Walk this way…

The other evening, I told my daughter that I would like to go to Er Chea (2nd elder sister) in Sungai Petani. She has often told me about her eating there because her friends love to go there. It was too near to call a cab and too far to walk…and since my daughter suggested walking all the way, we did just that. We went past the St Theresa’s schools…

SP St Theresa schools

The secondary school is to the right and the primary to the left. Then, we came to a junction where SP Plaza stands tall…

SP Plaza, Sungai Petani

It may look impressive but there is nothing much there other than The Store and a few miserable small shops but I think many of the government offices are here…so I guess it is something like Saberkas in Kuching or Wisma Sanyan in Sibu, but at least we have Parkson and many other nicer shops in the latter. Then, finally we reached Er Chea

SP Er Chea 1

Omigawd!!! My heart sank at the mere sight of the place! My poor anak eating at a place like this! Now I feel so guilty for having dined in style in Sibu and also when I was flying here and there recently. I had expected some kind of food court in a nice air-conditioned place, not something like this! It was very crowded though and the people there seemed quite oblivious to their not-so-conducive dining environment…

SP Er Chea 2

I have nothing against open-air dining…like the one opposite Cititel in Penang (Red Garden) which is, in fact, quite a nice place to go for hawker food (but I won’t say the same about Gurney Drive! Yucks!). In fact, back home, I do frequent the stalls at Taman Selera Muhibbah which is quite near my house. The place is cleaner and neater, better organised and a lot more presentable than this one…plus the food is nice and cheap! Kongkay has just had a post on this place in Sibu, so if you’re interested, you can just click the link and hop over to have a look…and make your own comparisons.

Anyway, we ordered this chicken claypot rice for two (RM7.00)…

SP Chicken claypot rice

I was down with a bit of flu so my review of the food may be somewhat adversely affected, but when I had the same thing a long time ago in KL (or was it in Singapore?), there were some salted fish and lap cheong (Chinese sausage) that added to the fragrance and flavour of the dish. We also had this plate of fried kway teow

SP Fried kway teow

Actually, we did not order that but this poor boy could not trace the people who had ordered it, so being the good samaritan that I am, I asked him to just give it to me and I paid for it. After all, it was only RM2.50, no big deal. An older lady at the stall said that the kid was new on the job and was not that good at recognising people. For one thing, he was so young and should be in school…if he was not there part-time to put the school holidays to good use, that is! As for the kway teow, I would very much prefer the one I had at a coffee shop along Penang Road or the charcoal-fried ones at a stall under some big trees somewhere on the island.

We also had this plate of fried homemade tofu…

SP Fried homemade tofu

which came together with the or-chian (oyster omelette) that we ordered…

SP oyster omelette

The two items cost RM10.00 but sadly, I felt they were nothing to shout about either…and considering that the total came up to RM19.50 for the food alone, I would think that it was really not worth the torture of sweating it out at the stalls, sitting at the wobbly tables and on those uncomfortable metal stools.

After having had our fill, we walked back and by the time we reached the hotel, my legs were about to give way and I was staggering step by step to our room. All in all, I don’t think I would want to go back there, and definitely not if I have to walk all the way again!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Walk this way…”

  1. You really have a wonderful appetite! That’s quite a lot of food there to enjoy.

    Not really leh! These were our lunch and/or dinner… Anyway, must eat and enjoy while I still can. There will come a time when I can’t eat this and can’t eat that. Isn’t that miserable?

  2. Someone told me once that never have food prepared from places where there is NO RUNNING WATER…this hawker stall looks ok to me.. cos still practising the foochow maxim of.” LA CHAR SIAK..LA CHAR PUI ”

    Can be more organised, more presentable like the ones in Sibu. This looks like Jalan Petaling in the 70s/80s…

  3. Students of course eat at hawker centre lar… hahah. Just like in Hui Sing, full of Inti college students.
    Hmm… the oh-chien is the gooey runny type, typical of west malaysian oh-chien. I prefer the ones we have in kuching, like keropok. hehe. The kueh tiaw looks not bad. Darn.. now i’m hungry. Anyone for Minsion? hehe

    I like the one in Buntal. Haven’t had really nice ones elsewhere in Kuching. I loved the one in Penang at Red Dragon, Penang Road…but not the one I had at Jalan Alur in KL. Already eaten? What’s Minsion?

  4. At least you walked off your dinner….a bit..LOL!

    No need to feel bad about your “anak” eating at those stalls. They’re at an age where they have to learn to toughen up, so they can better face the world at large. Actually I think she would probably enjoy going there not so much for the food, but for the company of good friends.

