Give a little bit…

So there I was, giving a talk to the Form 5 students from SMK Lundu and SMK Sematan at this seminar held on Saturday…

Lundu Seminar 1

This is the third time I am doing it for the company concerned, the first at the Kuching Hilton for the students from a few schools in Kuching and the second time at a rural school somewhere between Miri and Bintulu. I just can’t recall the name off hand. After that, we proceeded to Bintulu and there, I talked to the students from the various schools at the Parkcity Everly Hotel.

Lundu seminar 2

Hopefully, the tips given may help them do better in the coming SPM Examination. I walked around the school and saw this…

Lundu school

Wow, I thought! The gratitude of the students to the teachers is engraved in stone! Isn’t that just great? LOL!!! I met two of my friends who are teaching in that school – Lily and Colin. See! Didn’t I tell you all that I’ve got friends everywhere? Hahahahaha!!! And I also saw the students practising their cultural dances…

Lundu dancers

They were the dancers from the Anak Dalam Gading (SMK Lundu) dance troupe that won the competition at national level recently in Perak. Before I went, I was googling for photographs of Lundu when I chanced upon some snapshots of them and also Fred, their trainer and choreographer…

Fred, dance trainer

So I made another new friend that day. It certainly was my pleasure to make the acquaintance, Fred. As a matter of fact, I made several friends, not just one, including those officers from the company. I also met a teacher from Gundot’s school, a Mr Tan or something, who was there on a separate arrangement to talk to students on Principles of Accounts.

Tea and lunch were provided but I was a bit too full from breakfast so I only had a bit of the beef curry…

beef curry

and the ayam masak merah (red-cooked chicken)…

ayam masak merah

and the ikan terubok masin (Salted terubok fish)…

ikan terubok masin

There were some other dishes but everybody must be puzzled as to why I was taking photographs of everything so I just stopped there.

The whole thing ended at around 5…and I was chauffeured back to Kuching in this…

Lundu to Kuching

As for what transpired in Kuching, you will have to wait till the next post. Do drop by again, ya!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Give a little bit…”

  1. Kinda obvious which Big Corporation hired you. hehe. No wonder they have such nice cars to chauffeur you around in. At first glance, I thought the “Terima Kasih Cikgu” stone was a large rubbish bin. haha…no offense. Nice kampung food.

    That’s why when they asked, I did not say no mah!!! Hahahahaha!!! Thank goodness you didn’t think it was a tombstone! LOL!!!

  2. Eh pacik, how come u got so much following n I so little, when u and I started blogging on wordpress around the same time? Show me how to cook it? How does one get featured in WordPress hall of fame??

    Singapore Girl? Hey…isn’t that Singapore Airlines tagline? It’s a great way to fly! I don’t know really. Am I in the WordPress Hall of Fame? Where? How do I get to see it? Eee…so vain hor!!! Btw, welcome! Will add u to my blogroll and hopefully some may drop by…and help increase ur traffic. Do come again!

  3. Eh pacik, how does one get as much traffic as u seem to get? U n I started blogging in March but u alredi featured in WordPress’ Hall of Fame.. show me how to cook it, boleh ka?

    Already replied. I just post what I wanna talk about…thing I did, things I ate…all for the fun of it. Not bothered about traffic but I love comments as I can get some feedback and it tells me that there ARE people reading!

  4. Just made up my mind what to have dinner tonight..BEEF CURRY.looks bay ta han…
    Hey you said no sensitive things come have C4..mongolian???

    Hahahahahaha!!! Didn’t see that! Otherwise, I would have edited it! Was she talking about Mongolian Hotpot or what? LOL!!!

  5. You macam VIP lah. Hope more trips like this to Kuching so we can all go for makan. Hopefully not like the dinner on Saturday 9th Aug! Blackout and having candlelight dinner.

    It was fine actually…or to me, at least! Will post on that pretty soon. I don’t know whether there’ll be any more trips. Inti had a shock when they heard my rates…and the other trip will be to KK in early September. I turned down Lahad Datu and Sedaya, Kanowit…old man, stamina not so good anymore!

  6. You were in Kuching? O_O

    Yes…I arrived at around 7…in the dark! Went out for dinner with my aunties and cousins and after the candlelight dinner, went back to hotel to sleep. Left the next morning so didn’t get the chance to meet anybody!

  7. OOh curry….I bought some today although not quite the nyonya type, but will do. Was given a piece of “long kiam hoo” by my mum, and it’s been ages since I had curry with kiam hoo.

    By the way, how was the “chaang” from the other lady? I thought it was ok.

    They’re very nice. We had those ourselves and gave the old lady’s ones to my mum. Dunno if they’re still as nice…but the kuihs weren’t as good as they used to be. Still nice though…and anytime better than what we can get here!

