The room at the top of the stairs…

My daughter and I are putting up at the Sungai Petani Inn, or what the locals call “SP Inn”…

SP Inn

It is not too bad and for RM88 per room per night, we get to stay in something like this on the 1st floor of the double-storey building, so it is literally one of the rooms at the top of the stairs…

SP Inn room

For one thing, it is a lot nicer than the one I had in Sandakan for more or less the same price without breakfast. Here, we get it served to our room but it is nothing grand or fanciful, maybe just kampung fried rice perhaps, with tea…but if the occupancy rate is high, buffet breakfast will be served in the cafe and again, it is not going to be anything worth posting about – just a choice of bread and jam, fried rice or fried kway teow or mihun and free flow of tea.

SP Inn breakfast

There is even a swimming pool at the hotel and quite a big one at that, unlike some of the bean-shaped pools in some hotels that are about the size of a bathtub but made to look big in their promo photographs…but I did not bring along my swimming trunks.

SP Inn swimming pool

These few days, the hotel is full because of the Pematang Pauh by-election. All the hotels in Penang are full…so this one is enjoying the spillover from there. Right now, the renovation works are still going on; you can see a section of the new blocks to the right in the first photograph and they expect to open that wing for business sometime next month. One thing I like about this hotel is that the Catholic church is right across the road – The Church of Christ the King…

SP Church of Christ the king

It was very convenient for us to attend mass on August 15th for the Feast of the Assumption, a holiday of obligation…and on Saturday for the sunset mass. The church looks very nice on the outside but appears somewhat plain and empty inside. However, what it lacks in terms of interior decor, it makes up for it with the sophisticated sound system and a singer with a voice that is so deep and mellow that it will put many professional singers in the pub circuit to shame. He does not sound exactly like Elvis Presley but it would be safe to classify him along that line or among the best known country singers. Just listening to him singing the hymns backed by a good choir makes going to mass such a pleasure!

Other than its close proximity to the church, I think this hotel is the nearest (about 400-500 metres) to the town centre. It seems somewhat strange that there is no hotel in the town proper except for one that does not seem very safe or decent. So staying at the SP Inn, it is quite convenient just to stroll down the road to go shopping or for lunch or for dinner. The other day, we went to this nasi kandar shop and I had this…

SP Nasi Kandar 1

There were sotong (cuttlefish), quail eggs. ladies’ fingers and a chunky slice of omelette with onions, while my daughter had deep fried calamari (sotong/cuttlefish), fish curry and the omelette as well, all for RM14.00 which was kind of steep…but it was all right as everything was very tasty…

SP Nasi Kandar 2

One thing that I found interesting was how they would take a bit of the gravy of each dish and add all that to the rice…instead of asking you which one you would like and drowning everything on your plate with the sauce. I was also a bit impressed by the fact that they even had their own bottled drinking water…

SP Nasi Kandar drinking water

Oops! I started off by talking about the hotel where we are staying…so how on earth did I end up talking about food? Anyway, I guess all of you are expecting that anyway and do not mind it one bit, right? ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “The room at the top of the stairs…”

  1. nvr saw this hotel b4…

    no no, i’m not from SP, i’m from penang, more specifically, butterworth πŸ˜€

    Near the town centre, opposite the church! I will be spending a night in Penang before catching the morning flight-LCCT-Sibu on Friday!

  2. eh? mineral water with 24 jam LoL… they must be advertising their restorant at 24 hours then.

    Yalah! These nasi kandar shops…a lot 24 hours one!

  3. hotel in sp is not good but you are right other better hotels in penang are fully booked for 3 reasons :

    1. election in permatang pauh
    2. school holiday
    3. graduation in usm

    you should book earlier πŸ™‚

    btw, about nasi kandar… they do not ask which sauce to put because it is simply served that way hehe. if not how could you call it nasi kandar?

    deep fried cuttlefish is so yummy! πŸ™‚ actually agree with you RM14 is expensive… did you speak with southern accent? i wonder πŸ™‚

    I’m in sp to visit my daughter. She’s studying here. Will be in Penang 1 night on Thursday and flying home Friday morning. I speak BM baku! LOL!!! I can’t speak the Kedah variety!!!…But I’ve eaten nasi kandar in Penang at Kayu…and one opposite Cititel! Even more expensive!!! RM10-12 per person!

  4. Pacik, I’m really impressed by the speed and the detail of yr writing! How do you do it? (I’ve asked u this be4 but yr reply didn’t leave me any wiser!) Do u carry yr lap top arnd with u or do u update on the fly via cell? Do share!

    Btw, I’m also amazed by the quality of yr written English as well as that of several Malaysian bloggers on yr blogroll. I hope I don’t come across as patronising but we in S’pore have always believed that with Bahasa being the main language, English in general north of the border had balek kampung with the Queen.

