Here we go again…

I left for Kuching at 3.50 p.m. on the dot on Friday…but it turned out to be a MASwings flight, a Fokker 50, that is. I think this is the 1.45 direct flight from KK which would arrive at 3.20 on transit to Kuching. It didn’t matter as I am quite used to flying around in small aircrafts and thank goodness the flight was full, or else it might be an indication of the forthcoming demise of our national airline! I heard that the 5 something Boeing flight was cancelled and the passengers were asked to take the one at 11.00 a.m. instead.

Upon arrival at Kuching International Airport, I was met by the company’s “chauffeur-driven limo” which took me straight to Lundu…  


We checked in at the hotel; it was supposed to be twin-sharing but I had warned the officer that he must put me with a roommate who would be quite deaf or could sleep through a storm…and in the end, I got a room all to myself! LOL!!! After freshening up, we went for dinner. Being a seaside town, of course, it consisted mostly of seafood. We had prawns…

Chilli prawns@Lundu

It was prepared with thick chilli and egg gravy…the way I used to have crabs a long time ago in Singapore. Very nice! And we also had clams…


…and fish (black pomfret or bawal hitam) curry…

fish curry@Lundu

…and I loved the ulam! As a matter of fact, I ate all that by myself…and had an easy time the next morning. Hahahahaha!!!


We also had king crabs but I did not see what there was that could be eaten. I did try a bit but it was not to my liking.

king crabs@Lundu

The others sat around to chat…but I went back to the hotel earlier as I knew the following day would be a long, long one…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Here we go again…”

  1. enjoy your stay in Lundu 🙂

    have a good one, hey

    It was a pleasant trip…though it was more of a fly-by-night kind of thing! Now you see me, now you don’t…

  2. you were served King Crabs??? The one on the pix looks small. The normal adult size is about 16-18 inches wide. I believe that only the eggs are edible..never tried though. the blood is purple in colour and of medicinal value…,,,you can easily find them very close to the beach in Kpenyu…no joking and always in pairs (mating of course)
    here only the Suluk from Southern Philipines eat them The one in the plate looks like a baby…so sure no eggs la

    Dunno…got some white stuff that did not look very appetising! I just had one of the legs…and did not like it, so that was that!

  3. I think those are called Horseshoe Crabs. And they’re meatless. People just eat their eggs.

    And the people in the kampungs use the shells as decor to hang on their walls!

  4. Haha. Great ! I’m back ! Haha.. purposely wait until i finish exam so that you can’t lambast me again. Wow… you just don’t run out of good food, do you ? Haha

    So back to the drooling board, eh? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

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