  8. First time I come to your blog hor. *throw rose petals*

    Rolls out red carpet…Welcome! Welcome! Wow! It has got to be my lucky day cos I just had a visit from singaporegirl!!!…Do come again,ya! Will add u to my blogroll!

  9. nice kampung food indeed 🙂

    wish i was in kch to join in the fun…

    Watch out for the next post coming up! Too bad u missed that! Sob! Sob! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. A bit too full from breakfast??? Oh ya, I totally forgot the size of your ‘love handles’ for a moment. LOL! 😛

    Everyone said I’d slimmed down…my watermelon not so protrudingly obvious anymore…but after the trip, it’s back to normal! Haiz!!! Sob! Sob! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  11. back during kolej bujang time, we were tasked to build many such structures – ‘wooden’ stones. don’t know if any of those still there. i remember the clock tower, the waterfall and many ‘wooden’ chairs and tables were still there the last time i visited.

    you didn’t join in the dance? 😛

    Yes, very typical SMK school!…The dancing brought back lots of pleasant memories. Believe it or not, last time in one of my former schools (in the 80s), I was also trainer/choreographer – pick song, plan formations, get students to dance and I could show them a step or two. They said, “Eee…so fat and yet can move so nice!” Sometimes, we had dances on video and we adapted the movements…Then I went to a boys’ school…so no more dancing! LOL!!!

  12. I would seriously not agree to have some flower stand like that. The students will all say its the teachers ‘bong pai’

    That was what I thought. Wouldn’t be so bad if they were circular!

  13. Ahh… No pic of me in there? 😦
    Thanks for featuring my school and accepted the invitation to come here. Nice to see you again after all this years. Hope to c u again soon!

    Hello Colin. Nice of you to drop by…managed to track me down, eh? Nice to see you too and hopefully, we’ll meet again. LOL! At least, I mentioned your name, eh? Have fun in Johore!

  14. Thanks! 🙂
    Your blog, nice! Actually, more than nice. It’s pleasant… dunno how to describe… Oh well, I’m sure the rest know what I’m talking about.

    Thanks for the compliment. Very nice of you. Do drop by often, ya!

  15. Not bad hor… got chauffeur and good food… live like a king. Haha

    I guess I deserve to be treated well sometime…after how I have suffered all these years! Hahahahaha!!!!

  16. wah grandnya chauffeured in that car!!!

    You got friends everywhere … hehe.. so siok kan like that.. when are you coming over to KK again??? You said the first week of September, I hope it’s not the weekend though since Man-D and I have another trip planned already hehehe

    Too bad! I’ll be going 5th-7th September. Looks like I’ll be stuck in with Archie!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Or is he going somewhere too?

  17. Muahahaha…such a small world lah. That new friend you made is an old friend of mine – more than a friend, he’s my (non-blood)brother! I am “diangkat” into his family…..and Colin,your old friend,I know him thru Fred. See,such a small world kan! When u said u were going to SMK Lundu I thought you would meet them but never thought you actually already know Colin and hence met Fred. LOL!!!

    And ur not in Sibu 5th?! Alaa…I’m going to be in Sibu then, drive down from Kch.Stay one night only. Next day down to Brunei…

    There? When I asked you if you knew anyone in Lundu, you said no! I didn’t know Colin was there…till I bumped into him the next day….Too bad I won’t be in Sibu, all the best in Brunei!!! Harap2 tangkap orang minyak!!!

  18. hahahha stuck in Archie??? OMG! LOL! You were thinking of that before you striked that out right??? 😛 Man-D and I can still meet you on the 5th bah.. must meet the famous STP! 6th and 7th give you time to spend time with Archie lor… hahhaha quality time together-gether… hahahha

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Typo-error lah!!! That’s why I deleted mah!!! LOL!!! Hopefully we’ll get to meet then!!! Will confirm trip soonest…

  19. You asked me if I knew anyone in Lundu? No u didnt…u merely “thought out loud” and asked me of what to do when in Lundu! 😉 How was I to know you’d meet up with the guys…

    Yah! Didn’t want to ask directly. Saw u in Fred’s friendster…but didn’t know he’s based in Kuching. Tot he works in that school in Lundu!

  20. Nah STP,ur Fred’s “friend” but ur not mine? *sobs* Wakakakaka!

    I’m everybody’s friend!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. I didn’t know you can ‘berpantun.’ Anyway, thanks for visiting our blog. How did you stumble upon it anyway? Mmmm…. Well, thanks for the wish, but now the ‘holiday’ is over… And keep on writing about food, gloooooorious food! Luv ’em!

    Is this you, Fred? Clicked the link on your friendster page…but it’s private now, so can’t access whatever you have on friendster. Sure, I’ll keep writing about food…as it seems that most readers love that the most!!! LOL!!!

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