This old house…

Yes, this is the old house where Chricaca used to live and she mentioned in one of her comments that she fell out of the window while playing hide and seek with her sisters…

Chicaraca's old house

Incidentally, this post is not going to be about anything specific in particular. I will just make some back references to a few things that had cropped up in the earlier posts. For instance, Gundot mentioned that the Sungai Merah chai pau (vegetable bun) is very nice, so the very next day, I went to buy some…

Sg Merah chai pau

Ok, Bongkersz, I know! You don’t have to tell me what they look like! It’s mostly skin…which is a good thing as the skin is very nice, unlike the yellowish and rubbery traditional pau skin that is typical of those local Sibu ones…

Sg Merah chai pau inside

As for the inside, it is mostly cabbage and carrots, not as nice as the homemade ones I had the other day…and there is so very little of it. And since I was in the Sungai Merah vicinity, I decided to stop for a bowl of kuih chap

Sg Merah kuih chap

This is the “special” and it costs RM5.50 (A normal bowl would cost RM4.00) but it was very nice. The gravy has this rich fragrance of spices such as cinnamon sticks and of course, I enjoyed the generous serving of pig’s innards. However, I was quite disappointed that there wasn’t any liver though! Anyway, moving on, we were also talking about nyonya kuihs in that post about chai paus, remember? Well, I had some more the other day…

More nyonya delicacies

Those pulut (glutinous rice) kuihs with gula melaka flavoured coconut on top are very nice…and you get three for RM1.20 (or was it four? Can’t remember whether I popped one into my mouth while taking the photograph. LOL!!!).  Yesterday Clare sent me an sms to gloat about the Wednesday-only popiah she had at Handsome Court at Nanas Road in Kuching. I know it is very nice as I had had it before…and all right, all right! You do not have to tell me how EXTRA BIG it was. This one that I had was from the SRB Chung Hua canteen and at one time, people were praising it to the skies. I thought it was just ok but I felt the filling did not have enough chilli and ground peanuts… 

Popiah inside

I prefer the ones sold in the mornings at Chopsticks at Pedada Commercial Centre. Of course, none can compare with Handsome Court’s. Drool! Drool! Are you going to post about it, Clare? Then everyone can see how BIG it is! ROTFLMAO!!!

So that’s about it for this post – just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Well, how has your week been so far? Good, I hope…..

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “This old house…”

  1. i don’t think people put liver in kueh chap; bak kut teh, yes. the innards in the cauldron are in a perpetual state of simmering, and the liver will come out like stone. probably they do in sibu.
    is the pau one of the early pioneer in sg. merah that sells in the evenings?

    They don’t?…We don’t get a lot of kuih chap here. But I love liver; maybe they can cook it and add before serving?…The pau’s from a bakery beside the very popular coffee shop – now at Wong Ting Hock Road in Sg Merah.

  2. Yo! My week ar? I am starving today, can only take porridge and soft food which requires less chewing. Become less wise coz I had my wisdom tooth removed. Lol.

    Poor Daniel!…Somehow I never had any wisdom tooth, neither did I have one removed…or not that I remember or noticed! But guess it wouldn’t have bothered me much…cos everytime, right after leaving the dentist’s, I’d go and eat already – piansip/kiaw soup! The ordeal makes me hungry! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  3. what did i say again? 😛 the pau is nice? how’s the filling? generous? i love fried popiah, crisp..

    Not u, barbie! Bongkersz said the chai paus look like boobs!! Nice? Generous! Read the post lah!…..We’ll fry the popiah if there are any leftovers (…which seldom happens, of course…considering how we eat! LOL!!!). Nice, but not very healthy.

  4. Wah. The house is still there. Trying to recall the place but there is no sense of familiarity. I thought there were durian trees near the garage. If I can remember, we used to collect and fry the unriped fruits.

    You mean the flowers? The unripe fruits, we usually rebus!…But there were those small ones the size of tennis balls – we would remove the thorns and stick on our faces…and play hantu!!! We used durian thorns, right, gundot? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. Oh shit! The popiah is too big & yummy, I forgot to take pictures of it before I ate. 😛

    Alvin won’t let u play with his big toy anymore, izzit? ROTFLMAO!!!

