Thanks to rubberseeds, I’ve got something on food to post this week…or my reputation as a “flogger” would go down the drain. He sent me some photographs that he took at the Sunday Market at Jalan Pedada here…of “chai pia” (translation: vegetable cake).

Well, I’m not really into it…but my daughter loves them, especially those they fried on the pavement at the shop next to the Eon Bank, Rejang Park branch (that has since moved to Cityvine in Upper Lanang) until the directive came from the municipal council telling them they could not do so. Now they still sell them even though they do not fry them on the spot, but I don’t think they made those themselves because they’re not as nice anymore!

Frying chai pia 1

Anyway, all this while, I thought they’re called “chai kuih“…but then, those curry puff-shaped things with popiah kind of filling in translucent skin are also called “chai kuih“. Well, whatever they’re called, I prefer those similar ones with a prawn or two on top, but then, those would be called “hay pia” (Prawn cake). These, of course, are bigger and not so thick as the “hay pia” that people in Kuching can get at Peterson’s (Drool!!!) or Old Rex Tofu…

Frying chai pia 2

There were rumours going round that the people melt plastic bag or drinking straw in the oil so they will stay crispy, banana fritters included…but I think a local daily did a survey on this and the rumours seemed somewhat unfounded. Then they were saying that they buy the used cooking oil from Sugar Bun to fry the stuff. Well, there are always those kinds of things circulating…like there were people who claimed that the beef from Australia was actually kangaroo or they had human meat in those cans of VERY delicious luncheon meat from China. If you believe everything you hear, you’d probably starve yourself to death!

Anyway, back to what I was talking about, this is the photograph of the stall at the Sunday market…

Chai pia stall at Sibu Sunday market

Thanks for the photographs, rubberseeds. I know you sent me more, but I guess these are enough for the post. Anymore to spare? Hahahahaha!!! Anybody craving for some “chai pia” right now? Or are you a die-hard kampua person…

Kampua Special@Bai Sun, Sg Merah

Have a nice day!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Pieces…”

  1. There were rumours going round that the people melt plastic bag or drinking straw in the oil so they will stay crispy, banana fritters included… Ewww… Heard someone said that too.

    Good morning again “flogger” STP! I am early again today =)

    Yes! Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wise!!! LOL!!! Hope u’ll make a habit of this, eh?

  2. Erh.. This Kampua so special one geh???
    I’m droolingg againn lar~~ =O~~ Where is my food?!?!? 😦

    But if you ask me, my verdict is – not so nice! There are better ones elsewhere!

  3. Plastic bag or drinking straw, that’s just urban legend right? RIGHT?!
    The chai pia looks sinfully delicious!

    The reporter went round to check…and said not true! Tried it out but it didn’t work as claimed!…LOL!!! Drool! Drool!

  4. heard of that too .. but can’t we differentiate the taste meh? I mean mesti ada rasa lastic ma .. ha ha ha

    The reporter tried and published the photos…but not successful leh? The banana fritter did not become crispy as claimed!!!

  5. Wah…. nowadays kampua comes with hard boiled eggs kah? Where to get that?

    This is the kampua special at Bai Sun in Sg Merah…but if u ask me, I think it isn’t that great!!! Not really worth the calories! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  6. I heard that too… the reason was to make the oil ‘thicker’. In the olden days, people use animal fat to deep fry food. Now, we use vegetable oil and therefore not as ‘thick’. How true is it? I don’t know :p All i know is, crisp deep fried food makes me salivate :p

    Hello, Jimmy! Ur virgin comment!!!…Must come more often. ya?…As long as it’s nice, just eat lah!!! Worry, worry…no need to eat lor!…But personally, I’m not really into those deep fried stuff so much! LOL!!!

  7. Speaking of straws, i remember long time ago went to your house n u were preparing satays in skewers for a party u were having. U told us that the sticks u used as skewers is your mum worn out broom, remember those ones u used to sweep under the bed and u said u broke it into equal length to make satays for your friends. u recalled or not? So cheeky indeed, hope it is not true, i think i have eaten your satays before!LOL!

    Now can buy bamboo sticks made in China for the skewers, last time where got? So no coconut tree to get the leaves for the sticks, just get from the broom lor!!!

  8. eeeeewwwwwww, look at the oil, so black like coffee!!!…damn. can be used as biodiesel oredi “actually kangaroo or they had human meat”. kangaroo? not so lah cause protected rite? but human meat, that could be possible. they have a population crisis there and im sure they wont mind killing a few for their meat.. for all we knw, we could be cannibals already 🙂 and u mr.stp can last one family the whole month, lunch/dinner/supper..hahahah!! but not good la, cause high cholesterol!! 😀

    Ya! That was what I thought too. Even worse in some of the photos that I didn’t post! Luckily I don’t really fancy those fried stuff!!!…Now you’ve insulted me! I’m sure I’m enough to feed the whole kampung!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! High cholesterol doesn’t seem to stop many of us from stuffing our faces with all the unhealthy food, right?

  9. halal kampua with egg and taukua and what else? the chee pai at central market is good.

