Lazy Sunday afternoon…

My friends would come to take me out later in the evening so I was left to my own devices for what’s left of the Sunday afternoon. I had not had lunch (The nasi lemak treat at KK airport wasn’t exactly lunch…LOL!!!) so I decided to roam around the vicinity in search of some mam-mams. Well, it was past 2 on a Sunday afternoon so most of the eating places were closed including one that’s blatantly named “Klang Bak Kut Teh”…and those that were still open were not that appealling in my eyes. In the end, I decided to go for the set lunch at After 5.

I thought it was a western restaurant…but it appeared from the menu that they served Chinese food as well. I guess that explained what the mushroom soup tasted like…

Mushroom soup and toast

It was neither rich nor creamy and if I had known, I would have opted for the sweet corn soup instead. Just look at the kopi-tiam toast that came with it! Fortunately they used butter instead of margarine! The main course was grilled lamb chop and it was fine except that the portion was so small… 

After 5 grilled lamp chop

Even the plate was smaller than at other places. I could not help comparing that to what I would get for RM14++ at Garden in Sibu. Then there was ice cream and coffee. All in all, it was not too bad for RM18.00 but I could have found something better if I had scouted around long enough.

After the late lunch, I went back to the hotel and had a nap. Around 4 something, I was up and about again…and the moment I stepped out of the hotel this time, my sharp nose detected the fragrance of…satay!!!

Taman Indah satay 1

I had not had beef satay for quite sometime owing to the problem with the supply of beef here…so despite the fact that I just had lunch not too long ago, I simply could not resist…

Taman Indah satay 2

…indulging in a few sticks of satay and some ketupat to go with it. Incidentally, I noticed that there were mostly ladies in the area at that time of day. Probably the men were all sleeping off their hangovers after staying out late on Saturday night but there was a shop selling those bubble-tea drinks or whatever you call those…and it was packed with ladies only! I thought of taking a photograph but changed my mind in case the Amazons ladies would charge out and beat me to pulp, some 50 of them or so! LOL!!!

My friends came at 7 something and we headed to the English Tea House. It was too late for tea, and I had western for lunch and they say if you go to Sandakan, you must have seafood, so we just stopped for drinks there.

English Tea House Sandakan 1

I got to meet Tim, a radio friend I made on the TraxxFm afternoon show…and in case anyone’s wondering, yes! I was that cikgu…before the show ended (and I never bother to tune in to the station anymore after that!). Tim’s the chef there…and since he was working, it was more of a hello, goodbye thing! Didn’t want him to land in hot soup with his bosses…and in the rush, I forgot to take his photograph! He’s very young, maybe in his mid-20s…

The place was very nice – perfect ambience, very classy…but we should have gone there during the day to enjoy the scenery and the bird’s eye view of Sandakan town. You can dine in one of the gazebos or in the open air…

English Tea House Sandakan 2

…or in the main dining hall.

English Tea House Sandakan 3

For one thing, I noticed that all the customers (except us) were mat sallehs and my friends said they were tourists, not locals. Gee! Coming all the way here for a not-very-authentic experience of what they could get back home! That certainly reminded me of Tintin in Perth and his craving for nasi lemak or jeremychee in Brisbane and his kuih chap!!!

After our drinks, Lily and the others (You’ll see their photos in the next post, so make sure you come back!) took me for a seafood dinner. Do stick around, everybody! One seafood dinner coming up…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday afternoon…”

  1. show us your normal portion – i always hear you comparing to garden hotel’s. don’t want to offend you the next time we have an eat-out.

    This one I went to – the size of the plate was about our normal kampua plate-size! Normally at Garden, I would get at least three big slices, and also at The Village (behind Esso Station) but the latter’s RM21 – very nice though! Must try! Garden has always been generous with their portions since I complained once that the fish was too little when I had fish and chips there (RM11 only!). I’ve posted photographs in a few earlier posts already.

    P.S. Will post on the western food at another place! That one’s VERY nice and of course, more expensive (Still very cheap though!)!

  2. That reminds me, I haven’t had BEEF satay for a long time already too! I prefer beef satay to chicken.

    I cannot stick around with you for a whole day lor, if I keep eating like you, I’ll become the female version of you in no time. LOL!!! 😉

    Never mind! Hopefully…we’ll grow together but in different areas! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  3. What’s the name of that satay place, STP? I think that’s the area where my bf’s cousin is doing her satay business… totally forgot to ask you to go and try 😉 oh darn! LOL

    Can’t remember. Min or something. Small outlet in between two blocks of shophouses…with a drink counter in the shop and a satay stall and noodle stall outside by the side. The lady boss jovial, quite fair and on the heavy side!…Didn’t see any other place selling satay other than this one.

  4. I haven’t had satay for ages!! Not good ones anyway.
    Very nice restaurant! Perfect for a romantic night out! 🙂

    There are frozen ones that may be available in supermarkets over there. May not be as nice but beggars can’t be choosers! LOL!!…..Yes, just right for a special date like on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries…but the prices, though still affordable, are on the higher end. Set dinner was around RM45, if I remember correctly.

  5. Why u always say got beef shortage? I can always get beef satay in kuching ler. Maybe the shortage is in Sibu only. hehe.
    The gazebo reminds me of that scene in the Sound of music …”I am 16 going on 17….”. Haha.

    Yes, I guess so. Only in Sibu! The stall near my house only sells chicken satay now, and The Village won’t encourage customers to try the beef steak anymore (Australian beef too expensive and not always available…so they get from dunno what country!!!)…Now you can spend the rest of the afternoon imagining me prancing around the gazebo singing “I am 16 going on 17!!!” Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. Min satay corner??? Hahaha that’s her then.. should’ve give the soto a try too! Was the satay to your liking? 😀 Be truthful so that I can pass the comment to her ya.. thanks hehe

    It was nice. Different from what I had elsewhere…maybe because the seasoning’s different. Perhaps they should give more satay gravy though. I saw the people eating noodles and stuff and they looked nice too…but I just had lunch and I was going for dinner so I had to control myself! Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  7. Gosh…. i just had flashbacks of this kiddy show we had on our local TV when i was much younger. Cant remember the name but there was a hippo with a skirt that likes to dance and prance around. haha.

    Dunno…didn’t have TV when I was young and by the time we had TV, I was already too old to watch kiddy shows. Sure it isn’t Barney you have in mind? Or Miss Piggy? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Few years ago, when my bro was posted to KL, we visited him & family,he was very kind to take us to Kajang, quite far from KL city where we were staying, he said have to go early like b4 6pm if go later, the satay is the left over from previous customers, hope he is just pulling my leg. but kajang satay very delicious! Hope yours is too!

    No satay anywhere can measure up to the ones in Kajang! And in KL, I have Cash, the friendly cabbie – another radio friend – who will drive me all the way and even treat me to all I can eat!!! He’s so nice!!!

  9. Glad to know that you liked the satay 🙂 As for the gravy, you can always ask for more 😉 They don’t give out the gravy a lot when they serve it out because some people just couldn’t finish the gravy and that’ll be a waste

    p.s: The lady boss you saw was not the cousin I mentioned, it was her friend instead

    I guess so…but what they gave was more or less enough. That lady was very pleasant – the kind you’ll like the first time you meet!

  10. Guess Sandakan is out of my list for must-go-before-i-die list since all you have there is seafood..

    The satay…the sirloin steak…all beef!!!

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