I must say in no uncertain terms that I was extremely impressed by the positve attitude of the English Language teachers in Sandakan or at least, the 70 over who attended the talk that I gave on how to help students do well in the English Language 1119 papers in the SPM Examination. They actually signed up on their own accord and paid RM30 per head, and they were punctual and attentive throughout…

Sandakan Seminar 1

Here, the department would organise such courses or workshops for teachers and they would go grudgingly (forced by the school authorities) even though it was free of charge and they could claim this and that (Of course, this was what many would be most interested in!). I had on many occasions seen teachers who would appear around 8.00 a.m. to go for breakfast when the thing was supposed to start at 8.00 a.m. sharp, or teachers who would drag themselves in and the first thing they would ask you was, “At what time is this thing going to finish?”, or teachers who would sulk all day or spend their time talking in their group or outside the room on their handphones. Some would grumble to you blatantly that in school, they would only teach (I wonder how much of that they would actually do!) half a day but when they had to attend a course, they would have to stay till 4 or 5.00 p.m. Sometimes I really wondered why the people concerned would even bother to “cast pearls before swines”! Well, to be fair, there are some good ones here too, but sadly, they are outnumbered…especially when it comes to paying money to attend something that may be of benefit to them!

But the Sandakan teachers were not in any way like that. There were some who had attended a similar talk that I had given a few years ago and yet they wanted to come again. It felt good when they told me that they had tried out my suggestions and it had helped their students and the school examination results had improved, for instance the lady in white in the photograph below…and there was this Mr Lim from SM Sung Siew who was at my previous talk and he came again even though he would retire in 2 years’ time (He would have retired this year but he has opted for 58!). Even during the afternoon slot, they were all ears, participating actively by asking questions and giving opinions and laughing at my jokes…and when it was all over, so many of them took the trouble and time to come up front to say “thank you”. Thumbs up to everybody who was at the talk that day! Keep up the spirit and I am sure things can only be better in the days ahead…

Sandakan Seminar 2

There were two tea breaks – one in the morning and one on the afternoon and lunch was provided…

Sandakan Seminar Lunch Break

(Actually, I am including the above photograph because I thought that guy resembles Gundot’s handsome hubby aka Tom Selleck! LOL!!!) It was nothing fanciful…just the usual stuff like curry chicken…

Sandakan Seminar Lunch 2

…and a fish dish as well…

Sandakan Seminar Lunch 3

and also a vegetable dish (bean sprouts) plus fruits (watermelon) for dessert. It wasn’t much but I did not hear a word of complaint…unlike when we had courses here and meals were provided by the hotels used as venues; there were nothing but complaints…complaints…and complaints! I would blush each time I went through their feedback forms and saw where their priorities lay. One would really wonder how pathetic they could get!

Anyway, we had a long lunch break from 12 noon to 2.00 p.m. so my lady friends suggested that we went to 7-Heaven…

7-Heaven Sandakan 1

7-Heaven Sandakan 2 

Now, now! Wait a minute!…..I hope the name did not conjure all kinds of wild imaginings in your head for actually, it was just a dessert palour as you can see from the above pictures. LOL!!! We had this Yo Mango Supreme which is 99% fat-free…

Yo Mango Supreme

and this 99% fat Banana Boat…

Banana Boat

Which one do you think I had? ROTFLMAO!!!…..At 2, it was back to the grind and I wrapped up the whole thing at 4.00 p.m. on the dot. I would always start punctually and never believe in keeping people any longer than the time stated. To close this post, I wish to dedicate to all the Sandakan teachers who were present that day these lines from one of my favourite songs…
“…I hope life treats you kind,
and I hope you have all you dream of,
and I’m wishing you joy and happiness,
and above all this, I’m wishing you…love!!!” 

Till we meet again, God bless you all in your true devotion to your vocation.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Listen…”

  1. the banana split, i assume.

    would you be interested in a talk-a-ma-roo thing in kuching? name your deal and i’ll shop around for you.