    I don’t like going to the Central Market. Have to use stairs, lift always rosak or too slow. Where got halal? Got meat, meat balls, fish balls…the photo at the stall had liver, but when served, there wasn’t any! Can ask law-eya, sue them for false advertising hor? LOL!!!

  10. Now I know, the best time to visit this blog is during meal time! LOL.. that is with the food in front of you, eating the food while browsing through.. so no salivating lor… 😛

    That kampua, can get in Miri kah? hehe I’ll be going to Miri in 2 weeks time, and when is the actual date of your arrival to KK? Man-D said early August, thought you said early or mid Sept?

    No leh…I haven’t had a food post for a few days now. Kampua…u can get in KK, Sibu Cafe…but I don;t know where it is! Not in the town centre. It’s either early or late September, not confirmed. The early August trip is to Sandakan, transit KK only!!!

  11. Re JFV, KNB, the traffic there is too congested if you know what i mean. That is y it has been abandoned. KNB, start one thread exclusive for Dimong clan.

    Wah!!! That hebat kah??? The whole village there already! Haven’t popped over for sometime now!

  12. The chee pai at central market is good? Hahaha…. what kind of market is this?

    I dunno!!! Have to ask kongkay!!!…Maybe the tee piang???

  13. uish nmpk sedap je…dah lama xmkn sedap2..

    OK lah…not sumting I really like! See my next post! Slurpzzz!!!!! LOL!!!…And welcome, callister. Will add u to my blogroll, and do come again, ya!

  14. Nah tingu tu Man-D! Told you in September… hahaha … transit in KK doesn’t countlah .. cannot bring you go makan-makan pun.. apalah that Man-d confused me… haih!

    Don’t blame her! Must be that archie…confused her!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  15. OOOOOIIIIII……..Who is Callister…..???? Don’t know SPELLING ka????…. he he he he

    No lah! This one’s a girl lah!!! Not “kali tut” (Curry bottle) like u lah!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  16. Kg. Nangka Boy true colour showing now… pretend pretend to be so so so clean only

    ..even know that the CHEE PAI in market GooooD too

    Dunno what on earth that is!!! Or whatever language it’s supposed to be!

  17. Lately STP just can’t seem to catch a break!

    Yes…somebody’s logged in 24 hours a day, it seems!!! Business must be bad…so free! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. Always thought that words like Virgin absloutelt BANNED..
    ..you referring to me ka… ya lo business so bad now..don’t think can afford to entertain you lo..lucky transit only.I’ll make sure connecting flight will not be delayed…even if so they will put you in the 9.99 ringgit hotel
    aiya jimmy was referring to THEN ba …jimmy NOW no more virgin lo.. hi Jimmy.STP taught me all these..and its pay back time…
    ..and STP ask you to Come more often again.. sigh
    nangka boy.bring you to Extreem Spa next time…just junp into the hot pool…2 hard boiled eggs all for yourself

    Read the fine print…”no sex (discrimination, that is)”!!! Hahahahaha!!!…Say what you want, Jimmy knows already he was Jimmy then…and he’s still Jimmy now!…and what spa in KK, so hot can cook eggs one!!! Eeee….no wonder urs already hard boiled lah??? LOL!!!

  19. Tsk..tsk..KNB…I’m sure you were trying to pronounce it differently. Dont blame you. I had to read it twice. Saw one stall selling ketupat babi at the same market.Took me a few trips there before i finally figured what it was. My kids always say I’m slow!!!

    Then I’m slower! Still dunno what that is!…Wat’s that again? Chee pai? Maybe I should just drop by to have a look!

  20. i love chai pia!!! the crispier the better!!! *drools~~*

    Ya…nicer like that! Some so lembek…and not tasty at all!!! Have to know which stall sells nice ones!

  21. ya ya… it was archie lah tu bingung haha… not Man-D… 😛 Chi.. ko ni kasi bingung urang sija oOo hehe sikit sia panik pasal dakat clash time sia pi Miri 😛

    KK talk now fixed on September 6th, so I’ll go 5th and come back 7th. Will confirm later.

  22. Ah… STP see you there then. Hi ya STP, bak chang lah. Never tot of calling it that did we? BTW, STP, as Sept 6 draws nearer kpenyu is a bit worried about ‘pi tang nui’.kpenyu, STP should be able to answer your question!

    Can’t see the connection. Haiz! He’s having his birthday blast at kuala penyu lah!!! I can’t go as I have to give talks – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Don’t want to risk getting stranded there!!!

  23. The Emperors Delights(correct name I think).. tacing Esso behind Little Italy may suit you.. There is a popular Dish officially called..’La Main with Braised Meat in LAN Chow Style..’

    Where are the TOKES..SESB KMsing again??? Where stak O??? Give you free advice before you accept their offer ma.

    Food fit for the Emperor (Me!!!) lah!!! LOL!!! Watever meat is fine by me! Oops!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!….Dunno! No details yet! I don’t bother…as long as got free trip to KK to eat whatever…Lan Chow style!!! Now, now…archie!!! Don’t let ur imagination run wild now! ROTFLMAO!!!

  24. …OOIii everything in KK sudah naik harga 30% lo.You rugi banyak if toke fees same same eh???

    Like dat kah? Then birthday angpow turun 30% lor!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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