One thing that I like most about travelling is that I get to meet people. While flying from Sibu to Penang, I made friends with this young guy, Kennedy. He was an ex-SMK Sedaya student and completed Form 6 in SMK Jalan Oya in Sibu. Now a new police recruit, he was on his way to Penang for training and incidentally, he’s in the narcotics division! Hmmm…somebody had better watch out eh? LOL!!! Too bad he was shy and did not want me to take his photograph. Other than this new friend, while I was at LCCT, KL, I also met my former students, Allen and Doris…

Allen and Doris

Allen was going for his convocation at USM, architecture and is now working in Penang while Doris is in interior design. Now, aren’t they just compatible? Hahahahaha!!! And while on transit, it so happened that there were a group of Indonesian artistes who had just arrived…and as the entourage walked past me, I managed to snap a couple of photographs…

Indonesian band

I did not know who they were but I gathered that among them were Samsons and Peter Pan. I thought this guy looked like Ariel…

Ariel of Peter Pan

…but he did not look as thin and appeared very much older than in his “Mungkin Nanti” video clip. Well, I was in Sungai Petani to see my daughter,

Melissa in Sungai Petani

…always the same little girl in her papa’s eyes.

Then, when I went to mass on the Feast of Assumption, I bumped into Arthur – one of the very very nice students I had in Form 5 last year in my former school, prior to my retirement.

Arthur in Sg Petani

He is presently going for a degree in medicine in AIMST here – the Asian Institute for Medicine, Science and Technology. There are two others from Sarawak doing the same course as him, and he was telling me about how one of them (from another school in Sibu) could only smile when somebody spoke to him in English. I will not bother to comment on that but I think that speaks volumes to some parents out there (who probably will not be reading this anyway, even if they can!).

I also had the opportunity to meet once again a fellow-blogger, the very nice and pleasant Dr. Bernard Chan of and his equally nice and pleasant wife when they came to take us out for lunch yesterday…

SP Dr Bernard Chan

I have met him before when I was in Penang around the Chinese New Year period this year and he dropped by the hotel to see me (I was down with shingles at the time!). He and his missus are so amiable that even though it may be your first time meeting them, it will seem like you’ve known them for years. They took us out for Sungai Petani char kway teow (Will be posting on this separately) and they are coming AGAIN to take us out to lunch today.

And have you ever met someone and somehow or other, the two of you just clicked? Eng’s from Penang and right now, he’s lecturing at a teacher-training institute in Bukit Mertajam. We first met many years ago in Port Dickson when we were roped in to work on the modules for the implementation of the Literature Component in English Language for secondary schools..and we met again once or twice in KL to finish off what we had started in PD. We got along really well even though we are as different as night and day…and over the years, we have always kept in touch. We got to meet again when we were marking examination papers and we would get to meet once a year in KL then…and there was also a Literature conference at Sheraton Subang where our paths crossed as well.

Penang friend Eng

Despite the sporadic occasions when we managed to get together, it’s like we’ve always been together all these years. Eng has been so helpful since my daughter got accepted into the institute in Sungai Petani. He met us at the airport on Penang island, drove us all here and even took us around, otherwise we would have been quite lost…and since then, we have met a couple more times already. This trip, he was away in Perlis on a lifesaver upgrading course and on the way home last night, he went through all the trouble to stop by Sungai Petani just to take my daughter and me out to dinner (This post coming up pretty soon!) even though he must be pretty tired from the gruelling course and the long drive. When I consider the fact that I have friends like that, I really feel that I am truly blessed…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “People…”

  1. Yes, the various people we encounter, no matter how briefly, is always the icing on the cake.

    Yes, it adds to the richness of the cake…but some people choose to scrape it off.

  2. Wow.. So many people and you manage to take pics of them some more. 😀

    I think I have the bloggers’ disease! Click! Click! Click! Everything click!

  3. Isn’t Eng the guy who followed us for beers at Saujana Hotel, and we watched Fredo and the Flintstones?

    Yup! You remember! That’s him alright. That was when we went for the Literature conference at Sheraton. How time flies!…But you’ve got the hotel wrong! Fredo was at Holiday Villa Subang! Old age, boy? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. Wow! Your daughter has grown. Last time I saw her she was still a small lil girl running around the house with her other cousins. Time does really fly.

    Gosh! You know my daughter? U’re related to the family? Gee! The plot thickens….. LOL!!!