    They call it “Banana Boat” there…They’ll meet me at the airport and we’ll head straight to Lundu, won’t be back till late Saturday evening/night…and I’ll be flying back on Sunday morning. I don’t think there’ll be much time for social activities…Tnx for the invite, anyway.

  2. Same goes to students who were forced to attend seminars or courses by school. School like to use threat to force students to sign up.

    I agree with the complaining. I heard a lot of it from friend’s mom after she attended a course or seminar in hotels here. Sometimes people take things for granted 🙂

    Yes, so sad! I loved going for courses. For one thing, it was a welcome break…and helped me keep my sanity and there were always things to learn – not just from the course but from the others attending when we shared experiences, ideas… Somehow, most people don’t see these as opportunities to learn! Or maybe once they’ve got their piece of paper, they think they know everything and are very good already…and there’s nothing more that they can learn from others!

  3. Of course they are good cos Sabah ma and to get best value for their own money???
    Jokes aside.. I must say that I am VERY IMPPRESSED with your description and observation on them..people like them make me see light at the end of the tunnel..and I say.. 70 Sandakan Teachers BOLEH.. to them…worth your effort STP.

    To all the Dedicated teachers in Malaysia I SALUTE you.

    I wonder how many of them of them had this opp to attend but chose to stay away??

    Now I can understand why parents fight and bitch over which class their children go to ..just to be under the care of a workingForm Teacher.

    Wishing the teachers of PROFESORI STP’s remaining tour are just as good.

    The one this weekend is for students and the one in KK as well. I won’t be surprised if at the one coming up, the teachers are not bothered to attend…and those forced to be around to keep an eye on the kids will spend their time talking at the back! I know them too well already…

  4. fat free food, always misleading. fat content yes very less. but carbo very high, or sugar very high.. end up still turn into fat hahahahaha!

    i love going for courses. meeting new people that is.

    Then u’re like me!!! I enjoy mingling around…while many would rather stick around in their own group and gossip about others. So cliquish!

  5. If the teachers they themselves can’t be punctual for a course or seminar, or can’t be bothered to listen to the talk, why would they expect their students to listen to them either? Teachers by right must have the passion to teach and not only to make money for a living. I used to love the English classes and I even took English Literature as an extra subject on my own in SPM. To me, English is like an art although it’s just a language.

    Ah! An English Lit student!!! A dying breed these days!!!…You won’t believe that as emcee for at least two formal functions, I had to scold the teachers because they were talking so loudly that they drowned out the VIP giving a speech on the PA system!!! Many are worse than students, I tell you! No discipline at all! I really wonder what has gone wrong!

  6. good that you still had so many teachers willing to come for your talk.. Sandakan ah.. better go sandakan to study la like this.. more good teachers there.

    mango supreme!! looks goood. love desserts..

    Yes, we certainly need more teachers like them…..I dunno whether it’s good or not. I’m not into yogurt!

  7. I would go for that Mango Supreme… I prefer yoghurt ice cream anyway hehehe but knowing you, that 99% fat was your order! LOL

    p.s: I posted something especially for you today 😛

    Hehehehehe!!! That was pretty obvious, wasn’t it?…Yup, I’ve commented on that post already.

  8. Wah. Best read so far. Right up my alley, trainings n conferences. Trust me, the worst lot are those in the Middle East – complain complain complain. Sigh~ Not looking forward to another trip to Dubai this Nov. U like baklavas?

    LOL!!! Sounds very familiar! I’ve never tried baklavas…;we don’t get mid-eastern food here. Btw, ur first time here I see? Welcome and do keep coming, ya?

  9. I remembered giving a bunch of teachers some IT training in a part time job I had.. gee, they were a tough bunch. The older ones were just looking forward to lunch and tea breaks. Anyhow, yes.. Uncle J does look like Magnum PI.

    Don’t generalise! Some young ones are just as bad…if not worse. I guess it all boils down to the question of attitude!…Ya, the people at his office here gave him the nickname – Tom Selleck! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. Hello… Been reading your blogs. Lovely! I finally remembered why you looked so familiar.

