Father and son…

This is Udin Rojak, son of Kassim Rojak

Hussein Rojak, Sibu

LOL!!! Actually, this is what we call “kay-leng-nga rojak” or Indian rojak in Sibu, which seems to me like gado-gado…but I’ve tasted something similar at the Indian shops along Penang Road in Penang. Indian rojak in Kuching seems somewhat different with its thick, sweet and reddish gravy. This one has the cucur (vegetable fritters), cucumber, bean sprouts…and there used to be boiled potatoes and hardboiled egg too.

This rojak in Sibu was initiated by a man named Kassim, father of REM (once a singer in the Malay music scene)…and it became so very popular that once I even saw a stall in Sarikei selling “Kassim Rojak“…but needless to say, it paled in comparison. Over the years, he had opened branches here, there and everywhere in Sibu and finally, I heard he opened one in Kuching at City Cafe (below City Hotel) along Abell Road…but I heard that he has moved, so maybe gundot or somebody knows the present location of his stall now???

I will not dwell upon the stories surrounding the relationship between the father and son but what I know is that the rift between the two has resulted in the son renaming his as Udin Rojak. The stall is at Kok Cheng coffee shop (Dunno what’s the name now!), opposite Star Cineplex here in Sibu. Now that little bit in the photograph cost RM4.00, believe it or not and there weren’t any potatoes nor eggs. Of course, the blame is on the rising prices of things but for that amount of money, I would sooner go to 3Q Fastfood Takeaway and have the Thai-style Mihun Special with sambal petai for only RM3.00.

Today, they had the same dish but with a choice between mihun and tung hoon

3Q's Thai-style tung hoon special

Nice and far more satisfying, unless of course, if you belong to the elite group of a privileged few, you can indulge in sinfully-rich stuff like this…

gerrie's scones

Ooo…!!! Gerrie mentioned these in her comments in the previous post, and I think she said that it cost RM1.80 each and it certainly appears bigger in the photograph than what it actually is, so don’t believe everything you see!!! LOL!!! Home-made, not available in Sibu and RM1.80!!!…..I guess the rest of you can join me in singing this song. I’m sure you all know the tune to the Everly Brothers’ “All I have to do is dream” (Stella’s idol, Andy Gibb sang it with Victoria Principal, I think!!!) Okay, everybody ready, sing! “Drool! Drool! Drool!…All I have to do is droo…oo…oo…ool!!!” ROTFLMAO!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Father and son…”

  1. Yummy…Indian rojak. Wouldn’t be the same without the eggs and potato. Yeah, Kassim has moved out of City Inn… not sure where to. I think Gerrie knows. The sauce for Kassim’s is more similar to satay peanut sauce. The Indian rojak sauce in Kuching taste more like the mee jawa sauce. Remind me to bring you to the masjid on your next kuching trip. Not to pray but to eat at the stalls nearby. Heheh…. good malay food stalls.

    Promises! Promises!…The last time I went to Kuching,you went into hiding!!! Humph!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. the indian rojak (yeeee! so racist wan!! 😛 ) we call it pasembur. in penang hokkien, last time we call it “mo-su-mok”.. dun ask why haha

    Hahahahaha!!!! Here it’s Hussein Rojak…and in Kuching, Kassim Rojak. The “Indian rojak” is something else, available in Kuching…and I remember that a lot of people have posted on it in their blogs, especially the stall at a coffee shop in Batu Lintang.

  3. Haha… i wasnt hiding. Ur timing that time was very wrong lar… had to bring a west malaysian tourist to visit monkeys, longhouses and stuff.

    Sulk! Sulk!…..Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. goodness STP u still remember that song kah! Not into it anymore lah now! Funny isn’t it how people can just changed!LOL Getting tua now! U know now m reading autobiographies,now starting ‘Auditions’by Barbara Walters,n browsing at Borders, that is where m going 2nite at Chaddy’s! Kassim’s rojak looks yummy n Gerrie’s scones too. me too lazy to make, just get from coles or safeway when it is onspecial, they also got butter milk ones great with jam n fresh whipped cream. Pollie can made her scones in Sept, then we can critic/critique?? STP? which one?

    Whichever!!! As long as we can get to eat! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  5. Semua nampak sedap.. habis cerita!! Definitely going to join you and sing that drool song! 😛

    Jom! Let us karaoke…!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. Clotted cream’s availability depends on cold storage’s supplies. Apparently the Cold Storage here is using Giant’s logistics for distribution so re-stocking not quite there yet. Maybe double cream would be a better bet…we’ll see.

    (Scone measures about 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter, and about 1.5 inch in height.)

    When I go to Sandakan, I hope they’ll bring to the Olde English Teahouse! They have scones there!!!

  7. haha, i know that song!

    anyway, not meaning to digress, i love indian rojak as well.

    but, truth be told, the best that i’ve tasted is, as you mentioned, somewhere along penang road when i visited penang last year.

    the ones in kch, “mo tak phei”… (ie cannot compare)

    Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) or Boyzone? U’re so young, must be the latter! But I think they joined forces to do a duet?…You did not go to have Kassim Rojak when you were in Sibu? Ooo…they all scrambled to have it when he opened his stall in Kuching. KNB never told you kah? Keeping all the good things to himself? Hmmm…some friend u have there!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!


