The morning after (2)…

Breakfast was provided at the Dormani Hotel in Kuching where I spent the night and even though Gerrie said she would take me out, I decided to go and have a look and how come nobody’s surprised? LOL!!! So I proceeded to the cafe…

Dormani Hotel cafe

The buffet spread was quite miserable with the usual selections of bread and buns and cereal…and fried noodles or fried rice, plus juices and coffee or tea. I took the noodles and the rice…

Dormani Hotel breakfast 1

…and to say that they were disappointing would be an understatement! My own homecooked ones would be a lot nicer! Other than that, you can order things from their choice menu as well. I think I was supposed to order eggs done in one way only…but I ordered the sunny side up…

Dormani Hotel breakfast 2

and the mushroom omelette, and got both…

Dormani Hotel breakfast 3

…together with the french toast and smoked beef. All in all, I think I would just give it a 5 out of 10. Then I checked out and when Gerrie came, we headed to the 7th Mile Bazaar…

7th Mile Bazaar, Kuching

Good Lord! It certainly has changed a great deal since the 70s when I used to drop by to see my friends (I wonder where they all are now!) here. There were only a few rows of wooden shophouses then. We went to a coffee shop opposite a primary school and had kolo mee… 

7th Mile kolo mee

…but after the special I had in Lundu, this one paled in comparison. The Sarawak laksa was pretty good though…

7th Mile Sarawak laksa

After that, it was straight to the airport for my flight back. This time, it was a Boeing 737 all right and there were only 20 passengers, so the cabin crew went round to take individual orders for the drinks…just as in the business class. Safely tucked into my luggage were the precious goodies I got from Gerrie – the irresistable nyonya bak chang (pork dumplings)…

Green Road nyonya chang

…and the absolutely mouth-watering nyonya kuihs including some serimuka

Green Road nyonya kuih 1

…and kuih cangkih (cup kuihs)…

Green Road nyonya kuih 2

from the Green Road stalls. No prize for guessing what I have been having for tea these past few days! ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “The morning after (2)…”

  1. ur blog title ar… haiz…. really.

    Hahahahahaha!!! What were u expecting? It’s the title of the love theme from “The Poseidon Adventure” – the original, sung by Maureen McGovern. She also sang the love theme from the 1st Superman movie – “Can you read my mind?” I think I already had a post using that song title…

  2. wow, that’s a lot of food! The eggs looked like a a face with 2 eyes but no mouth and nose. The kolo mee looks nice..

    Hahahahaha!!! So you can imagine me like a 5-ton truck!!!

  3. Haiz… i was expecting Bonkerz to feature in “The morning After”. haha.
    So u had fried noodels/rice, 4 eggs, kolo mee and laksa for breakfast? Amazing.

    Actually, after I had told him not to come at 11 pm, he did suggest coming over in the morning for breakfast, whatever that means! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! But Gerrie said she would be taking me out to 7th Mile for kolo mee…

  4. What a title!! LOL
    Love nyonya kuihs! One of my favourites!

    Can’t beat these in Kuching, not even in Penang or Malacca…unless I don’t know of the good places to get the really good ones!

  5. Oh wow… you have a real good appetite. I don’t like smoked beef, well taste like.. smoke. Guess smoked beef live up to their names.

    It’s ok, just a bit tough. After the trip, my “watermelon” protruding again! These trips no good for me really!

  6. U were in 7th mile town? So close to my home dy liao…hahaha…So did u meet up with any Kch bloggers while here?

    Didn’t have time to meet up with anybody! Too bad. Next time perhaps.,,,Oh, ur house at 7th Mile? The Sentosa Resort? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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