  6. The durian tree is gone. chricaca. we collected the flowers and fry them, the unripe fruit cook rebus. The house is different now. At the side was an open verandah before. Somehow it looks smaller now. “When I was young and Christmas trees…”
    STP, your own popiah very good lah, got crab meat too. Would go very well with your own home made chilli

    Yes, no matter how nice the popiah…I still like my own – the way our mums and aunties used to do it, but mine has extra prawns…and crab meat!!! Yummy!!! Haiz!…No time to cook my own these days!

  7. shucks, regretting reading this post.

    i love my kueh chap, and i’m missing it desperately… 😦

    Hehehehehehehe!!!!*evil laugh…I enjoy taunting and tormenting people…with food!!!

  8. Ooh chai pau! Ish! very notti of you to put that picture up! Hope you ta pau for us when you come out.
    Am not a fan of kueh chap – the oinky smell a bit much for me.
    So when can we taste your home made popiah? I would want the “extra liaw” crab meat!

    Yet to get the details from Petronas. Will most certainly tapau some if the timing is right. As for my homemade popiah (sounds like gundot has tasted mine before, can’t remember!)…I wish I could find the time. Maybe when Stella’s here? Haiz! So many things to do and eat, so little time. LOL!!!

  9. Yup… home made pohpia is da best. U can roll any size and put whatever inti most appropriate to suit ur taste. Guess if I eat ur home made pohpia it would end up as a prawn and crab roll..haha. Not a fan of kuih chap either. Actually not a fan of many soupy foods…except sharks fin soup of course.
    Jeremy C, at least u’ve got Hungry Jack’s Double Bacon Cheeseburger!!! Droolzz.

    You can use TWO pieces of popiah skin…to make an extra-long one! LOL!!! Bacon? With cheese? Oooo…that must be heavenly!!! Droolzzzz too!!! LOL!!!

  10. i remember that old house-it brought back sweet memories -when my mum mentioned go to Da-ee hse I will be first to get in the car waiting incase there is not enough space the older ones have to get out..the house is colonial type big rooms..remembered I dare not to the back/far end alone – those are for the maid rooms – remembered too when my older brothers going to sit for exams Da-ee will let them have their revision and sleep over….wah..those were the days.
    I like my mum popiah best. am sure STP popiah will have the same ingredients/taste-look forward eh SEP??

    Now, have to change title of blog to “Down Memory Lane”!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! September? No promises….!!! But sure got belanja makan lah! Just dunno what yet! Keep one night free (at least) for me! LOL!!!

  11. My week so far so good! Since I submitted my resignation letter, the big boss does not want to look at me and avoid talking to me.. as for the wife, she’s telling someone else to do my work since I started wearing facemask to work.. so I’m pretty much free to do what I like online haha..

    haiya… I’m hungry lah… almost 5pm, tea time.. I want some of that popiah and kuih pulut… *drool*

    You’ve resigned? Got another job? Hope you’ll find something much better that you like and enjoy!!! Wish you all the best!!!…I’ll be in KK on transit for around two hours on Sunday, but I think we’ll just wait till my trip to KK in September. We can meet up then…..

  12. I have no memory of ‘this old house’ at all! For STP n his yummy food, i’ll keep everynite free n ‘garsak’ everything! Gee! haven’t used that word for a very long long time! All these food blog is just making me hometown food dehydrated if there is such a description! popiah with crabs, 1st time i heard, wow! such luxury indulgence eh!STP!!??LOL!

    I think by the time you were around, they had moved to KK liao!!!…Popiah with crabmeat lah!!! How to put crabs inside, shell and all!!! LOL!!! But these days got soft crabs, only that they’re not nice! Don’t like!…Kuching last time got soft crab burger, dunno still have or not!

  13. Sure stp will blame memory…. but to the best of my recollection…this was NOT the house…
    gerrie…only oinky if intestines not properly clean…but then again some like the shitty taste…phui phui stp would say,,,, CHOW SAI

    Then which one? Sri Menanti? That one so high, sure the brain cracked liao!!! And when they stayed at Sri Menanti, at that time, I think chricaca not even born yet!!! They stayed at this house around mid-60s, she should be around 5 then and Sophia just started school – St Mary’s across the road!…..I’ve been eating those all my life, never once got chow sai one! So yummy!!! Dunno where you ate!!! KK kah?…Or maybe you cooked your own, didn’t know have to clean inside out?

