Go west…

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…over to West Malaysia tomorrow. I will be flying to KLIA and then catch another flight to Penang where I will be taking a cab to Sungai Petani in Kedah where my daughter is studying. Hopefully I will get to meet blogger Dr Bernard Chan and some of my old friends there.

In the meantime, some of you may want to try cooking this saffron/tumeric pineapple (nenas masak kunyit) dish. My mother used to cook it with freshwater prawns (udang galah) but lately, we have been cutting down on those, so I used fish instead…

main ingredient 1 - fish

…and of course, you will need some pineapples, cut into big chunks like this…

main ingredient 2 - pineapples

Other than that, you need the usual chillies, belacan (prawn paste), shallots, garlic, tumeric (kunyit) and lemon grass (serai) and I also added a bit of lengkuas (gallangal) for added fragrance…

ingredients to be pounded

After pounding all those, heat up a bit of oil in a wok and add in the pounded ingredients together with half a tablespoon of sugar to caramelise the rempah (“spices”)…

Step 1

…before you throw in the pineapples slices…

Step 2

Then you can add some water and put in the fish…

Step 3

I added half a tablespoon of ikan bilis (anchovies) stock in place of the usual salt and msg, and let it simmer till the gravy thickened and had become less by which time it would be rich with the flavour of the fish, pineapples and other ingredients.

I would think that it would go very well with this plate of nasi lemak

Normah's Cafe nasi lemak

Well, do give it a try and let me know how it goes. I will be away for over a week…and hopefully, I’ll be able to blog from that end. Otherwise, you will only hear from me again around the end of next week. Don’t stray away too far, you hear? I would want to have you all back again…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Go west…”

  1. you’re good…

    remind me to get you to cook next time i drop in on you in sibu 🙂

    No problem at all. The pleasure’s all mine. Just cooked beef curry…but that post will have to wait till another day! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. you cook all ready and put in freezer for mrs to eat kah?

    I also cooked beef curry today. Will post on that some other time! What a good husband hor? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. LOL@ gundot! If freezing food, Mrs STP very lucky lady indeed!

    STP, hope you have time to blog since you can use your daughter’s canggih (vs your desktop…maybe) notebook.

    Have a good quality time with your daughter.

    I should be able to do that but if she needs it to do her assignments, that will be given top priority! Never mind! Then I’ll have things to post about for the rest of the year…Several posts a day! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Thks for the receipe. I just printed it out n may try on my next dinner party when i am in the mood to hold one. u did not mentioned what fish, can i use ‘bei kar’? Enjoy your trip visiting your daughter, meantime if u no blogging, what do we STP’s bloggers do?Hit mosquitoes?LOL!!Wow!Freezing food for the ‘lau poh’,i think when i go for my trip, my hubby have to be content with takeaways only lah! Maccas n KFC just down the road, I m no STP!

    So kesian ur hubby! Hahahahaha!!!! “Bei ka” would be nice too…but do try it with prawns. Supposed to be more pineapples and less fish or prawns – a vegetable dish…but that’s all I had in the fridge. Very nice also, so it’s ok!!!

  5. Ho ho ho ho..heard Penang very famous for tomorrow night..and where you are going too… Since you like to jalan jalan .Please be reminded that if you see any LIVE shows on the streets..the empty seats in the front rows are NOT reserved for you… Happy HHAALLOOOOwwweeeen

    Helping in her Assignment???? Give her a break

    Friday lah, not tomorrow. I’ve made sure I avoid that special day!…Haiya! Even here also can help with assignments…send via email!!! LOL!!!

  6. I had the pleasure of viewing the curry on my phone! Luckily I already had my curry with my “long” kiam hoo, but still nice to look at.

    The post is ready…but will post some other day!!! You won’t believe it…just an hour is more than enough! Cooking curry has never been this easy…and the best thing is we get curry the way our mums used to cook it! Can even cook it every day!…..Now you have to wait to learn the secret! LOL!!!

  7. but why you said tomorrow? You forgot today is “PAI KUI” ka..see even what day hokkien say “devil worship”

    So eventually the Permanent Head Damage is yours or hers?

    Kui lui is “how much”…and kui khor lang is “how many people”…and pai kui is “which day”…so it has to do with numbers but not when I call you “sii kui kia”!!!…She’ll do herself and I check and comment and guide lah! The lecturers there sucks! I wonder how they learn anything!!! No wonder we get such good teachers these days.

