So far away…

Normally, I do not venture very far from where I stay…even before the hike in the oil prices, but once a month, I would need to go to my bank on the other side of town. Initially, the branch was at Rejang Park, very near my house but they closed it down and moved to Cityvine in the Upper Lanang area…and since I was there, I decided to roam around the vicinity. This Sing Kwong Building has been opened for well over a year now…

Sing Kwong, Salim

There is the departmental store downstairs and upstairs, you have the supermarket. You can use the travelators to go up and down…

Sing Kwong, Salim inside

There are a few shops in the main wing as well, like Bata…and in the attached wing, there is the SOS shoe shop, one Pensonic outlet, a computer shop and lots of food outlets like KFC and Pizza Hut…

Sing Kwong, Salim Pizza Hut

and a Sushi Tie Kiosk…

Sing Kwong Salim Sushi Tie kiosk

as well as a bakery…

Sing Kwong, Salim French Bakery

…and they even have free wifi at the entire place!

Sing Kwong Salim free wifi

There’s a food court at the back and darn!!! Now I’ve to go back there again one of these days! They’ve got salted fish claypot chicken rice!!! I haven’t had that for a long time…and I wonder if it is any good. I was there past lunchtime and most of the stalls were not open.

I left the place and went over to the other side where Farley Supermarket and Departmental Store is. I dropped by a shop in that area sometime in May and I saw this Swiss cabin-size baggage that I really liked so much…

Swiss Army cabin-size baggage

I enquired about the price and was told that it would cost RM100 plus. Well, I am not an impulsive shopper so I did not buy it there and then. Instead, I went and tried to pull some strings to get it at a lower price. Eventually, I was told that I could have it for RM80. But the shop being so far away, I never went back until today…and when I asked the proprietor how much he was willing to sell it to me for, I almost fainted when he said RM50. I had to confirm with him several times to make sure that he was not selling it to me at a loss because of “the strings attached”…and finally, I paid him the money and left…feeling so very happy with the unbelievable bargain!!! Swiss, no less!!! Got class mah! ROTFLMAO!!! 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “So far away…”

  1. Reall!50 ringgit only, got wheels at the bottom or not? Great advertising, i may go n buy too,come in any other colours besides black?

    That’s the only one that size. There’s one bigger. And can get good bargains but can’t promise same price lah! This one very very very special!!! LOL!!!

  2. Haha. Swiss cabin-size baggage for travelling. Where do you plan to travel this year? Go Bali not bad. I love the weather, scenery, food, people, places but I am not sure about the girls.

    PS: I hope it’s genuine.

    It’s not lah! How to get at that price? Probably factory reject cos the logo tilted a bit! LOL!!! Ummm…why you dunno about the girls? U good boy kah? Ahhh…like that ideal son-in-law material! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. That’s very cheap for a quality baggage. Good buy! 😀

    Here no need to buy expensive suitcases. Even my Samsonite hard shell came back with dents all over and the handle broken!!!

  4. wahh, how did you do the talking? from rm100 plus to rm50???

    Hahahahaha!!!! I can be very nice and charming, you see! LOL!!!

  5. I try not to use any black baggage from now on if possible.. why? Don’t want that incident in Jakarta to happen again… but for now, I’m looking for a backpack instead… backpackers, that’s the way to travel for us now! 😛 Man-D, let’s go get our backpacks hehehe (want class and quality, but cheaper price like this STP got) Hahaha

    I have these bright orange straps that I tie around my checked-in suitcases…so no mistaking they’re mine!!!…So when you two coming to Sibu to buy the backpacks?

  6. RM50?!! Wah…what string did you pull? The taukenio’s G-string is it?

    I wore torn out-of-shape t-shirt, shorts no more rubber, kept dropping off…the towkay saw me also so kesian…poor guy, no money so sell cheap cheap lor! LOL!!!

  7. in the lecture hall nw..muahaha..wana use my

    Show off!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Long time, no comment from u!

  8. Not bad looking shopping mall for Sibu. But the name just spoils it lar.. SIng Kong? Cant think of a better name kah? Sounds like any other Teck Kong and Say Lak.

    Must be a fan of Indon oldies – Anak Singkong OR Singkong dan keju!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Sometimes, we can get a very nice deal if we are “hardworking” enough to bargain!

