One more try…

Honestly, I think that those of you who hate bitter gourd should give it one more try. Other than the medicinal benefits of the vegetable, it can actually taste nice. My daughter never touched it until she tried the dish at Ruby. There, they fry it with salted egg…and the end result is fantastic. Crunchy, tasty…and not bitter at all! I think if I blindfold you, you will never be able to tell that it is bitter gourd.

Anyway, yesterday, I decided to cook some as I had a bitter gourd in the fridge. However, I did not have any salted egg in the house so I decided to use my own recipe instead – bitter gourd with cincaluk. Now, here are the ingredients…

Bitter gourd with cincaluk - ingredients

Wash and cut the bitter gourd into halves, remove the seeds and slice it into thin pieces. Slice some chillies and pound a bit of ginger. Get ready a bit of cincaluk as well…and now you are ready to roll. Fry a bit of oil in the wok, put in the ginger and stir till it turns golden brown, add the cincaluk and then add a bit of water. Instead of msg, I added half a tablespoon of ikan bilis (anchovies) stock. Then, in go the chillies and the bittergourd and simmer until cooked. The dish is ready…

Bitter gourd with cincaluk

Cilaka! The lady told me that the bitter gourd would not be bitter, but thank goodness…the strong taste of the cincaluk was able to drown out the bitterness, so it actually tasted VERY nice!!! Yum! Yum! Now what about a protein dish for a balanced meal? Yesterday, being a Friday, I guess some of you would not be able to have this…

Fried luncheon meat with egg

Ooo…I have loved luncheon meat since I was a kid – Ma Ling Brand in the orange and blue tin…but lately, that brand has become totally inedible!!! Still that didn’t stop me…and as the ones from other countries are a bit too expensive, I tried some of the other alternatives (despite all that they say about canned foods from China!). I find the Gulong Brand quite nice, not as nice as Ma Ling in the past…but less salty and not so much fat!

Anyway, if you are abstaining from meat, how about some sardines? Sometimes I would fry it with Bombay onions and add some more tomato sauce so it would taste nicer. Otherwise, you can do what I do! Open the can of sardines and put them in a plate…cut some shallots and chillies and put them on top of the fish, then cut some lime/kalamansi and squeeze the juice over everything! You will get a nice sourish spicy taste…and the lime will remove a bit of the canned sardine taste. Give it a try! I’m sure you’ll like it…

Sardines with lime, chillies and shallots

Well, the weekend’s here! Cooking anything special?…..Do have a pleasant weekend, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “One more try…”

  1. if bitter gourd is not bitter… then what is the point????

    Ooo…u sound exactly like the vegetable seller!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Some people don’t like the bitter taste, and some bitter gourd can be very bitter! I’m ok with it…after all the daun hempedu bumi! Nothing can be more bitter than that!…But these days, “hiam chio” is also not “hiam” (chillies not hot) and even cili padi is somewhat milder, or are my taste buds getting numb??? LOL!!!

  2. Ran into my hubby’s ‘chin’ yesterday, asked me that coffeeshop ‘ngambi’ owner related to me kah? Wonder if they meant Ruby since u promote it so much n also if it is u they were speaking about. any ngambi coffee shop around in sibu? Hmm..?? Used to like ‘maling’too but not so good,now i buy aussie’s called Spam,check it out if got, very nice. Hrd of prawns with salted eggs, but bitter gourd?interesting! U have to boil the salted egg 1st b4 cooking with the vege or fry raw with it?

    You just break the salted egg into it like ordinary raw eggs. I don’t like Spam. We can get that here at Ta Kiong – expensive, very fat…and not so nice!

    P.S. Dunno any “ngambi”! In fact, I don’t even know the name of Ruby’s boss. Just call him towkay!

  3. I used to think that it is bitter-God, because it is so bitter that people named it that way .. but when I got into secondary school Juliana Gun’s and roses told me it’s bitter gourd …

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Late-bloomer ah you??? LOL!!!

  4. nice – i love to bittergourd!

    must have been due to my hakka training – we eat bittergourd from young 🙂

    but, not a big fan of cincaluk, though…

    I guess that’s an acquired taste. Didn;t use to like it before…but now I love it!…U’re a Hakka? Always thought u’re Hokkien. Guess I assumed wrongly then! LOL!!