  8. *Slurps-Drools* aduh…. nampak sangat sedap!!! That’s another favourite dish of mine …. and I’m so hungry at the moment.. tsk tsk

    Hehehehehe!!!!…I’m lovin’ it! Remember, choose a hubby who can cook and loves cooking…like me! 😀 😀

  9. Pacik, yr pix are neat and sharp: what make n model mobile? They look far better than mine from a Nokia 6500!

    I love the pix of yr nanas masak kunyit n I like the recipe too. However, I hate pineapples n wthink I can substitute with tomatos and mayb some asam water. Yes? Enjoy Penang and don’t 4get a) to go to Evergreen Hotel for ice kacang and b)load up on heong paih.

    3rd point: yes, there are many rich people in S’pore but there’s a solid underclass of abt 20-30%. Sure, S$ is abt 2.5 RM but don’t 4gt we pay in S$ what you would in ringgit in a straight 1-for-1 which means stuff in my country costs 2.5 times. Info on poverty in S’pore can be found any time u google S’pore and the poor. You get some very distressing 3rd world pix too abt us on Youtube and blogs.

    Have a safe journey…

    Cant remember the number, but mine’s a Nokia. 6500 is definitely a better camera. I guess it takes time to learn how to take better pics. How much light is needed, when to use night mode/flash (mine hasn’t got flash)…and take a few, then choose a good one!

    Yes, you can do away with the pineapples and make it fish/prawn masak kunyit. Some asam water will give it the slightly sourish taste…but you can do without it…and I don’t like cooked tomatoes. Always take them raw. If it’s fish (usually I use mackerel), I’d add brinjal.

    I guess every country has its own problems and we just have to learn to live with it…or go around it. And thanks for ur well-wishes!

  10. Trailblazer! I wish I could travel like that, just pack my bags and go. 🙂

    No lah…I also had to plan and make arrangements. Not that free to take off as I like. See you when I get back? We go mam2 some place!

  11. We take cuti peristiwa to give all the teachers a break from the kui kia! Appropriate hoh!

    Long weekend…going to Sibu?

  12. Aiyo! No wonder your reader’s always say you torture them. I’m reading this early in the morning after breakfast and I’m already salivating at the mouth. It’s been a long time since I cooked anything hot & spicy. Used to do curries, assam & “ti-tik” (bitter veggies with onions, chillies and lil belacan) but with young kids, it’s near impossible. Somemore, by the time I get back it would take too long to prepare. So I go for easy fast dishes. Ur.. more like all in one.. LOL! Luckily hubby does not mind but supports it.

    Lastly, enjoy yourself, take many pictures, ignore those stares and come back soon. Days are longer without your lovely antidotes each day. God Bless.

    Thanks. Wait for my curry post…so very easy to cook! I may be able to blog from here but my daughter’s very canggih laptop so full of all the rubbish,,,so very very slow!!! Haiz! I’ll have to be very very patient!

  13. STP,
    With your wok, you must have done a lot of dishes. Do you tapao to Kedah for your daughter? She must be longing for it. Haha, u r flying and I m flying too. God Bless

    You too! U going Johore again? Thought u just went there?…Didn’t tapao cos no kitchen, no cooking allowed, no heating up even and no non-halal food. But of course, I’ll be taking her out to eat…eat…eat…so do expect a lot of food posts coming up!

  14. Oh I love this song. Go West! Haha! The dish looks good!! What more with nasi lemak! Yum yum!

    Enjoy your time on the road!~

    Thanks!…U like the original by the Village People? That gay group? Now the pieces are falling into place!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  15. hahahah we can’t stray that far no worries. Have a wonderful trip! 🙂

    Thanks…I can blog from here…but with lots and lots of patience!!!! Do all young people save all that grrr…..crap on their hard disks? Popping out from everywhere! So irritating!

  16. HAHAHAHA.. Crap – that’s the word for it. Your daughter’s pc? I’m one of those who love storing craps, the HD is kinda got abused.. 60GB now left with 2GB. Don’t ask me how. hahahaha!

    Haiz! Young people! This pops up from here, that pops up from there…some cat meowing and other weird noises….one click, have to wait for at least 30 seconds! My desktop back home, jusk click, instantly I’ll get what I want!

  17. Aren’t the Pet Shop Boys gay too?

    Are they? Probably…I don’t know. Not really into their songs since they killed my fave – Willie Nelson’s Always on my mind! Ewek! Ewek!!!

  18. My man can cook but he rarely cook! Hahah.. but when he does.. sehingga menjilat jari oOo sedap hehehe .. and annoyingly my mom would know that it wasn’t me who did the cooking then LOL

    Why rarely?…This type will not cook…and will always criticise when you cook because he can do better, just that he doesn’t want to!!!…I love cooking and I love giving to people…and wait to hear them sing my praises!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

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