  5. You are very lucky have and know good people around…but this is only one side of the coin ya
    ..I can feel the love you have for your daughter and man..thou have played thy part as a father.

    Like the Parable of the Sower, only some seeds fell on good soil and thrived well…but I guess if we take care of those seeds in not very good soil, they may also flourish, but those that fell on stone – there’s nothing much we can do about them. Gee! You think I should have become a priest or something? LOL!!!

  6. Anak Lipan is with Doris Tiong now????!!! Oooohhhh…! *switch to gossip mode, start SMS-ing everyone I know* LOl! 😀

    Gossip aside, WOW, you’ve made a LOT of friends wor. I’d love that! Meeting people, making new friends, not superficial friends who only appear when there are kan tao and get very secretive. Hmmm…aww, you know what I mean. LOL!

    I knew that photo would grab your attention!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!…See my reply to kpenyu on friends; the same applies here.

  7. Takes two to tango. If you were a miserable old man and not the nice STP, dont think you would made so many friends!

    I thought I’m such a grumpy old man but people do not take me seriously. When I grumbled, my students just laughed! Dunno why they found it so hilarious!!! I said they all gila…and they would laugh some more! So kesian lah me!!! Hahahahahahaha…..

  8. Most people in general, if not all, i think are friendly,accomodating n helpful. Goodfriends are easy to find but true friends are precious but rare. True friendship are only revealed when it comes to the crunches n i hope none of us would have to go thru that to find out.So treasure our true friends, n good friends n even our enemies,without them we won’t know how to appreciate our friends! Like the song says, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. We are not designed to live as hermit,even Lone Ranger needs Tonto!LOL! We also need STP to unload our garbages,OOPS! I mean treasures!LOL!

    Oooo…u know the song! Good Lord! You’re old too! Hahahahahaha!!!!…I like the line about children and people behaving like children!…Lone Ranger and Tonto? Robinson Crusoe and Friday? Batman and Robin? Eyew….the connotations!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. Haha… goes to show food and friends go hand in hand. Normally friends meet up over food and beverages.The more friends u have the more u eat and the rounder u become. STP is a true testament of this. Hehe.

    I guess food makes people happy and happier people are nicer and more likeable!!! The gospel according to stp! LOL!!!

  10. Wow…that’s a lot of people you’ve met these past few days.
    (I’m simultaneously reading your blog and watching “Phantom of the Opera” the movie, with Dan, who’s absolutely loving it!).

    In general friendships, and how they are nurtured are a two way thing. Not one person in the world is similar, but some of us have similar interests, likes and dislikes. It is my experience that we have to be generous of mind and heart to make new acquaintances and friends. It’s always best to see the goodness of one’s heart. I have met people who are very distrustful of others, at first meeting! I am very much inclined to think these characters have lost faith in humanity, or their life experiences have led them towards that predicament. It’s very sad indeed.

    Good friends are indeed blessings.

    (…oooh! Phantom in a rage…)

    U mean the Phantom Phantom or Dan the Phantom? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!…I guess with friendships like marriages and other relationships, it’s all a matter of giving and taking…and not in any one direction alone.

  11. Yes, this is the best part of travelling, meeting the people.. 🙂 But some people, you want to meet, they lari jauh² hiding dunno God knows where LOL

    Like who? Cibol? Bongkersz?…..Archie like that lah! I went KK, he ran away to Kudat!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

  12. chronic blogger disease you are having, with that much click click hahaha!

    I was fine before I met people like you…and cibol. Hey! No comment about the first time we met…or the second time??? Comment lah sikit!

  13. Hahah.. i was telling Arthur, the big Arthur met up with the little Arthur. Haha. Wow… so sociable. Nice you life u have eh ?

    Well, no complaints!!! I’m happy just the way I am!!!

  14. Your little girl is lucky to have a papa like you…’s so nice to have friends everywhere isn’t it?

    It sure is!…I count all these as blessings for what is life without friends!

  15. Cibol la… bongkersz okay what.. he’s everywhere, it’s hard to miss meeting him! LOL

    Heard that Cibol?…Orang KL dah! Sombong sangat! These days, seldom comment, seldom sms…not like last time in Bintulu. Also got dahling laio…so busy mah!!! LOL!!!…That bongkersz with his botak head like the float in the toilet water tank bobbing up and down in the crowd! ROTFLMAO!!!

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