    Food comments: cooked tomatoes are great in context, tho raw ones are fine too as sandwich fillings or with salads.

    Sandwiches: used to like them a lot too till old age has made the Asian in me surface…

    Have a great week-end..

    I don’t use my hp for much else other than to take photos and send to my email address…and to read other people’s blogs and sometimes post comments (not always possible). It is quite easy to write a post with a lot of photos as I don’t have much to write. When I’m free and I already have the photos, I may write the posts and save them as drafts…and post them slowly one by one. Here in Kedah, I use my daughter’s laptop to blog. Otherwise, I would not be posting anything while on the road.

    I was English-educated and was an English teacher…but many come from elite and English-speaking homes and they have adequate exposure to all things English, especially those from the main towns and cities. But in my town – Sibu, there’s this Mandarin-speaking trend among students and young families so the standard of English has dropped drastically, the dialects (and thus, the cultures of the Chinese) are disappearing…just like Singapore during the “Speak Mandarin campaign” days of the late 80s and early 90s. Mandarin is just a language; the cultures belong to the dialects e.g. the food (Foochow, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese etc….), the customs and traditional practices eg. for weddings, funerals and so on.

  5. Quite a nice hotel and at reasonable rate. The nasi kandar food I think quite reasonable price cos some in PJ or KL more expensive.

    It is nice and relatively cheap but I do wish it is right in the middle of the town so I won’t have to walk so far to eat. The nasi kandar is cheaper than what I had before in Penang but it’s still a bit too expensive for a plate of mixed rice like that!…..I’ve seen ur name in a lot of blogs before but it’s your first time here, I’m sure…so a warm welcome and do come again. Will add you to my blogroll.

  6. Eh? since when u became… Pacik?! ahahaha

    it’s been ages since i had a NICE plate of nasi kandar. sigh. any good ones in sibu?

    Never mind. As long as it’s not’Atok or Apek! LOL!!!…In Sibu, Balkis and Nur Islamic have mamak chefs, so the food should be pretty much the same…and there’s nasi bryani and stuff, but I don’t think they mix the gravy like the nasi kandar shops here. The rest are more towards more authentic Malay cooking; Razif at Kpg Datu is a good one for nasi campur.

  7. the inn does look kinda pleasant…

    ooooh, malay food. haven’t had that in a while.

    It’s comfortable enough…but the location, though it is the best there is, isn’t that good. Have to walk a bit to get anywhere…and taking a cab here is quite expensive but Penang’s worse. RM10 to any place in the city centre…and RM30 from the city centre to Queensbay Mall. Real cutthroats!

  8. “how they would take a bit of the gravy of each dish and add all that to the rice”

    isn’t that nasi kandar is about? you get all the gravy, and only nasi kandar has that – mixed gravy. kayu nasi kandar is legendary for their cut throat price lol! πŸ˜› I remember 1st time to kl, went to kayu nasi kandar, oh crap 3 dishes rm18++, i’ll never forget that.

    “Btw, I’m also amazed by the quality of yr written English as well as that of several Malaysian bloggers on yr blogroll.”

    Ehem.. ehem.. πŸ˜€ haha!

    Does that include you, I wonder? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!…Actually I always thought nasi kandar is just what the mamaks call nasi campur – bought from some kind of mobile hawker, wrapped in waxed paper or banana leaf. Didn’t know it refers to the mixing of the gravy! There’s a mobile one at a junction along Penang Street at night…but I have never tried. Dunno if nice or not. Maybe I’ll do that this time.

  9. Quail is also part of Chui Sang Court’s menu but i find eating quail quite cruel… Ah haha…their own bottle drink eh ? Maybe they bought it and then just change the tag ? Plausible

    I’m sure they have special arrangements with the manufacturer lah! Shouldn’t be too difficult!…I love quail eggs (or any eggs, for that matter)but they say they’re extremely high in cholesterol! I had turtle eggs that day but I didn’t want to post on that in case I came under attack by some activists!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Of course, of course. I always expect lots of food when come to your blog. πŸ˜€

    Hope that will keep you coming again…and again…and again! LOL!!!

  11. u’re catholic? quite un-foochow cos most foochows i know r methodists. maybe u’re a lakia sumwhere in ur blood wakakkaakakka! πŸ˜›

    Quite true. My maternal grandma’s a Melanau. Most Methodists are (rich) Foochows…but many Catholics in Sibu are Foochows too.

    1. i think many sarawakian chinese hv lakia members somewhere in their family lineage… πŸ™‚

      1Malaysia bah! I’ve all kinds of races in my family. Like many marrying other races over your side as well- all the same.

      1. when east malaysians say 1malaysia, they really do mean it, unlike here 😦

        Gradually changing here too… The new generation, not like the old ones. 😦

  12. i mean *unlike* here

    Yup…I’ve edited that in your comment. Teachers – occupational hazard…tak tahan if do not correct the errors. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

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