Wind beneath my [mas]wings…

I’m home…safe and sound and in one piece! Anybody missed me?…Well, I left Sibu on Sunday morning and when I got to the airport, what I saw…

O fare, 0 passenger 1 O fare O passenger 2

…was not very encouraging. Times are hard…and even with zero fare, there were 0 passengers, or almost…

 O fares, a few passengers

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I was flying via maswings in their Fokker 50 aircraft. The thought crossed my mind that it was not a very appropriate name for an airline. I’m sure if you’re flying in a swinging aircraft, you’ll need a lot of hong eyew or minyak cap kapak (Axe brand oil)!

I flew to Bintulu where I had to disembark for immigration clearance and then I had to board the aircraft again…

Reboarding at Bintulu

The flight was pleasant…and we were served a packet of Milo from Sibu to Bintulu and from Bintulu to Kota Kinabalu, we were given this…

maswings inflight light refreshment

Inside, they had turkey ham sandwich and egg sandwich in cling wrap. You do not get to see them in the photograph as I had already eaten them all! LOL!!! Definitely nicer than the inedible, inpalatable stuff we get on the KL-Sibu-KL flights despite being packed in a classier and very impressive looking box. I would think that the box for this one is quite unnecessary too. Somehow or other, I would imagine certain individuals with “extra loose change” in their pockets derived from the lucrative deals, but this is just an uncanny suspicion on my part and not a statement of fact! Anyway, there was also a packet of Milo and a bar of KitKat in the box as well… 

maswings inflight light refreshment 2

The lady at the MAS counter in Sibu told me that I could only check in for the Sibu-KK sector and I would have to check in again at KK airport for my flight to Sandakan. Darn!!! The airport at KK was worse than a fish market! It was so crowded with mat sallehs and loud Cantonese-speaking Chinese (from Hong Kong probably) and it took me quite a while to go through the process. There were only a few counters and none for no-baggage check-in and the place was not air-conditioned, so you can imagine me oozing sweat from every pore…

Busy KK airport

I met a former student there, now a flourishing businessman…and he treated me to coffee and nasi lemak at The Mouth, the restaurant at the airport. I did not take any photographs as we were too engrossed in our conversation about who’s doing what, who’s married to who, how many kids and so on and so forth. I noticed this sign upon arrival though…

Sign at KK airport

I think the BM translation for “What’s that big one?” isn’t quite correct. What do you think? And I wonder what “big one” they are talking about! Hahahahaha!!! Well, I reached Sandakan at 1.20; there were no delays all the way so that’s one good thing.

Orang Utan mascot at Sandakan airport

No, that wasn’t Kpenyu waiting for me at Sandakan airport and that wasn’t his portrait on the wall either (though some may claim that there’s a resemblance! ROTFLMAO!!!). My friend, Lily, met me at the airport and brought me to the hotel…

Grand Hotel Sandakan

It is right across the road from some private Chinese school where I was going to give a talk the next day…and is located in Taman Indah which some say is the red-light area in Sandakan. Hehehehehe!!!! Ask no questions and I’ll tell no lies!!! When I went into the room, I was somewhat tickled at being welcomed by this very hospitable sign… 

Sign at Sandakan hotel

That was nice! I hate the stale cigarette stench in some hotel rooms that I have stayed in. Lily said she would pick me up later for dinner…but that will have to wait till the next post! Well, hasn’t it been said that patience is a virtue? LOL!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Wind beneath my [mas]wings…”

  1. Welcome back to your blogging site STP! Re: sign on the last photo, the hotel people must have known u are coming!LOL! Never been to Sandakan, what is the population?What is the tourist attraction?

    I didn’t go touring…but I did drop by the English Tea House, had seafood dinner. Drop by for the next few posts! This morning, I even managed to go to Aunty Jajah’s funeral….Tourists go to Sandakan to visit the Sepilok Rehab Centre, I guess.

  2. Did u meet up with Melbie and gang? Wah.. retired but still in demand huh? 😉

    Nope! Hope to meet them when I go and give a talk in KK. Like fine wine mah! Gets better with age! (Not really! I find it so tiring!!! Old already!)

  3. Aiyo! Miss you so much lah! The days you didn’t blog seem to pass soooooooooooo slowly you know 😛 Hehehe! I’m not kissing your ass. Seriously!

    Tenkiu! Tenkiu!!…Well, I’m back…but only for a few days! Will take off again this Friday for the weekend! LOL!!!

  4. hey, welcome back 🙂

    nice pictures, u’re becoming very adept now, hey?

    looking forward to reading about your rendezvous with Lily.

    Thanks!…I need to get a new hp with a better camera, but no money!!! See if I can make enough from these trips!!! LOL!!!…No lah! Lily’s a good friend! Nothing sexciting!!! But don’t let that stop u from coming back, ya! Hahahahahaha!!!

  5. As I read this blog, I’m also watching Randy Pausch (author of “The Last Lecture”) on Oprah. He passed away on 25 July 2008.

    Anyways, welcome back. Been to Sandakan, didn’t really make any lasting impressions save for the seafood. Like Tawau, too many illegal immigrants as well.

