I’m coming home…

Well, I’m home already…but that day, Friday, I had to get up early to get ready and to check out of the hotel before John (my Penang taxidriver friend) came to pick me and take me to the airport at 6.00 a.m. My flight to KL was at 8.15 a.m. but Air Asia would only open their counters 2 hours ahead of the flight and passengers would have to check in no later than 45 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

Soon I was there at the airport…

Penang airport check-in

It seemed that they had done a bit of facelift works and this is the MAS check-in area. I wondered who designed the place because I took one glimpse at it and Calvary came to mind! The Air Asia counters were in a new section at the far end. After checking in, I walked around for a bit and I saw that unlike before, most of the shops were open. This one reminds me of Huai Bin…

Penang airport Nike shop

I remembered that he had posted an advertorial promoting those products not too long ago. After a while, I proceeded to the departure lounge…

Penang airport departure lounge

Inside, the shops were open as well but I did not buy anything as I was only carrying one hand luggage (I had no intention of paying the RM3 and by the way, if you do not pay online and have some luggage to check in at the airport, you will have to pay RM10, excluding the exorbitant overweight charges! Gee! Isn’t that sheer daylight robbery?) and inside I already had a box of tambun biscuits…

Tambun biscuits

that Gin, my daughter’s friend, had given me and I also bought a number of packets of these…

McVITIE'S Scottish shortbread

-McVITIE’S Scottish shortbread that I got from Tesco in Sungai Petani for RM5.60 a packet. I’ve always loved the rich buttery taste of Scottish shortbread…but Walkers that is available in Sibu (and the duty-free shops) will cost over RM10 a packet and I don’t like the Australian-made Butterfingers, not that they’re any cheaper, sold at Ta Kiong!

The plane took off on schedule and we had a smooth flight. Upon approaching KL, I saw grey silhouettes of the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower in the distance protruding through the snow-white mist that shrouded the whole city (or was it haze?)…and all the shadows of the rectangular structures (skyscrapers) that stood straight and tall. Somehow or other, I imagined the cemetery in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. Gosh! I guess I have a hyperactive imagination… The landing was horrendous though for we landed with a heavy bump that scared all the passengers out of their wits, no thanks to Captain Arif and 1st Officer Azwan.

Upon landing at LCCT, I rushed to check in for my flight to Sibu. That is one thing about Air Asia flights. You cannot check in all the way when you are on transit flights, and the same too when you do the booking online. You will just have to plod on doing sector by sector. Never mind! When you’re an el-cheapo like me, you should expect some inconveniences.

Loitering around the departure lounge, I spotted this…

LCCT KL bad english 1

and this…

LCCT KL bad english 2

and if you think their English is bad, wait till you hear the BM. The flight was at 11 and at 10.30, everybody started to queue up in an orderly manner even though there had been no announcement yet. At 10.45, an Air Asia stewardess informed passengers that the flight had been delayed as the aircraft had been held up in Langkawi and the flight “dijangka tiba pada pukul sebelas setengah minit…”. Talk about precision! They even counted half a minute, though I could jolly well guess that she meant “sebelas setengah pagi”.

Now everyone can wait

Ah well, I guess now everyone can fly wait!!! It actually arrived later than that and we only boarded the aircraft at around 12 noon, an hour later than the scheduled time. At least, this time the landing was fine…and finally, I was safely home in one piece but in less than two weeks’ time, I will be on the move again,  heading eastwards to this place…..

1 Borneo KK, Sabah

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “I’m coming home…”

  1. Ya hor.. looks like queues for receiving holy C….. minus the baggages….

    And the eerie blue colour some more!

  2. Haha…good experiences with AirAsia eh? Just teasing. Anyways, I didn’t get to go to 1Borneo. According to the taxi driver, many shops are still vacant and business is not too good.

    I’m getting used to it. Can’t complain! So cheap mah! Like somebody said, “You pay peanuts…they treat you like monkeys!” LOL!!!…Yeah, that’s what I heard too…and the shops expensive and the food’s not nice!!! I think I won’t bother to go…

  3. Yeah, Penang Airport definitely looks better now. Reminded me of KLCC aquaria or something. 🙂

    Yah! That blue colour…like underwater world!!!

  4. dun think airasia that bad la(especially their flights to bangkok… muahahaha!). try flying qatar airways where the flight attendants will literally bang your food tray to wake you up and make you eat if you forget to stick the DND sticker. or emirates where the attendants think they are sooo funny by making snide remarks all the time.

    It’s ok lah! The fare was almost one third of MAS, so no complaint!!!

  5. Wah…u are travelling alot huh? From one end of Malaysia to the other.
    Ur future son-inlaw give you kuih tambun? hehe… smart boy, he knows the best to your heart is thru your stomach. kekeke.

    Friend only lah! If no jodoh, oso no use! Right?…Come to think of it, maybe you should learn from him! You don’t do that, that’s why still single lah? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. Next weekend STP will be in KK! 🙂 Archie, get the list of all the places you want to bring him makan-makan for I can only meet STP on Friday night hehheh

    OK, archie…pasti anda menurut perintah, ya!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. I really missed gong bia of Sibu…

    You like? Next time I bring for you! No problem one…very light, not breakable, not squashable, won’t spoil!!!

  8. glad you made it home safe and sound.

    so where next?

    Thanks. KK 1st weekend of September, but I haven’t got the black and white from the organisers yet.

  9. Kekekeke… i dont give kuih tambun la. i give lampar kuih. I wonder why it doesnt work. hahahahaha.

    You must have given the Kuching ones, baby size! Not the Sibu Foochow giant-size ones! So ur potential in-laws not impressed!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. Still no news on your poem..???

    I won the the new Malaysian National Song contest already lo…its now… “””I Swear….”””” ha ha ha ha ha

    I bought the book liao…and may do a review soon. Not impressed!

  11. The tambun kuih are quite nice really especially the ones with the salty after taste. The travel bug has gotten into you I can see that.

    Not really! It’s just that things all come at the same time. I think after the KK trip, that’s about it for this year! Can’t be jetsetting around so much…

  12. are those really check in counters? looks like a cross there or something.

    With the three like that, that’s why I said Calvary came to mind….Mount Calvary, that is!!!

  13. You can write n post pictures in Air Asia blog. I did that a few days ago n I think I’ve got my comment on queuing up in the blog. Ha ha ha

    It is quite ok actually…especially considering that it is so much cheaper. My fare that day return was over RM600 but by MAS, it would have been RM1,600…and that wasn’t the normal fare – the cheaper one but not supersaver.

  14. Welcome back to Sibu! Where’s your next trip?

    Tnx…probably to KK 1st weekend of September. U’re coming home Hari Raya? Coming to Sibu see papa? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. hehe it should be 22nd and switch! lol
    by the way… i never be in air asia before… and you give me a goosebumps to try it for once 😛

    It’s fine…don’t worry! And very cheap, if you can get on the RM9 or zero fare flights!

  16. Okay.. I must have missed something all these while.. daniel is calling you papa, and you calling him son… he’s the future son-in-law? 😛

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!…Man proposes, God disposes!

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