Evergreen tree…

When I was a kid, I lived in a wooden house in a very very big compound and we had a lot of rambutan trees. The weather was very predictable then – hot in the middle of the year and rain (and flood) around year-end. The fruit season would always be at the end of the year and our rambutan trees would bear fruit in abundance.

Rambutans/tk-yeoh's photo@www.flickr.com

There were two types of rambutans then – the local ones with the soft, jelly-like flesh that usually would stick to the seed or the Singapore ones, as they were called then, that were crunchier and sweeter and those from our trees would never stick to the seeds, that’s for sure!

Rambutan/jrozwado's photo@www.flickr.com

We would tie the fruits in bundles and I would sell them to the people passing by our house…and many years later, they could still recall seeing that (cute) little boy sitting by the roadside selling his rambutans…ummm the fruits, I mean! Ah…never mind! ROTFLMAO!!!…Later my father sold the land and the family had to move. He grafted the tree and planted one in the backyard of the new house, or were there two? It/They grew very well and we continued to enjoy the fruits. Then they moved again; by then, I had already moved out to stay on my own. Once again, my father grafted the tree and gave the seedlings to everybody. I also got one and I just planted it at the back of the house. Believe it or not, everybody else’s died but mine survived!

It was about two-feet tall for many years and it never grew bigger…and then suddenly, it did just that! Probably the ground was very hard and finally the roots could break through. It bore fruits many times – exactly like the ones we had long ago in the old wooden house. It had flowered recently and now, the fruits have appeared… 

Baby rambutans

Sometimes, if the weather is too hot, these young baby fruits would drop off…but lately, the weather has been quite kind. Not too hot and quite a lot of rain! So hopefully, by the time Stella gets here next month from Down Under, she can get to enjoy my rambutans…the fruits, I mean! Arghhh!!! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

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29 thoughts on “Evergreen tree…”

  1. Am not a rambutan person cos after eating, I have a tendency to get a sore throat. Not sure why that happens but it has stopped me from eating rambutans. I recall the rambutan in your garden – quite a harvest then!

    “Heaty”…like quinie (the local mango), durians etc. I can’t take much either!…So just makes me busy only, cutting and tying and giving to people!!!

  2. Oh Yes! I can remember your big garden u have in your old house of stilts. so many lovely fruit trees n the one that really stands out in my mind is the ‘apple’ jambu that goes so well with the belachan n soya sauce and sugar. Everytime we came back from school and saw the big baskets of apple jambu, we knew that our mum has been visiting your mum and will have such a great time feasting on the jambus that i skipped lunch. So lovely to see that your rambutan trees is flowering and i am eagerly waiting to taste your rambutans, okay should be more SPECIFIC!, the rambutans on your rambutan trees in your backyard. So what happened to the apple jambu trees, your dad ever do any grafting on that one, wow! it would be such a shame if that lovely fruit is hard to get anymore, i think it is like the rolls royce of all the jambus!

    No more! We’ll get to see those apple jambus once in a blue moon these days!!!…I don’t quite like jambus…whatever type!

  3. …Sophia: where were you when you were needed??? From which Sibu house did Chris felled while playing hide and seek????..Don’t respond with Tidak Ingat as STP will haunt you for life.

    stella we did …ya peeed on those trees……and here we say ..we had janbu for lunch ha ha ha ha


  4. STP..will never forget the LAMUTAN trees… take one also scolded …and then by end of season me and C ong given the task of trimming the trees ..with the reward of the left overs…anything over filling our bicycle bags…need to tax again…ha ha ha

    I thought kawi was the one who used to do that?…U can come and do the same for my rambutan tree when the time comes!

  5. Can’t take rambutans as well…lips will itch real badly, and the end result is not quite A Jolie’s!

    Not missing much, anyway! I don’t actually love it that much. In fact, I’m not so much into fruits except maybe bananas and papayas and dabai…

  6. hmm, comparing rambutans to whatever you had in mind. Red and hairy, eh?

    LOL Angelina Gerrie

    Now now!!! Don’t let your imagination run wild now!…Hahahahahaha!!!! That rhymes!!!

  7. YES the big garden and rows n rows of Rambutan trees – who can forget that–i like to pluck and eat n my mum make sure I pick up all the skins and keep the compound clean-haha..liked the apple jambu too- Kpengyu pee there no wonder grow so well..dont mind hire Kpyu to pee on my mango tree here ..hahaha.

    Otherwise, we would have to clean up by ourselves mah! Your mum was very considerate!…It was such a chore!!! I hated days when I had to mow that huge garden…and I was allergic to freshly cut grass!!!….Aiyor! He’s so old already you think still fertile meh? Sure your mango tree will die!!!

  8. Oh…your wooden house-your bedrooms have air-con..my 1st experience being in an aircon room–n telephone…OMG – SO SAU-PA-LAU back then.

    That was half a century ago! Now your whole house aircon mah!!! LOL!!!

  9. There are actually another 2 subsidiary types – red and yellow rambutans.

    I prefer the red “Singapore” type – juicy, succulent, crunchy.

    When I was a kid, I’d peel a whole bunch of them, put them in the fridge to devour later in front of my favourite cartoons then… think it was Doraemon and Nobita…

    Good grief!…Don’t tell me you were a fan of Doraemon!!! Eyew!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. Looks sweet from photo..
    haha erm coz the skin is very red.

    It is very sweet but I’ve a problem with my tree. Lots and lots of ants!!! LOL!!

  11. i love rambutans! more so if they dun stick to the seed! i hate those that stick to the seed! grrrr!! hehe…

    You’re talking about the fruits, right? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  12. LOL at Pollie’s comments. can imagine u, after ‘chiak tiok cho karng’So ‘Kolian’. and to K.Penyu maybe u are able to revive and restore STP’s rambutans to its former glory that it was during the days in the big garden. STP, i never knew u know how to mow grass, i thot your dad do all the mowing!

    Poor me!!! Had to do it when Kawi was not available!!! And I would itch like hell around the lower legs!!! Scratched till the skin came off!

  13. “…K.Penyu maybe u are able to revive and restore STP’s rambutans to its former glory… ”

    ahahaha, the comments in your blog are really hilarious!

    Hahahahaha!!! I’m glad u think so! He’ll probably kill the tree with his nicotine-contaminated and alcohol-intoxicated pee…!!! LOL!!!

  14. stella:..cannot la..that one needs plastic surgeon…besides don’t know what his original looks like..heh..ta pau expensive White Wine (still) when you come ehhhh.

    Dunno what this is all about and lazy to go back and see!…KK can buy cheap duty-free at airport mah!!!

  15. I have the jambu, slightly different species. Unfortunately the birds get to it more than us. We get to maybe get less than 20 fruits per season. I only like it if it is reaaly ripe. Tastes like aust nectarines.

    Like my missus cili padi!!! Never seen any red ripe ones! Only the ends…after having been eaten by birds!

  16. I really really REALLY miss rambutan!

    They’re available now in tins like longans and lychees! Well, something’s better than nothing! LOL!!!

  17. Rambutan.. I like those that don’t stick to the seed … siok oOo! Heheh .. got rambutan trees in my house’ compound.. I saw some ripe ones from my bedroom’s window too.. hehehe

    Wah! Your rambutans already ripe? Mine still small and green! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

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