For the first time…

I had been to Sematan twice before…in the 70s, and once I drove there in my tiny Colt Minica with some friends using the dusty untarred road, and we even had to cross a river by ferry. But I had never been to Lundu so this was the first time I had set foot in the town…

Lundu Chinese temple

It is very small and there are still a number of old wooden shophouses around…

Lundu old wooden shophouses

I had taken another better photograph of the old shops…but somehow, it seems to have got lost in cyberspace. There is a pleasant-looking park in the town centre…

Lundu Central Park

…and a number of new concrete shophouses…

Lundu new shops and mountains

Firm believers in Chinese feng shui would think that Lundu has a strategic location with the mountains at the back and the river in front. However, I would think that as far as the town is concerned, prosperity is still forthcoming.

The rest of the party had gone to the seminar venue but as my slot would only begin at 11.00 a.m. Saturday morning, I decided to get up late and roam around the town on my own. However, I did not venture very far as I had to walk! For one thing, I really enjoyed the breakfast I had… 

Lundu kolo mee special

Gosh! The kolo mee special was absolutely delicious…with the usual char siew and minced meat plus some roast pork belly (with nice crusty skin) and braised pork, some chicken wing and some wantan (kiaw/pian sip) as well. I also ordered some wantan soup to go with the noodles…

Lundu wantan soup 

…and what is most unbelieveable is that I only had to pay RM6.00 for all that! Gee! Sometimes it is much nicer to stay in small towns…where life is slow and easy and everything is so much cheaper!

Too bad I did not have much time to explore further! I did not even get to see the beach…but then I was not supposed to be there on holiday, so perhaps one day, I may just make my own way there…and I would definitely have that kolo mee special again, that’s for sure!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “For the first time…”

  1. haha, seems like the usual photos and food taken whenever we go to lundu.

    good to see nothing’s changed – it’s still an authentic little hamlet 🙂

    I guess that’s about all there is in the little town…

  2. How was your sleep in the inn? No bed bugs?

    It was ok. The hotel’s fine. I’ve been in a lot worse in some places. Btw, I met one of your team members – Lily! Didn’t know that she has moved there from Betong.

  3. Lundu looks so quiet and peaceful and clean…my kind of place…bet people still go hunting in the background hills. Where next????

    Sungai Petani…in a few days’ time to see my daughter.

  4. Jan 2007 she moved there. But she actually wanted Kuching city. Sigh. It could have been worse, Bako or Sematan. And she’s still single. The students of Lundu were very enthusiastic weren’t there?

    They were well-disciplined, quiet and attentive but a few were not very good at English. Should be able to do well if teachers can drill them to “do the right things” to score in the exam. But then, I only saw them for a couple of hours, so I wouldn’t know whether that was their normal conduct.

  5. drooling at the Kolo Mee. I don’t think there’s any nice Kolo mee around in KL.

    None in Sibu either…other than a few miserable imitations!!! Not worth the calories and the money!

  6. Lundu kolo mee looks good!!! Maybe should drive down and have a taste of it.

    Yeah.. in smaller towns, life is slow and easy and EVERYTHING is so much cheaper, including how much you make 😛

    Talk about driving down, you could have done that that day when I was there! Humph! 😦 😦

  7. Lundu kolo mee looks good!!! Maybe should drive down and have a taste of it.

    Yeah.. in smaller towns, life is slow and easy and EVERYTHING is so much cheaper, including how much you make 😛 haha!

    Do that to me one more time…!!! LOL!!! Sometimes, it’s more important to be happy and contented. U live in cities, work half dead, make more money but spend more and not enough to make ends meet…hutang kiri, hutang kanan…where got meaning in life like that? In small towns, they earn less, spend less, spend more time sitting around chatting, integrating with family, friends and neighbours. Isn’t that much better?…I made a lot at that small town though! 😉 😉 ROTFLMAO!!!!

  8. Ahh… Lundu. My food stop on the way to Pandan beach. Nice little town but i think the new road that bypasses Lundu to Sematan is killing this town.
    I guess u were in the company of some muslims? If not, the shops there do serve Poomba. Hahha. Damn.. should make a trip there again soon.

    I only like Poomba that I cook myself. They drown all the taste with ginger and lemon grass and stuff…in the end, not different from beef or venison!

  9. It has that small town charm I like. 🙂

    Yes, but I think there are some small towns that are nicer…like Kanowit, for instance. Only two rows of shophouses…

  10. KNB, maybe we should all make a trip there. Book into the bank union resort

    When? When? Make it a weekend…school days (cheaper airfare)…and not too soon as I’ve been travelling a lot lately. Ooo…Lundu kolo mee, here I come! LOL!!!

  11. STP, it would be weekend for sure, unless there are public holidays coming up. A trip to Sematan would be good…have not stayed over for a long time. I was going to suggest “Shepherd’s Green” but, too leceh, cos we’ll have to clean up and all that.

    KNB have not commented though!

    August 31st long weekend…but too close lah!!! I cant go gallivanting around so often!

  12. Aug 31st I will be in Melaka. heheh. C4STP wont be around in Sept and then after that the maid will be on leave. Hahah… looks like its not possible till November? By then its monsoon…..

    Well, there’s always next year….. LOL!!!

  13. Oh yes ,KANOWIT..the small town then which has nnnooooo toilet..and if there is an event for Sling Shooting in the Olympic..Kanowit folks who stayed on top of the shophouses will win all bronze silver and gold.. HA HA HA HA HA..or were you just pulling our legs then ????

    I like Kanowit. Got toilet lah…but the time I went, they were using bucket latrines. Now, no more lah! They’ve done up the town very nicely. Still drop by whenever I can…and the people so respectful. They still remember me after all these years!!!

  14. Sematan? Issit far from Sibu? The mountain looks very nice.. The air over there must be pretty fresh~ 🙂

    Lundu…but Sematan’s pretty close by as well. It is far from Sibu but just over an hour by road from Kuching. Fresh air and bright sunshine…and comparatively not as hot as in the cities when the day is so very sunny!

  15. Ya, I won’t be around in Sept and then the maid is going home after that. Don’t go to Sematan without me! Sematan Palm Beach resort is much better than bank union’s though. Went to bank union’s before – there was no water for shower until almost midnight!

    September is too soon for me too! Been flying around too much liao!…I like Sematan (those days) more than the other beaches. Can always stop at Lundu for the kolo mee special, not far!

  16. make sense… indeed! i watched oprah that day on this issue ‘just how much space you need to live’ something like that where the show featured those very small houses, apartments, trailer houses. one thing i remember is ‘small space makes you appreciate the presence of people around you better’.

    Of course! I don’t talk nonsense!!!…Yes, big houses seem so empty and cold! 😀 😀

  17.’s been a long time since i had ko lo mee. Sibu any place that has ko lo mee that is palatable ?

    Nope. I had one that wasn’t too bad recommended by Alex aka Jienster…the coffee shop next to the post office, but the lady’s extremely slow. Dunno if it is still in business or not.

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