Easy way out…

No prize for guessing what everybody has been cooking lately! Bongkersz sent me an mms of the end result and Gerrie emailed to me the photograph of hers. That’s right! Everyone was cooking curry with the A1 instant curry mix that I featured in an earlier post…and they were all very pleased with it! Like I said, it is very nice, minus all the hassle of preparing the multitude of ingredients for cooking curry.

Now, how would you like to take the easy way out and cook this absolutely delicious dish next? Very quick and no hassle whatsoever!

Homecooked satay chicken

This is our very own homecooked satay chicken. I prefer beef though but like what I’ve been saying, we’re pretty short of fresh beef supply here. The other day, when I bought some for the curry, it cost RM25.00 a kilo. Anyway, to get back to the dish, you can also cook this dish in a matter of minutes without having to suffer all that trouble of getting the ingredients ready…including grinding/pounding the groundnuts. I have seen some attempts at doing everything on their own but the dish, though delicious, looked greyish and not very presentable.

Well, this is the secret…..

wee's sate sauce

All you need is this can of wee’s sate sauce, selling at the mini supermarket near my house for only RM3.30. I would just use it to fry the meat together with a couple of stalks of serai (lemon grass), add water and knotted pandan (screwpine) leaves and let it simmer till the gravy is absorbed by the meat and thickens. My missus, other than the serai and pandan leaves, would go through the trouble of pounding shallots, garlic, kunyit (tumeric), chillies as she says it will taste nicer. Definitely, but it is not really necessary!

We have been using such canned satay sauce to cook beef for our Christmas and Chinese New Year open houses for a long time now. At one time, the brand was GT but then, that disappeared from the shelves. After that, we had Ayam Brand which tasted nice but the golden yellow colour did not look very appealling. I used to add chilli sauce to give it a more reddish colour. Now we have wee’s and it is as nice as GT. Do give it a try!

And since we’re on the subject of food, after the church service on Sunday, my wife and I stopped for brunch at one of our regular coffee shops and I had this bowl of lor mee

Sibu lor mee RM3.80

That only cost RM3.80 for one big bowl and with all the pork belly, pig’s liver, intestines and other innards and even half a hard-boiled egg, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it is a lot cheaper than the RM4.00 char hor fun in Penang or the RM3.50 char kway teow in Sungai Petani. Despite the rising prices, it is still much cheaper here in Sibu.

And still on the subject of food, I think my old missus must have missed me a great deal as I was away for over a week. Nope! She did not dent the car; I’ve already checked that! LOL!!! But since she was not working on Saturday, she went marketing in the morning and cooked an elaborate meal that day.

Garlic-fried freshwater prawnsSup udang galah masak kunyitPaku goreng sambal udang kering

We had garlic-fried freshwater prawns (udang galah) and udang galah masak kunyit (freshwater prawns with tumeric) soup. We can get these medium-sized river prawns for less than RM20 a kilo…but sometimes, at the native jungle produce market, they will sell them by the plate at RM10.00 each. You should be able to get around 20 prawns or so…but the other day, it seemed that the price had gone up to RM15.00 a plate. Then she also fried those jungle ferns (paku) with dried prawns (udang kering) sambal.

Gee! If that is what I can get, perhaps I should go away more often! What do you all think? ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Easy way out…”

  1. are you sure you’re not promoting your own brand of satay sauce? where’s your regular coffee shop?

    I wish! LOL!!!…No regular coffee shop, depending on which one is good for what…

  2. One of my uncle keep telling me that if one married a wife who cooks well, the consequence is that the husband will grow side way. Lol. I believe your missus is a good cook. =)

    Good! Now I’ve got somebody to blame for my being fat! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. you featuring gerrie’s favourite again. …btw do you eat the prawns head too???

    Oops…deleted accidentally…on purpose! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! I eat everything – even the shell! Chitosan, helps slim down! LOL!!!

  4. Hahah… very appropriate brand name. Ur chicken satay looks nice… now i am craving for satay. I think u deliberately created this blog to make us all grow sideways so that you’ll be in good company.