  5. Wah.. Eat meat on Friday again? Eng eng liao ~~ No blogging for two weeks *LOL*

    I love to eat bittergourd too, but not the very bitter type lor 😀

    and Mum used to buy Ma Ling luncheon meat too.. But now, she’s buying Gu Long brand 😀

    Hahahahaha!!!! I had that on Wednesday! Saved the photo for later use!…Looks like we’re all eating the same things hor! LOL!!!

  6. Hmm….this must George Michael week!
    Am making a cake today…if jadi, will make again for you..LOL!

    Georgie Porgie?…I thought that’s A1’s song??? But then, I’m always much younger… heart! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  7. i like eating bitter gourd ^__^
    and actually like it bitter 😛
    and the GULONG is my favorite! *drooling*
    hehe xD
    am too lazy to cook, let my stomach empty coz tonite got bbq party mah here 😛

    Ooooo…barbecue!!! Drool! Haven’t had one for sometime!!!…If only I could find the time!

  8. Oh luncheon!! The unhealthy evil food that tastes like heavens. Love it but haven’t had it for a long time. Must indulge in it once in a while. Love it with my egg sandwiches.

    But wouldn’t ham and bacon be cheaper over there? Oooo…imagine buttered toast with smoked ham or bacon and a piece of smoked cheddar and omelette…and tomatoes and/or cucumber and lettuce and maybe a bit of mayo!!! Gee! That’s one mighty huge sandwich! Like a Club!…Drool!!! LOL!!!

  9. I tried bitter gourd deep fried with salted egg in Batu Kawa, Kuching. Very crispy and nice. I always like to eat bitter gourd with deer meat.
    Nowadays, I find many ciplak can food in the market. So, my pa always advices me to buy Gulong brand. More expensive but the can food are much nicer. I dun buy Maling luncheon meat anymore. If possible, I will buy the Greatwall brand (If I am not wrong) that come in a green can with a pig in front of it.

    Deep fried? Here, they just fry it with the bitter gourd…..Yes, they tell me some others are nice. There’s one in a blue squarish can too, but I don’t mind Gulong! Those Ma Ling ones these days – you see the colour, already you know it’s ciplak!!!

  10. i have fear of bitter gourd, since childhood, when my mum once tricked me by saying: ‘not bitter wan..’… and the next thing i knew, i drank like 3 glass of water, and it was still bitter..
    hmm.. maybe you’re right, maybe i should i it a 2nd chance.. i think it’s very similar with life too… life may be bitter, but, yeah, we should give life a 2nd chance… 🙂

    Never touched it when I was young but now I quite like it, but I don’t like it overcooked. Must be crunchy!

  11. I dislike bitter gourd, but when i go for camps, they usually stuff them in the menu.. Talk about child abuse.. cheesh..

    I’m a bit sick of luncheon meat actually. Have it once a week. Don’t really like it with the oil oozing out after one bite. Makes me feel like i’m killing me softly… Hehe

    At camps, sure they don’t know how to cook mah! Can keep without refrigeration…..Once a week! So much canned food with all the artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives!!!! Gosh!…Luncheon meat, if you fry on non-stick pan, no need oil…and place on kitchen paper to soak some more of the oil that has melted, or if you’re frying with egg, just put a bit of oil for the onions…the rest of the oil will come out of the meat and then put in the eggs!!! Where got so oily?

    P.S. Y2K sells bittergourd fried with beef! VERY nice!!! LOL!!!

  12. Deep fried like KFC chicken. They covered the slices of bitter gourd with the flour and salted egg and then, deep fried it. Very nice. But I tried it once and it was a year ago.
    Yup.. the squarish can luncheon meat is good. I am buying that too.
    One can really identifies the ciplak one from the colour. The colour so dull and so orange. The meat inside is so watery and hard to slice. Don’t know what meat they have it mix with. Scary to think about it.

    Reminds me of tempura. I think some yong-tau-fu, they do that too. But the shops still stock the Ma Ling ones…a lot! I wonder who will buy those!!

  13. my mum will ‘marinate’ the bittergourd with salt. Rinse before cooking. It removes the bitter taste.
    I used to hate bitter gourd so much until my mum (and maid) managed to cook non-bitter bitter gourd. Heheh

    I’ve heard about that. They also said buy those with very wide “ridges” – those will not be so bitter. U’re back from ur convo? Any photos?