    Anyway, I agree so much with you on our local educators when going for courses. It seems you, the lecturers are not the only one having problems with them. I work in one of the hotels here and when these people check in. The stories I could tell. OMG! You would never in your right mind think that these are the people who are going to teach your kids! Like you say there are the few rare breed of educators who do their utmost best to educate but majority really KNS! (Ka Na Sai)

    Welcome, welcome! You know me? Gee! I’m such a celebrity! Hahahahahaha!!! Thanks for dropping by and do keep coming, ya! I’ll add you to my blogroll!…..LOL!!! I’m sure you have a lot of horror stories to tell!!! And one would think that they would appreciate the luxury of having a course in a hotel! My time, we had them in schools…sleeping in run-down Japanese-time barracks/hostels and having soup with two or three pices of long bean inside! They don’t know how lucky they are!!!

  11. duh… it’s mac la. n after the star, digg and facebook, this is where i singgah to continue my morning reading when reach office. won’t comment unless it’s sth interesting. n yeah – very interesting way of leaving me ur number in fb. i’ll get you a box of baklava.

    ROTFLMAO!!! And I thought u were someone from Turkey or Mid-East!!! Well, keep dropping by! I love the company!!!

  12. The last time you saw him he look like that kah? You must be more interested in your money!!!!!! Just the somet maybe. Now you have stella picturing him wearing colourful stripe shirts! You must bring Stella to see him when she goes sibu.
    Stella, you want to see the District Officer….your good friend lah. C Kong’s big brother

    Wah! She’s got connections in high places?…Yup, maybe the guy’s much younger-looking than Tom! LOL!!!

  13. Sandakan teachers seemed very nice.. sigh… if sibu teachers would be like that too.. hmm..knowing you, i bet you had both.. wakaka

    No, I didn’t!!! I had the banana boat…and even that, I had to struggle to finish!!! A lot!!!!

  14. teacher, i know u had both, 99% fat free and then the 99% fat just to compensate…haha.. and sure or not those teachers so semangat wan… i see many heads down leh, just like during lecture in my college.LOL!!. and yeah, nowadays ppl become teacher just for the holidays and the not-too-bad pay completely oblivious to the role that a teacher should actually play. like SHS ah, all thse new young english teachers just came in wan like crap i heard. tesl graduate summore!! tsk tsk tsk *shakes head* lucky i got ting ling ling, priscilla and u as english teachers haha

    I didn’t! I just had the banana boat. Not into yogurt, anyway!…You know the present teachers?…Haven’t dropped by since I retired! Won’t know what’s going on there…but Clare will be able to tell you about one very good one!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. To Gundot i have met yr tom before lah, nice guy! y bring me to see him?Is he also a local celebrity like STP? can ask him to come to our gathering too, r u coming also? Who is the DO again? Ah Meng or Ah Kong?? can’t remember!Colourful stripes not so bad,if it is fuschia pink, i will be worried! STP, hope u do not have that colour in your wardrobe!LOL!

    Nowadays, guys also use pink mah!!! Aiyor! You so ketingallan one!…But I don’t have anything in pink though!!! India Street Parkland doesn’t have! LOL!!!

  16. STP…agree about pink on guys…I saw a very macho guy wearing a really nice baby pink work shirt, and he looked so good in it!

    They should call the shop “7th Heaven” or “7 Heavens” hor? Makes more sense. Or they wanted it to sound like 7 eleven.

    It should be 7th Heaven, I guess…what with all the dessert, cakes and ice cream!!!

  17. makan makan again…

    and i like your philosophy – never keep people longer than stated 🙂

    I can’t stand people who do that! Everybody’s switched off already and whatever you say will bounce off their heads like rubber balls! So no point wasting the energy!!!

  18. Stella, Ah Meng… you can ask him to sing…

    Ah Meng’s the name of the orang utan at Singapore zoo!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  19. Yes, keeping ppl longer than necessary…masses served by bishops come to mind! Oops!

    Some of them don’t have one punctuation mark…the full stop! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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