    Don’t blame me!!! Blame our genes!!! Runs in the family! LOL!!!…Oops! Deleted also…accidentally on purpose! Hahahahahaha!!!! Was very tempted to comment on the flagpole bit though. Never mind, I’ll pass on that!!! 😀 😀

  5. OMG thought you will be on diet when u are back in Sibu..u still cooking all the delicious food n yr missus pampered u some more.I remembered u share the Wees satay sauce long time ago-i do agree its v nice.
    My ex-coll. they are transfrred to China-when they come back for Holidays they will pack at least 2dozen of the A1 curry gravy over -their China friends always placed order..another item is Old town Coffee.

    Yes, and I’ve been faithfully using the satay sauce all these years. As for Old Town coffee, I had it in Sg Petani and did not like it. Nothing great! Can’t compare to our Sibu’s…Mui Hock coffee!!!…Oops! End part of comment also deleted! No sexual discrimination allowed! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. fren, why don’t you open a restaurant instead?

    I should have when I was young! The road not taken! I could have been a millionaire today…not a poor pensioner!!!! So kesian!

  7. Hehehe if I feel like having satay sauce, I just give my aunt a call and get it from her – FRESH! 🙂 Too lazy to cook, even with the canned food around hehehe

    The one in Sandakan? Gee! Isn’t that far?…Lazy to cook? Humph! Pompuan zaman sekarang!!! LOL!!

  8. when u wanna cook for me? ha ha

    No. It’s so easy you can cook yourself…and invite me over to try…and criticise! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. The paku looks delicious! Gerrie back?

    Over a week without kampung food, tasted like heaven!!!…Dunno if gerrie’s back! She cooked the A1 curry in KK….

  10. i enjoy satay but never seems able to cook it the right way, tried some powdered ones, n also yeo’s but just not up the expectation. Hope your Wee’s one is nice but too bad our asian groceries here do not store them.Btw where do u go for that lovely ‘lor mee’?And RM25 for beef not bad,here standard cuts like gravy beef or chuck steak also around A$9-10 so your beef price is not so far off.

    All the rest not satisfactory!…Wah! Ur beef’s so cheap! Can’t convert lah!!! Just look at it 1 to 1, like AUS$8-10 or NZ$ for kampua or nasi lemak, that’s expensive! No kampua or nasi lemak here RM8-10! Hey, wait a minute!!! Got!!! On Air Asia flights!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. of cos i remember! glad to see u writing on your own blog now (not others) hehe. I stopped blogging for a while when i went to shanghai.

    Welcome, chinkian, my ol’ friend! Glad you dropped by. Do come often; I’ll link you in my blogroll.

  12. woww… ur regular cooking has made me want to follow you… so, teacher, where to begin?

    Umm…learn how to boil water! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  13. Tu……………………………………..

    How much a kilo? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. Tried to comment in Joseph’s post but cannot go in..really Tuuulaaan now. Lucky got the TODAY and KINI otherwise bang …the abovedmentioned.

    Many other politikus blogs!!! Lots and lots of them!!! Everyone’s an expert, it seems! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. you should ask joseph to be your share partner! he got some knowledge about restaurant *wink*

    i am a Hantu Udang! i love it so much… and your style of cooking really finger licking good! 🙂

    He has a restaurant? Kayaraya lah???…..Sorry, my kitchen not halal one! But do not worry cos I know a lot of halal places where they cook such dishes – just as nice or even nicer! Just come! Drool!!!LOL!!!

  16. gerrie..you emailed stp your photograph of what ha ????

    The A1 curry beef that she cooked…but you did not go to eat! Also a lot of other photos…but I think it’s because of the new camera. All the photos are very small (and I don’t know how to adjust the size) …unlike those she sent me in the past – taken using her hp, I think!

  17. Good news I already checked ..you can say anything and pension and scholarships not affected…only promise to close your site..ha ha ha ha ha ..then STP Baru lo.. ha ha ha ha

    Re:prawn head..my friend used to tapau them..baked them till crispy and dry ..minced in blender and use as stock.. according to him..really goood stuff

    No thanks. Very sensitive and emotional…and gets very hard to keep control! I do not need that, thank you!!!….Re: Ur friend…..That will be like udang kering then?

