Good to be back…

It was good to be back in Sandakan again and to see my friends, Lily and Santhi…

Lily and Santhi

and Param and Monica…

Param and Monica

This is one of the perks that I derive from going here and there giving talks to teachers and students, paticipating in conferences, seminars, workshops and what have you. I get to meet all the very nice people throughout the whole country and we end up being such great friends. Param has retired but despite being from Malacca originally, he has settled in Sandakan permanently…and Santhi is from Kedah and it certainly looks like she’ll stay in Sandakan for good as well. Yes, Sabah IS a very nice place…

Well, after our drinks at the English Tea House, we went to this Pasir Putih place for seafood. They also brought me there when I was in Sandakan on one of my earlier visits. I did not want fish…and I did not fancy getting my hands all dirty eating crabs…so we had siput glasui

Sandakan seafood siput glasui

and fresh oysters…

Sandakan seafood fresh oysters

and prawns, of course…

Sandakan Seafood Butter Prawns

Gosh! The prawns were so fresh you could actually savour the sweetness in them, unlike the bland crustaceans we pay through our noses for back here! We also had homemade seafood tofu…

Sandakan homemade seafood tofu

and fried Sabah sayur manis

Sabah sayur manis

That is something like the cangkuk manis in Sarawak…but the plants are smaller and while we eat the leaves, they only take the young shoots. For dessert, we had fruits and fried ice cream…

Sandakan dessert Fried icecream

That was, in fact, ice cream wrapped in bread and deep-fried.

Sandakan dessert Fried icecream inside

It was nice and definitely unique…or to me at least, as I had never had anything like that before. All in all, I found the dinner most delightful and satisfying. Thanks so much, Lily, Shanti, Monica and Param, for the treat! I certainly look forward to doing that with everybody again sometime. In Sibu perhaps? And it will be my treat this time! Meanwhile, take care and wishing you all nothing but the best in the days ahead!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Good to be back…”

  1. Re the prawns…to savour its succulence, best to eat it just steamed. That’s a very popular way to eat them in Sabah, and I heard some tourists order by the kilos and they eat just that with their whisky or beer! So indulging it borders on criminal!

    LOL!!! I would agree with you on that!!!…So very sweet!

  2. No penyu on the menu?

    Eyew!!! Definitely not, especially when someone calls himself kpenyu! Bad mental picture! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. Fried ice cream!!!!

    Eat those every year in Kuching Fest. he he.

    I went to Kuching Fest once, so hot…sweating plus2, so crowded, so noisy…old man’s head spinning…so I left without eating anything! LOL!!!

  4. must change hp lo…camera did not do justice to the food..(my guess)… they even ban the sale of the ping pong balls that come out of my A*** ha ha ha ha

    Your teacher freinds all seem sooo shy shy only I think

    Eyew!!! Those things where the white looks like something from your running nose…or worse still, s***m…even after cooking!!!…No leh, where got shy? Yes, I do need a new hp with a better camera. If you get one for your coming birthday, you just pass to me, ok? LOL!!!

  5. When u mentioned Param, I was so excited, thinking it was the comedian Param from long long time ago, remember him with Badul n the gang, forgot the rest. Well, STP, your Param is not the Param I thought it was!LOL!!I liked the sayur manis of sabah,K.Penyu n good friend P.S. took my family n Pollie for dinner one nite in KK few yrs back n i think KK’s food is delicious!However i still prefer the cangkuk manis in sibu n also our midin!No offence to KK people!Well!STP you must be one very perky fellow to have so many perky friends everywhere!

    Blush! Blush!…I’m so nice…so humble…so lovable…so… ROTFLMAO!!!

  6. yeah, sabah is nice…

    wonder when i’l ever go back again… *sigh*

    Yes, when?…Air Asia got cheap fares?…Let me know! I’ve got friends there so you won’t have any problem getting around!

  7. You know what I like most about your blog? It’s your food post! I’m sure many others feel the same. Hehehehe..

    You may not like tomorrow’s post….but that can wait!!! Just enjoy drooling in the meantime. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. hehe.. coral like your food post?!!!! no i don’t like your food post..coz i can never EAT them……………. bad STP!!! ahhahahaha

    Yes, I’m so bad! Come spank me! Ouch! Ooo…ahhh!!! Ouch! Oooo…ahhh!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  9. I love fried ice cream as well. Where can we get it in Sibu?

    I dunno of any place where we can get it here…and btw, sorry for not joining you for dinner last nite. Decided to sit this one out as I’m still recuperating from the trip and I’ll be taking off again tomorrow. Anytime perhaps, ok?

  10. I love fry ice-scream! It’s the perfect treat! Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Yum!

    It was nice…but I would prefer ice cream as it is…ice cream! U’ll see some in the next post!

  11. You know what they say about oysters being aphrodisiac? What happened that night? LOL! 😛

    Hehehehehehe!!!…Huai Bin, you want some? ROTFLMAO!!!

  12. As I expected before you got back… at least a seafood post from you! LOL! Sandakan, that’s the best place for seafood, fresh and cheaper than those in other districts here

    Yes, it was very very fresh and very very nice. Not too expensive either. We may get some cheaper here, but not so fresh and sweet!

  13. Why Stella got excited over that Param?

    Dunno? Maybe she has this thing for small things!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. Wakaka.. when i saw the siput klasui, at first glance i thought it’s siput kia sui ( scared of being pretty ) Haha.

    As long as it’s not sibut ka chui….hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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