Mamma mia (Not the movie or musical)…

Dr Bernard Chan was supposed to take us out for lunch again that day in Sungai Petani but he was tied up with an operation, so I just told him we could manage on our own. I guess when you’re a doctor, your time is not your own. Anyway, my daughter had been wanting to go to Pizza Hut over the past few days but we never managed to get down to doing that. So off we went…to the outlet at Central Square.

SP Pizza Hut

I have not been to Pizza Hut for years…not since my daughter left home. When she was in school,I would pick her up at the end of the day and go for lunch and occasionally, we would go there for something different from the usual local fare. But the outlet here was a disappointment though…

SP Pizza Hut mushroom soup

The mushroom soup was watery and quite tasteless;I prefer soups to be rich and thick and creamy. And what on earth do you think these were?…..

SP Pizza Hut breadstix

They certainly did not look like the breadstix we have back home at our Pizza Hut in Sibu. These did not even taste good – tough and rubbery like uncooked dough! My daughter said that there was very little quality control at that outlet and the taste of the food was not consistent. I thought for an international franchise, it should be more or less the same no matter where the outlet would be. The side order of tempura king prawns were nice though…

SP Pizza Hut tempura king prawns

and the stuffed crust pepperoni delight came out fine…

SP Pizza Hut stuffed crust pepperoni delight

That set meal (inclusive of drinks) and the side order came up to around RM43.00 and if you asked me for my honest opinion, it was definitely not worth it…but then I never actually like the food at fast food restaurants anyway, and since it was what my daughter wanted, so be it! As long as she’s happy……I’d go, “Mamma mia, here we go again!!…” anytime! LOL!!!

And since we are on the subject of lunch, yesterday, our Penang taxidriver friend, John, came to Sungai Petani to pick us up and we went for lunch somewhere near the shop that Dr Bernard Chan took us the other day…and we had, yet once again, char kway teow…but this one was fried with duck eggs…

SP char kway teow stall

It was just as nice as the other place, or perhaps even nicer but in comparison, the clams were extremely small

SP char kway teow 3

The big plate cost RM3.50 and a small one, RM2.80 and needless to say, I had the big one. One thing I noticed was that the girl fried each plate separately one by one…and she melted pig fat in the wok to get the lard for frying and you get to eat the “phok” (what’s left of the fat) in the char kway teow. We also had some dim sums…

SP coffee shop dim sums

They were cheap and nice…but nothing like those authentic ones from the dim sum restaurants, but anytime better than those 88 ones or whatever that you get at coffee shops in Kuching.

After having had our fill, we sent my daughter back to the institute and John drove me to Penang…and the rest will have to wait till another post.

P.S.: In case anyone’s wondering, I’m home safely in one piece, praise the Lord! Other than the one-hour delay in the KL-Sibu flight, everything else was fine…more or less.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Mamma mia (Not the movie or musical)…”

  1. Let mebe the first to say great u got back safely and had a good time in Peninsular M. Just to let you know I’ve created a reciprocal link for you, tho I won’t be able to drive much traffic to yr blog, as my writing isn’t as accessible as yours… but as one friend told me, links are for friends to keep in touch, not to drive traffic… Cheers, Sibu Pacik!

    Thanks…and thanks for the link too! Hope to make more Singapore friends!!!

  2. The dim sum in kuching is 99 lar… not 88. Hahah. Damn… the kueh tiaw must be superb, duck eggs and lard.
    And what are those green balls? Incredible Hulk Kau (Har Kau)?

    Can’t remember! Can only remember they were horrible!!! Sibu sio bee a lot nicer!…The kway teow was very nice, only complaint – the clams so very small! Yeah…I didn’t like the colour either but they tasted quite nice!

  3. hehe glad to hear that you have a safe trip and now at your home sweet home 🙂

    the char koey teow looks delicious!

    too bad the pizza there taste bad. here in penang pizza isn’t that bad… and i am like you, i don’t fancy fast foods 🙂

    I’m more into our own local delicacies…anytime!!!

  4. duck eggs?!


    Nice! That’s supposed to be really special!…And what do you think they use to make salted eggs? Ooo…I love salted eggs too! Love them in bak chang and mooncakes! Anybody buying for me – too expensive now for a poor pensioner like me!!! Double egg yolk, please! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. I heard about those fried kt with duck eggs, I hear they’re fabulous. Must remember to try next time when I’m there. Actually I like to have ckt with just lots of bean sprouts and egg. Not a fan of clams.

    Had lunch at this place called New York New York at 1 Borneo…once is enough. Had the “juicy” burger, but it fel more like “rubbery” burger. I’ve made way better beef patties for burgers.

    I suggest you try Marcello’s at Hotel Tang dynasty (the old one). It’s outdoor concept, so you can light up as well, I think! You have to check with kpenyu.