    Somebody posted about his book recently, can’t remember who. I didn’t really go round the town, so I didn’t notice. Bigger and busier than Sibu, that I noticed.

  6. Forgot to ask….will we have dinner on saturday?

    Have to wait till they email me…hopefully!!!…I may be pretty wornout though! No spring chicken anymore!!!

  7. OMG, you called kpenyu an orang utan.. wait till he reads your blog.. eng eng liao…

    Hahahahaha!!! He’s fine, can take my jokes and insults, no problem one!!! LOL!!!

  8. Hahaha! No only does it goes, What is that big one, the next sentence goes “Does it eat people?”.


    Well, mine does. 😉

    Yours does?…Does it now?…I thought it’s meant to be eaten only? Gee! This is interesting!!! I would have to be enlightened further in this unique feature of yours! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Please do not insult the monkeys…..

    Was looking at the Fokker’s front tire and thought PANCIT PANCIT…Ha ha ha ha ha…All your readers are being conned by you la ..everyday post food food and more food..whereas you actually lost weight ..pandai la you.

    ….No kok session…but at least we did a few songs in church today ya…

    gerrie;…hand luggage already troublesome…please don’t make him carry EGGS la..

    Yalor! How can I insult them by comparing them to you hor? ROTFLMAO!!!…I guess the brunch and skipped lunch helped, plus the kampung cooking (mostly veg), so my giant watermelon isn’t that big anymore…I find it very stressful to carry anything breakable or perishable! Guess I worry too much…even though it’s “at your own risk”!

  10. …this I must tell…In church today..many people asked STP whether he is THE CIKGU A***** on the radio… and this is for real folks…and I ran away

    Me celebrity mah!!!…..Hahahahahaha!!! Syiok sendiri!

  11. psstt.. which part of HB can eat ppl ah, stp? i’m curious.. meow.. i thot only IT can be eaten.. *innocent*

    Ya!!! You too, eh?…Tell, Huai Bin, tell!…With audio-visual aid as well!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Ah.. finally! The one who just have so much time to blog so that people with lots of free time in the office like me (at least for now) have something to read! LOL

    p.s: KKIA is under construction, as you may have noticed… hence the bad condition hehe

    Yes, I think the airport is going to be very nice when it’s completed…much nicer than Kuching’s. High time too cos it has been like that since God knows when!…But my regular outlet doesn’t want to sell me the “duty-free” stuff anymore! 😦

  13. The box is definitely a waste of money and paper… They could have just served them in a reusable plastic tray to the passengers. In fact many have complained about the 5 star airline with 5 star prices giving this type of food on board!

    Yes, I agree. But even in those days when they used plastic, I think they threw everything away…or they sent them back to the kitchen. Whether they use them again, I wouldn’t know. In the past, when they had a caterer on tender contract…I heard for each passenger, the food cost over RM100! Even the lousy ticket they used before was over RM10 each! If that is true, somebody must have got very very rich!!!

  14. “What’s that big one?” *LOL*

    Wah.. So long didn’t drink Milo in packet.. Nice or not? 😀

    I want to sit on MAS ler !!

    Dunno…I gave them away! Can’t take Milo! Migraine…too heaty for me, I think!…MAS also got zero fares mah! But not during school holidays!…Anytime nicer than Air Asia…so rush, noisy, so crammed…like taking a bus!

  15. Wah… ur hotel in sandakan looks like some massage centre. haha. Am surprised no “smoking” is allowed. Anyways, see u in Kch on Saturday if dinner is on.

    You memang pakar massage centres lah? Hahahahahahaha!!!! Nice decent place, this one….Dunno yet, still no news from the organisers!

  16. Red light district? 😛 So you went for ‘sight’ seeing not? Hehehehe!

    The translation very funny hahaha! “Apa itu? Besarnya!” ROTFLMAO!

    Nope! I was behaving myself! Very good!!!…But kpenyu told me a lot of Filipino chicks there! I didn’t go out to see! So kwai hor!!! LOL!!!

  17. Guess I’ll be taking Airasia flights then, food has improved tremendously. Tasted my first roti canai onboard recently. BTW, I recommend all visitors to go to Sepilok – one of Sandakan’s top tourist site.

    Welcome! Ur first time here, I see. Do come by again!…I didn’t go seeing as it was a working visit. However, I stumbled upon this blog; the guy did not fancy Sepilok being tourist-centred but suggested some place else instead. You can check it out –

  18. Haha. KK Airport not AC mer ? Isn’t it suppose to be off ‘internationak stabdard”?

    Wat’s “AC mer”? And watch ur spelling!…..It’s under massive renovation. Once it’s completed, it’s going to be very nice – definitely nicer than Kuching’s and maybe even KLIA!

  19. ‘international standard’ very hard to type while eatigng

    Omigawd! Then you type using your dirty fingers…and at nite, the rats will come out and chew away the letters on your keyboard!!! LOL!!!

  20. Still under renovation !? Omigawd ! It was under renovation already when i went to korea last year

    I guess we can say the same about our road to the airport here!!!

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