  18. Gundot, I am back.
    stp, sorry the pics are so small. I compressed it for “web” pages, thinking it would be better for you. If you use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, just click “edit” and you have options to compress…maybe it works the other way as well.

    No thanks. The ones for the Indian restaurant would not open automatically. Would have to wait and download to open!

  19. STP, i just checked…the pics are not that small!LOL!

    When I open my own emailed pics, they’re full screen-size. These are only about one-third…so I can imagine how much smaller they will be, once I’ve posted them!

  20. No, not the one in Sandakan.. that’s the bf’s cousin lah … this is my aunt, my mom’s younger sister LOL.. she’s live nearby… jalan kaki pun sampai hahaha

    Ooooo…can get free satay sauce? Satay oso free? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  21. oh.. the udang galah look so FAT! Yummy~ No bigger picture? hehe..

    These are the medium-sized ones. Nope, the pics not very sharp (cos in a hurry to eat), that’s why I’ve kept them small.

  22. STP, my friend in sg asked me if I read this blog called “tua pui” or something..they said to tell you to please continue writing. maybe they will comment one of these days. Famous konon!

    Your friend in Sg?…..Blogger too?…..U sure he/she not referring to the Penang one???

  23. Accidently went ..and on purpose..to youtube and so so so so enjoy this song..try it.. ha ha ha ha

    Carpenter’s.. We”ve Only Begun….ha ha ha

    That’s a wedding song lah! Who’s getting married and swearing to stick together for better or for worse till death do they part??? Hahahahahaha!

  24. Didn’t know the A1 curry paste is that delicious. Will buy and try one of these days! I like simple recipes as not bothered with the hassle of chopping this or that. Gundot will agree with me I’m sure.

    Won’t promote if it is not that nice and not that easy!

  25. The wee’s not made by you meh? Maybe they (people from wee’s) tasted your cooking before and they find it nice so they produce the product and name it after you ler? LOL!

    Wah! So ho liao no invite me over also *salivate* It’s never a good idea to visit here if there’s food post – before or after meal! I just had my dinner and I can feel my food digesting at amazing rate while reading this post 😀

    Nope, nothing to do with me!…I didn’t know whether you’re here or there, all confused by your posts cos you seemed to be in Kuching or in KL. Like the A1 beef curry…my missus and I couldn’t possible finish so I was giving it away to people then. Better luck next time! LOL!!!

  26. er er.. filled the kettle with water.. on the switch.. ‘tick’ the button.. and wait till it boils…

    Cikgu, lesson 1 completed.

    Good! You can put an egg in a pot, pour in hot water and wait for 20 minutes. You will have half-boiled egg. Or open one cup noodles and pour the water in! Wait for 5 minutes…then you can eat! Clever girl! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  27. haha… how many blog called tuapui?
    btw, i agree with others la… why the pics are so small… make it bigger pls 😛

    There is one from your island. He started earlier than me…but I think I have been around longer as a busybody commenting and creating havoc in everybody’s blogs…but didn’t have a blog then. Can’t remember exactly when I started blog-hopping and commenting – 2005 maybe.

    You mean the prawns? Photos not very clear, will be blur when enlarged. As for the rest, they’re ok for the present theme that I’m using – fit nicely into the one column for the text and photos (if you are using a desktop! Widescreen laptops a different story!). I’m thinking of changing to a one-column theme for bigger photos…but I wonder what will happen to the old posts. I may have to go back and change the size of all the photos which will be such a chore. I’m sure I’ve better things to do with my time…so the 3-column theme stays!!!!! As long as I am happy, that’s all that matters!!!!

  28. Hahaha… why you so mean to your missus hor.. eh, why that satay chicken carries your surname ? Your brand ah ? Hahaha. Wow.. the kuey chap at Yummy’s is not too bad too !

    Me mean to my missus? Where got? Hahahahahahaha!!!…..Where’s Yummy’s? Near Ngiu Kee? So so lah, not fantastic. The one at Sg Merah is just as good, if not better.

  29. hahhaa I’ll see what I can do .. hopefully can avoid any last minute plans.. FROM YOU! 😛

    Me…no last minute plans one! Friday nite sure reserved for you and Man-D (and Archie?)…

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