    Starving in KK? Nothing nice to eat? Too expensive? Sibu’s the best place to be! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. your*

    Phew! Thank God! Just because of the title of the post, you start getting ideas and call this “our” blog??? Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. STP,your Hussein’s rojak just reminded me of someone’s rojak also yummy like Hussein’s. I tried it earlier this year in Brissie. I think hers is call ‘Mingngiik’s’rojak.hahahaha!!! she sure ketuk my ‘palak’when she reads this!LOL!I saw the book Tuesdays with Morrie’ in Chaddy’s, worth buying or not? Try to find the dvd but JB Hi-fi says so old they say not released anyway in aussieland,also try borrowing but not available. Is the movie better or the book?

    Both are good! You can watch the movie on youtube!…It will make you cry!

  11. Stella, i loved the book, and Jack Lemmon and Hank Azaria were very good in the movie. Personally I think you should read the book first.

    What say you, STP?

    I watched the movie, loved it! Jack Lemmon was great!…And then I read the book.

  12. lol.. there’s this kelenga rojak at tok janggut. Underneath the rojak got fried chicken wing. jia de rojak..

    kassim rojak eh? hmmm.. will hunt for it..

    Yes, I’ve eaten to rojak there before. Didn’t really like it…or perhaps I was feeling full at the time from eating something else earlier. I hear he’s related to the Batu Lintang guy. And btw, welcome, annna! Nice blog u have, lots of food! Will add u to my blogroll, and do come again,ya!

  13. back lo…. aiyo so many names..and rojakky.. that’s why call rojak la…

    News in Sabah Times today.. ‘BIHUN NAIK HARGA’.. Ai see liau…Actually is it M or B..hun????..I thought Bihun cos made from rice flour..or is it made by wheat flour..pretty sure ayamright

    Always called it bee hoon…and then it became bihun…and dunno wht now it has become mihun!!!

  14. ..yep..remember that Kok Cheng…knew Kassim stall but never got past AH THOR Cha Kuia Tiaw then…only 50 cents then..and opposite next to the cinema…the first Cha sio pau..and soft ice cream…

    I don’t really like that kway teow. The coffee shop with the “American ice cream” was next to the cinema – Ban Chuan. Liked the kampua there too and the Ah Kow fried mee from the restaurant at the back!

  15. Aiyo…all the latest posts about food…it’s midnite la…too sleepy to talk food liao… 😉

    Just the last two or three lah!…..Long time no see!…Been very busy, have you?

  16. This rojak not nice lah. Presentation also fail.No potatoes????? No wonder not nice. Must take picture of Kassim’s rojak and Kassim and his young wife too next time. Sure we all know where he is..even chricaca knowsWonder if she finally made it to Kassim the last trip she came. It is in Palm Road(not that you can find Palm Road anymore)

    Yes, you were the first to go and eat Hussein Rojak and complained it wasn’t as nice as the father’s! Of course lah! How can son be better than the father?…Palm Road? That’s Miramar junction upwards towards Green Road, isn’t it? He moved so far away from his old place? (Dunno true or not, but heard he’s very phai kha, always refused to pay rental!)

  17. Kok Cheng changed to Up 2 You and now the name changed again. I don’t even know what it’s called now. 🙂
    I remember eating this Indian (or Malay) rojak too, with the famous Kok Cheng char kueh tiaw.

    You’re right, Huai Bin. It had been closed for the past few months, but I understand it has reopened. All the former food stalls moved to the Great Eastern building…and I dunno how many have moved back. I gather that Hussein Rojak’s back in the old place.

  18. Rojak!! Me likey.

    p/s: Thanks for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate that. 🙂

    If u can get that in NZ, it probably costs NZ$8-10??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!…You’re most welcome, cc! Hope u had fun!

  19. Thks bth STP & Gerrie!Will read then see. Hope it delivers,Davinci code book was good but not realy the movie. Prefer Harrison to Tom for the role or even George. He was great as Michael Clayton. But Harrison as Indiana now can hardly jumps let alone leaps! Sorry for sidetracking STP, your rojaks still looking great! More good foodpostings coming up I hope!

    One more thing to add to your list of must-eat things in September?

  20. What the…”sinfully-rich stuff like this…” refers to jam, butter and bread ? LOL…thank god i’m not of the ‘privilege3d few’ Haha.. Nope, beef and mutton for me, anytime !

    The scones have a very rich taste of butter and the creamy cream…all so fattening!!! U like Phua Chu Kang hor?…In one of the episodes, he asked, “Ah ma!!! What are scones har?”…Must lend u the vcd!!! About speaking English and trying to be like the English!

  21. Nope, haven’t seen any rojak anywhere here. 😦

    Ummm…maybe I should go over and start a catering business while my daughter’s over there studying hor? Can get rich fast, ya? Hahahahaha!!!

  22. I love kassim rojak- i make sure I dont eat infront of my old man-he will say ka-na-sai.eeee.

    Oh gosh! Doesn’t he eat satay? The gravy is just like satay sauce!

  23. Kassim Rojak is just next to Proton distributors at Palm Rd. One block away from your favourite Regalis hotel. So, now you can have Petersen’s haypia and Kassim rojak to snack on if you stay there.

    And the Wednesday popiah is in the area too!!! Ummm…a good place to stay! LOL!!!

  24. who is hussien rojak??he is not kassim son..that is y the taste is different.

    Sorry, it’s Udin! Got the name wrong. Edited in post already. He isn’t Kassim’s son? Then everyone must have jumped to conclusion…and dunno how all the rumours went round like nobody’s business! The taste is not as nice as Kassim’s but it is still not bad! Maybe cutting down on ingredients due to the higher prices of things these days…and the portion also very much smaller. Very little now. Anyway, I seldom go…;parking problem!!!

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