    I love the clams…and the prawns, but being the loving and caring father that I am, I picked them out and gave all to my daughter!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!…Gosh! KK’s yet to come…and my watermelon has grown really over-sized now!!! Must starve these two weeks…..

  6. Are You lonesome Last Night..Are you Lonesome Tonight…Bet she is happy that you have gone home..sop sop.
    Welcome home..sure your Laupo already miss your cooking liaw..or maybe all your frozen precooked still in the freezer?
    Why Singapore Auntie call you Pacik???? older than than Nik A kah ??
    Phui Phui phui..choi choi…disel “Lok Kay” by 8sen..phui phui phui..maybe you can get one extra “taugeh” in your Cha Kueh Tiaw…phui phui phui

    Too tired to be lonesome…went to sleep early. All food finished lah…so nice my cooking, how to keep so long! Hahahaha! Dunno why she calls my Pak Cik when I’m still so young. She must be very very young. Deisel price gone down? Ptui! Ptui! Should decrease for public transport – buses, taxis, lorries…but those driving those flashy pick-up trucks should pay more!!! Can afford to buy, can afford more expensive petrol!!! LOL!!!

  7. Mamma Mia..Mamma Mia.. Increase 1 ringgit and reduce 8 sen Mamma Mia..T..N..Ma.

    For rich people like you, should increase more! LOL!!!

  8. Good to know that u r safely home STP!So u do not need dettol after all and snug warmly in Mrs. STP’s arms tonite so bet u won’t ‘lau jeo’ no need pampers!!The food u n ‘anak’ had in pizza hut doesn’t look appealing n for m’sian standard, quite expensive isn’t it? Still prefer hometown food! Must be a trend to cook things with salted eggs now, here they also deep fried prawns with salted eggs n garlic,popular dish! Mooncake festival coming up so good luck with your ‘watermelon’diet!LOL!

    Ya, in Kuching, we had deep-fried bitter gourd with salted eggs! Mooncakes getting VERY expensive…almost RM20 each. Good luck I do not like them so much, so no need to buy to eat!!!

  9. …Your return baggage weigh lighter or heavier than original one O ? ha ha ha ha ha…OMG>>OMG

    gerrie.. hope to have the time to entertain stp ..cos may be at the beach…anyway can only bring him to UPPER STAR cos he always compare price leh.. so unfair ho…KK so expensive and Sibu so cheap…sure RUGI one

    Ohhhh!!!! Thinking of running away to the beach hor!!!Hahahahahaha!!!! Don’t worry! As long as it’s nice! Cheap or expensive also never mind!…But if somebody else is paying, the more expensive the better! LOL!!!

  10. oo cha keow tiao.. dim sum.. siu mai.. i ate them today too!! coincidence.. 🙂

    Hope urs nice too! KL…expensive and if dunno the places to go to, so yucky!!!

  11. I meant “Grazie”, not marcello, think that’s the owner’s name. Mr T keeps referring to “macello’s”, thus the error.

    Like you I also like the salted eggs in mooncake, just one, not double or worse quadruple!

    Anything more than double, it will be like salted eggs wrapped with the skin liao!!!…Wah! Mr T goes for fine dining at expensive Italian restaurant kah? Got class hor? LOL!!!!

  12. Pizza hut in Malaysia is nicer than those found here. Somehow the pizza are crispier and cheesier.

    I had pizza takeaway at my brother’s place in Auckland…and it was nice! Dunno whether it was from Pizza Hut or elsewhere.

  13. The one I had in Jitra, Kedah also no quality control wan. I only ate at the Pizza Hut there 4-5 times in my entire 3 years there.

    Not bad…at least, you went 4-5 times! My daughter says the pizzas’ quality is quite consistent though, but not the other things.

  14. Wah.. The kway teow is cheaper than Kuching’s @.@

    Sungai Petani small town like Sibu mah! Kuching is a city, all the kaya-kaya high salary-earners there!!! Like Penang…the char hor fun RM4.00, more expensive than in Sg Petani!

  15. There was one stall here that sells very nice Penang Char Kway Teow… I would go to the stall at least once a week .. I really like the sambal that was served with it.. it was so good that sometimes the stall closes around 8pm, all kway teow gone! The two ladies are sibling hailed from Penang so it was the next best authentic stuff we could get here in KK. Unfortunately, they opted to sell chu chap now and I have yet to find char kway teow that taste as good as theirs ..

    We also have a few places selling very nice char kway teow – penang style…but the difference is in the kway teow. Theirs really fine and translucent while ours white, thicker and not as fine…and I prefer theirs! I brought home a packet of dried kway teow…so I’ll try to fry to see whether it comes anywhere close or not.

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    Thanks for the compliments. Glad that you like what you see…and as for the advertising bit, I understand wordpress does not allow ads. Thanks for the offer, anyway!

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