘To the market.’

But come to think of it, I would say it is a blessing in disguise that teachers do not drill their students to chant in the proper consonant+vowel manner. Imagine the whole lesson with the whole class of 30-40 kids screeching at the top of their voices, ‘My pen is red!’

Don’t get it? Then maybe, the following may help. I got this from my radio friend, Martin Edwards, in the UK. He sent me an email to tell me about his friend who jammed the office photocopier when he dropped his pen in between the rollers. The guy quickly borrowed another pen from a friend to write this note which he stuck to the machine…

Stuck pen

Get the joke now…??? LOL!!!

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28 thoughts on “Say it right…”

  1. i guess “don’t touch” is appropriate enough. as they say in hokkien, “jill-so, jill-tua-ko; bo-so, a-snai-ko!”

    LOL!…Some people like to be more specific and precise! I can’t get the Hokkien bit though…but then I’m not one, anyway!

  2. Oh ya, I really hate it when the teacher forced us to chant after her in secondary school. It’s secondary school wei, not primary school ler! But a lot of them turned out ‘only smiling at you when you speak English to them’ lor 😛

    Penis stuck! I think I heard about this joke before, but not this printer wan la, some other thing I forgot. LOL!

  3. A blogger friend of mine posted this before I think LOL … just couldn’t remember which one 😛 By josh, that must be painful huh?? LOL

    Hey! What are you thinking? Naughty! Naughty! Hahahahahahaha!!

  4. the more you stroke it, the bigger it gets; don’t stroke it, it goes moldy.

    That reminds me of another teacher-student joke…but I think I’ll just save till for another day! LOL!!!

  5. If your student say…’Thisisaboy’ or ‘To the market’ fail choice meh…

    Q; why should one be sorry to hear that the other one has a cold? Q; why should he? Q: why should he say thank you when told that he should be sorry?..and most probably in tuition class too cos not in school uniform …

    Actually I think you only want to talk about Pen*s la.. ha ha ha ha

    nobody say ,..To the market..anyway..they always say..sopping

    The first part…no, they won’t fail! It depends on the objective of the exam, what is being assessed. The students should be clear about those prior to the test. Some good students do not score because they are unaware of the objectives. The second part…I do not see the relevance…and as for shopping instead of marketing, I guess it is relevant today as people do not go to the market anymore, shopping at supermarts and hypermarts instead.

  6. I think our mother tongue is not English, so the teachers need to drill them word by word in primary school. I think phonic method of teaching English in early Education is essential in Malaysia. What is your opinion in lower primary English teaching method?
    STP, you can really make joke ah..

    The phonic system works well with BM baku but with English, some words are not pronounced as they are spelt. Even “market”, the “ket” sounds like “kert” but many of us pronounce it as it is spelt. Our education system is too book-based, exam-oriented and dependent on spoonfeeding…but that is typical of Third World and developing countries. In western countries, it is more student-centred, emphasising independent and experiential learning and the focus is more on creativity and being innovative and not merely accuracy…and school is fun, unlike here!

  7. last time my dau. pronounce cucumber – cu-cu-ber. said thats how the BM teacher taught them.

    That’s the outcome of too much dependence on the phonic system. There are worse examples especially in the teaching of Science and Mathematics. I have even heard “tired” being pronounced as tee-red!

  8. i think it is to teach the students the right pronouciation.. no?

    See my earlier replies. With English, sometimes it does not work too well. I cringe when I hear some football fans mispronouncing “Tottenham”…and in KL, there’s a UK chain called “Debenhams” (Berjaya Times Square) even. I wonder how the locals pronounce that!

  9. ..lucky spelling for STUCK ok..

    …your programes for 5th.fixed liau boi..??..won’t intrude as girls entertainig you

    You’re not joining us? Come lah…we go together and meet the girls! Then we can go to your club and sing karaoke!!! You scared of girls kah? I wonder…… Hehehehehehehehehe!!!!

  10. i remember long long time ago, Pollie visited with youngest daughter. Aussie TV, they don’t censor anything n I remember in one tv series, there is a lot of bitch word being used. so the daughter being so young then n probably never heard of that word, asked the mum, what is bitch? Mum replied, female dog!LOL!!!This is what u really call direct translation!

    There’s a song by Mellissa Etheridge, I think and here they censored the word…so you will hear lapses of silence throughout the song and that word makes up half the song!!!…And I must tell you the joke my daughter’s primary school teacher told them about “c*** b**”. I almost fainted! Real hilarious!!!