    (In case I moan about this in the very near future, please make me eat my words!!..hehe)

    I have to agree with you ….the food doesn’t look all that good, and of late, have not been able to tolerate hawker food much. Somehow they do not taste as nice as I remember them to be…and then there’s the msg attacks!

    ps/ bought A1 paste already, so will cook sometime this week.

    A1 must be enjoying a sudden surge in sales. Bongkersz sent me an mms of the packet he bought!!! I’m so influential!!! LOL!!!…So far no complaints of msg in any of the stuff I’ve eaten. Haiz! I guess we pamper our kids too much. Don’t want her to go thru’ what I had to suffer during my younger days! No money…just eat instant noodles or bread and water!!! (That’s why so tall, slim and handsome then! Hahahahahahaha!!!!)

  5. Minsion is the foochow coffee shop near my office… at the KTS building next to the river.

    I see…I know that place!!!

  6. the place reminds me of huising open air food stalls ๐Ÿ˜›

    dirty n cheap..haha

    Never been there…but I heard the Palm Road fried crispy noodles (with tomato sauce) stall moved there! Used to tapao all the time!

  7. Your ‘anak’ very ‘kwai’one to save so much money for u by eating at this stalls, all the more to appreciate her. As students they shld learn to save. Actually they have a very good life already compared to when we were growing up. What is not going to break one will make one stronger!

    I am truly fortunate. I have read of young girls studying in KL going to get their nails done for RM50 or more, dining at posh restaurants, go clubbing….. Gee! If my anak like that, I have to find extra jobs to look for money liao!!! So old, nobody wants some more! LOL!!!

  8. My girl can tell me all the “nice” places to eat in KL and it is definitely no food stalls! I dont mind the open air food stalls in Sibu. More variety and cleaner, of course cheaper.
    Another product to try is Mak Nyonya curry asam for fish, very nice for lazy people. Just open the packet and add fish…..

    Will look for it and try. But assam fish not susah to cook actually. Hmmm…lucky u, anak knows how to enjoy. Mine, I always worry she stays in all the time, dunno how to relax and have fun!!! Susah also like that!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. students time, normal lah, as long as there is food to eat, then it’s good enough ๐Ÿ™‚

    I only want the best for my anak mah…only child!!! Memang precious!

  10. sorry to hear about your condition – get well soon.

    as for your anak, it’s good training for them to go thru a bit of hardship. helps them to appreciate life more.

    all in all, though, sp ain’t one place i’d want to visit either from your review of the place…heh

    I’m ok now, thanks. Takes more than a flu to get this old man down…especially where food is concerned! LOL!!! It’s quite a nice place actually and there are a few places of interest (just that I’m not here on tour)…food’s nice and a lot cheaper than Penang, but I don’t see any nightlife around and I understand people who wanna go clubbing drive to Penang which is less than an hour away, provided the bridge isn’t jammed!

  11. That was a terrible experience I suppose? Hehe.
    Well from the pictures I couldnโ€™t tell about the taste as the pictures lie. They look delicious though. Thanks for the compliment about Penangโ€™s food except Gurney Drive ๐Ÿ˜›

    They were probably ok, but I had a flu…so none was appealling to me. Btw, I emailed you but it was returned… I think I left a message in ur chatbox in the end.

    P.S. Just saw ur reply. Will check my email and respond soonest. Tnx.

  12. er chea food so nice ar.. and the place not so teruk anyway .. hahahaha

    Probably because of my flu…but they could have made the place look a bit more presentable and neater. Btw, come again tomorrow…ur photo will be up! LOL!!!

  13. Pacik or shld I call you brother? Anyway, just want to say I appreciate yr taking over the dish of kway teow. That’s exactly what me and my friends will do. As middle-class people we can better afford the couple of bucks here and there, and it’s not as if there’s nothing to exchange for the money. And we can help someone out of jam along the way, which if you come to think of it, actually makes the money go further than a normal transaction: a) the kway teow and b) the good deed. Bravo!

    Thanks for the compliment. I always say, “It’s only money!” The goodwill or kind thoughts you get in return can’t be valued in terms of money and the positive vibes will definitely be good for you somehow.

  14. Glad that you’re ok now ๐Ÿ™‚

    The pics make me hungry again @.@

    People said I should be losing weight on the first week of braces, but my condition is the other way round. I gained weight @.@

    and and.. Oh ya, I think there’s sth wrong with my blog. Sometimes, I couldn’t even log in O_o

    Hope you’ll get the problem fixed, then I can start commenting again. Obviously the braces have no effect on your weight. Does ur boyfriend have any complaints about having to clear the bits of veg and meat stuck among the wires? Eyew…!!!! Ewek! Ewek! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. nice to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚
    hehe be my tourist guide when i’m in sarawak! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Nice meeting u and Joseph too! Sure, come anytime!!! And I’ll arrange for u two to meet the other bloggers as well…

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