    Yes, now that times are hard…it may be better to shop at the smaller stores where you can bargain and get cost price instead of going to those expensive malls and shopping complexes!

  10. To KNB,maybe called SingKong, bcosthe guy just become a new grandpa when building this shopping Centre, or it could mean ‘sengkong'(success)STP, maybe u go ask lah! Speaking of Teck Kong, I remember a Teck Chui,Y?becos his bum very ‘kiaw'(donno how to translate in english)that someone nicknamed him that becos it looks like it can hold a glass of water, STP u shld remember this guy, your abangadik, u nicknamed ‘whiteant’, haven’t seen him for ages, Pollie?Thinking of inviting him for the gathering?Incase Pollie can’t remember, the clue is nespray or milo!LOL!

    I can’t remember all that!!! Maybe pollie does!

  11. Help me to buy one can? I want Red one !!

    Sorry, no red one! Black one also don’t have! Sold out! Only got one same design…but bigger! Have to check in one!!! Air Asia, pay extra RM3 type!!! LOL!!!

  12. did you check the bag thoroughly to make sure its not one of those rejected stuff? From RM100 to RM50 wor.. haha. Can you pull the bag and does it have wheels?

    Yes, everything ok…just the logo a bit tilted! Worth the money, that’s for sure! If spoilt, I would just take it back for a refund mah! LOL!!

  13. yo that’s nice. So it’s time for traveling, eh? Retirement does give you a lot more freedom.

    Not really lah! Just bought cos it’s so cheap…and when the old ones get spoilt, I don’t have to buy a new one! Everything getting expensive mah!

  14. Ya lor hor ! Swiss got class, not like us lesser mortals, use NCAA things. Haha. O.o, you should buy bread from french bakery, superb ! They are very creative and mix ingredients up resulting in heavenly smelling bread.

    Aiya, not original lah! Anyway, like my face, use original…people also say pasar malam one!!! LOL!!!…Didn’t go to the bakery, but the main branch at Jalan Merdeka has got very nice beef pizzas!!! They said the high-fibre wholemeal bread also nice but I don’t eat that! Like food for horses! Hahahahahaha!!! The sandwich bread is horrible though! Never buy from there.

  15. The Optical Shop on the ground floor of the Sing Kwong building belongs to an ex-SHS student. He had also opened a branch in Sarikei. Earning big bucks.

    The handsome guy with very long hair?…I don’t wear glasses so no need to seek his services! 🙂

  16. Next time I go to Sibu, you’ve really gotta show me around 🙂

    It will be my pleasure…but this time, you are literally…so far away!!! 😦

  17. Wow, buying luggage… you planning a trip somewhere? LOL

    No lah! Just buy and keep!…..Wah! Isn’t that nice? Two blogs…two comments. Dunno anybody remembers laksadiaries or not! I used to comment a lot in this blog a long, long time ago…and in his previous one too!…Just hop over and say hi! (P.S.: No sign of KNB there? Some friend you’ve got hor!! LOL!!! Or has he been banned…in case he brings along the flies? Hahahahahahaha!!!)

  18. phone mbs nia..or else wasting it experimenting it with phone..see whether can surf blogs

    Here, if surf using hp…can go up to over RM100 a month… But u rich, namind!!! LOL!!!

  19. …See your bag and you in KK…

    “””If you need it buy it…if you don’t free also don’t take la..”””..this makes a lot of sense to me
    cos I know lots of people who just buy because ON SALE la OFFER la GOOD VALUE la GREAT BUY la..etc etc. some also still in original shopping bags.. YOU???

    I’ll rotate depending on aircraft! If go KK, use Fokker…use lousy, cheap bag lor!!! LOL!!!

  20. ha ha ha ..just had a second look at the Wifi photo. Notice the pix on the TV. Thought it was Free WIFE for a while…..and that one also don;t take…. ha ha ha ha ha

    Don’t dream! Hahahahaha!!!! Sibu Foochows extra expensive, yunno! Where got free one? LOL!!!

  21. Gee, what a colourful building. Nice bag.. I wanted a Victorinox, but I don’t think it’s worth it. Besides, I fly economy.. so, tak aci lah.. Let us know if the food court is worth it. I so have to go to Sibu one of these days 🙂 Looks like it has changes since i was there last.