  14. kpenyu, thanks to your explanation, I now have zero interest in kueh chap!!

    You want to listen to that law-eya buruk talk crap meh???

  15. ….no need clean inside out …just ask for Extra Belacan…gerrie regret lo..refraining from sotong now lo…

    Sotong? Who’s talking about sotong? Now I’m confused!…Well, I’ve said it before and now I’ll say it again! I suspect that’s how to win cases in court, just twist and turn until nobody knows whether they’re coming or going and the poor judge ends up with a splitting headache!

  16. wow, its already the end of the week, it is as if it was just yesterday that u made this post about the dreaded monday… 24hrs is too short!!!! 😦

    Yes, time flies, doesn’t it? So fast…!!!

  17. ..Aiya..takut you not happy we comunicated sms told her sotong only smelly like Ka Chung Kang…but the kueh chap is THE REAL THING..ha ha ha ha ha ha ..transit???? only Terminal 1 or 2..KK got two leh… time???

    Gosh! Don’t tell me, I don’t have to know!!!…MAS at 1 and cheap airline at 2, that’s what I gather. Will only be on transit for around 2 hours, so I can just go “shopping” then!

  18. “…this post is not going to be about anything specific in particular..”
    and trust STP to mean that it’s all about food (except the 1st pic) LOL!!!
    STP so busy eating and putting up food porn no time go blogvisiting anymore ha?Melbie resign also don’t know…aftwd I resign pun you wouldn’t know…check2, got new job dy…hahaha

    She didn’t post about it leh? All the time, posts on RWMF mah!…And you also no new post, so long liao!!! Every day see that ethnic song one! Lama2, malas to check oso!…Now, people comment here, I click and return the courtesy, no comment here…no need lah!

  19. The popiah Clare was talking about is quite big wor. 😉

    Come, we go on an eating expedition this Sunday. I wanna go to these great little small places and eat small meals before heading for the next place and you’re the best person to lead.

    Yakah!…Flattering eh? Hahahahahaha!!!!!….Sorry, this Sunday I will not be in town!!! And I don’t think I’ll be around the following Sunday either. We’ll go out together again some other time… 🙂

  20. Yup, got another job – hopefully it’s better lah… but it does sounds interesting when they describe the responsibility to me 😛

    Hey, I did post about my resignation! In between of those RWMF posts 😛 Nah nah.. kedapatan, you see the RWMF posts terus lari ah??? hukhukhuk… so bad leh..

    STP is now famous,
    wouldn’t go visiting others;
    Food is what matters most,
    The reason why that’s all he posts!

    haha… spur of the moment.. ngam or not, don’t care.. it’s Friday 😛

    Yalor…everytime see RWMF…and dogs, so logged out lor!!!…..I always go other blogs to comment but MOST of them don’t bother to drop by mine and comment. Fed up lah!!! And it takes up a lot of my time…so now, you scratch my back, I scratch yours!!!

  21. Funny so many of you dont remember this house, right across St Mary’s church. I rmembered the white dog Cindy used to hide under the stairs with her babies.
    STP, good of you to remind me of the hantu durian…must teach my kids to do that but not on the face lah i think…

    Yalor! Those people dementia liao!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!…So it is durian, right? Stick the thorns all over the face…and play hantu! Young people these days won’t know such things! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  22. last time you got no blog, tak kisah pun about people commenting kan??? hahahha.. iyer so bad, there’s other posts in between those RWMF … u didn’t scratch my back pun hahha…

    Got leh!!!…I also commented on RWMF 1st post, I think!!! Don’t lah merajuk!!!…With pompuan, jangan simply scratch-scratch mah! ROTFLMAO!!!

  23. Yalor melbie…STP so famous dy,no time to layan us anymore one…
    Got new post dy lah!!! 🙂

    What got new post?…This old one??? Shows how often u drop by!!!

  24. Did I say THIS was a new post?…This old one??? I was taling about got new post at my blog lah!!!Shows how often u drop by!!!

    Once in a blue moon, cukup lah!…The post will still be there…and most likely, still the most recent!

  25. i tried once of the vege fillings and best i could say is the one in dumping (a.k.a jiaozi) shapes. if memory serves, should be inside the wet market.

    Hello, eugene! Ur first time here! Welcome and do come again!…I know some very nice homemade jiaozi!…U’re into food too? We should get together sometime!

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