  11. Once a hokkien beauty contestant entered a charity contest on live radio. The challenge was to say the opposite of,n the answers must be snappy! So the DJ says r u ready?she says,yes!yes! So DJ asked Boy?Girl!Black?White!Hot?Cold!Coke?in her excitement she blurted out in hokkien,*****! The broadcast being live, the whole nation just went into dead silence!So STP,maybe if she is allowed to answer slowly,she may not make that drastic mistake!

    Hahahahaha!!!!…As bad as the jokes about a famous Malaysian singer!

  12. BTW, opposite of Coke, her answer should have been 7-Up!LOL

    I would be stumped as well, as I do not see 7Up as the opposite of Coke. LOL!!

  13. Finally I understand why they say “The pen is mightier than the sword”. hehehe

    Of course it depends on whether your pen is filled with ink or not! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. Good one KNB!

    STP, the song “I’m a lover, I’m a bitch…”…isn’t that Meredith Brooks? Or did Mel Etheridge also sing something similar?

    I guess it is, I’m not sure. That’s why I added “I think”. Not a fan of hers nor the song! And got into trouble with Pat and Mag on TraxxFm once when they were playing some game and asking listeners to suggest songs dedicated to women…so I submitted that song! Gee! I was almost banned for life from the show!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. Oh I remember my sing song days. LOL

    Don’t we all? When the students came to me in upper secondary, I had to undo all the harm!!! Grrrrrr…!!!

  16. look at what she teach in the blackboard laa…

    What’s wrong with you?
    I have a cold.
    I’m sorry to hear that.
    You should.
    Thank you. I will… SAW THAT.

    Shopping is ok but SOPPING la..they say.

    btw..get paid for looking at small things ma.. ha ha ha

    Sorry there is not an apology but an expression of sympathy, so a thank you is in order. You should…is an incomplete sentence, an advice perhaps e.g. You should go home and rest, and hence the reply, “Thank you (for the advice). I will…” …Don’t see anything wrong there! And as for “sopping”, that’s mother tongue interference e.g. some can’t pronounce “sh”, some can’t pronounce “f”…so we get things like “Saripah Aini” or…”lagu Peeling”.

  17. fun is everywhere in teaching erk? including yellow color things.. hehe

    It’s ok…especially in my case, for I taught in a boys’ school. No holds barred! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  18. OMG !!!!

    I only got the joke when I read the comment 😀

    Gee! You’re so innocent kah? Hahahahahahaha!!!!….Btw, remember I told you I couldn’t comment in your blog? Now I can’t even log in! For at least two days now, nothing…but white empty screen, and I waited and waited and still nothing!

  19. Speaking of drilling students to chant in the proper consonant+vowel manner…this is what happened to my friend in her English class (and mind you, this is UNIVERSITY level). See, they had this strict lecturer and he would spend the whole class just to get them to pronounce words correctly.
    Imagine, my friend had to pronounce TABLE several times…
    …at the end of the class, everyone blur already and are toungue tied to say TABLE, they end up saying Tay-bur…
    I dont see in a point in “drilling pronounciations” cos that’ll just confuse ppl in the end. Especially if its repeating the same word over and over again… 😉

    That’s why they say teachers make the best spouses! They will insist that you do it again…and again…and again…until you get it right! ROTFLMAO!!!

  20. hehe the joke applied in writing but not speaking… hehe

    It does! With the consonant (p) + vowel (i)…pen is when spoken joined together will sound like one word. Try saying: My pen is red. You got it? 😀

  21. lol… my first read was a penis stuck… when i looked at the photo… actually pen was stuck hahahah ( lucky stp didnt stuck with this lol )

    That’s a reflection of the way you think! Hahahahahaha!!!! What were you thinking eh? 😉

  22. Hey Kopi Soh blogged about that right??! HAHA!

    I just heard people pronounce dandelions as dan de loins..

    Her blog still alive?…Well, at least they didn’t say Dan de’ Groin!!!

  23. If the word is pronounced the way it should be, no confusion would have arisen. If it’s not a writing shaft, then it’s pronounced as pee-nis, not pe-nis.

    Hahahahaha!!!! Higgins the linguist! The long eeee sound, eh? /i:/

  24. Precisely. Another easy way to remember is that it’s the appendage for pee-ing.:)

    LOL!!! Teach learning by association! Never occured to me that way! Good one!

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