    When was that? When Michael learns to rock’s 25 minutes was a hit? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  22. is Stella talking about our kawan staying at same area as Sa inlaw….heard he is retired now…see can ctc him or not.. Boon rite??

    Oh! That fellow! What apt descriptions! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  23. no lar..i got free 50mb every time i still left 48.7 mb @.@..gonna expire in 12 days..and still got 70 dollars credit to use..urgh

    Wah! So nice! Like that can surf during lectures hor??? Hehehehehehe!!!

  24. i just noticed KNB’s comments.

    effing hilarious! LOL

    brings tears to my eyes…hehe

    Yes, he’s quite a regular. It’s 7 a.m. now…just wait till 8, he’ll be here!!! You know lah! Only during office hours! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  25. Yalah Pollie! The ‘Tua’Boon, remember there is also a ‘siaw’boon, i wonder what happened to that fellow now?? Anyway with STP’s Blog around, he is like our communication and information centre. I just hope that he is not considering charging us the next time for each comment we put in!LOL!!

    That’s a thought! Now that I’m a poor, penniless retiree!!…The other one is in the US. Dropped by to see me once when he came back quite sometime ago.

  26. i remember you bought a bag not long ago, no? 😀 have fetish for swiss bags.. hahahaha!

    No lah! The earlier post was an old Mont Blanc bag I bought in Bintulu sometime ago. That was comparatively more expensive…RM200-300? Can’t remember now!

  27. Go to Sibu to buy the backpacks?? Haih.. in KK also got bah… we’ll just use it if we go to Sibu 😛 Maybe we will go to Sibu next year, hehehe … but just maybe – hard to plan so far ahead when I just want to start with a new job soon.. 😛

    Next year…still long way to go lah! We’ll meet in September when I go over to KK. So far no details yet from seminar organiser other than the date – 6th September. Will let you know.

  28. i hav a bad experiance buying a trolley beg in sing kwong using maybank visa debit on 4/10/08 i bought 1 swiss polo size 29″ for rm106.90 but unfurtunatelly i just reliaze they hav swept 2 times for my card n i hav to pay double. Below r the proove

    Recent Transactions
    Posting Date Description Foreign Currency Local Currency
    Debit Credit Debit Credit
    04-Oct-2008 SALE SING KWONG (SKS) SDN BHD DATED 04/10/08 RM106.90
    04-Oct-2008 SALE SING KWONG (SKS) SDN BHD DATED 04/10/08 RM106.90


    Account Type : Wadiah Savings Account Account No : 160102273090
    Current Balance : RM Available Balance : RM
    Transaction History
    Transaction Date Description Debit Credit

    04-Oct-2008 SALE DEBIT RM106.90
    04-Oct-2008 SALE DEBIT RM106.90

    Soo anyone know the email or address pls email me becoz now i’m already in Kota Kinabalu and the resit i hav throw away. TQ

    Sorry, don’t have the info you need. I don’t think they have an email address. Maybe you can address it to: Sing Kwong, Kin Orient Plaza, Jalan Tun Abg Haji Openg, 96000 Sibu. Did you try to contact the credit card company? Maybe they can help rectify the error. (29″ cabin size for over RM100? So expensive. Polo I can get RM65 – check-in size! LOL!!)

  29. we know why your bag so cheap…cos they charged outsiders double eh..poor mzyd ..can’t advise here cos stp will accuse me of soliciting. See STP post taday…apparently the standard of english is sooo poor there that they may honestly believe that’s the meaning of one and get one free…hahahaha. see your bank mate

    Yalor! Later you charge your law-eya’s fees!!!! Ya, call the bank!!!

  30. luckyly my money hav been refund

    Recent Transactions
    Posting Date Description Foreign Currency Local Currency
    Debit Credit Debit Credit
    20-Oct-2008 REV SALES SING KWONG (SKS) SDN BHD DATED 04/10/08 RM106.90
    04-Oct-2008 SALE SING KWONG (SKS) SDN BHD DATED 04/10/08 RM106.90
    04-Oct-2008 SALE SING KWONG (SKS) SDN BHD DATED 04/10/08 RM106.90

    Thanks for yr help

    Welcome. So you didn’t have to pay double after all, that’s good!

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