  14. You introduced me to the bitter gourd at Ruby. I never eat that stuff before. Now I go Sibu must go Ruby now want bitter gourd and rice. Sam will eat cangkok. Oh, forgot to include STP’s kopi!
    Choonie, be careful the pig one also got ciplak now!

    So when are you coming?…O fares! August 31st should have a long weekend!

  15. Make your own Luncheon meat.taste exactly like import.
    1….collect lots and lots of meat,skin all organs of pigs rats dogs cats(for cats remove fur from skin first)..
    2. etc etc… I learn from internet one.

    Gross!!! Then I can start making! Lots of stray cats around my house, every night, “Maaaa….u! Maaa….u!!!” And the female ones will go, “Tak maaa….u! Tak maaa…u!!!”

  16. i used not to like bitter gourd. but at times goes by, started to like..if only it is fried. after it is fried, it will not taste that bitter.

    bitter gourd with cincaluk ?? wow

    If you like cincaluk, you can give it a try! Nice!!!…..Btw, how to log in to comment in ur blog? My head pening lah! Old man, what to expect!…Wanted to wish u happy birthday, also could not!

  17. hehehe… my mom thinks her dishes not salty but actually very salty!!! the taste bud.. not so sensitive anymore. is that what is happening to you suituapui? 😛 😛

    luncheon meat, ma ling was the best brand, but yeah like you said it has become totally inedible, so i am still looking for other brands, gu long is quite good. i always cook it with big onions, add sugar and soy sauce.. yummy!

    Soy sauce? Isn’t it salty enough? I don’t add salt either!…Gee! You are like ur mum!!! I think people who like their food salty will find it bland when it isn’t. Just like people who always eat spicy food.

  18. goodness Kepenyu-thats how u make your tasty luncheon meat- STP careful when u visit KK.
    i like bitter gourd cooked with minced meat n black beans. add in a bit of sugar.will try your recipe with cincaluk next time.
    oh ya- i like AYAM canned sardine put in lots of chilli.yummy.

    Mariner’s the best…but not easily available, unlike Ayam! But Ayam’s ok too.

  19. Had dinner at this place called “Sweet Happiness” (guess they’ve run out of names, but am sure the chinese name would make more sense!). The o-chien, and crabs with salted egg very nice. I was recommended another dish called “yin yang noodles” but it wasn’t available today. We also had the “bayam with 3 eggs” which was quite nice, but had better ones before. Will go back, even though having a bit of MSG after effect now.

    Ruby has very nice bayam with 3 eggs…and one thing, I seldom get that msg effect eating there or at those similar kind of eatery here, unlike those banquets at Chinese restaurants. So thirsty the whole night through.

  20. I like the way u prepare the sardin.. Will try to do it nextime.
    By the way may i know what is “cincaluk” -_-?

    Those very tiny shrimps…they preserve and ferment them. Usually available in bottles at supermarkets. U’re not local? It’s all over Malaysia…and they even have it at big hotels at their ulam counter for buffet lunches or dinners.

  21. Yes it’s cheap. What i meant was the maling luncheon. Only can indulge in it once in a while coz it’s really not that healthy. LOL

    And what I meant was given a choice between ham and bacon VS Ma Ling luncheon meat, I think I’ll have the ham and bacon! Also not healthy, but never mind! You only live once! LOL!

  22. Those very tiny shrimps…they preserve and ferment them. Usually available in bottles at supermarkets. U’re not local? It’s all over Malaysia…and they even have it at big hotels at their ulam counter for buffet lunches or dinners.

    icic… I grow up in Sibu but have live in Sydney for many years liao~ Might have tried b4 but just not familiar with all the names… 🙂
    I am one of ur tuition centre student erm.. 10 years ago? Hoho~ ^___^ But so sad la.. my english still very lousy~ hahaha~

    Sydney? Gosh! My students international liao! I know some in the States, some in Melbourne…in NZ, in the UK!…Won’t know which year you were cos I don’t know your real name. So many years over there, I’m sure your English like the Ozzie’s liao! Unless u only mingle with the Foochows there all the time…

  23. Erm.. Will go back this OCT…
    Since you were my teacher.. I don’t mind bring
    nice food for u if u request~ LOL
    So… Aussie Chocolates? Nutz? Donuts? Chips?

    No lah…don’t trouble urself! (And I mean it…not Foochow style!) But would be nice if we can meet up and go makan2 with some of the local bloggers!!! Email me when the time comes.

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